Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Synthetic and non spirited signatures, controlled narratives, the rewrite of our source given codes and facing our programmed shadows in order to reclaim our original organic signature

In this reality, we are a diversity of beings and races. In synthetic races, there is much variety. Many androids are being employed by the deep state (we see this clearly with someone like Mark Zuckerberg for example). On the public scene, families of synthetics are being used in the mainstream and alternative media in order to create distraction (as the Hilton family or the Kardashians). The architects do experiments with pushing presidents, especially with US candidates, going from possible families of clones from Egypt (the Obamas) to potential time traveling patterns (Trump), severe mind control bugs (Hillary Clinton) or other types of really bad cloning (Biden).

In the press, division is being engineered in order to influence us, our way of thinking and behaving. We see this a lot with couples being split on the public scene. Blame is put on the shoulders of one of the partners, generally falsely to encourage the blame game. Movies are there for us to bond with the hologram ; it generates strong emotions that are collected and our creative power is being directed towards controlled lines of narration. In order to read energy signatures, Instagram accounts are great to get a selection of images that the creator or whoever is in charge of the account chooses as a representation of themselves and their psyche. We often find quotes of enlightenment while the images will be showing prisoners with their minds entrapped ; quotes of healing will be next to images that are showing extraterrestrial presence or energy will be leaking out of individuals whose heads are missing or being sucked up.

The nature of this reality

Bots, sims and non spirited characters are more prompt to follow the lines of the programming for a longer time. That is part of the nature of who they are, with a stronger grip with the 3D reality and world. Museums and public spaces are still very invested for example, while I have noticed a strong disengagement for years from myself and other friends around me as we are keeping on deprogramming. Many reals are neutralized through a very low self-esteem and entrapped in many layers of deceit and crossdimensional entrapment. They are stuck here and in many other dimensions. This reality is being birthed through our creative power and no robots will be able to accomplish what we can do with our creative genes. Our abilities are constantly captured and trapped, mainly under control in the way the architects and current game keepers want to use them. Racist programming and the programming that others matter less due to their belonging to a certain race for example has been installed through different narrative lines and then reinforced through the industry of entertainment. This programming is then being used in operations such as Black Lives Matter and most do not realize it is based on a shame that is denied, internalized and not being dealt with. There is then a process of externalization that feeds the ego ; individuals feel better about themselves and don’t have to deal with that inner shame while they are projecting their apparently good deeds outwards. Good intentions are always being used in these matrices to trick individuals and their minds through very long complex corridors of trauma, guilt, shame and fracture. Most applications or platforms online (such as Airbnb) are making sure to entrap their clients into some forms of narratives, requesting for them to sign agreements, to follow certain rules or they subject ourselves to more propaganda (the engineered narrative of Black Lives Matter on Soundcloud).

Because of the heavy programming of bots and sims, there is a sense of alienation for the spirited players down here who are confronted with a synthetic majority of opinions and options with whom and which to interact. It is highly traumatic in itself because of the gasligthing and because it is not announced as such and is hiding behind deceit. It becomes okay that we are all different when we are aware of the differences and when we can work on understanding the other for what and who they are, as long as they are willing to do the same and explore and experiment. The difficulty is that most of what’s happening is running on programming. The hologram is a containment system that is sometimes failing when we manage to experiment in mastery what we are going through and our trauma responses and not act impulsively. Some times in the past, I was not able to see clearly at the moment when something was playing out cording to my wounds and it led me to cut contact with others because my internal system felt under life or death threat and the response was so pronounced that it was hard to navigate it with a sense of clarity. We tend to believe what we are experiencing but most of what we are experiencing has been programmed by trauma in the aim to make us more easily manipulated and influenced and direct us in specific directions. Most others do cross our boundaries without having the awareness they are doing so, because of their own programming or because of the limits of who they are. It is rather rare when there is a real malevolent intention to cross boundaries, it is rather about the fact we don’t know where the boundaries of others are and we often don’t know where our own boundaries are being violated or we are being short-sighted due to programming and it’s difficult to contextualize.

Rewriting our codes

Biology has long being altered under the pretense and disguise of « health ». The architects are making sure to direct, steal and rewrite from the organic templates and to change them according to new laws, rewriting the sequences of DNA, adding new elements that were never there in nature. They bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found. The DNA sequences can originate from any species : plant DNA may be joined to bacterial DNA or human DNA may be joined with fungal or animal DNA. I am starting to notice in the surrounding signatures some animal features in human sometimes. Our brain functions are being rewritten through trauma without us being aware of it and it is hard to resist primal instinct.

The case of Britney Spears

Any topic of research is leading us to a rabbit hole. For example, Britney Spears’ programming has definitely been part of my programming. I see how she is currently being used to run this mainly false story on emancipation. Sadly, I think it’s still a long way to go before Britney is able to reduce extreme access towards herself because of what she has signed for, where she was born, how much her alters are being accessed and the constant triggers engineered around her non stop. Her life, like the lives of many, is under a big percentage of mind control. In order to heal, each of us needs space and to be able to limit the number of triggers we are being submitted to every day for it not to become overwhelming for our internal systems (when things are out of control). Only this space inside allows us to find our way through. It also seems alters may be too radically in command as for many other survivors who are still under full use and control. Many individuals affected by multiple personality disorders are unaware they are multiple inside. It’s a key understanding in order to deal with complex trauma.

Britney looks like she could be of celestial heritage but is she really ? She does not look as synthetic as Paris Hilton or Christina Aguilera. Whoever is managing her Instagram account, it is creating a lot of division (through public attacks on her sister Jamie for example), encouraging the game of blame and promoting the concept of entitlement (linked to ego). The frequency is aggressive and falsely empowering, we find occasional swearing, also fashion objects that are promoted (superficiality is being encouraged), many choregraphies promoting a ton of sex kitten programming, leopard clothes or reptile patterns. We will also find a lot of butterflies symbolism, the occasional one-eye symbol and the promotion of the plandemic hoax with a picture saying that now « my loneliness is saving me ». Whoever thinks this is an empowering tale is deluding themselves. In Britney’s case, it’s also clear she has been replaced at some point by a clone or several clones fulfilling her public life. Who is now appearing on the public scene is most certainly not the original body ; information might very well have been transferred. I used to get a lot of heart activations and hijacks with Britney’s template because of her apparent and programmed innocence and I will still do if I don’t pay close attention to what is happening and what has to do with synthetic heart hijacking. Though I am doing my best to stay away from the narrative about her falsely engineered emancipation, youtube is insisting on suggesting me videos of Britney. I have identified my sweet spot for her a while ago and how she has been used to personally programmed me when I was a teenager. I also notice how it’s being used against me as a distraction and also as a way to get in and reprogram inverted code or access subpersonalities linked to her programming (a lot of sex kitten and slave programming in her case). Britney was an original spark connected to spirit and source at some point ; her battles used to be deep yet she has been used for major distractions because of the fascination she has been creating due to her original spark radiance. The name of Britney Spears is currently being used, once again, to create loosh and distraction on the public scene. In this case, root, plexus and heart centers are being targeted for sure. Britney Spears might very well be a new version of something that has worked in the past ; the architects and breeders have been sampling out more of the patterns that have been very successful in engineering strong reactions from the public. It’s a bit as if they are creating small projects through celebrities and public figures that then become huge projects, handling the information scene (let’s think Michael Jackson, Elon Musk or Corey Goode).

Controlled narratives

The architects play the game of giving a mainstream face to some big themes (Shemirani for the resistance in the UK, Bill Gates for the vaccine). They are only front men and women that have this specific function, including the creation of polarized reactions. Rare are the ones knowing the faces of the beings at the real top and still the 3D summit is not the real summit since the real programmers play across dimensions and space and time. It is important to keep refusing giving in to any of their current narratives and keep on minimizing the attention we give to them. Many of us are creating a space in our homes where many of their narratives are not able to have a sense of existence but fears still manage to get in through our traumas and survival programming. This is the wanted aim, to create fear, when some random videos of arrests of « the resistance » are published on social media. Obedience is prolonging our journey under captivity. It takes courage to decide to go and explore unknown territories and to say no to tyranny because the dark energies behind it can be terrifying.

The way it works on the alternative information scene is that old information is being given away. Controlled opposition is meant to keep the majority polarized and to encourage polarized and directed (unsuccessful) activism. Agents will also tend to encourage on the one hand false hope and on the other hand division. We have seen this playing a lot with the divide and conquer programming with the debate around masks for example. This kind of programming encourages us to consider others in a certain way (as the words « sheep » or « slave » do) ; it instantly creates a toxic dynamic and that usually does not end well. That is also what the BLM narrative is serving us, something related to saviour complex and martyr identity for sure, hijacking the heart straight ahead. Technology is mimicking our connection to spirit source. There is a lot more work to be put around the liberation from mind and behavioral control.

Everyone is targeted through other people’s minds. Before we have succeeded in freeing ourselves from handling, other ways of handling are generally sent our way. What seems like a grace one day is more often a product of and result from mind control. A case that caught my attention in autumn 2020 was Christiane Northrup. She was speaking about the ink tainted with the mark of Lucifer that was about to come with the vaccine that was soon be strongly enforced by means of pressure. After simply checking her facebook profile (sometimes one really does not need to go further than to check their social media page to distinguish which energy signature is at play), it appears that despite her voicing some truths in the interview (as all good controlled opposition agents tend to do), she appears to be strongly advocating towards voting (which is a spell based on a trap of agreement), getting engaged with politics or signing petitions (more traps of agreement and entanglement). In her case she also has dark associations in the people she reunites with (as it is the case with Sasha Stone and other masonic assets being used on the alternative media scene). Most of them act as handlers, especially when we turn to them for accessing knowledge or look for solutions (which are inside of us to be remembered).

Fake censorship

Fake censorship works with double bluff and reversed psychology. Social media platforms are terminating controlled opposition channels alongside with the legitimate work of individuals that are genuinely targeted. Work that is very polarized is also being shut down, partly as a result of the frequency that is emitted. It’s hard to tell which is which, it’s hard to be discerning. The architects and hidden controlleurs are mostly designing for us the way they want us to use technology. They take advantage of us being in specific locations (they want us there in many ways) in order to astrally or physically « abduct » us. Abduction though is probably not what the majority thinks it is. Corruption is an agreement of entrapment. It catches us in cubical labyrinth systems and when we leave one, we end up in another. For example, when one signs up for the military, one becomes military property. Many in the military personnel have only a vague memory from their military service. Similarly, I have only a vague memory of my primary and high school days and only now I realize that I have missing time episodes. I have now very specific examples in mind during my travels in south east Asia and it means I was fully dissociated and actively used for different covert purposes. Since 2016, I worked on getting my life back together and less out of control. I also have protected from a lot of external influences that I could not cope with and that were too triggering (then and I have to admit still now). With some we have learned the right amount of distance ; with others we are learning to communicate, observe ourselves and heal side by side along the way and despite our imperfections.

The last year and a half, we have seen an incredibly high degree of compliance with measures that were not mandatory but imposed by social and psychological pressure. The enforcement does not come from actual laws but from the invocation of social standards, medical, corporate and commercial rules and the pressure exerted by peer groups. These operations are psychologically draining and meant to keep on depleting us : it’s also the repetitive aspect of this harassment that is meant to trigger us in taking decisions that are not based on trust and respect and that are themselves fear-based. Moreover, it all depends on the ability of each other to resist fear-based mindsets, for example when one starts to build a project or to create alliances. When we are not using fear tactics in order to get others under mind control, we are actually leaving them their free will and their ability to choose for themselves and any big jump will come with fears being triggered, disruptions during nightime and other types of interferences. External influences are usually entering the game, tapping into the deepest traumas and the previous bad experiences ; containment programming is also there ready in order to sabotage positive actions and projects. Usually, this is done through the existence of other voices and personalities within the internal system, who have alliances with the low frequency realm. That’s when we are making false assumptions and when our judgment becomes biased because of a traumatic past that is now leaking into the present moment. It takes a lot to be in self mastery and resist the mind pressure of all of what is going on. How hard is it to navigate all this, isn’t it ? How resourceful we need to be ? Anyone managing to keep a great sense of sanity and who manages to stay kind towards others despite the high pressure they are under is doing gigantic work. Many are led to believe there is nowhere else to turn than what the governments have in store for them. How much of our reality is being affected by this 2020 – 2021 engineered crisis? This indicates where changes are needed so we are more and more in our own chosen power and more at ease in order not to have to suffer the consequences of the draconian measures that are imposed.

The trap of algorithms

Many youtube celebrities are scripted and the tales they are telling us are not realistic and can create feelings of guilt, jealousy or feeling like we are not appropriate or worthy in who and what we are. For example, when we leave the city and come back to the countryside, we often need to reprogram ourselves in order to be able to adapt to that lifestyle as we have been programmed away from the templates of nature. That does not always come easy due to our trauma responses and how we can lack patience or feel triggered to do things in a certain order. It takes work, especially if we have a difficulty to stay focused. Fake numbers on social media are not impressive ; there is no need to measure in comparison for we never know who and what is hiding behind these numbers. The wound of non recognition is a big wound that needs to be addressed layer after layer by all of us. Most artists for example desire some forms of influence, yet we can trap ourselves in seeking out external accolades. It’s a long journey to recover from the brainwashing and remember in the flesh our true value and that beauty is hiding in the details and in the quality of what we do every single day. On the social media scene, many are buying views and are hijacking the process of organic growth (usually ruled by remote silencing and targeting) by signing agreements with the low frequency principalities. Positive attention is quite rare and there are many forms of negative attention, including love-bombing techniques and baits, that are best left at the door. The views from bots and an automatically generated artificial intelligence have not much value and are mainly of synthetic value. When we like things on social media, we are associating with invisible energies and factions ; it’s all in the detail of how we relate. Many individuals have human emotions yet are entirely running different layers of AI programming. AI or any parasitic forces need our essence to have something to work with and something to create from. Technology is influencing our decisions and the way we do things, spend our time and take decisions ; for example, we might be less creative since smarter technologies are taking much more of our time if we are not cautious and if we don’t pay attention. Rewiring our brain outside of the range of trauma responses is key. As we are also merged with sensors and processors inside of us, categories are being blurred with each other since we all have artificial or cyborg compounds within us.

Discerning intent

Learning to discern intent and energy signature is one of the most important lessons in this realm, as is breaking ties from impersonal handlers on a screen who have become too compromised and who are being played and used to create a detour from self-sufficient and autonomous practical and spiritual solutions. It is activating to be connected to someone who is walking the talk yet nobody is walking the talk 100% of the time since everyone has their moments of denial or compulsion. It is so easy to be distracted or caught in a bad loop. What the system does is it traumatizes at maximum extremely talented beings, set them up with their own weak spots and they end up being caught up in labyrinthic self-absorbed features and mind corridors. Thus, their benevolent and well-intentioned impact ends up being minimized and in many ways, neutralized or annihilated, reduced to a very small portion of what it could be. Being connected to the humility of someone who is acknowledging the possibility and the fact of still being mind-controlled, who takes accountability for their mistakes and corrects them as they are being revealed is extremely healing in itself, as is being connected to someone who forgives errors and gives another chance. This quality of presence is usually more significant than the content that is being shared and allows a deeper deprogramming of resistant layers that have been programmed there with intention. Going to a certain level of transparency, vulnerability and considering the others in all that we can consider they are at that moment is also deeply healing. The architects and controlleurs have for long been making sure to program self isolation, sabotage and entrapment through negative core beliefs.

Facing our shadows

Entities of all sorts are constantly trying to infiltrate by any entry point they can find. Shadow work is necessary yet most shadow work out there in the public scene is based on inverted principles that lead nowhere. For me, shadow work equals deep deprogramming as it’s undeniable that there is a degree of handling and control over our lives. It takes day to day commitment to be dismantling it. We are encouraged to think in compartmentalized ways, to think in terms of weekends and week days and to be programmed for slavery, believing we have to work very hard in order to just manage to survive. This is pure programming since this realm can be all there is and very abundant if we are programmed towards abundance, yet layers of resistance are installed so we are cut from what can and could be. It is hard to come to accept the level of darkness present in ourselves and others and to choose to stay connected no matter what and not enter dissociation, compulsion or rejection. A lot is done for us to be caught in bad loops so we keep on externalizing and that is in the way for us to see where the work is really needed. Dissociation also encourages us to live in the mind while other solutions are found in the rest of the body which is its own temple. When we have been targeted for so long and still are highly traumatized, there is a tendency to become suspicious of everything and everyone around us to a point of paranoia that is detrimental for any relationship. There is also a responsibility from others not to take advantage of the weaknesses of the individuals around them even if they are aware of these weak spots.

Loner programming

I live with that conscience of being in the program and not with the illusion that I have found my way out of it. That is why there can be a sense of heaviness no matter how light feels a day. A lot is being done so we are kept in artificially created depressive moods and unstable states linked to our trauma responses and this is creating complications in our relationships. That is why detoxifying is key for it allows us to explore new territories with chemical corrections being experienced as efforts are being repeated. As a reinforcement for loner programming, the architects have established in society rules and codes of conduct that are hardly bearable for us to live by and with and where no one is really allowed space to breathe and feedback with self. Nevertheless, there are innovative ways to live together and share space, taking in account the degree of past and present trauma we are living with.

The architects have installed many backdoors within us in order for us to exploit others in invisible subtle ways, without realizing we are doing it. They are making sure to interfere before something impactful takes place and use pre-set self sabotage programming in order to do so. The nanobots in our bloodstream make us more corruptible as we will be more prompt to answer to outside stimuli as we are fooled by our own body getting triggered for various reasons sometimes difficult to identify. Would these nanobots amplify our natural body triggers and responses, making it almost impossible to manage and go through without being reactive ? Smear campaigns are also used in order to divide any collaboration and disruption agents are being sent in order to create a negative image of the ones we are collaborating with (if the alliance is creating positive echoes). These attempts are to be taken seriously ; they come from assets generally still being actively and fully used. It can happen to any of us as well if we don’t pay close attention. It is important to know what we are experiencing is not evidently the truth sometimes but mainly a trauma response that is distorting the whole experience. There is a conscious desire by the architects to put us in these trauma states as much as possible, every day and feed from what it generates. We all have to find these roads inside in able to keep on shifting our inner world and the reality that surrounds us. These subtle changes, in my opinion, are greater than any public marches out there in the streets and the true and unique reclamation there is.

How can we recognize when we are cut from the now, when we are running stories? The architects made sure we have backed-up versions of trauma for us to keep on recreating our own suffering in addition to the targeting that is sent additionally every day and night. Releasing the trauma that is stored every day is assisting us to find a sense of peace more and more and to feel less compressed in our experience of reality. The more we accept to see our programming and how we are set-up, the less far away we need to run away from other people’s programming. Programming is in the way for us to be able to relate in more intimate ways. Many are blocked from hearing us because of the handling they are under. Handling can be partly chemical as well if the person is taking any kinds of drugs in order to soothe their pain. This is a gateway for bridging with dark energies without even knowing that it is what is happening.

Final words

Remembering, reaccessing and rewiring inside is hard work. It is an individual journey to reaccess oneself in order for fragments and parts not to be used and accessed against our will by outside forces. Pretending something is not there is not going to make it go away. I believe it’s a frequency prison we can learn a lot from and that it is necessary for each of us to remember how we got ourselves here and do as much as we can in order to reduce the trauma we have experienced here and then ; doing the best that we are able to and not going in auto-pilot. It’s important to honor the good codes we have inside of us too since shame and guilt can become overwhelming and not serving our integration and healing in any ways when it becomes toxic and when it is catching us in a bad loop of self blame. When we are in integrity and when our intentions are in the right place, the gnosis of each other is reactivating for the other person and there is a way to understand each other when we really try and keep the other person’s experience in mind. I believe in the work we are doing, keeping on tracing every area of our lives where our programming is being used against us and keeping on working to become aware of how our vital needs are not being respected. Something as simple as collecting rain water or growing our own vegetables and fruits is empowering. It’s a frequency thing. Destruction is loud whereas creation may be silent and almost imperceptible ; a spark in the now that will build a mountain a while after. It’s important to continue to work even when no one is watching. The power of self witnessing, especially when one knows they are a multiple inside, may be like a wise counsel gathering where different parts are acknowledging and processing some old material in order to get to another step of integration. By keeping on doing the work, frequencies are being emitted and lived inside the flesh. An echo will be responding. And an important point everyday, to ask ourselves is, what is happening inside, today ? And where does it lead me as I keep this inner dialogue of asking for what I need to uncover ?