Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The targeting and control of human thoughts, actions, decisions and behaviors through mind-control, the engineering of trauma loops and the necessity to overcome the trap of paranoïa and fear-based thoughts

MK Ultra is a trauma based mind control protocol meant to control people in the most extreme ways by exploiting the way the mind and the brain have the ability to compartmentalize. These methods are intentionally traumatizing the masses, taking advantage of preexisting multigenerational lines of traumas. Chronic abuse will result in the creation of dissociated parts of the self that can be triggered at will. After the first installment, the work of the ruling powers is mostly being done remotely through mind control. They make sure everyone is exposed to severe forms of trauma based mind control. We all are products of this mind control system, assaulted from within, whether we want it or not. We are trained to look straight ahead, ignoring the wide spectrum coming from the side of our eyes or our clairabilities.

Mind control is very old and has being increased in its reach with the progress in technologies and the introduction of mass media. From the start, in the shadow, a lot has been done in order to create as much inversion as possible along our human life, starting from gestation, the vaccines (embedded with all kinds of material such as rabbit dna) to neutralize the activation of our metagenes, abuse and intrusion that keep on being engineered throughout our whole life. The new forms of vaccines are making it easier for individuals to be tracked remotely through a metallic signature. The aggressivity of the targeting will lead some to a self-destructing path ; many struggle to find an exit door. But there is not just one to find, there are countless doors to keep on finding as we move through this reality and fight for our liberation.

We all are the result of MK Ultra

In terms of our beliefs, everything has to be revised as we have been lied into all areas and aspects of life and this includes history, landscapes and geography. We are programmed not to see many things hiding in plain sight. It’s necessary to review what we have been instructed to perceive and see through education (which is an almost mandatory phase of programming). The original humans are not of a violent nature, they tend to become violent when they are submitted to these layers of trauma and pushed into schizophrenic nervous responses. Engineered events (9/11, engineered shootings, covid hoax with the release of viruses engineered in government covert labs) are being used to shape that dark groups want to see unfolding. For example, they are doing research on viruses that are not lethal but that are provoking a short-term incapacity. Most of us witnessed 9/11 in front of our screens, it was a potent consciousness altering stargate. What we watched on tv the day of 9/11 and what really happened are two completely different things (especially when we know it was planned just as it was for the plandemic). Movies have been insisting on corroborating the narratives presented on the news ; other theories are pointing in the direction of no plane or demolition work. As long as we are not experiencing the event in person, being a direct witness, it’s hard to know the bottom truth. People who were geographically there will know more about this.

It becomes clearer after going through, twice, a collective mass action designed to reshape the collective such as 9/11 and the plandemic. The plandemic assisted me in revisiting my experience of 9/11 because I saw how the activation of programming (including in NPCs who are so easily led by the programs) was influencing internal states in order to induce a fear climate, just as in 2001.
What is needed is a bit of means and then everything is being amplified by the controlled media and also by the alternative ones. 
It helps when we come back to our direct experience because that is where it’s the most efficient to understand the impact of these operations and therefore the root of their use. 

Operations are always a mix of interventions that are exagerated by the media in order to create an atmosphere of intense fears. The how matters less than retraining ourselves to perceive the signature of deceit and break from the spells ; it’s a reclamation of our own spirit journey. Everything can be done remotely : stimulating heart attacks, disturbing a person’s psyche, neutralizing a person for one day, harming their beloved pets. It is by design that nations are being traumatized through worldwide rituals, engineered trauma attacks on the collective and set-up violence. A relatively small number of organized persons are engineering the way our society is being shaped and the way every aspect of our lives is controlled, because they understand the mental processes and social patterns of the many and they have a thirst for control and power. How we lead our lives is being mostly decided by influences outside of ourselves.

The installment of trauma to engineer the reality we live in

Manipulative methods are being used in order to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulators, often to the detriment of the ones being manipulated. For trauma installment, a dissociation is being created ; it is a self-protective mechanism but it leads us to become absent of our own lives. Some experiments are made to create a confusion between pleasure and pain and they become associated with one another in an inverted entangled way. This split between the body and the mind allows a gain of control over the subject’s life which becomes programmable at will. Targets are usually programmed with the (most of the time unconscious but nevertheless) consent of their families and parents. Our parents tend to be our first programmers. It happens very often that when a parent dies, it is time to deal with new layers of programming that were, until then, buried and hidden. A new chapter is ready to be revealed. It becomes even more problematic when young ones are exposed to pedophile tendencies which reinforce the split. Sexual trauma, when installed in the earlier years, installs deep layers of fragmentation that require hard work to recover from, to disentangle from the inverted frequencies that have been installed. Ritualistic abuse is changing the field of the targets and opening it to low frequency loops that are repeating. Extreme abuses is being engineered during ceremonies taking place at certain ages ; these are key events involving violations on sexual levels while opening parts of the mind with key codes usually accessible by dark handlers. But it’s not so simple as we are told it is in pieces of writing about mind control which tend to simplify things. Indeed, codes of access are being changed and updated all the times. We are in an energetic farm where our life force is being collected by creatures which are not able to create for themselves and who prey on others in order to do so and to feed themselves.

Illegal experiments have been pursued on human subjects for a long time : sexual abuse, torture, confinement, hypnosis, brainwashing, memory alterations. Subjects have been programmed to become controlled in different ways (sex, drug mules, trained killers in covert operations). This is about mind controlled assets who do not question orders and who do not even remember their actions. Suicide instructions are often layered inside the corridors of programming. Moreover, suicide programming is being pushed with this idea of freedom after, which is another form of program looking in the future for answer (outside of the present moment, the only place where the real work can be done). It’s common that in our teenager years, we adopt self-destructive patterns as we have integrated the punishment to ourselves. We have integrated many ways of being cruel to ourselves. When we are triggered into arrested development stages linked to our trauma, our ways of functioning in the world tend to be limited. That is from where the architects want us to live our life, from these arrested stages. A sort of invisible machinery can also be sending images of self mutilation after we consented to attend a certain type of ceremony that had us corded to negative groups. It is meant to trigger programming that is already inside of us. For decades now, the warfare has been entering a time of electromagnetic targeting. It’s always been about a frequency prison here.

Alpha is the initial programming that includes photographic memory. If you remember how you made it through schools, for some of us, it was mainly a training around these kinds of abilities. These stages are characterized by pronounced memory retention, along with increased physical strength and visual acuity. Delta programming is about trained killers and has been used extensively for training special agents or elite soldiers in covert operations (we may think of the term Delta Force). Subjects triggered in these stages find themselves devoid of fear and are very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Theta is about psychic warfare (psychic killers able to cause aneurysms for example or another health crisis just by the power of thought). This is also the level where we pick on what is going on telepathically with others and we are able to extract information from the psyche of others. Gamma programming seems to be about disinformation corridors and encourages loops and half-truths, protecting the real truth to be uncovered (these are trained deceivers). Omega programming is linked to self-destruction and sabotage. Most programmed alters are cult loyal (it has to do with freemasonry) and will tend to bring us right back into the hands of handlers. Our front personality is also deceived because we have been exposed to all these frequencies (satanism, luciferianism, subliminal imprinting of all sorts by dark groups).

The discourse around mind control is generally simplified in order for many not to realize they are themselves a target and that their life is completely engineered. Most of the discourse about mind control is meant for us not to realize that we are directly involved in it. It’s not something that concerns only a few chosen assets. When we start to read the reality under this angle, we realize on the inside we live a complete different life beyond the surface level of what is happening. That is also why we feel cut from others, because we are lacking the ability to give credit to the engineering we are reading through and we are discouraged to do so by gaslighting methods. Forgetting straight ahead or losing our train of thoughts is also indicating forms of self sabotage programming and may also very well be linked to the use of invisible technology that is stealing our thoughts before they are able to be passed on, especially when these thoughts are being used in order to deprogram others.

World War II was about mind control and experiments on subjects

Everything that has been applied to fight enemy nations has also been applied for covert operations on citizens. After the engineered second world war, thousands of high ranking Nazis and war criminals were secretly relocated to the United States and South America (Argentina, Brazil and Chile) through Operation Paperclip so they would be able to continue their work in developing mind control in secret underground military bases. We hear a lot about Paperclip and it’s probably part of a controlled revelation. There are a lot of channels directing in the directions of the nazis, which is probably oversimplifying what this reality has been and is about as well. What is sure is that history is not what they tell us it is. World War II was a war of consciousness, secret technology, mind-control and experimentation. Declassified information has been giving the public a lot of information to review the perspectives that are generally agreed upon. A change of angle of review is needed concerning what we have been told. Nazis were first and foremost occultists and black magicians. During the war, occult techniques were used in order to increase power and control over the other side: the occultist Himmler performed many satanic ritual ceremonies, organized with the use of potions, blood sacrifice, ecstatic dances and erotic practices, calling upon dark forces to elevate the Aryan race.

Dark characters behind the development of mind control

The name of Josef Mengele appears regularly when we tackle this subject, a dark programmer who experimented on thousands of people at Auschwitz and underwent a series of color-coded name changes from Dr. Black to Dr. Green to Dr. Greenbaum. The effects of trauma bonding were studied as well : that is how they engineer a lot of what is happening in our lives. Non-consenting Americans were exploited as guinea pigs, including in military personnel and prison inmates.

Another high ranking army officer whose name we are familiar with is Michael Aquino, a satanic high priest who is behind a lot of operations that shape the world we live in today, including the satanic ritual abuse of young children attending daycare at the San Francisco military post the Presidio during the 1980s. He is a mind control and propaganda war specialist : most of Aquino’s career has focused on controlling the minds and perceptions of targeted populations through any and all means necessary, which involves controlled journalism and complete control of mainstream news outflow (that shapes public opinion), electronic and psychotronic warfare controlling the brain waves, thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors of targeted populations and of course, many many dark spells.

Satanism stands for not believing in morality and was and is very appealing for hedonist members of Hollywood who can be under heavy programming and under severe mind control and contracts of agreement. After a few years as a protégé within Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, it is said that Aquino branched out on his own, leading a group of 28 satanists.They were calling upon the dark forces through hidden occult knowledge to assist them in egomaniacally gaining power over others. They deployed psychic weaponry used to brainwash and invasively alter and control the thoughts, moods, emotions and behaviors of the population through artificially tapping into the electromagnetic field spectrum, using synchronized low frequency resonance to interact and control human brainwaves, by attacking victims’ central nervous system and brain functioning. Inducing heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms with remote controlled psychotronic weapons can actually cause a death that is untraceable. This can also be done by a psychic killer, someone able to kill or harm with their thoughts only. Bohemian Grove, which name might be familiar, is publicly known as a restricted vast campground belonging to a private men’s club. Each year in mid-July they host a 2-week summer encampment for elitist pedophiles and occultists. Burning Man is just its own kind of mass version of this. This madness is of course not foreign to the despotism of the 13 ruling family bloodlines, including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

The engineering of a war and a poignant narrative pushed by the movie industry

Wars have been engineered and many lies have been propagated around them. Numerous facts do not survive in depth investigation and the application of critical thinking under scrutiny. Is it true that six million jews perish from these so-called chambers ? Data collection will quickly prove that a lot of lies were fabricated to create one of the most important lies of our times: the holocaust engineered operation. People have been losing their businesses, some were led to suicide, a lot of collateral losses  happened. We will be called an antisemite for daring to put things in question. Now it does not mean that the whole world was not affected by this, as we are experiencing now with the virus hoax. If we think coronavirus engineered operation or 9/11 engineered attacks, it’s easier to understand how it was, back then and understand the mindset behind the unfolding. We need to revise what has been told to us about what has happened here, the projects that are being led to interfere with the lives of spirited beings, meant to keep the original sparks enslaved and afraid and the grip of hyperdimensional forces in all of this.

Studying the mind

After the second world war, new technologies were available for a wider mass control of a greater scope. Different generations are receiving different programming (programming is upgraded as consciousness is liberating). The fact that killers and pedophiles are being blessed by honors or receive the nobel prize is part of the inversion. The more we believe in all the lies, the more we give consent away. And when we participate in the circus, we are giving consent away on energetic terms. The majority feels better in a temporary illusion. The globalists know about the calendar of the sky and the astrological events and when the veil is thinner between realities and they surely use this knowledge to their advantage. The illuminati is a group that practices with a specific signature ; their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt and Celtic druidism. They have taken what they consider the best of each and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline. They also teach traveling astral planes. This whole illuminati talk is also a distraction anyway from the real issues and unseen architects. All of these players are employed and ruled by dark groups and most of the known figures are front men and front women purely engineered and programmed for specific tasks and purposes. They make up a great show in order to keep us distracted and invent internal division in their ranks in order to create division amongst us. Nowadays satanism is more and more expressed in plain sight. The victim-victimizer is an old kind of installed software. The moment hate is emitted towards the victimiser, polarization is being reinforced. Do the globalists know they are deceived and programmed? Ideologically they are committed to many layers of the hidden agendas. A divided, addicted, suffering, and brainwashed populace is the aim, for this is much easier to control than a healthy, aware and united one.

Religions have been thought in order to take us away from our internal compasses. Feminism was engineered, used to modify the family unit and postpone the age of giving birth. The metoo movement was meant to divide men and women even further. Celebrities such as Alissa Milano or Rose McGowan were pushing the engineered movements or orchestrated operations for the public scene. Military agents seem to go through mind controlling rituals as well. LSD was first used in mind control operations before being openly distributed to the masses by secret programs. It’s no incident if one can find so many drugs on festival grounds. It is by design. Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, peyote and mescaline and LSD may be leaving the subject with a fogged amnesia, resulting in faulty and vague memories of the experience. There drugs may very well be used in order to brainwash people who find themselves in very receptive states. We see how concepts are used in a certain way in order to make agendas progress (we see it with environmental or evolutionist agendas for example). The evolution theory is just as much based on beliefs as the creation theory. These theories imply that we have to believe in some fundamentals in order for them to be valid, like a hypothesis for the start of the story. Usually they give us 2 options to choose from and usually both are false. They also like to misuse circular reasoning where A is proving B and B is proving A.

The globalists have organized a complex network (NASA, nobel prizes, United Nations and so on) that keeps spreading disinformation. During all times, controlled opposition agents have been meaning to keep a degree of control on the propagation of the truth. Let’s bare in mind that the majority of the information that we have access to is being controlled, even when (half) truth is being revealed to us. They change the narration as it goes and they hope we won’t notice. Different avenues are used to control human behavior, including psychology, psychiatry, sociology and other fields as ufology or the fringe community. David Icke is certainly running a narrative and a script with his concepts of archons and insisting on the reptilian agenda. We can be sure there are many lies into what he spreads and much distortion. This world is surely under extraterrestrial low frequency control by forces that are more technologically advanced and who have not lost their memories. I have seen dracos with my own eyes underneath the human suit and I see also attachments (to split personalities) to mind controlled survivors. The mandela effect might also very well have to do with false memory implantations and most certainly, with glitches in the system. It is about noticing bugs and alterations, but it turns out to be another psychological operation as well in order to create distraction and direct the focus of many.

Many beings involved in the projects confound their screen memories for the real experience. Some specific attacks can lock us in fear-based mind sets where we try to predict where the system will attack and try to ambush us next. Celebrities are used as assets to make public opinions shift. Are we singing songs that are praising codependency, sexual misery or the destruction of the highest values? The end time is also another form of psychological operation. We have been programmed with a painful set of beliefs to live with. It is known that who controls the narrative of the past has a grip of power on the present and the future. What becomes accepted as history has not much to do with truth. When we are believing false stories and narratives, altered stories or deceptive ones, we are giving our vital force away, we are being weakened and certainly harvested. The good news is that lies never age well.

Using magic to manifest

Predictive programming is the act of placing aspects of a real world event which is yet to happen into popular culture. It is a hint to something that is to come and helps reinforce the manifestation of it, a process by which an individual is targeted with images to prepare them to be more accepting of future plans and events yet to be implemented. This is acclimating individuals to what might otherwise be considered as not acceptable. When we have subconsciously experienced a similar event through a movie, the actual event becomes easier to digest as something normal. The architects work on repetition, over and over again until a higher degree of desensitization is reached and they can go further and further each time as the old has become normalized. We become desensitized to these triggers but they still influence us. People are encouraged to use black magic (the laws of manifestation without moral and through insincere motives) every day. Other projects beyond MK Ultra branched out into the world of black magic, witchcraft and the occult. Black magic is the utilization of will power and lower vibration energies that interfere with a spiritual greatest focus ; reality is being manipulated on the basis of ego motivations.

Mind-control has been getting more advanced and aggressive with the internet which gives a direct feedback loop in real time almost. Video games are a way in which the architects try to get these dissociations alive and aggravated. The news is a programmed reality that is thought and given to us ; they are pure engineering. Movies are glamorizing these dissociative states. Video clips are the perfect format for subliminally imprint the mind (we can see them several times) and contain many different levels of reading. Subliminal perception is a deliberate process, by which one receives and responds to information and instructions without being consciously aware of the instructions being layered in what one is perceiving. Even if it’s imaginary, it’s real for the mind. It doesn’t matter if we are understanding what we are witnessing or not, what matters is our emotional experience as it is used to harvest energy from us and the contract underlying the fact we are being a witness of it (usually no one is forcing us (anymore at our adult age) to watch or attend these set-up rituals). The methods of revelations are a way to keep us under contract.

The entertainment industry and mind control

The character of Nikita, as other characters later in the carreer of Besson, is very much inspired by depicting the conditions of total mind controlled individuals. There is a parallel being made with an alter being in kill mode in a scene. Luc Besson is not able to produce a movie that is not subliminally weakening the viewer and programming their minds. This movie is used as a weapon to trigger and instruct the viewer too. The character is far from being sovereign though everything is glamorized. The series Lost is a metaphor for beings being involved in governmental project or getting abused in the astral realm. They are being experimented on, observed, injected, tortured, divided. Yet all characters are lacking certain values and ethics at certain moments of their lives. The series will also make sure to implement programming such as sacrifice programming or the deflection of shadow energies (encouraging the blame game). None of the shows (like pimp my ride or made on mtv) were addressing the cause and empowering individuals. Stranger Things is inspired from many targeted individuals who are reals with real abilities. All reals are in the projects and the desperate need for recognition is definitely used to misguide. What Netflix did with that show is sort of twisted and of course encoded with dark programming. I had to stop watching after a while because of the summoning of demons on the screen. One of the actors, Matarazzo, said he was living with a rare genetic bone disorder, dysplasia, which primarily affects the development of bones and teeth. He has a special dracula smile. We should always pay attention to physical characteristics in others as it is telling us more about who they are truly (Amelie Nothomb and the vampiric signature). With these shows, series, movies, games, spells are being cast with the intention to influence the listener or the viewer. A psychic connection is established in between realities. It has to do with spiritual bondage with forces that are anti-life, codes that are opposite to benevolence and love and which have an influence on the chemistry of the human brain.

Concerts appear like big vortexes of energy. A few years ago I went to a concert of “conscious” music (Miraiba Ceiba, masonic signature) and something felt very off, I could not submit to the energy in the room and that also happened when seing Estas Tonne. Many bands have dark forces working through them consciously or not. A lot of them actually channel their art from dark forces. Channeling comes with a price that is paid back in other forms. Sport is a tool used to provoke an experience of sedated procuration, following the illusion of victories and defeats, choosing to believe in one team, keeping the audience on a rollercoaster of engineered emotions while facing energies of violence and domination. Athletes are under heavy mind control. In the span of a week, the most important night in sports (the Superbowl) and music (the Grammys) are infused with ritualistic elements witnessed by millions of viewers. Plant medicines or hallucinogenics only grow from what is in the mind already. Tradition is usually peer pressure from dead people.

Using our clairabilities in order to generate the hologram

The architects depend on our creative abilities to be perpetuating the agendas of misery and submission they want to see unfold. When they want to implement a new restrictive measure, they create a crisis. We are easily led if we believe in anything that the media is giving us on a golden plate. Taking things with a pinch of salt and seeing the predictability and the underlying narrative is key, as detaching from the predictable emotional reactions installed within us and refraining to jump into reactive actions. It also implies refraining to shed a tear and connect emotionally to their narratives (they try to steal our compassion by any means). Money is a powerful tool used to regulate the way we handle our time, our focus and our life.

Nothing happens the way we are told. The mind precedes it all. Almost everything we are meant to know in our earlier years does not come from first end experience. They need to lie about the past to continue altering the present. When they focus attention and empathy on something that is engineered (during this era or other engineered events like 9/11), the spells are allowing a new reshaping of reality through an energy transfer. They create an image in the mind of people (about space or aliens for example), shaping the way we think about where we live. Our ideas of space, the universe and luminaries have been programmed. We are programmed to be seeing a certain way ; our way of perceptions are being molded. They have been changing the names of the countries and how geography looks on a map. These constructs have an influence on the way we relate to this reality. Space is not what they say it is. Astronauts are part of the fraud. The logic is biased and corrupted to keep us in the maze. The sun is not this hot thing they described to us. During an eclipse the light is being blocked ; everyone is celebrating but it is a quite dark event. Words in the english language are carefully designed and put together in a way that produces magic effects, so that the creators of these words may trick us into playing their con game.

People tend to be so dissociated they take over the signature of staged operations (« je suis Charlie » on social media or more recently Black Lives Matter). In order to create the reality we are living in, our cocreative powers are being directed through a series of rituals that use our subconscious in order to maintain this inverted reality alive. Ruling powers understand very well how imagery functions and how they can use the imagination of many in order to create what they want to see manifest. The solution is simple : reclaim our cocreative power and focus it on the reality we want to be living in, the reality that lives in us, the magic. This has to be done outside of denial and false hope. We also need to protect ourselves from the imposed imagery they are constantly using and presenting to us and to disengage from their narratives. They need us to access certain areas of reality for the opening of portals for them, the summoning of demonic principalities in between dimensions and the energy transfer happening during rituals. Shadow work involves integrating the perspectives of sub personalities step after step. We tend to have fragments and paradoxes living within us. There is a point where consciousness becomes extracted from our research if we don’t apply the knowledge and do something with it in our day to day life and it is all about the details and the boundaries we are setting.

Monarch programming

Monarch mind control is named after the monarch butterfly, who begins its life as a worm (representing undeveloped potential) and who after a period of cocooning (programming) is reborn as a butterfly (the reprogrammed persona). Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. After the announcement of the end of some mind control projects, the operations were only buried deeper underground. The methods are sadistic (the entire purpose is to traumatize the victim). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals which use torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism) to create different alter persona in the initiate that can be triggered and reprogrammed. They use suggestion and conditioning (with behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives and perceptions in the unconscious mind that force the victim to do, feel, think or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the initiate to follow directives with no conscious awareness that they are doing so, including execution of acts that are in violation of the moral principles and spiritual convictions of the controlled person. The installment of the programming relies on the ability to dissociate, which permits the creation of walled-off personalities to hold and hide programming.

These are covert brain washing programs and the conditioning prevents the unauthorized extraction of information. Codes are installed in order to prevent the information to be uncovered. When put under oath or questioned under lie detector, there is no evidence because there is no memory from the front self. Torture methods used in mind-controlled operations include sexual trauma, system and sensory overload techniques such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, isolation, starvation, altered pain thresholds, persuasion, humiliation, the use of electroshock, lobotomies, and inducing sickness under deplorable inhumane conditions. We can therefore ask ourselves what is really happening in sensory deprivation tanks. I used to go in floating tanks after plant medicine ceremonies and have seen their publicity done in a french speaking controlled opposition magazine (Inexploré). What is happening in there when one goes into deep relaxation? Is it used for reprogramming ? When initiates, who are considered expendable commodities, approach thirty years of age, they are reaching a dreaded drop off point ; it is a sort of expiration date.

The use of butterflies and other forms of symbology

Common images used in mind control techniques are the kabbalistic tree of life, infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider webs, mirrors, glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons, butterflies, clocks, robots. These symbols are used to desensitize, using subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming to deliberately construct specific triggers and keys for base programming. Sex kitten programming eliminates moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. Cat alters may come out at this level. Clothing with feline prints often denotes sex kitten programming.

They use extensively the butterly symbol in mind control campaings, that is why we find it a lot in the entertainment industry. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via the genes on to its offspring. There is also a dormant aspect to the cocoon before it’s a butterfly. I realize that the emoticon butterfly that we can find a lot on social media can be causing micro triggers and can engage us in some forms of hypnotic programs. I removed all butterfly symbols from my house (though I love butterflies, the animals) for that reason. Same for leopard clothing which can be activating or proof that we are engaged in beta sex kitten programming, programs subliminally transmitted in order to suggest certain behaviours in men and women, related to sexual depravity or submission. Innocence is being blended with sexuality. They also mix up sexual energy with torture methods and they enmesh pleasure with pain. Marylin Monroe was a high level beta programmed initiate used to service presidents. She popularized the monarch slave model for the next generation of celebrities after her. She was stripped of contact with the outside world ; she did not have her life in her own hands.

The butterfly is being used to trigger us into the subpersonalities that have been programmed within us through traumatic experiences both in the 3D world but also in the astral and during dreamtime. For example, in the mermaid of Disney, Ariel’s alter ego is Ursula and Vanessa (the terrestrial version of Ariel) means butterfly. I was excusing someone from my network, she was constantly using the butterfly emoticon and I thought she was under mind control until I realize that she was actively being used in order to propagate these triggers ; she was used for energy harvesting. She posted a picture with leopard clothing and her face was revealing she was definitely in an alter personality, something was malicious and what was expressing was very male in its aspect. It did not feel like there was a spirit underneath though the simulation was very convincing presenting her as a recovering empath (and it was sure she had known abuse in her life and was programmed and used this way by the system, but also to contain other assets). A lot of individuals are claiming to be empaths while they are behaving from fragmented places of self service unfortunately. They are not who they pretend they are and feed from the blind compassion they receive. They often become cult leaders and fall into the trap of becoming a guru, for being so wounded in their wound of non recognition, they succumb to the temptation of feeding from the positive projections of others.

The MK imagery is not only found with celebrities, it is found everywhere on social media, for example with the butterfly emoticon. Since many of us have grown apart from celebrities, our surroundings and entourage are now being used through these platforms to still insert these micro triggers. I also noticed MK ultra images from accounts I was subscribed to. I thought these people were my friends but they were assets who were disguising and secretly used as an hostile force ; it was with a great sadness that I cut the cords. They were in appearance showing signs of appreciation for my work or who I am but they were sent as assets to trigger me in my daily reality. People connecting on the internet and showing signs of appreciation may be sent as assets to trigger us in our daily reality. After spending some weeks and months, we can often feel a discomfort linked to the « art » they are sharing or the content they are sharing on social media. Some public figures in the truth scene have also shared my work but only because their handlers instructed them to do so, to create more ambushes in my life through a toxic network. It can bring acquaintances who carry this masonic signature that we stay connected to without knowing, causing micro triggers on a daily basis.

That is why it’s important to learn about the symbols they use in masonic imagery or in masonic hand gestures. The blue and red colors are used a lot in masonic symbolism. Red and green were discovered to be the most visible colors for programming. Color programming is being used to reinforce the subconscious imprint. Survivors of programming tend to remember flashing lights and that is not without reminding us about kaleidoscope lights during parties. The flashing lights may encourage disassociation in people who are programmed (it is to say, everyone is programmed to a certain degree ; then it’s a question about how willing and committed they are to deprogram). Triggers are usually the results of a combination of different things (locked eyes, postcards, color coding, word, tone) or a specific dark signature who has been granted with access. Some symbols are used specifically to call up the demonic or the occult. It’s important to understand the beliefs of the globalists, understand why things are done a certain way so we can observe and identify when it’s happening and keep on creating from our own innerverse. Knowing about the symbology allows us to protect our minds from these daily accesses.

Working with dark energies

Numerous traps and tricks are played on our consciousness. They embed a lot of suggestions (« it is easier to die than to know yourself ; if you fully reintegrate you’ll become crazy and will be institutionalized ») to discourage reintegration. We can discover non sovereign parts within ourselves by being in touch with fractured parts within others. We usually go somewhere with one idea in mind and then what we experience there is usually completely different. Usually though what we experience is what we truly need if we want to liberate from bondage. I had been hijacked through a retreat where we were learning and working with rose, cacao or kratom. I had a feeling something was missing in their discernment but I went along and my discernment was weakening as I was participating in the evening ceremonies, where basically we were channeling entities every night. I was also feeling guilty during the exchanges, there were some inverted principles. The woman leading was also used to push me in a not benevolent direction, to encourage me in a way that is not serving me the best (because of what works through her and her own inverted programming). Because of the peer effect, I doubted myself too much and didn’t give enough credit to the signals I was perceiving. On the last day, I could see physically that my face was not the same and that I had taken some attachments. This woman was not working with the energies she was pretending to be working with. Their understandings of the invisible field was simplistic or tainted by greed. They took teachings from here and there and put them together, finding a good business formula to build a self serving abundance. They do not truly care in integrity and authenticity for who study with them. They wear masks of humility. They recruit people and are acting are vessels to target and compromise their energy. Games where played to completely invert things upside down and weaken my personal compass. A ritual was proposed to make us work on our shadows and once more I claimed shadows that were not mine to hold and ended up cursing myself.

Early on thought injection torture

When I was a young child, I remember being tortured by the idea I would have to choose between my mother and father, held above lava on each side of a metal balance. My choice would determinate who would live and who would not. I was then tortured by the guilt that came with knowing the answer I would be giving, pushed by torturous means that would see me succumb and give an answer if I wanted to at least see one of them survive. I was a little child and it made me feel like I was a horrible person. Until very recently, I did not think much about this and later realise these thoughts were injected into my head as a way to harvest life energy from me experiencing this rollercoaster of emotional pain, horror and guilt. I remember snippets of this silent inner life that I never shared with anyone. Until very recently, I did not realise that these thoughts were engineered and used against me to keep me harnessed in states of excruciating guilt.

I also reviewed the story of my mother under the angle of mind control. Very early on her timeline, extreme abuses happened to her that affected the chemistry in her brain. She was living every day with a great amount of anxiety and pain. No one could spare her this pain. This journey is an individual journey. I sure wished I could have embraced her with my love, so she would not have to go through all of this. Yet I know that she had her own spiritual lessons to learn. So I am embracing her now, outside of space and time, in the eternity of the now. My wish is for her to find her way back to her spirit, as I know she was spirited, as this is the greater embrace there is.

When I was younger I was thinking than when I will be driving, I would be losing all this time in the car, driving. I could not envision how I would be in the future and what I would be doing while driving (processing, research, music, singing, expression, connecting the dots, experiencing a moving meditation). Then and even now to a certain extent, I was driven to read controlled opposition content and was not free of the way I was focusing my time. A few years ago, when a song by Darpan started playing (embrace the one), I found myself doing the sign of the pyramid. Intuitively, I recognized the energy signature of the globalists. There was an energy subliminally that I instantly recognized.

Reflecting on ear piercing, I have pierced my ears seven times in less than a year 5 years ago – my body took 10 months to recover from the latest piercing after which I stopped even if I still had this trigger in me active to get another piercing. After that, the trigger completely vanished. This came from being triggered in some layers of programming. Around the time I would also die my hair in red and think about a tatoo. The piercings felt like a soft version of crucifying myself. The trigger was also related to a drama triangle and was related to experiencing rivalry and competition around me that was hard to cope with. The trigger was leading me to self harm or « do something about it » to prove to myself I was alive and would get over all of what was happening. In each group of friends, there is usually a level of mind control active in the group and a hive-mind environment is quickly created as other forces enter the game and are the real architects of what is happening.

The need for integration

No one is woke. There is not one awakening, we keep on breaking the layers of mind control and there is much more, much much more to do and to awaken from. The frequency of being connected to deception has impact on our lives. Only when we agree to see through what is and has been happening, then there is a chance to free ourselves from the containment. Nothing is going to shift from someone falling from the sky to save us. The journey is about growing into mature spirituality. It starts with eating a better way and having the courage to place boundaries in relationships that are handling and controlling. Some are selling the alien savior program or claiming to be the reincarnation of figures of the past. Their material tend to appeal to people who are hooked on the next revelations being unfolded. Who owns part of our minds own our time. We are trained to become our own enslavers once our mind is split and controlled against our will or acknowledgment. They have installed many detrimental belief systems that are fear based. A lot of negative core beliefs are used in order to trap consciousness into manifesting from these low principles (I wish it is soon over here, it’s a battle here). We can always ask to be strengthened in our will to disconnect from their magic and their manifestation tricks. Because so many are believing their narratives to be true, it is becoming manifestation as well and assisting to engineer new lies.

Mind-control now is very sophisticated. We need to know what is being stolen from us. Some of the most important players incarnated in the flesh and choosing to play the ‘evil game’ make sure to stay outside the corporation system. There are forces that are behind this to ease the handling. Cross dimensional beings are the real handlers and they are the ones instructing physical 3D handlers. They found ways to get control of an individual to the point where he will do their bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation. They can infiltrate within us because there is a division and a lack of integration inside, between our incarnated avatar and our higher self. We can definitely stay in touch with others under mind control when the program has been excavated and it’s no longer ruling our decisions and behaviours. Oaths that have been imposed on our timeline usually against our wills and through the decisions of others may be revoked. Working on being less passive and actively scanning for these entry points is key. Consent happens on energetic terms.

They recruit the reals and the originals for their talents. They want to take over what is ours, our blueprints and our clairabilities. Our time and life force are being harvested while we are under subjugation. We can observe when a different part of us comes out ; reality is bending a certain way. If there was a switch, either complete or partial, what do we know about that part that came out ? The fact we can have alters or split personalities shows that the personality is a complete construct. We get lost in the narratives : are we a mother, an abused victim, a truther ? When people think of themselves as entrepreneurs or when they think they are off on holidays, it’s a sign of compartmentalization, an interruption in the way they think about themselves. This system constantly attacks our self-esteem. It is about reuniting the different parts of our mind. When we are able to observe while things are being triggered and put into question what is happening, we are able to liberate some reactions that were before automatic or teleguided (this ties to our mind being controlled at that moment).

Many are associating with unseen forces and they are not fully aware they are doing so. But in the signature and how it affects others, there is no doubt about it. It’s all a choice in the end, and for me once I become conscious of being used by dark forces, I do something about it. It’s a red flag if we don’t feel like ourselves or only the shadow of ourselves. Are we staying connected to our inner compass ? In any group we experience a collective way of thinking which is complex to process. I have looked outside of myself in this realm and have not found a place that was safe from interferences and hijacks. From myself, I am able to create that place more and more as I learn about discernment, reading energy signature and perceiving the real hidden motives of others and myself. It’s is rather about a percentage of how sane it is. We must stay present and conscious all times and can not really take a holiday from scanning all around and within ourselves. Handlers are often accomplishing a small piece of the puzzle that leads to more complications for us ; the dark factions have the whole picture in mind and know where that it is generally leading to emotional suffering and psychic torture. Handlers in the material plane do not often know how complex, unbearable and tortuous is the psychological torture that is imposed but hidden handlers do know and savor it. What these 3D handlers are doing and how they are acting is not the full extent of who they are and what they are about. Finding deep forgiveness is a long process that has multiple layers. From which place are we acting ? Is this a place of revenge or even reaction? A place that is steady to act from is true consideration for others and a sense of equal consideration.

Going beyond paranoia and fear-based mindsets

This is a realm with a lot of hallways with mirrors in order to trap our clairabilities and use them as much as possible. When you are a targeted individual ; everything is done for you to be falling into paranoïa and for your nervous system to be so switched on it’s hard to keep sane and to see clearly. It can be exhausting to be experiencing this synthetic holographic reality and to question everything at every step. The forces that have this desire for control want us in these reactive states where we want to predict the next attack. It’s impossible to fully protect ourselves from future harm and future intrusion by predicting in advance probabilities. Then our reality becomes trapped in itself by our own doing and way of reaction. We can choose to live with an open field instead of living in fear and taking decision from that place. After intrusions meant to heavily reprogram and compromise us, it can be hard to know who to trust. It can lead to a fear-based mindset from which decisions are being made. We can be led to take decisions that are fear-based because of the psychic pressure we are under and the constant intrusions that can lead us to question every single person around us. Staying open-minded can be difficult. It is hard to keep an open-heart when we are afraid to suffer some more. But we can not predict the way the system will send the next set-up. So instead of listening to fears and restricting reality to the bare minimum, we may try something else.

Sometimes we need to take distance and it has nothing specific to do about a person but mostly it’s related to the psychological torture happening and all the associations of energies and hidden contracts taking place. When we are not able to express boundaries in words, it’s sometimes necessary to adopt an action that will then be understood as a set boundary without words. With time, we will become able to put words into our experience and come back when we are ready. If others truly care for us, they will accept that we needed that time away. We sometimes retrieve because of all these associations of energies and the enmeshment taking place forgetting about the unicity of each person and each experience, putting the experience in a box with black and white thinking. Because the programming is embedded with what is real, the system is counting on us throwing everything all at once to the garbage bin. It is a long journey to manage to be in appreciation for those around us that are not hostile to us despite the programming that is in the way and sometimes separating us. I am grateful for all the compassionate beings around me and for having created a reality so far where I can start building a deeper trust, for this process is holding many aspects of inner healing.

The truth is often uncomfortable and asks for us to face corners and areas that are difficult to cope with. We may ask our higher self and all Benevolence to help us transmute the core limiting beliefs that are creating suffering in our life right now. We may pray to keep on learning on how to be connected to the highest values such as bravery and the ability to perceive beauty in this sometimes ungrateful realm. The work is through every single detail of our lives. With which energies are we associating ? They might suit us at some point in our lives and then we might feel not at ease anymore as we have reintegrated parts of ourselves. How can we stay gentle while gaining more wisdom ? There has been so much to unfold to get here and still so gigantic work is ahead. We should never underestimate the power of a few who perceive with a growing lucidity. The power of intention and the direct and indirect connection with our higher self are the best tools to be quite independent and emancipated as we continue navigating the complexity of the hologram. When we connect to the extent of all the combined works we are doing, it can communicate us the strength we need to keep fierce, focused and tenacious. And we may be reassured that our clairabilities can abolish geography in one second ; the new way of traveling is definitely through them, from the inside, in an everlasting descent into the self. May what was once a psychological torture become a meditation in movement. Everything is alive in us right now at this present moment.