Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The deceit of the entertainment industry, Hollywood and the fracture in the minds of celebrities, subliminal programming, occult symbolism and the corruption of alternative platforms and social media

Entertainment (enter-tained-the-ment) refers at a grip on the mind of subjects. Indeed, the fascination for the entertainment industry can lead the seeker from rabbit hole to rabbit hole. It is purely about maintaining narratives. The culture that is proposed to us decades after decades is making sure to unfold in a certain order. It is not our friend, it is part of the imposed softwares on human consciousness. Our minds are being stolen, our time lost in the program while we are interacting with the counterfeit. Experts in psychology are making sure to write addictive and convincing scripts for what is happening on and off cameras, and this includes the so-called private lives of celebrities and the buildings of their characters even when they are not in their acting or singing roles. The soap opera of drama in the lives of celebrities is indeed planned ahead.

There is a price to pay for throwing adoration out of the self and towards heavily mind-controlled personalities, to identify to them and to believe in what they are saying. They are clearly puppets themselves and have hidden handlers controlling their minds, their behaviors, their decisions and their actions; they are the contrary of what a sovereign being is about. This is part of social engineering for directing the consciousness of the audience in a predictable (and predicted) direction. It’s all part of the script, it’s all part of an agenda to globally and locally infiltrate and control everything through the minds of each subject. These agendas are being pushed successfully as the majority of the population is manipulated through their programming of feeling small, insignificant and buried deeply in unresolved shame and guilt.

The corruption of the entertainment industry

All of what appears on the screen are constructed narratives that are meant to transport the viewers in specific points of experience. Many times, it is about constructing and having control over both sides of the argument. The thing is that most people do not understand what they are looking at and how their unconscious focus gives away their creative power. Television induces a specific state with specific brainwaves. In front of the television, the brain reacts as if it’s real ; it can not distinguish the reality (of the simulation game) from a fiction on a screen. These people in positions of power play a role in socially programming the majority. They do that through their ability to financially impact the world and through the willingness of many to compromise in front of financial sums. Many can be bought, either financially or spiritually. On the side, these individuals are making sure their children are not exposed to the same programming or vaccinated by the poisonous methods applied to the masses. The architects designed our society today, making sure subjects would end up even paying to further the grip on their minds : compromised online coaching, concerts with subliminal messages, the electronic music scene, self-development and new age businesses and so on. Furthermore, there is a homogenization so we keep away from our unicity. True variety is limited by design. Much of our freedom to think unique thoughts has to be reclaimed.

Illuminati celebrities are a cover front to suck a part of our time and our energy, with their endless layers of coding. Celebrities are under spiritual contracts with dark forces. Fame is given by demonic principalities. The same goes for videos which go viral. It is never of the benevolent kind as there is always a price to give back. It does not happen randomely. Sympathy is being created with known figures and along the years, sinister agendas are being moved forward. The entertainment likes to sell this illusion of someone being discovered for their talent. It goes straight into the wounding of non recognition of many unknown faces. The fame of celebrities does not belong to them, it has always been an identity created for them, not even by them. They are puppets and vessels who are being used to influence the minds of a vast portion of the population. Furthermore, 99,9% of online influencers in all fields are the pure product of mind-control. They are feeding the big machine as all their actions, decisions and thoughts are the product of a sick and inverted culture that they don’t truly question in its fondation.

Sportsmen are rich figures playing a role in polarizing the masses. Taking the knee before a match is linked to maconic symbolism. Everytime we identify with a country, division is created. Football world cups are not innocent at all. What happens within a stadium? The frequency inside is purely off and completely based on pre-existent programming. This created division within the stadium is having repercussions and consequences of spiritual entrapment. ; it feeds agendas of misery, division, competition, violence. Supporting a team at the world cup (or any politician during the elections) comes with the responsibility of giving this type of consent away.

Cinema has been transformed from the arts (plays, theater) to something much more pervasive and insidious. The music industry is controlled by dark occultists who know how to direct creative energy from one place to another. Music can be used for good but it is generally used as a weapon to steal and direct consciousness. Indeed, music plays a big role into accessing our emotionality and our vulnerabilities. With the music industry, it’s a look and a feel that are being pushed, with an effect of novelty attached to it. That’s how the grunge movement was engineered. Many musicians are connected to the military through their parents ; many music bands use crafts and agreements to access fame. Independent artists have to find their own platforms and their own ways if they don’t agree to sell out. In the end, when we see celebrities submitting into letting us know about who they truly are, by doing the one-eye symbol or placing subliminal symbols in their videoclips, they are revealing that it’s been a long time they have themselves submitted to the voracious machine. They have been for a long time, assimilated, synthesized, compressed in their essence for the celebrities who are spirited (it’s a real mix out there). How many of celebrities and politicians are the result of a backdrop synthetic reality ? Some literally seem like reanimated versions of the past. Others have clones and doubles. Reality is not what we have been told it is.

Personal exposure and specific examples

I had a complex relationship with the media, celebrities and Hollywood when I was a child and then a teenager and young adult. Television has been a way to live many lives by procuration, it also introduces many to much of exposure to an inverted model of sexuality and polarized behaviors. I have felt so deeply with characters on my screen, embodied by fractured beings themselves who have no idea about who or what they are. I could be an observer and they would not be able to take directly advantage of me. But others would, as the embedded programming was preparing me for numerous predators out there looking for preys. In my early twenties, I studied screenwriting for 3 years at university. I never seeked a job in that industry as I was feeling it would be a hard field to navigate and I chose books and written literature instead as a way to shelter and protect myself. I started to write movie critics and analysis for a non-profit organizations led by wealthy older women. Looking back now, 10 years later, it’s easy to see the programming that was up to place at that time, keeping me in a more limited version of reality than the one I am able to access now. After a while, I felt called to travel in south-east Asia where a part of my codependent programming was triggered by design and by engineered relationships.

Series like Lost, Fringe or Stranger Things created a certain amount of fascination in me; they are all about revealing layers of secret projects that are led covertly or overtly, to which a portion of us are directly linked. It happened that I could trace back image implantations in my psyche of Luc Besson’s movies, like small particles of crystals being stuck in my cellular memory. Maconic shows such as America’s got talent or The Voice are staged and scripted while they pretend that they aren’t. There is no real reality shows. Anna Nicole Smith, Lana Del Rey or Robbie Williams are good examples of what can happen to poster boys or girls or beta kitten mind-controlled slaves. Tragedy is attached to their stories. Leopard clothing is part of the sex kitten programming. All pieces of clothing of this type should be put to the bin as the programming is subliminal. Usually, it’s about good girl gone bad programming and the robbing of innocence and the corruption of purity, especially with child stars such as Britney Spears who has been literally sold to the industry and is at the full mercy of her numerous programmers. This is about a profound and twisted desire to see innocence and wholesomeness being inverted and taken over. It has an impact on the innocence of fans who are witnessing a metamorphosis happening right in front of their eyes. Mind-controlled celebrities are also humiliated through ritualistic events or ceremonies (think Katy Perry and her outfits). Sometimes, it is purely about polarizing the masses with the creation of a negative insurgent reaction (Miley Cyrus). Movies are used to prepare political events (Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman being placed in leading roles to prepare for the presidency of Obama, strong female roles were preparing for the eventuality of Hillary Clinton). Yet we may still take in consideration these tales of celebrities being rushed into mind-controlling facilities as a part of a controlled narrative as well, especially when it’s relayed by mainstream tv platforms (BBC). The Jeffrey Epstein case was certainly the perfect example of that.

Dark teenage programming

Watching television, adoring icons and merging energy with pop stars is not without serious harm. It comes with soaking in sexual depravation and low self-esteem and misery programming. Parents and especially mothers usually think it is harmless for their children to invest their time, energy and focus in magazine collages as teenagers. Yet suicide rates are saying otherwise. Dark agendas of self destruction are being led through suggestions, with characters such as Billie Eilish leading the way. Ten years earlier, Lady Gaga was proposing an imagery linked to mind-control, yet the new synthetic version is much more brutal and demonically inspired. Billie Eillish is the product of the mind controlling industry, with a bored, dead-eyed depressed teenager persona and the depictions, in her video clips, of abuse and trauma-based mind control. Billie Eillish is depicted with different faces and personas, including robotic ones. Her lyrics are encouraging suicide and self destructive programming (bury a friend, I wanna end me. For the debt I owe, gotta sell my soul, cause I can’t say no). Yet, tracks which have been encouraging suicide are nothing new ; it is just a new more blatant variant. Lawsuits have been filled in the United States after the loss of young influenceable minds going too deep with tracks embedded with occult dark suggestions. Everything that is sponsored by Netflix (marked by a high degree of symbology, symbols of pyramids, the one-eye, crosses or the number 666) is fully and consistently in line with the agenda of the global elites. Some series are geared to program and target teenagers and preteens exclusively. The series 13 Reasons Why has been associated with a significant increase in suicide rates: the plot revolves around a 17-year-old high school student and his deceased friend who killed herself due to gossip, sexual assault at her high school and a lack of support from her friends and her school. The main character’s suicide is steeped in mystery which leads to fascination. Suicide is being graphically depicted and the person committed it becomes glorified. To add some extra “teen” appeal, Netflix got Selena Gomez to act as the executive producer, although she just got out of rehab for an “undisclosed mental health problem” and although she just released a video where she engaged in self-harm in various painful and degrading ways while making it “sexy” to her young fans.

As a teenager, I was unconsciously tuning into the deep fracture of the most broken celebrities on my screen. I always have been extremely psychic and could tune to much more than what was apparent. Nowadays, when I look at profiles of teenagers around me on social medias, I see words of despair, self loathing and a concerning proximity with death as their calls for connection are remaining unanswered. I have been there myself and I have gone through these years, I just dearly hope they are finding their ways to extract from these layers of programming. When I was 15, I remember being very traumatized as I was exposed to the news of the death of young artists. I was in grief and sorrow for 3 days when Aaliyah’s death was announced, I was not a fervent follower of her work yet imagining her tragic death at such a young age was deeply traumatizing for my vulnerable and exposed psyche. My parents wanted to paint a wall in the basement and I volunteered to do it. I ended up drawing a pentacle with the name of 5 celebrities who had disappeared young, painting in black and red. During the summer of 2020, I spent a lot of time reorganizing the space in this part of the house, with its beautiful glass windows over the lower parts of the garden. I then suddenly came to the realization that the painting I made was influenced by thought injections ; I never would have willingly chosen to draw a pentacle on that wall. Now the wall has been repainted in a soft yellow color ; the feeling is very different in the room. I had totally forgotten about the pentacle on the wall, I was not even seeing it for what it was, until one day I connected the dots. I know this comes with ending some traps of agreement made earlier on the path as I was the one holding the brush, succumbing to thought injections, not able to differentiate which were my thoughts and which were not. Recently after that action of painting the wall, my dreams were injected with my first overt narcissist and I mistook that for love, because of the inverted programming targeting me severely from before birth. That boy would expect that I would meet his standards and if I was not, he would punish me by his ways of interacting with me. I was blind to what was truly happening on deeper levels and I was blind for a long time. This set-up kept on repeating in my dreams for years ; on astral levels I was still hooked. All I felt at that time was the despair of these years, while I was targeted at schools by different teachers with poor ethics and morals. I started to have suicidal thoughts, another form of thought injections hijacking my early trauma in life and deepest wounding. I am forever willing to become more conscious of all my previous past, present and future thoughts, actions, decisions and behaviors.

The Batman series and encoded programming

There has always been dark magic associated with the Batman franchise. The controlled media used this setting to create a false shooting in Aurora, staged during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. None of the testimony are outside of the acting line and all emotions portrayed by the supposed victims are fake. It’s not always because it is staged, it is very often because NPCs are filmed and accessed. Christian Bale was shown “paying a visit to the victims in the hospital”. The fact the movie was such a massive acclaimed success is worrying. For The Joker, it looks like critics were engineered in order to create the 2 polarized sides of one coin for a debate that keeps everyone busy and distracted. In the end, if we choose to watch the movie, we are spending 2 hours with another psychopath, empty and sad deep inside, trying to find an explanation for his unforgivable behavior and psychopathic nature.

Walking away from the fascination

I once was fascinated by celebrities, identifying with them, giving credit to what they had to say. During my twenties, I reclaimed my attention and focus but was then directed to the new age scene or towards conscious and unconscious controlled opposition agents, gurus and new type of more direct handlers. I have been learning to pay attention to how my time and attention are being harvested and to protect them better. Not long ago, I watched a Disney movie as I felt a sense of fascination for the young star Grace VanderWaal, who was allegedly propulsed to stardom in a singing competition. She shared in an interview that she does not remember winning the show. What they do during these singing competitions is creating a strong feeling of attachment with the presented story of the characters. I was curious to see through with my current eyes since : I knew if I had still been a teenager, I would probably fall for the creation of her character, on the more innocent and etheric dreamy side. The movie Stargirl was full of codependent sacrifice programming and must be leaving such a disenchanted and sad imprint on the minds of the young ones, soaking in all the distorsion embedded deep into their cells. The character is a kind and caring being who want to celebrate others for their birthdays and enchant their lives. Yet she ends up being constantly rejected for who she is, abused or betrayed, including by her boyfriend who is asking her to sacrifice her unicity in order for him to be at ease and for others to be pleased. She forgives blindly and keeps on giving, the perfect ground for sacrifice programming and giving much credit to the reality of others over ours. The fact that she is named stargirl is even an indicator of her already split and people-pleasing personality. It’s been decades Disney has been setting inverted and sick standards for the younger minds while were thinking it was an inoffensive business company, well-intentioned towards their children. The disneyfication of our world is concerning.

On the international scene of acting and singing, some less blatantly broken females would be the Emma Watson, Nathalie Portman or Lindsey Stirling models. Lindsey Stirling is not the typical, hyper-sexualized pop star. Yet her video clips are filled with the hegemonic MK culture. I have witnessed many (and many vegans – see my article on the distorsion of the vegan movement) falling for the acting of Joaquin Phoenix about his words of concern for animals. This is about polarizing the majority into good and bad thinking, just like with the good and bad cop. Let’s look more closely to this man, his tortured gaze and his broken energy signature which has all the warning signs of a heavily programmed being, having experienced extreme trauma. His credibility is filled with cracks as he is making sure to recite his script about his pretended concern for all forms of life. He is probably not aware of how programmed he is – that is what makes them even more touching (as long as we give credit to what they have to say) – and who knows which part of his fractured self is having a voice that night. More integrated individuals do not create this kind of fascination and they are neither feeding from it in any forms or ways.

They all are part of the problem, all the Keanu Reeves, Russel Brand, Will Smith and Jim Carey who do their best to appear « woke ». This is another level of psychological game. All they are doing is keeping playing the role that has been written and decided for them. There are many more levels to see through, from the evident Joe Rogan and Alex Jones to more subtle types of controlled opposition agents in the fields of junk spirituality. Most of the celebrities are playing their role to perfection : collecting our time and energy, distracting us, derailing us from the essential parts of our life, encouraging us to externalize. We shouldn’t invest so much with people we don’t know anything about. How does it feel to be in the same room and how does it feel to be communicating with them ? If we never experienced it, we never get the chance to get a direct feedback from our personal experience.

I have spent so many hours of my precious time to be on the rollercoaster of the emotions with all these people on my screen. Nowadays, I am being very cautious about not exposing myself to programming through the entertainment industry, the music and cinema industry and even social, art events and festivals. I give very minimal amount of my attention, energy and focus to these scenes, nowadays. Of course, I signed for adoring guru influencers during the last decade until coming to a great deal of understanding about my external authority programming and wounding of non recognition. I have learned to look away from the fascination and the trance celebrities and influencers are skilled at creating. Once our attention is withdrawned from false heroes and come more from our own selves, that’s when the real game can start, our kind of game. I have learned to develop my frequency scanner ; usually and for the most part, it does not take me more than a few seconds to scan a person or a speech, whether on my screen or in real life. I have learned to see beyond the masks because my own personal history has confronted me with countless predators with ingenious and innovative ever renewed disguises.

Controlled opposition on new age platforms

The way I got into Gaia TV was really interesting and purely engineered. I first tried the free month subscription and then felt overwhelmed with the content and did not want to pursue my involvement further. That is the time when an an acquaintance advised to me a show called Open Minds with Regina Meredith. There was a lot of archives and I was hooked for months. But something felt off : when I connected to books or recommendations coming from Gaia, it never led anywhere. Worse, it could create complications. I could perceive that some guests were possessed (Stewart Pearce and I had a personal interaction with Andrea Perron). The platform was used to promote the Cosmic Disclosure circus (with their mind-controlled agents David Wilcock and Corey Goode) or David Icke’s stuff (his energy signature does not pass the test ; his ban from Youtube was engineered (to promote BrandNewTube, another compromised platform made to collect individuals leaving Youtube or being banned of it). Icke’s repetitive apparition on Gaia TV should already be enough of a red flag, not mentioning the staged martyrdome which seems to be a theme still going strong for the ones under the spell. The same happened with the charismatic character of Julian Assange playing a lot on a feminine aspect. The fact that Assange is appearing next to Pamela Anderson is a red flag in itself.

Gaia TV is made to keep the viewers in their heads, mixing truth with lies. The thing is many things happen in the astral when we become entangled with certain forms of energies. Most of the content on Gaia is made to create a feel good effect and to numb the viewer. The frequency isn’t quite right ; it is deceptive and mind manipulative. Later on, I realised Gaia is without a doubt a corrupted platform and came to the same conclusions for Collective Evolution where red flags were accumulating and I felt concerned by the level of mind-control of guests appearing on TED talks, which I later discovered were engineered in order to create content on the internet. I understood that the advise from my now ex-friend was orchestrated by thought injection to steal my time and energy away. Indeed, she played a part through her corrupted narcissistic parts in hooking me into Gaia when I was about to leave. I took the bait. I noticed a lot of red flags about Regina Meredith by spending time with her pieces of information. When I left, as it always does, a new chapter opened for me with information of a higher degree of quality (not to say it was perfect and exempt of programming either).

The ties of social media with mind-control

Zuckerberg is a good example of a Mked synthetic being put as a front man as the founder of Facebook. Yet Facebook is a governmental project doing the most advanced type of virtual behavioral modification. Its algorithms are cyclically reprogrammed and so are its users. Indeed, social media encourage self-centered discourse and behaviours focused on appearance and looks, sometimes disguised under the cover of a ‘spiritual’ quote ; it rewards photos of the self as its predominant content. This is affecting people in their everyday life. The attention spam is short. It is designed to trigger envy, resentment, agressivity, hatred, anger or feelings of unworthiness due to the lack of external validation. These are the new platforms for hate speech, culminating at peak with Youtube. External rewards are quantified. Binary concepts and extreme polarization are being encouraged. The time and attention of users is being sold for profit. These platforms are built to create predictable emotions in us and to develop circuits of addiction.

Soundcloud was blatanly caught supporting fake narratives and false flag events as Black Lives Matter, encouraging their audience to give consent away to the programmed narratives by agreeing to engage in them. During the lockdown, we have seen many wanting to leave corrupted platforms because of a desire to align with a higher degree of ethics and morals. The truth is, except if we have built a community of our own, there is nowhere to go. I spotted occult symbolism on MeWe, which was presented as a “safer alternative” for the ones leaving Facebook. It seems to be just another disguise to entrap the minds of individuals in new forms of cubical mind programming spaces. They all are in the same bed, and that is probably the case as well for an app like Signal which was recommended by Edward Snowden, the constructed identity of a fake character and certainly not a whisleblower.

An engineered life

True whistleblowers have not easy access to main alternative platforms. They experience set-up after set-up while navigating the programmed reality of this realm. Fall-outs and betrayals are set-up along the way, through thought injections in other people’s minds who can not differentiate the signature of their own spirit (if they have one in the first place) from mind suggestibility. The real ones are often with the least numbers. They grow organically to build their beloved communities. They always need to refine and refine their discernment from their early childhood programming, since they usually have been severely gaslighted and belittled in order to have a very low self-esteem. They can only see so clear as they have deprogrammed themselves in their personal relationships. What they touch becomes golden and who they are interacting with benefit from their guidance. They don’t run after fame and are incorruptible. They stay by the side of their integrity above anything else and that is how they navigate their lives in this reality, day after day.