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External authority programming, shame projections and herd mentality: on cubical mind structures and how researchers become unconscious mind-controlled handlers

A person in the public sphere is the receptacle of collective projections yet many public figures are corrupted and compromised and even more so with the increasing digitalization. Due to the hijack of their core wounds, many are indeed fulfilling dark agendas, most of the times without realizing it. They are not who they pretend to be, failing at walking their talk. Parts of them have been bought up, fractured, tempted and deluded. They are used to serve self-serving agendas and keep their communities turning inside cubical structures of thought patterns, imprisoned and controlled. When we are in touch with someone’s material, the energies become entangled. The frequency of truth and integrity are the most powerful armor and shield. When someone tries to suck out the blood of out of you, silence is not an option anymore. Descention can mainly be done in the silence and emptiness of ourselves.

As a public figure, one has a responsibility towards the community which follows their work. Even if a space approaches issues of the control grids in place, it often stays at a self-serving frequency due to the inability of the founders to own and be accountable for their ego wounding. The public image and persona that has been built digitally is like an armor for bypassing so much, and so is the use of intellectual knowledge. Relevant information might be disclosed as a bait yet something else is operating in the background. If we don’t pay attention, there is always a new hamster wheel to catch and entrap our minds, encapsulating us with a new ratio of truth mixed with lies. The chosen distortions cause enough damages to slow the truth knower down, derail them from their path and vaccuum their time and their energy. Unconscious agents are being used through their blind spots and lack of willingness to work through their inner inverted programming (savior complex, emotional triggers, the absence of a deeper understanding of the esoteric laws, mind control, unresolved shame, coping mechanisms of attempting to overpower others intellectually). There is a difference between what and who they pretend they are and who they are truly. This is a fertile ground for shadow and shame projection, dissociation from the heart and other harmful inverted and anti-life programming rooted in narcissistic wounding. It becomes a big problem when many are asked to enter the delusion. The community finds itself more sedated than elevated. Constant observation over a long period of time will reveal what is really playing out. The best tools are consistent observation, patience and constant questioning and re-evaluation.

We may ask ourselves : how much of my time is involved in this ? Is there a real sense of integrity ? Does this person really walk their talk ? Are they caught in an ego trap and unable to extract from it ? Is there no turning back ? How do they interact with others ? Is there a real exchange happening? With whom are they associating? Do they truly listen to each other or is it just an act of mimicking? What are the dynamics ? Who in my entourage is following the work of such organisation or person ? Can I see a pattern erupting (for example, strong codependency patterns that acts as a blinder in discernment or shared patterns in how we cope with the world)? Does this feel like an endless rabbit hole, with no end, more entanglements? Can we interact directly with the person ? Is there a hierarchy system at play ? Is there a cult-like feeling ? Are they being quoted as a bible of truth ? Does it make me feel ashamed and unworthy ? Does it feel safe to express and be myself? Do people stand there unacknowledged, invalidated, feeling unseen and triggered in their shame? Are other people afraid to express spontaneously ? How is the space psychically? Am I allowed to make a mistake without suffering shame projection? Does the space feel safe psychically and emotionally ? Does it feel like I am invited to come back to my own inner sense of gnosis? What is being said and what is left unsaid, ignored or denied? What are we not allowed to talk about ? The discussion is very often oriented.

In addition, a feeling of broken record will soon start to take place. That is what happens when the knowledge is shared only purely from a mind space cut from the heart. If we haven’t met these people, we have no idea who they are in real life. Who are they truly ? How does it feel to be in the direct presence of their energetic field ? Is is only supposition and there are a lot of con-artists and deceivers who are very good actors out there or who are truly believing their own lies. Another harmful tendency is paranoia and the inability to differentiate thought injections from original thoughts. Some beings have been tricked in the past and carry a wounding of unresolved and undigested betrayals and have become so paranoiac that they start to doubt everyone around them and are unable to recognize the nature of intentions of others. They themselves become vectors of handling while they project aggressive attacks onto others. They tend to self sabotage and self-destruct, unable to build healthy collaborations and choosing to focus on everything that separate instead of what reunites. Their mind has become infected and implanted by inversion and is now at the mercy of their inability to discern. They do not see nuances anymore and dialogue in a very reactive way, with a desire to win a debate and impose their beliefs. Despite their knowledge in the field of mind control, they are unable to navigate their own interpersonal relationships with emotional mastery and have long become unconscious matrix agents.

The danger of herd mentality

As always when addressing something that has been engineered as a bait and trap in one’s life, betrayals and surprises will take us by unpredictable corners. When someone leaves a cult-like environment after opening their eyes on what is really going on, everything will be made to depict that person as unstable. Any original spark will be severely attacked for it carries a great power of real transmutation. Everything is done for the light that they hold to be dimmed. Every attempt will be made in order to weaken the will of beings carrying these heart particles.

A warning sign is how easily members are capitulating to the authority of the facilitators. Is there an impression of strong authority from these esteemed but fallible actors of the fringe scene ? Is the herd mentality programming being reinforced – a programming that is proven to convince individuals to adopt behaviors they would not adopt otherwise ? How many will be cautious and leave these states of intended domestication and stand up and speak out ? One has to know when communication in a group has lost its spirit and has become repetitive. It may be necessary to redefine the when and how, or to leave. Is is still serving us ? Or has it ever served us in any way? Were there benevolent repercussions, encounters or collaborations ? Are unconscious patterns being replayed ? What is important to recognize is the consensus behavior and the fact they are creating an artificial feeling of safety by associating in numbers. Yet, no one is really owning what they are doing. Diabolical things will be done to defend the consensus in the name of an identity. An astral attempt to seduce may be attempted, trying to gain consent during dream time. If the seduction does not work, other plans will be made ; this includes taking advantage of any mistake and blind spots of the targeted individuals in order to ambush, attack and exclude them.

Herd trolling comes from the alignment with a false sense of assumptive beliefs and creates a false sense of satefy while launching attacks in numbers. Unable to form their own sensitive perception, cult members tend to be having an artificial intelligence experience with an artificial intelligence logic thinking that allows them to stay out of the feeling experience, disconnected from the telluric current. Beliefs and thought injections encourage to act in an insensitive manner. A great amount of anxiety, terrors and psychic, emotional and psychological suffering results from the shadow projections. Intimidation is done in the aim to put such a psychical and psychological pressure that the one leaving the cult will end up self censoring themselves, frozen in silence. It’s common to want to bypass the pain at any cost, through different types of coping mechanisms. It takes hard work to sit with it and sink into it. Leaving a group with a herd mentality is a step towards reclaiming missing or incomplete parts of the sovereign self.

Usually other cult members are unwilling to wake up from the spells. The reasons are numerous, including victimhood programming, hosted partners and agreements they have in their own lives, shadow projections, pacts with the devil that they are not willing to retrieve, Stockholm Syndrome. It is usually not fruitful to discuss our perceptions with beings who are still under a spell and not showing signs that they want to exit the cubical mind structure and had enough of hitting the walls of their prison. They really can not see for now, they might open their eyes in one, ten years. Some will never open their eyes in this lifetime. A common mistake is ignoring a first impulse repulsion, rationalizing it, giving someone a chance to be worthy of trust. Some people are unreliable and should not be granted our trust in the first place. A great indicator is to observe if they are constantly positively or negatively projecting onto others, and if they are constantly on the verge to shift and turn around viciously. These people are not able to differentiate thought injections from their own and worse, they act on their first impulses, identifying with the mimicked nervous system response. They are ruining valuable friendships and create their own loneliness and sense of doom. Anti-human forces are whispering in their ears and they are listening as if these voices were their own. Their minds have become their own prisons. This is partly how remote mind control works. I myself have fallen in the trap more than once, jumping on the train of thought injections, causing uncomfortable situations for me and people I care about. The only thing I could do was take responsibility for my actions, recognize and trace where the though injection had been implanted and go through the feeling of healthy remorse, taking this opportunity to learn something and grow from it.

An hosted agent will make their opponent look bad and distort their image in the eye of the community. Ridicule may be used. Naive people tend to fall into multiple traps : an artificial and distorted impression is created about who that person really is. Things are being completely inverted, upside is the new down. A hit-and-run technique with a brief attack might be used. This also influences others to shrink as they are fearing to being targeted as well. Emotions will be antagonized. Attempts will be made to draw targets in an emotional response or to make them look foolish while discussions about real issues are avoided. A discussion may be side-tracked and redirected, the attention being focused on chosen topics. Bigger distractions are being created. Opponents are being removed by the destruction of their character or the direct attacks on their emotional, psychic and energetical field. To hold the story together and cover for the numerous lies and distortions, more distortion will need to be created continously. The environment has become highly toxic.

When uncovering all of this, the leader and the community will lose their credibility and a need to withdraw and take distance will become an evidence. The realization that the work was in fact based on counterfeiting the work of others might also impose itself. If we are left with not understanding spiritual or psychological concepts and only encourage to stay in the purely intellectual spheres, the heart portal is left ignored. With a counterfeit, the original activating signature that is stolen away is loss and the only thing remaining is intellectual fascination. These dynamics are encouraging to keep the power away from individuals. They are certainly not empowering and they are not addressing what really matters, the core wounds through which we are constantly hijacked. When someone projects their spiritual smallness onto others, healing can not be found. One has to free themselves from the opinions of others and give distortion no credit. When people take advantage of the first mistake you make, you are sure they never had any real love for you.

Self-censoring personal growth

One is only supported as long as they are part of (and indoctrinated into) the movement, therefore, sacrificing their personal truth for the group consensus. In a group setting, individuals tend to apply their desire for ease of conformity and to arrive at conclusions based upon collective acceptance. The psychology of a group mind function will suppress personal growth. Stagnation and regulation will be taking place as one remains in the group environment with the same patterns being repeated. Individuals might feel a need to explain themselves as there is a hidden group pressure that encourages everyone to be aligning with the same thing. The truth is that people do not grow at the same rate. Are we asked to reach group-consensus in order to keep on being part of the group ?

There will be attempts to silence people breaking free from their programming through other individuals in their entourage. It’s important to express our Truth and the truth of who we are. With proposing something onto the world comes the risk of being crucified too. Strengthening a healthy self-confidence is important. Energetically we have to take the space that is ours. What dissolves is everything based on lie, programming and trauma-bonding. What dissolves is unimportant, what matters is what is staying, what is stronger than thought injections, slander and attacks on characters. These are meant to trigger shame and activate self-censoring and self-silencing in the hope the target will retrieve in their old traumatic coping mechanisms and responses. What matters is to keep on asking for all contracts seeded in sacrifice, trauma-bonding or people-pleasing patterns to be revealed in plain sight, to be able to purge them, no matter how difficult this might be.

The setting

Humans generally tend to put others who inspire them on a pedestal (positive shadow projections), having expectations about who they are or should be, sometimes with a sense of entitlement attached to it about what they should do for them. When they get triggered or disappointed, it usually turns into negative shadow projections, augmented by thought injections. While this is often happening, it is of a different matter when in fact something extremely toxic has been happening all along. What I thought was a benevolent help on my path (work that magically appeared on my social media) was in fact an orchestrated synchronicity meant to handle my time and energy for several years. Social media artificial intelligence algorithms are very tricky and most of the time, quite dangerously leading to psychic traps. Handlers are not often aware they are handlers and in the end, both handlers and handled ones are victims of the control systems. Handlers are also handled.

When I worked with this practicioner, he placed hooks inside my vulnerable broken damage self-esteem. Because I did not know any better and had never experienced aligned mentorship, I thought this must be what service to other feels like. I was wrong. The development of this relationship in my psyche had everything to do with the bond between repressed empath and narcissist. I covered that dynamic in an article that I will link at the end of this one. I won’t go in detail here into the psychological, emotional and spiritual implications of this yet it is of prime importance to understand these dynamics in order to break free from this kind of spell. It has to be known that powerful anti-life principalities were working for the spell to keep a grip on me (and many others).

A year later, the situation got worse when this individual chose to take the bait of temptation through an engineered love relationship with a hosted individual, which is handling him through his own unresolved, unaddressed and repressed shame (and other self-serving patterns that are his own responsibility). His choice meant that I had to go against what my discernment was telling me about this person who was not who she pretends to be and something was working through her. Indeed, hosted beings who are used as portals do everything to take advantage of the situation and climb the social latter. They are usually keen observers and wait patiently for others to make mistakes. This creates a lot of unecessary loosh and drama through the principles of division. The dynamics might be to project shame outwards and to ask others to take responsibility for what is not theirs to take. A serious trap of agreement is taking place when one accepts a blame for something that isn’t theirs to take. When we curse ourselves in such way, we are signing our own agreement on being abused.

What I later learned as well is that what happened on astral levels during those years was really sinister. And after I started to free myself from this handling, during my dreams, there was an attempt to match and pair me with another new male handler having apparently the opposite balance of energy, with a much more (pretense of) integrated feminine. Acting on this thought injection would have been a reactive decision coming from an unconscious wounded place. It was later revealed to me that he was another kind of abuser, driven by greed and not able to recognize when he had been making a mistake. He put the mental health of his clients at risk, making suggestions that are taking them on a dangerous road, mentally preparing them to renounce their own lives, leaving them vulnerable and exposed at a tender time in her their lives. One must pay attention to thought suggestions just after exiting any cult-type structures.

Understanding Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological phenomenon that happens when molested children, battered women, prisoners of war, cult members and hostages bond with their abusers and develop an unhealthy positive attachment to them. They even go sometimes as far as to defend them to their entourage, to the media, to the police or in court, which most of the time assists in perpetuating the abuse. The abused person, especially when they have a very low self-esteem and have gone through a great deal of trauma, becomes emotionally dependent on their handlers and this creates a distorted deep bond that is extremely difficult and painful to break. It is necessary that one internally asks, repetitively, to see things as they are and not as they were portrayed to be.

In classic Stockholm Syndrome, we become so embedded with the one handling us that we will find all excuses to find a rational explanation for their behaviors. Everything is being distorted under this lens of seeing the abuser as a good person and not seeing reality for what it is. It’s not normal to be in an inverted position to be the one reassuring someone who is supposed to hold space for you. When we feel a great deal of unhealthy empathy (blind compassion and cognitive dissonance) for our aggressors, we allow an energy transfer to happen. Some people will punish you with rejection as a punishment for the narcissistic wounding they will suffer because of who you are. If they can not conquer you, they will slowly destroy you. Nevertheless, we shall never be conquered. We are our own territory.

Cognitive dissonance also plays a role in this : it takes a delay between the experience of a situation and the acceptance of what was really experienced, beyond the veil of appearances. Until then, the experience of the body was overruled by the mind. Gasligthers create confusion by challenging your character, knowledge, feelings and experiences by replacing them with their own. It creates a feeling of disorientation. This confusion allows them to stay in control. Being repeatedly invalidated, dismissed or ignored can drain the joy from self-expression and create doubts that are in the way for self-validation. Someone who is willing to change a behavior that is abusive will acknowledge that the abuse has been taking place and take responsibility for their actions. They will validate the other’s person experience and engage in self reflection. They will show care for the expressed boundaries. They will refrain to go into justification, denial, blame or minimization and be willing and patient to rebuild trust. Individuals telling you your intuition is wrong is a red flag : they are taking you away from your own compass. When someone is not accountable, an aspect of the relationship has to die.

The hooks within the self, pedestal and wound of non recognition

When I discover a place of lie within my self, others and in my life, it hurts me to stay in it. After I left, I could access new layers that I was covering up until then, including sorrow and loneliness. It was time for resolution and much has been erupting to daylight. I realised that, due to my early childhood trauma, I was constantly, repetitively and by all angles, paired up and handled by male controlling energy, overpowering me intellectually. The irony is that I was sometimes feeling « safe » when I was in the hands of a new (unconscious) handler until a sense of unease would start to grow once again, suffocating and smothering me. Once more, I realised I had to be sharper and more discerning about with whom I am trying to exchange and collaborate. I reviewed my positions and made life changing decisions. My life upgraded to a new level of fulfillment in my interpersonal relationships. I retraced back how facebook algorithms had paired me to a hive-mind predictable environment and I went through each person, connecting with weather or not I was feeling a genuine connection with them. I allowed myself to let go of the bonds where I was feeling an unconscious hostility. I learned plenty about taking a bait and falling for new sorts of traps.

Reviewing what happened is certainly of assistance in order to dismantle what allowed this to happen in one’s mind. The inability of others to give value to our experience has nothing to do with us and everything to do with their own narcissistic wounding. Because of this fracture, someone will not be willing to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate the inherent value of another human being and will tend to desire to absorb this energy for their own benefit. I also started to sense ego rivalry in the research community and unresolved feelings of inferiority and shame. I see a prejudice to integrity when giving my attention and awareness to people who are not walking their talk and who are using my attention to create subjugation or to feed from it.

There is only one way through this kind of initiation : through integration and alchemization of the experience, we may grow from the exposure to more deception in our lives and track and trace in ourselves those fragments that have been fooled and duped. The targeted person has to cooperate with their unresolved trauma in order for the mechanic to work efficiently. Can we close the door for such thing not to repeat in the future ? Without entry point, one can not be deceived. If I had kept my energy contained with firm boundaries, no hook could have been planted. To understand why this handling happened, I had to dive deep in my mind patterns, weaknesses, childhood wounds and blind spots. What was the grip for the handling ? Any weakness is an entry point. My main mistake was to put somebody else’s discernment over mine while my own receptors were warning me of a danger. Working on sacrifice programming has also been assisting me : I would have done anything to spare my first caregiver to have to feel the pain that he was projecting outwards. I was accepting to feel his pain so he would not have to and that pattern was repeating. I would save others the trouble to do their own work, I would answer their needs and I would take the blame and work on shadows I did not have.But I guess the most important hook was the desire to be recognized and valued, a trap coming from an external need of validation which is an entry point for a lot of distortion to happen. When someone is lacking self-esteem and self validation, something external is in charge to set the rules for them. I progressively worked on freeing myself from the unconscious need of approval (which was bringing me to early childhood patterns). This inner work allowed me to certainly get to a new stage in my life. It wasn’t done overnight and I would still be triggered into this early trauma from time to time. The difference was that I was observing myself and that I was interacting with more and more men who were not taking advantage of my psychological and emotional weakness and who were taking my needs more and more in consideration when I expressed what was happening.

Imprinting consciouness

When I was unplugging from this, I received intuitive insights which helped me process and understand the bigger picture. I bumped into pictures of monarch butterflies from the Esalen Institute on the social media profile of the person I am mentioning in this article. Thanks to my experience abroad in a healing center which I go in detail here after, I understood how consciousness can be imprinted. Many institutes and centers are hiding under a disguise, they are not truly what they pretend they are. They may present themselves as a magnet for people who carry light codes but what they truly do is study and implant human consciousness. Who are the guests invited to speak there ? A lot of revered scholars play a part in engineering human consciousness and have ties with Stanford Research, Tavistock or intelligence agencies. The New Age consciousness movement was packaged to catch the seeker. There was, indeed, mass distribution and marketing of things like Mind Dynamics, Silva Mind Control or Transcendental Meditation. Figures like Jose Argüelles and Stephanie South (Red Queen) are compromised conscious or unconscious agents or under mind control. With practice one can recognize the signature of the artificial implantation in their consciousness and their mind.

When studying the history of the founders of some centers based around human psychology, it’s not rare to find ties to the US Army and the Air Force. Truth can handle investigation. Let’s take the Esalen Institute in San Francisco as an example. They are making research on enhancement of human potentials through the induction of non-ordinary states of consciousness. On their webpage can be read : « Esalen is a major catalyst in the transformation of humankind. Esalen is a leading center for exploring and realizing human potential through experience, education and research. We sponsor pioneering initiatives and the values are the realization of the human potential and the transformation of consciousness as the basis for transformation of the world; individually, collectively, and in social systems. » While we may read this idea of evolution a certain way, the intent hidden behind these words has to do with population control, dumbing down of the masses and extermination of sovereignty. In the biography of one of the Esalen founder, we can read that he was « hospitalized and misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic, then subjected to physical confinement and major tranquilizers, along with numerous electroconvulsive and insulin shock treatments ». This has all the warning signs of mind control. It also says he experienced « a second brief manic break, arising from the unresolved trauma of his commitment. » This is giving clue for anyone understanding what breaking out from programming looks like. Some people are being slowly assimilated.

Mind-controlling healing centers

It is of prime importance to pay attention to everything we consume. I began to be reluctant to eat food prepared by strangers (I have been cursed by accepting food from others). I do not consume any food or beverage from masonic related organisations or companies (such as Starbucks and countless others). Their logos are designed to trigger subconscious responses on customers. In addition to very acidic and anti-life ingredients, codes are embedded into products and we are paying for our own indoctrination. My consciousness was imprinted when I spent time at a « healing » center in Koh Phangan that is under alien hostile faction grip and influence. It was the main reason I felt chased during 2 months and experienced a lot of counterfeit of synchronicities and handling, with the same patterns than the ones I am mentioning in this article, placing a hook on my own unresolved codependent patterns. I received an image of a very complex web under my head using all my programming to harvest my time and energy. Not able to contain my psychic abilities, I was also finding myself repetitively answering a few persons’ black magic manifestation wishes. They were placing a web in the ether, and I was answering, being the supplier to their demand and this against my will. A fully hosted, maybe hybrid being was teaching Trauma Release workshops. He was also a cranio sacral practicioner (one should be cautious about which hands one surrenders to). Receiving body work from compromised beings allows them to covertly place things into the field. I realised I had a sensitivity to this « Orion-type » energy in my life with previous friendship and family bond. Because of gaslighting during childhood, I could not see it for what it was until I went through this experience that opened my eyes, surely. I had to fight quite hard to extract from this mind maze, to the point of letting go of any politeness as politeness was not serving me when there was a battle for parts of my mind and physical integrity. I started to give myself the permission to protect my online life from the majority by not sharing my contact. I had to block half a dozen of people from my field.

4-dimensional handling

When I started to excavate unconscious patterns that were linking me to that hive-mind environment, I realised there was a lot of energies at play that were handling each other through hidden contracts so that the big dark game could stay into place. Some handlers are guided to try to neutralize parts of the talents of gifted beings. During the last few months, I observed the fringe scene and a lot has unveiled in order to reveal the hidden motives of the actions of a large majority of researchers. It appeared clearly to me how researchers were artificially reunited in order to create a hive-mind environment, having an effect on a portion of the community for years, even decades.

In addition, a researcher might also be studying philosophers or ancient gurus and cite them as a bible. These people very often are not who they pretend they were. It has an impact to follow material from corrupted and compromised sources as it becomes embedded with our signature on many levels. Most of us, though we might not be fully conscious of the process, literally soaks the external signatures in. I have noticed most of the times, there was an energy signature of handling with this ancient imprint, as if the signature of the revered person was now a 4-dimensional handler, imprisoning the mind of the reader into a cubical mind structure while pretending to allow its expansion. Authors that we read may well handle us in some forms of ways.

Recognizing group mentality

Typical dynamics are taking place in online forums; an need to belong that is ego-driven, based on a wound and a weakness of mind. Gnosis may be betrayed for the sake of ego : in cult-like fashion, outsiders are increasingly seen with suspicion. The only real difference with a typical cult is that, while a cult discourages use of the intellect, online forums tend to encourage extreme use of it. But even the intellect is not immune to delusion when it reasons from false assumptions and is misappropriated toward rationalizing biases and paranoia. It appears that the fear of losing credibility also tends to force individuals to become increasingly agnostic, inflexible and narrowminded in their research, placing defense of their public image above truth seeking and resorting to metaphysical ‘political correctness’ and ‘fourth way speak’ to come off as objective when in truth they were are intellectually rationalizing irrational impulses reinforced through group consensus. Nowadays, more energy is spent on ranting against world problems and defending the views than forging ahead with new research and there is barely any room for fluid expansion of the minds. They will feel an inner conflict between their legitimate inner knowing, intuition, discernment, experience, wisdom and the illegitimate pressure and sophistry of the group. Those who feel this conflict the worst will wrestle with themselves for a while, vacillating between doubt and trust. Eventually they either come to their senses and pull away, or undergo a cult-like conversion experience in which they resolve never to listen to their inner knowing again, for the sake of “objectivity.” Interestingly, you can detect in their subsequent writings an undertone of doubt stemming from their knowing deep down, unconsciously, that something is off. Do any of them ever admit to still being abducted and mind programmed? It appears they are not even considering or admitting that possibility, that at night while sleeping they are having posthypnotic triggers implanted into their minds, which provide impulses that later they take as their own and defend with their misappropriated intellects. 

This kind of online forum always comes under a great deal of psychic scrutiny from service to self forces which will use any entry point to seed chaos. A common pattern is that those with the greatest potential for light are ejected most violently and coldly. What is happening is a refinement of fantasy and spiritual disinformation. Projections from cult members will be aggravated if there exists a pre-existent hostility and resentment against the member who is on his way out. Anything will be used to justify the growing suspicion and unconscious animosity: what they can’t find, they will invent and what they will find, they will take out of context. Once they have in their head this distorted image of you, they only see through that lens, meaning their intellects became tools of rationalization rather than discernment, selectively picking out and distorting things. The need to belong is a weakness steeped in ego and emotional insecurity and must be overcome. Otherwise a person becomes fickle, spineless, sycophantic, and easily suggestible. Reflect deeply on the truth and stick to your convictions, changing your stance only in the face of an even more logical and solid hypothesis, but never change merely on the basis of another person’s or group’s authority. Believe only what makes clear sense to you but never cement yourself into that belief. If someone proposes an idea that contradicts yours, is it because they don’t know what you know? Or because they know something you don’t yet know?

In the end, it is clear that a higher anti-life agenda was taking place and this has a far greater spiritual detrimental effect than the insights that can be gained about world ‘conspiracies’ : the battle against their spirits (if at all they were spirited) has already been won. They are now existing in a spiritual vacuum, devoid of a connexion to higher objectivity. The intellectual power and authority is overpowering and subjugated by their own egos. Shifting to service to others frequencies requires an ability to sense outside of this box and the willingness to abandon ego structures to stop blaming others for what one is themselves doing : group-consensus is leading everyone being equally deluded. 

About the necessity to stay in our power

Every single choice, every little action does change the world. It does infinitely matters, it ripples, over and over again. Leaving the powerlessness programming behind is about deciding that no matter what, we are going to try. We will be repeating to ourselves that everything we are and everything we are doing does matter, even if we do not fully believe in it yet. It’s a quest of every moment to be invited to invest our time and energy in meaningful activism, where an action does create benevolent rippling effects, practiced with discernment, with people around us who are doing their own work to unplug. No one can take away the choices that we are making at every moment and who we are choosing to be. We are responsible of not reacting from the fearful states we find ourselves into, not letting ourselves run by reactive patterns. Where can we reclaim the consent that we have been giving away which are sustaining an anti-life creation ? Where are we investing our financial say? Where do we focus our attention and what are we making grow? What can be birthed now? What actions are we able to take to mark that we do not consent to anti-life agendas?

Our relationships may be reviewed as well. Where are we being manipulated through guilt, shame or codependent parts? A lot can be done from unplugging, decluttering, adjusting distance or cutting chords, when someone in our lives is trying to control us and is not animated by pure and genuine intentions towards us. This is a reclamation of power in these areas of our lives, as we no longer consent to be playing the game that is set by rules that are external to us. This also has to do with resisting peer pressure, emotional manipulation and gaslighting. It comes with surrounding ourselves with trustworthy individuals who are animated by a life vision greater than themselves and guided by their own heart portals – a cosmic door to all multiverses. These beings are the ones that can trigger the best in us and us the best in them. Through this mutual inspiration, we are in touch with the highest aspect of ourselves and we are descending deeper into our cocreative power.

The world of tomorrow is created with our energy and the consents that we give away. This reality, generated by our incredible cocreative power, is the result of a collective creation. As we are many keeping on unplugging and excavating our unconscious repetitions, the fabric of reality is being affected and transformed. As we unplug, they are left, more and more, with less and less supply, needing to reinvent more elaborate forms of mimicking organic creation in order to find ways to steal our power away once more. When one cuts a chord of supply, there is very often a tentacular reaction from the system, which will come and test the solidity of the newly established boundary. This is a proof that it does matter infinitely, and this is a proof of the extent of what we can do to affect our reality. When a space of sovereignty is reclaimed, nothing can take us back to the past version of ourselves. And the fabric of the collective timeline is transformed, for good.

Aligned mentorship

One needs to be cautious about networking and recognize where an artificial imprint has been creating patterns. Some things, actions or gatherings are of organic nature and install a real interaction. Most are counterfeit. It seems important to discern which is which. The first category empowers people. The second creates intellectual fascination, loosh and drama, which ends up harming others in their deepest wounding. The latter is not rooted in a deep knowing or embodiment yet the counterfeit can only mimick so far the organic one, it is a pale reminiscent. The triggers that the counterfeit might awaken dissolve when one realises how much it is seeded in lies, distorsion, deceit and a lack of accountability. In love, the organic action resides, not in fear or lack like their counterparts which are nothing more than an alien engineered mirage. From that place of love and knowing, I will be making my next moves. I am grateful for this life experience that allowed me to excavate more deeply my submissive patterns that made me vulnerable to cult-like environments. All of my life, I have confused sacrifice and abuse for love. I thought I had worked through a great deal of my trauma yet the early childhood imprint has left me with more homework. I wish everyone I met on my journey to find their way to peace. I wish them genuine heart success yet I know most of them are struggling in the maze of these mind-controlled labyrinths. The most important, for me, is to keep on going in the direction of sanity, keeping my heart protected and tender only for the ones who deserve my trust. In the core of my being, only love remains.

When a firm no is said towards codependent love, a space is opened for something more respectful. In some cases, it will only be the next version of deception. The important is to identify the hooks and entry points, review them and readjust them while placing a firm boundary with someone who is compromised and who does not want to acknowledge it. Sovereignty can only be attained when no external authority is followed. At the end of the day, the less energy we give away externally, the more progress we will make and the less grip the control system will have on us. Most of these conscious and unconscious agents are used by the big system as puppets and their life paths have been engineered, altered and manipulated. One must find the courage to leave the table if respect was never served.

Aligned and sacred mentorship is a rare thing and is very often underrated, confidential, kept hidden or censored. It requires the ability for the guiding facilitators to be accountable and not to take advantage of the situation to plug in unconscious self-serving programming. Rare are the mentors who truly give space for others to share on equal terms, who do not force information but deliver while fully honouring the other person’s life path. They know the value of quality over quantity and they do not run after fame and numbers. Aligned mentorship is empowering and activating. It reads through energy and it burns what isn’t serving. It’s important to incubate all that happened to us. We are the ones we had been waiting for. We are the plan. We are the future. The ones of us who can see, deprogram and create from a place of sanity. We are the cure and we are the answer. It comes from inside of us. There is nowhere else to look. The fall happens from within. May all the parts that are ours come back to us in this second of infinity.