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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Rewriting and rewiring codependent patterns, strengthening boundary setting and rising in discernment with Meisha Dev Avtar

During this one of a kind page of history, it is the perfect time to solidify alliances and cocreate from a place of sanity, reclaiming our individual attention and ability to cocreate and directing it in the direction we choose to. That’s in this kind of mind set that Meisha Dev Avtar and I discussed big themes of our life stories, processes that are bigger than our individual stories and that are seen being played out universally: working on self-empowerement, self-validation and reclaiming our intuitive gifts. There is no miracle pill : despite working extensively on codependent patterns and closing many doors, one can witness that it is still playing out in new disguises and ways, bending energy to play with guilt and shame programming. Relationships are being used as our main handlers, to direct the way our energy, attention and time are being spent.

The importance of self-validation

Meisha shares in such a way and expresses in such manner that I can receive her insights quite profoundly, being a witness of her fast speed evolution  : «  as long as we haven’t dealt with our own pain, we are not able to face what the real suffering of this world is really about. We need to get in touch with and accept to feel the pain, the rage, the anger, the unprocessed emotions within us.  » Something like covert emotional, psychological and spiritual incest does exist and it does affect much more children than it seems. Enmeshment turns a lot of inner psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual structures upside down and it’s necessary to work on putting things back in their organic aligned order  : «  self validation is extremely powerful, to fortify the pillars within ourselves to resist censoring ourselves. Clinging to receive some sort of approval is one of the roots of codependency.  I notice I had repetitive patterns in my life where I was compassionately validating everything others were going through but a certain level of accountability and reciprocity was missing. I value consciousness and truth above everything else. Whatever I need to fortify within myself, whatever action I need to take, I will do it and I will do it with grace. I want to be a woman who walks this path with integrity, grace and dignity.  »

Spiritual bypassing

” I was a dancer, a performer and a choreographer. I felt the safest on stage. There was so much turmoil, insecurity and pain inside, I would put everything that you would feel embarrassed about on stage, I would feel the pain from all the dancers, crafted and articulated with poetry, sounds and lighting in an esthetic way. I was not afraid of putting this juicy material on stage, we would do very tender work but I wasn’t sitting and holding the pain.  I had to stop to integrate and not making an art piece out of it.” This coping mechanism of dissociation allows us to switch off, it’s a survival technique and a way to bypass our own suffering. On the other hand, creative expression can come from a place of righteous indignation which finally allows letting of emotions out. “Expression in itself can be very liberating, having censored ourselves for so long. I did a video where I was dancing, I was yelling and letting room for expressing my repressed anger. Nothing was planned and I had no idea it was there. I felt so much freedom afterwards, as if my inner masculine or my inner child felt liberated as I wasn’t censoring that expression that was in me anymore. Many women came to the yoga studio (Shanti Naam Yoga in California) and for 3 weeks we were dancing and letting ourselves get to this scary place where it feels unconfortable. Then I felt the need for integration. That’s when so much shame came up to surface about what happened and what was expressed. It’s really vulnerable work.”After this primal expression came the sense of responsibility to share from an integrated place with time to process and alchemize internally.

Boundary setting

Developing strong, fierce, tenacious and firm boundaries is crucial, not only for oneself but also for other members of the community, keeping the space clean from egotic pulls and drama settings. Some do not show a lot of evolution, their minds struggle to see through the lies and the deception. Measures have to be taken in order to protect the space, the energy, the time and the attention from being drained especially when there is a lack of accountability and responsibility. This journey is definitely about quality over quantity. Who will really benefit, see, integrate, spend time with the shared content or the practice? Who is truly ready ? Who is truly willing and willing to be reminded when they are playing out their unconscious shadow patterns  ? Meisha shares: «  indeed, they are a lot that are feeding from what we are putting out there, I can still feel that grabbing. I can see how they are feeding from one person to another and how unhealthy it is.  » This is indeed unconscious patterns being playing out and energy being drained, through them.

The importance of walking the talk

It’s not about claiming one understands, it’s about the embodied experience and walking the talk from a place of integrity. Many considered as mentors or spiritual leaders are living a life based on a lie and not walking their talk, despite whatever they might pretend they are and whatever they pretend they are experiencing. A lot of narratives are built and designed out there to capture attention and consciousness and feed from the fascination. Most of these narratives are dead ends. When communities are formed online, one does not have the information of the body intelligence and intuitive knowing about what it feels to be around these people, the body is not able to share the red alarms shouting to run away. Depending on where people’s consciousness is, there is a different angle of the kaleidoscope that is being sold to them (savior programming in the ufology scene, in politics, self proclaimed gurus, external authority, controlling energies especially from an overpowering intellectualism and head-centric way of thinking). It all has to do with giving our power away and to wait for something to happen outside of ourselves. The real work is about reclaiming new layers of trusting our own compasses and being a witness of how in tune it actually is.

The importance of protecting our psychic spaces

It can be an act of great love to turn the back on some despite the fact that there is love for them. The reason is that something greater is waiting for us and we know it. It’s calling us so deeply, it can not be ignored. It’s complex and it’s not a well understood position because others tend to make a lot of interpretations on the real reasons behind such a position. And that has a lot to do with their own wounding. It includes letting go of people who are psychically hostile, the ones who want to debate in an unhealthy manner or people who want to have power over us with an overwhelming intellectualism and many other layers of disguise. All of these are characteristics of how the parasitic consciousness functions and how the unconscious in people is used to drain time and energy to slow down spiritual evolution and the emergence of creativity in our lives. While we are handled in controlling and authoritarian spaces, we are censoring ourselves and we are censoring many facets from the truth that lives inside of us.

I feel compelled to give birth to everything that is in my power and that lives inside of me. It does matter and it does have impact. I am learning to see this, overcoming generational programming of powerlessness. Then this impact is spreading and rippling, making a real change in this realm. Each consent that we give away does profoundly matters. As soon as we withdraw it, it comes with a reaction from the system. It does matter. It does matter infinitely. It does all the difference. It is a gamechanger, a lifechanger. We need to trust in our own power and reclaim it from being used for agendas that are not in our highest interest. Even something as simple as preparing a balm or a natural homemade cream is so beautiful and multidimensional: there are so many levels to it and it just ripples in the beauty that it is in the field of reclaiming human health.

Separating from the lies

For me it quickly starts to become an ethical problem to keep in touch with this lie within the person that they do not want to acknowledge or take responsibility for. I start to be experiencing an internal conflict and while I still have compassion for the other, I feel a need to place a firm boundary and to protect myself psychically from whatever might be working through their broken parts and which I feel is very controlling over my path. It does matter that we are connected to truth or lies. Lies keep us away from parts of our truth, it keeps us looping and it’s in the way for us to reach our wholeness. False empowering stories that emanate from a place of lie do affect us negatively unconsciously as they are in the way from our own empowerment. Although false narratives can activate us in some ways, I do not think we need them to evolve spiritually and that it’s good for us to be in touch with this kind of inverted material. Life is dimmed and controlled when we are paired up with controlling energies.

The necessity to experience

There is no shortcut to learn the full spectrum of discernment and becoming a master at recognizing energy signature. One has to experience first and foremost. We can not save ourselves the time and energy spent navigating the tricks and traps. But we can make sure we learn as much as we can as we go  : «  the common denominator of abusive stories is ourselves. I took time to learn what healthy relationship was, I took time to learn about healthy secure attachment, re-parenting, inner child healing, communication that heals and healthy relating. I learned about relational awareness and how essential this is to our human experience. When you don’t know any different, it’s easy to get sucked back into another unhealthy dynamic. It can be incredibly confusing and debilitating. It takes time to identify and discern. It takes practice to develop strong boundary skills. It takes time to trust your own feelings and needs.  »

Building a sane future for our children

Nowadays, dark agendas are targeting the new generations quite aggressively. As their elders we have a responsibility to deprogram as fast as we can to make sure we do not transfer our own programming and that we don’t emprison them within the same mind patterns, so they have a chance to better shine their magic. Having a sane parent, someone who is strong and in integrity, does protect a lot: «  I am a mother and I think about my daughter, Simone and my daughter’s children. I really hope we can welcome new souls with more consciousness, including around the reasons why the soul has been brought to and desired in this realm and the curiosity we have for them, that we want to learn from them and the future generations. My daughter naturally is wise and carries codes that reach far beyond, it’s a second nature for her. »

Meisha Dev Avtar is the founder of Shanti Naam Yoga (California). You may also find her on Facebook.





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