Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The new age deception and the importance, in this deceiving reality based on inversion, to be walking away from new age programming and new age deceitful figures and characters such as the Archangels and the Ascended Masters

The new age field was engineered with corrupted energies to deceive beings who are looking for answers and who are looking outside of themselves, because of the previous installment of external authority programming and crippling self doubts. The system made sure we believe we are not worthy and not enough as we will keep manifesting from these core beliefs and we will keep on taking decisions based on these beliefs. The new age scene is repackaged kabbalistic and dyonisian luciferianism and has been engineered by design in order to catch as many as possible and for as long as possible. These scripts are tricking people to pour energies of love devotion and praise. In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of individuals, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams:  darkness versus false light. Of course they will often sell programming as something positive and uplifting. For eons, black magicians have been disguising as magicians of the light. It can be quite hard to tell the difference ; only the energy signature will reveal it for what it is.

The New Age scene is another form of religion promoting a fake timeline of Ascension, a psychological operation meant to keep individuals entrapped in deep denial and infinity loops. The Ascension is an old script being played again and again, a bit like the hope for full alien disclosure in the ufology movement. It is all about games and special effects to seduce the mind : the psychological operations are numerous in order to get in the psyche of every single person. Between the experience individuals think they are having and the real story, there is a big difference. It’s all distraction so we don’t have enough quiet space in order to be with ourselves, where all the keys lie.

The Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans who have gone through a spiritual transformation. They are said to have surpassed their birth cycle, to have accumulated more good karma than bad karma (though karma in itself is not negative polarity but link to the law of cause and effect) and to no longer need to be reborn since then have surpassed a certain level of initiation. Problems that we are encountering in this reality are often described as coming from our karma or other lifetimes. This script is often used in the new age scene to negate the nature of the reality we are in which is based on entrapment and hunting god force energy. Indeed, each being inhabited by spirit is a targeted individual and everything will be done so we keep ignorant of who we truly are. It’s only by taking into account mind control that we will further be understanding the reality we live in.

The story of the Ascended Masters perfectly mirrors the story of the fallen angels in the Bible (who worship Satan). These figures posing as Ascended Masters are low frequency energies in the etheric planes disguising themselves as bringers of wisdom. False prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive and gain consent. Praying to them for protection is thought as harmless and spiritually safe while it is not. Their teachings about Jesus are false and distorted ; they diminish, mock and demean him. In some stories, it’s not Christ making an ultimate sacrifice but Lucifer ; this is the principle of inversion. Though aligning with Christ consciousness protects in frequency and intent, the teachings around Yeshua and Jesus are as well very often corrupted and are used in order to sedate in another form of saviour programming and false hope. The new age teachings are encouraging its audience to hand their power to angels or gurus. Indeed, many are here to prey on and feed from the energy of others. The worship program is a mind control method to relegate individuals to a slave state.

The Ascended Masters in fact have dark origins and were first popularized around 1920 by C.W. Leadbeater and Alice Bailey, both occultists. Alistair Crowley was instructed to write the Book of the Law by an interdimensional being. Under the publishing company called “Lucifer publishing Co.”, Bailey published the concept of rays, initiations and The Great White Brotherhood which brought the ideas of the ascended masters into the mainstream of the new (c)age community. Alice Bailey was a member of the Theosophical society, a mystery school that taught esoteric knowledge and ancient mysteries : this society is typically regarded as being what started the entire new age movement. Its founder was the satanist Helena Blavatsky who was a 32nd degree freemason. The players at the higher levels of the hierarchies know that they are in a self-serving system ; they get to wield power and receive the energy of worship from beings further down the ladder. Lisa Renee’s teachings are inspired by the same lineage. She is a handler and a reprogrammer in the current new age scene and supports other handlers. She would for instance recommend the documentary Above Majestic featuring other agent-handlers such as David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Laura Eisenhower and Jordan Staher. Most nobel prizes are probably to be scrutinized as well (we often find links with freemasonry and cabal frequencies and occasionally potentially as well a being doing the real work).

Ascension as it is taught in the new age community is another psy-op based on saviour programming. There is no collective Ascension, the process of liberation is individual and we are shifting timelines as we are doing (or not doing) the work. The Ascension is a trap used in order to let room for hidden agendas to unfold. New age practices on the surface seem loving, kind and make people feel better, but it is from a place of disempowerment since it is based on false hope. At the core, the signature is inverted and is related to luciferianism and satanism. It is key to recognize mind games and the signature behind it. What are parents exposing their children to thinking it’s harmless ? Parents may be teaching their children to rely on the protection of Archangel Michael, having no idea of the consequences of their actions. Greed is being exploited as well as many are desperately searching for love and comfort outside of themselves. The ego is being tricked when one thinks they are serving the good guys and a certain pride or sense of self importance is erupting from that. We are not sovereign and free and proclaiming it won’t change a thing. Only doing the work will help us get there. Some hostile anti-human forces or negative ET races can travel timelines so they will make sure to intervene and suggest a derailment program, as early as possible, in order to interrupt where we would initially be going.

The Archangels

Arch(on)angels are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation but are serving a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Archangels are fallen angels and are part of the new age deception. Calling in the ascended masters or any archangel (Michael, Metatron, Thoth) is opening ourselves to external energies which are not what they pretend they are. These are masters of disguise. They are reflectors of light and shapeshifters. Human worship is creating an energy that can be harvested. It is important to stay away from using ascended master oracle card decks for spiritual guidance and wisdom. In the past I had to throw away tarot games linked to new age programming which were causing complications and interferences. Corrupted tarot decks (like the ones of Doreen Virtue, Osho or Diana Cooper) are working against us to push us towards more deception. I had an emotional attachment to the Osho deck though I knew it was misleading ; I ended up throwing it in the bin and never regretting it. These angel cards can give amazingly accurate predictions which tangle you up in a web of deceit. The low frequency realm will give you a mixture of truth and lies, to hook you in and lead you to deception. I experienced a lot of deceit in the past when I was connecting with Archangel Michael ; I entirely disconnected from these energies and never looked back. It’s been really beneficial for my evolution for me to break hidden contracts I had not voluntarily signed.

These forces can induce all kinds of profound experiences, just as narcissisticly wounded profiles may do. They do place anchor and entry points in our fields. It polarizes people outside of their own empowerment and creates traps of agreement. Hidden contracts are being signed, chords are being placed. Polarization leads to energy harvest and energy leaks. Anything is good food for them as long as the nervous system of individuals is on a rollercoaster and producing leaks. They know our most profound wounds and traumas, and that is allowing much cording to take place. Working with archangels allows cordage and implantion and imprinting of the mind and the whole body too. Then our consciousness is seeded in a twisted way, like a corrupted compass.

The Akashic Records

Three years ago I had Akashic record readings with Debbie Polelli. I knew something was off with her at the time yet I was fascinated listening to the readings she was providing. She would later on appear on Gaia tv which I wrote in more depth in an article about the entertainment industry. Within a few months, I stopped working with her as I felt dark handling going on and toxicity. I have grown to doubt the information that was shared there, not knowing which was true and which was not. Debbie is very talented to plug into the Akashic Records but I only briefly refered to these records. Now looking back, I believe parts of the readings were meant to keep me small and there was much deceit going on. It’s hard to know which is true and which is engineered by the dark factions handlers that want us under control. The Akashic records are a technology still plugged to the matrix, and so is the soul technology. That is why I do my best to refer to spirit instead. These records are full of holographic inserts to divert from the truth that is being played out. It is encouraging us to be on false timelines. It is a long journey to come back to look within for the keys. When we open ourselves to this, it is an entry point through which they can get in through agreement and consent.

Similarly, channeled material is generally corrupted and access is being delegated because we give our power away and all kinds of energies are entering our corner of reality. The goddess movement or the white light tunnel are other deceptions meant to harvest energy or recycle. The Galactic Federation of Light and light langage are psy-ops and smoke and mirror. The Lourdes shrine may actually very well take energy from the ones visiting, acting much like a vampiric spot. The sad thing is that these spaces and places often attract kind and good-hearted people who are fooled and duped through their own naivety, new (c)age programming and ego. A Course in Miracles is yet another form of brainwashing and so are many books of the self development scene (Marianne Williamson and The Four Agreements leading the way). Even something as our birth date or time of birth can be interfered with in order for us to be born with certain astrological programming inside of our charts.

The guru trap

Empathy and compassion may be mimicked in words yet there is no match in the energy signature with what true compassion is about. Most of the spiritual figures who are worshiped were or are deceivers. We should be really weary around those who pretend they have reached enlightenment. The following signs are red flags : building an isolated community, sexual affairs between teachers and members, controlling people’s environment and engineering their relationships, shaming and using guilt for entrapment, manipulating and humiliating participants or colleagues, gaslighting, using spiritual concepts to control others, using isolation as a punishment or using sensationalistic tactics to get attention. Most of the rules implanted in these communities are a way to harvest energy, with our consent. Do we feel drained after or a few days or weeks after (depending on the extent of the agreement that has been taking place) ? Being part of a cult is all about being mind controlled and being in an altered hypnotic state. What we do not own ends up owning us.

Scandals have been revealing that gurus are all deceivers and therefore handlers (Mooji, John of God, Amma, a lot of yoga teachers in the yoga world), perpetrating all kinds of inverted things under the disguise of spirituality and under the pretense of being a spiritual master. We all heard about abuse taking place in these spaces. Gurus are generating strong emotional reactions from their crowd (and can make participants feel as if they have their back). A lot of false prophets have the ambition to become popular or/and to create a business out of what they are doing. They and their inside clique use group pressure to psychologically break down and control others, leaving them very confused. Different cards are being played in order to trap the ego. One of them is to make adepts feel special and as if they are chosen, with the thought that what is experienced is direct truth. Everyone loves the idea of being special. The idea of being the hero or the fixer is reflected also on the collective level. It’s been largely entertained by the movie industry. At first we see it developed from the clan, then later other forms of identifications have been encouraged (gender, culture, race or country related). In addition, the hierarchical concepts and roles have been inserted. It encourages citizens to stay away from their own personal uniqueness and hidden talents. The transference of personal authority to group authority have consequences, including a diminished sovereignty of the individual and more and more control over their personal choices (I go in depth in these concepts in an article about external authority programming).

A lot of these gurus will push on 3 big programs that make human beings easily manipulated : guilt, blame and shame. A good indicator is to look back and see the quality of the memory and what impression it left. How clean does it feel ? Is there a repulsion ? Once extracted from a situation, we can generally trace the rest of the deceptive threads implanted in our minds and realize how some of the decisions we made were made in a state of hypnosis (such as buying certain objects or choosing to collaborate with a person). It can be dangerous land as it causes old trauma to come back to the surface and a psychotic crisis might be right at the corner because it is much to deal with all at once.

It is important to be able to spot fake altruism. How are they treating other participants ? How are they dealing with the group dynamic ? How is the space configured ? Is there subliminal programming around beauty and feminity that is being transmitted (Kaia Ra) ? Do they support other figures of the new age movement (Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins) ? What is the targeted audience ? What kind of stories are they using in order to present who they are (inverted frequencies in the testimonies of some satanically abused victims) ? Does it feel like a real discussion ? Do you have to bend your knees when arriving ? Do they charge ridiculous amounts of money ? Are their prices clearly stated on their websites ?

The balinese trap

Many in many cultures are deceived to practice things they don’t understand (as the offerings given in Bali), creating more karma for themselves by pursuing Matrix based desires and linking with hidden not well known entities. Most people working for these forces don’t know what they are collaborating with. Many have unknowingly joined a cult and found themselves caged by these abusive structures ; a fracture often resulting from it. So many appearances are being sold, so many myths are being created yet there is much to explore beyond the victim/perpetrator trap.

When I was in Bali during a retreat with so-called high rank spiritual authorities of the island, I have been witnessing how almost every priest or priestess would develop a very strong egotic structure around their psychic powers, how they would feed from devotion or, even worse, from people’s vulnerability or abuse their psychic skills to create illusion (in the form of black magic) and appear as they are not. One of these priests would sometimes appear young and sometimes appear much older. Another priest was a priest of fire and could affect the rain ; he could not be in contact with the water element much (thus he was rarely washing himself), he was smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day (keeping connected to the fire) but he was a big joke hitting on 50-year old woman with a childhish behaviour on social media and leaving creepy comments. First, I was intrigued when I heard others speaking of a man affecting the weather. Within 2 days he stopped by the house of a very delusional retreat and between the tales that I had heard and the reality, there certainly was a gap. One of the leaders of the retreat, a balinese woman speaking english very well, thought she was helping to pay off her bad karma and she was crying at the end of the retreat and these were definitely self serving tears for I have felt repulsion in front of her behaviour and like something was very off. Sometimes individuals think they are genuinely in a heart-felt emotion, when they are being duped and fooled. They think they are being of service, when actually there is a mechanism hidden to their perceptions and that mechanism is only there to serve themselves, trapped into a prison of low frequencies. When we do something good because we think it’s going to bring us good karma it ends up to neutralize the frequency of service into self service.

Objects were ‘charged’ in balinese temples (but with which energy?). It’s important to let go of statues or cards representing deities and to stop working with so much exterior foreign energies. We can be in the habit of voicing out loud to our spirit to let us know if we need to throw away or burn corrupted objects from our living space. Black magic spots where the veil is thin and the astral grip is heightened like south east Asia (Bali, Koh Phangan) can be extremely hard to navigate with a high number of handling energies that the computer programs can use and abuse of. One might feel ambushed by a series of events and encounters that are vacuuming time and energy. If one feels compelled to eat a lot more when in company of other people, it’s also an indicator that something that is happening. The problem with some asian cultures is that they worship deities a lot and that is a trap in itself.

The energies of Isis

I feel a dis-ease when in touch with Isis energies (promoted by the false light advocate Kaia Ra ; she also closely participates to Gaia tv which is an infested nest). There is worship around this new age alien goddess figure and a lot of deceit is happening. Many are embedded in traps of agreement with her. Isis is an unhealthy figure who feeds of hierarchy and worship. Being of service to her equals being siphoned and accessed. Women are allowing her to act through themselves. Many are ready to sacrifice their friends in order to gain power, because they are so wounded and their self esteem is so low. Moreover, Isis (Rihanna has a tatoo of her on her diaphragm) is rather revengeful as a deity : when walking away from her she will send armies to invade your mind to engineer more harm. And it’s not because ‘truthers’ are denouncing Isis that they are themselves safe : all revelation content can be used as a bait and is indeed. During an Isis blue lotus ceremony in 2019 in Bali led by the Shamanic Training, one of the announcers was wearing a leopard shirt for the occasion indicating setting the ground for women rivalry, jealousy and false sisterhood. Leopard clothing is a sign of mind control and beta sex kitten programming. Everything that happened there was toxic. Entities were channeled while we were only drinking natural tea beverages made from plants. Participants were offered as a feast for entities and had to deal with the aftermath for weeks and months after that. One of them had me switched in an alter people pleasing personality during a phone call. The reason might be that she was herself mainly running from her alters. The low frequency attachments are able to make us switch against our will as long as we have not reintegrated subpersonalities enough for them not to be able to take over. I was not aware of what was really going on at the time I was participating in the ceremonies. I became aware of it after. After that ‘retreat’ I was led by different suggestions to a reprogramming center in Koh Phagnan (Orion). During the retreat, we were encouraged towards derailment not the core potent self. I have found footage about a sign we were doing with our hands in a triangle shape during one of the workshops. I remember I received money retribution at the same moment and this is probably because we were associating with low frequency energies. The testimonies recorded at the end of the retreat were mentioning an incredible experience. It took a whole year to dismantle almost all of what happened there. One of the trainers has a spider web on her social media profile and another one associates with the owl. Now that I look back, it all feels very imprinted by cabal mk ultra masonic symbolism. Later the leader of the retreat overtly associated with Sacha Stone and horn symbolism.

Fake synchronicities and free will violations with manifestation laws

Numerology or synchronicity is not necessarily a message from spirit either. Most of the times it’s linked to matrix frequencies or a sign you are tuned in to matrix frequencies. There are different kinds of synchronicities : sometimes random things will be aligning together but it does not mean we should follow the thread where they are leading. Most synchronicities are engineered by dark factions who are counting on our naivety. A degree of resistance and interferences can actually be a sign that we are moving in a fruitful direction and doing something that the ones holding the compression here do not like or encourage. When we deprogram, we are becoming more able to make improbable and spontaneous decisions. Some synchronicities will be embedded with coding, some others are just the consequences of the power of instant manifestation (like breaking a glass after thinking about negative things). That is why working on overcoming negative patterns is so very crucial.

When we manifest, it’s best to focus on the experience we want to have without involving anyone in our manifestation plans. When the manifestation laws are being used to manifest materialistic objects or financial wealth, they can turn into black magic due to the service to self orientation and the exploitation and misuse of spiritual concepts. Black magic is causing disruption because there is no higher moral law in it. The culture encourages children to make traps of agreement with low frequency forces either through black or sex magic. The organic magic of the natural laws becomes corrupted and is being used for selfish and self centered purposes ; the first intention isn’t the genuine care for ourselves or others around us and it comes with a gate opened for traps of agreement. Manifestation is used in alignment when it does not interfere with the free will of another and when it’s not tainted by an egotic desire. If it is, there will be a spiritual price to pay. In the same handling retreat I took part to that I mentioned earlier, one of the teacher-harvesters named Andrew was selling amulets and pendulums. When I saw them I did not like them and I was absolutely sure I would not buy anything from him. When I came back to my room, I could not find my own pendulum and I found myself buying from this man. It was a pure black magic trick based on intrusive psychic hypnotism and surely a violation of my free will. He was working with dark spells. We were channeling entities working with plant beverages, the whole group would channel the entity and the signature was captured in the photos that were taken. Similarly, on the platform Etsy, I realize I have often bought from boutiques where women were placing manifestation traps in the air. Indeed, many are using manifestation to a great degree and you will find yourself ending up choosing to buy their books, their clothes because psychically you will connect to the spell that has been casted or because that is what the AI algorithms are showing you. For me, the question should not be about how can I earn more money but how can I become better at what I do and unfold my purpose? How can I do what I am here for?

Deceivers of the new age scene

There are other agents of deception spread all over the internet, such as the teachings of Dolores Cannon about the different waves of volunteers incarnating on Earth. The narrative that we came here as volunteers in order to be the first waves to reach Ascension is false and filled with delusion. The reasons why we are here are different for each original spark. Some have volunteered and got captured; some are projected consciousness; some were forced to be here and trapped by deceit. The flag of being a starseed has also been used as a psy-op in order to distract and neutralize. What the new age is doing is to misuse psychic abilities in order to feed one’s ego. The dynamic is also made in order to encourage the audience to give their power away.

It has happened to everyone to read something on paper or on social media and to know that the signature was not matching what was written. This is why it becomes a dilemma to stay subscribed to most public figures because with our own clairabilities we know and sense that what is written does not match the frequency of what is being transmitted. Do the audios they transmit feel very robotic and artificial ? Laura Marie is blatantly recycling the same (simplified) concepts as Lisa Renee for a french speaking audience. I am never able to listen something read by an automatic voice on the internet. She was introduced by David Wilcock and it should be enough of a red flag (like David Icke introducing anyone to the scene ; it happens with Arizona Wilder who seems to be struggling with much handling around her and has now grown apart from Icke but under other types of handling). She herself denied what she had previously said, mentioning that she was following some kind of hypnotic suggestion coming from the outside.

Many praticioners invested in the new age scene will put the emphasis in a deceitful direction (encouraging you to reconnect with a parent handler or a pet through which you experience a lot of interferences). Most of the ‘planetary healing and upgrade work to stargates and portals’ at sacred sites are in place to support the inverted agenda and harvest energy and so are most of the collective meditations. Similarly, many who are talking about the toxic feminine or the toxic masculine are toxic themselves and imposters pretending to be something that they are not. Artificial intelligence does not let something spread and go viral through its algorithms for any reason. It often does when it’s fitting one of the covert dark agendas. Facing the sharp truth might result in losing the majority of our audience. How committed are we to keep on undoing the lies ?

Are they giving themselves fancy titles ? Are they using shamanism in order to build a false sense of self ? One has to be cautious with people claiming to have unique abilities or the ability to heal others or promising a quick fix, asking for exclusivity or are setting up hierarchical structures. Are they practicing what they preach ? Women who like to harbor the title of witch or sorceress usually are under severe programming. Any psychic or clairvoyant who is not aware of the hyperdimensional aspect of this reality will be used and deceived even if their gifts and abilities are genuine. Then a session can do more harm than good. Does the teacher place themselves above other humans? Do they demand energetically or explicitly that you look up to them or bow down to them ? Do they place themselves above other humans and make themselves seem like an unattainable God-like ideal? Do they show up in robes ? Are they playing a character, a better version of themselves? Or do they inspire you to push yourself further than your current limitations? Do they help you remember the latent powers that you have within you? Can you relate to them, do they share their struggles and demonstrate that you can come out victorious by accessing more of your inherent spiritual gifts? Do they admit the traps they have fallen into ? There are more power-driven gurus and self-centered teachers in this reality than the number of stars visible in the nighttime sky. A genuine spiritual master will not direct your attention to themselves and will not expect obedience or admiration from you but instead will help you to be the best version of yourself and to appreciate and heal your inner self.

If it’s an institution or an activity recognized by the UN, the ONU or the pope, the Dalai Lama or Oprah, run the other way. In face of anyone promising incredible results or claiming their clients are alpha women, I would suggest to run the other way too. When people are watching themselves as being an incredible guide or space holder or a shaman, when they are not concerned by your well being while they are holding space for you, when rules are being broken while you are under their supervision, when different guides are backing each other up in their delusion, I would suggest that we should also run the other way. Other big red flags consist of offering certainties or claims that you will end up being saved or healed. There is no doubt about these spaces being used for handling, derailment and compression.

The problem with healing modalities, practitioners, workshops and retreats

The incomplete and partially false belief that ‘you create your own reality’ can make one person feel guilty. Why is this smelly neighbor next to me on the plane ? This does not take into consideration that we are targeted individuals and that reality is engineered in order to feed from us and exhaust us (real original sparks ; other types of beings often being used for gaslighting). The new age scene is a way to avoid the painful truth of the reality we find ourselves in. Instant gratification is promoted and a hijack of our nervous and hormonal systems. A big misconception on the spiritual path is that problems and challenges will simply disappear at some point. Individuals with strong new age programming will be used against others on the path of deprogramming.

Meditation is also frequently used to avoid uncomfortable feelings and can reinforce a tendency towards disengagement or dissociation from the body according to some false teachings. Insisting on remaining positive is also a trap based on unacknowledged fears as if our inner light would risk to be somewhat dispersed by being in touch with more difficult aspects of this reality and that this would manifest in some ways in our lives. Concepts of oneness tend to mistake uniformity for unity. Discernment has to be applied and reclaimed. In the field of magnetism for example, we may scrutinize someone pretending they are always connected to their heart or that their heart got permanently activated. It is true that some have genuine talents of healers but they are often being deceived in order not to be free to let these talents express in alignment. Mediumship also ties to this with granting access to all of our different bodies (physical and non physical) and the ones of the clients as well. When we are channeling we give permission to access all that we are, there is a risk of corruption of the field for sure. Someone who is clairvoyant and clairsentient may be lacking knowledge about the hyperdimensional realm and be used against others to a certain extent. Clair perceptive gifts do not imply being spiritually evolved and being clairvoyant does not mean that one can navigate the occult and the complexity of this reality without causing harm and for energy to be harvested. In fact, it’s a big trap amongst people having psychic talents : the chance that they are working with occult hostile forces without knowing it is pretty high. Most of the talents of mediums are stuck and locked in the lower astral realms where they are easily deceived. Many think they are awakening but they are going deeper into layers of programming and entrapment sadly. Even individuals denouncing the new age scene as did Cameron Day with an article (why I am not a light worker any more) are handlers (in his case, greed is certainly an entry point). He was proposed as my next handler as I was leaving a hive-mind environment back in 2019.

I participated in a workshop of a woman disguising her luciferianism energy signature (Anaiya Sophia) ; many traps of agreement were being placed in participants. What is stated on paper is not what is happening in the room. It happened that I was asked to put a mask from a very toxic workshop on shadows into the fire and, when I threw it, the mask would not go into the fire. It did the same for another young lady who I think had also a celestial warning and who is potentially a real. Though in the room, it felt like we were resisting facing our shadows (that was the pressuring idea coming from the group psychically). What a show ! Similarly, what’s the point to sing mantras and lyrics we don’t understand during kirtan events which are very often a tool of harvest too ?

I usually end up with 2 benefits from having attended these spaces that were corrupted: maybe one ally (but maybe later it would be revealed that it was another cubical trap) and a very useful lesson to gain wisdom and reclaim many parts of myself. Indeed, we are signing traps of agreement when we are taking part in deceitful ceremonies (same goes for plant medicines which I address in another article). Everytime I attended a retreat, it was to later discover how corrupted and compromised it was. I realized to what extent these types of situations came into my thoughts to target the fragmented places in me in order to make me believe that I could learn something there that would stay out of my reach if I was on my own. Most of what I learned was while feedbacking with myself after these events took place and came from inside of me.

Final words

Every initiation reminds us how and where we have delegated our own power away, how we trusted someone’s else discernment, thinking they had some kind of keys, letting ourselves be persuaded by their own powerful hypnotic delusion. This delegation of power happens because of a wounded place within, a wound of non recognition or a desire to belong somehow. In every space where we are asked to be quiet about our perceptions, when something isn’t right, because of rules of politeness and people pleasing, we shall stand tall and strong. In every place where we are asked to betray ourselves and our own observations, not to cause a wave whereas re-evaluation is clearly needed, we shall stand strong and tall. There is no point to be validated for who we are not and for what isn’t right. Our ability to hold light is directly proportional to the courage to face the darkness. Deprogramming is a constant battle as attempts to constantly reprogram us are numerous and through various means.

When we are in alignment with our spirit and who we are, we don’t need to be casting spells or do tricks to keep on evolving and deprogramming. It is important to work on freeing ourselves from the bondage with what is inverted, keeping on asking for the hidden spiritual realities to be revealed in full transparency so we know what we are playing in. It is important to renounce occult powers linked to outside entities and not related to our meta gifts and to renounce seeking counsel from or calling on the dead. We may keep on working to dismantle and disconnect ourselves from any artificial etheric or astral technology. We may keep on asking to become able to be more and more willing in order to get closer to our Spirit, refusing temptations on the path. These inverted frequencies keep us focused on our wounds so that we remain self absorbed and self obsessed which, in frequency, is very low. Our meta-abilities are being used in order to run this simulation and that is why our consent is important in every aspect of our lives and that is why keeping on freeing ourselves from the captivity is so very crucial. This way, our relationship with our higher spirit is becoming more direct and feedback becomes more instantaneous when we are witnessing something while we are aware of the double and subliminal level of what is happening as well. It’s all distraction to trick us in signing agreements and for us not to have enough quiet space in order to be with ourselves, where all the keys lie dormant.