Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The engineering of our lives in a reality under the jurisdiction of mind, social and behavioral control

It is known by us that hospitals are a cover-up for collecting our data as soon as we arrive. Beings with the original spark are hunted ; the others as well but the targeting is different. Everyone is targeted to one degree or another and targeting increases while one is awakening from programming ; it becomes more and more overt and less covert and also more intense because the old ways of repression are not working any longer. Scenarios are created for us, trying to contain our power in every situation we find ourselves in, intensifying the brainwashing with specific program reinforcement (as we have experienced in the school system which is pure programming and program reinforcement).

All of this leads to a wiring inside of us (the wires of programming) that makes it easier to predict every decision that we will make in any given situation; our lives become easily engineered. The design is also to overstimulate us so we become immersed in the backdrop reality version and we lose the connection with our spirit. The software is there to create difficulties and challenges. Parameters which are psychopathic are set into place and it is the expectation that everyone will agree to work from there. Imagination is shifted from what’s real to what’s isn’t. Only time will reveal what is what and keeping a constant observation is key. Things always reveal themselves over time especially if we are asking our higher spirit and universal laws to reveal what is behind every situation and every interaction. The trap system is not just for this realm, it’s an entire inverse system beyond what we have access here.

Growing up in a Mked reality

Much false reality is living in our fields everyday. Hostile factions are around our neighboorhoods and they are monitoring us, watching us and handling us if they can. We are poisoned by heavy metals, arsenic and radiations. Our pineal and pituitary glands have usually suffered a great deal in order to repress our talents to manifest in our everyday lives. Our bodies are usually lacking absorbable nutrition while our genetic weaknesses create difficulties to attain a goal of absorption for proper utilization. The system wants us to have the least good chemicals active in our bodies and brains because it takes much more strength out of us to stay with a clean and strong heart when everything is out of balance and our brains are split from the trauma, obstruction and acidity and interrupted in its communication. If we manage to stay kindhearted, these are truly acts of heroism in themselves. The hidden crossdimensional handlers want us to be weak in our physical bodies so we are more easily controlled and contained.

I did not understand when I was younger, the conditional love that others were offering me. For beings generated by the hologram, it is all they have to offer and now it makes so much more sense. In addition, what operates around many members of our entourage, friends and families, actually wants to hurt us. Codependency is installed early on; it is about excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity. We all carry negative core beliefs about what is possible for us in this reality, our worthiness, the nature of this reality and qualities that we think we have or don’t have. It takes us a while to remember that we are intuitives, healers and good communicators. Around us, we have friends who are accustomed to being emotionally abused and that have been programmed with a low self-esteem just like we have been ; they are used to being neglected and trapped in situations where they are used and abused though some of them have a very good heart and talents that they themselves are not aware they have. A part of them is stuck in a loop of repeated patterns and they will be the ones to decide when they want out.

When I was a young journalist, working for different wellness, psychology or alternative health magazines, I needed a lot of external sources to back up the articles I would write. Now I integrate more and more from my own observations, experiences and remembered knowledge but I am far away from generating it all from my original creation spark. Nevertheless I have seen that working on deprogramming from external authority programming is having a huge impact that is beneficial. At first, as we are tip-toeing in our awakening journey, our spirit is going to speak to us through mainly external information because there is so much programming that there is much resistance. In the past, my mother and I were exchanging emails and we were feeling a sort of relief if we had been productive yet both of us were heavily mind controlled in our lives and thus not free to access areas where the impact of this productivity could really shine a lot of light. I also realize that, because of trauma, it is hard to develop and apply the patience necessary for our processes down here. Usually for us survivors of ritualistic and mind control abuse, we have a big fear to be witnessed as we are doing a mistake. Perfection programming is embedded in that as well. In the present moment, it tends to have us freezing and be immobilized by that frozen aspect of our programming. I have moments where I feel connected to my creative power. And then another wave of unprocessed unconscious hits me and I am swimming again with the new extra homework that is reaching me. It takes intense work to internally reframe.

Navigating handling energies

For a long time during childhood I was tortured in my own mind by the concept of having to choose between my father and my mother over lava. This was not only in my head, it was part of the mind control program meant to trigger guilt. In the members of both of my family lines, very few were willing to confront their deepest fears. They do not have the answers and some of them want to take the problem away because they are programmed to think it is the way, it is their role. Most can not handle things outside of the 3D reality construct and most tend to hide their emotions and will not process them.

Some handlers are being used for us to envision doomed futuristic visions and trigger survival programming which leads to many other breaches. They will try to convince you that something you do that is good for you is actually bad and the other way around. Handlers will encourage certain expressions and certain aspects of you. They may be jealous of other handlers because of their temptation towards power, control and ego feeding tactics. They may give only partial information which will lead to confusion, instead of giving the whole information that they have access to. They may be using information they can perceive and that we can perceive too to keep us locked to beings who are absolutely no good to us. This influence may cause that it takes us longer to take distance with some specific people. They may not be wrong in what they are telling us but if they only tell a portion of the whole truth, then the forces influencing them know exactly what are the effects of their words on to our psyche and which decisions it will lead us to.

It is not a surprise since relationships are engineered under false pretenses for us original spark spirits. Psychically the entities of others around us, they know what is going on. Bonding is happening with already installed programming from previous operations. Some relationships are engineered to create doubt, less firm boundaries. Many will keep silence when you are denouncing an abuse because they have affiliations with the same low frequency forces that you are denouncing. In our entourage, some around us are deeply angry unconsciously that their lives are not what they wish they were. They are programmed this way, to be unsatisfied so they act as handlers for their own entourage. The matrix control system encourages everyone to be stuck in entitlement and critic, a recipe that keeps us away from happiness, harmony or balance. Some others are running away from themselves and do not want to be seen in what they are holding inside, the manipulations they are agreeing to collaborate to and with. The low self-esteem and the self-hatred are all so consuming, anything is done not to feel them.

Of course, handlers are very present on the new age scene. The Ascension towards the fifth dimension is a technology bait where we get trapped into an even more convincing holographic version of « reality », like a change of servers towards a reality based on the matrix laws where deceit is in its upgraded version and glitches are even harder to detect. New agers believe they are becoming more of themselves when in fact they are being assimilated and deeply handled. Clones and synthetics reabsorb all the knowledge that is shared down here and are certainly part of the public scene. In general, controlled opposition agents try to be good friends with beings with the original sparks who are talented healers and intuitives but will never truly value them and will mainly be using them, because they are following orders and influences that are encouraging them to do so.

I remember, when I was doing a school exchange in Montreal, I was about 23 years old. Another young woman really wanted me to come to a pancake party. I was really not into eating junk food because it made me feel so bad yet at the time, I thought I was the problem since everyone else seemed to go along with the program. It caused psychological torture for me as I was not able to say no, I even chose to invent excuses to get me out of there and my mother, though she was not sure to understand the reason, was seeing the suffering I was into and was collaborating to backup my false excuse of why I could not go and join. It was really hard for me to say no without having to justify. There was a loyalty to others preprogrammed that has been a difficult thing to overcome in my life and still is in some hidden layers.

The complexity of the handling webs, one layer after the other

Recently the last 3 years, there are names of handlers that I kept private. One handler back in 2020 had in mind for me to behave a certain way due to mind control, was hoping for me to be blinded by anger or pain and for me to cause more drama. I stayed out of most of the trap but not all. That is how I experienced that there can be a battle of egos between beings who are used to handle others, different handlers may not like each other and may act sneaky towards each other (it is a weakness of character of the human nature that is tempted by the dark forces). One past handler was instructed to handle me just when I was leaving another cult ; a message left unanswered for 18 months suddenly got answered to. I did not put 2 and 2 together until a bit later. That is how the new handling was beginning. We have to pay attention if we work with someone and they keep silent about some parts of the work that we do, especially when it is good and virtuous and is discouraged. The reason I keep silent about certain names is mainly because I want to earn some inner peace and to take distance and refrain from engaging with the low frequency principalities that are working with these past handlers and their cult followings. What they appear to be doing is not what is actually going on and what they are actually serving in terms of agendas. When we read into the energy signature, we can find the overtaking of dark forces due to deep woundings, mainly of the wound of non recognition that is affecting every single person here incarnated in the inverse.

In addition, there was also what I would call sub handling coming from a past handler a few years back, with another ex-cult member being used negatively to cause intense gaslighting and the activation of guilt programming. Moreover, someone related to another cult member tried to handle me with new age programming and, again, intense gasligthing. So we see how it’s multilayered and multifaceted. With the later, it was mainly because I because who I am is triggering for her and because she is easily manipulated, handled and had narcissistic traits (which never helps, this is an open door for the dark forces to rule and take control). She is not aware of what works through her, is in denial about it and is emotionally disregulated which means she can switch very quickly from one state to the other. There is extreme programming in her though she can hold a rather interesting conversation on some aspects of life. On the other hand, there were also a few valuable and positive encounters and friendships being born around the cult, alliances seeded in the greater, from one survivor pursuing the quest to another. It feels like a very long time ago that these friendships have started.

With another past friend handler with whom it was impossible to maintain friendship due to her controlling sides, she was easily manipulated by dark forces and entities running through her. Due to her programmed stubborn energy and the fact she is not spirited herself though what is running her sometimes may be, she was used negatively to trigger specific programming. It is common for original sparks to be surrounded with a lot of beings who are not playing on their level thus they can never understand who we are and some are used to make us feel like we are the ones who have it wrong in our vision while they mainly are too programmed to overcome their own battles (and maybe are not programmed with the ability to find the exit door). None of these beings I mention here were clear with their spirits because they did not have any. They were not connected, they were earthbound and tied to the 3D (even if they talk about the other dimensions, they don’t experience them the way an original spark can). They were easily led and what they share is only a sort of pretense of what true spirituality is about. The program always tries to get in ; it is insidious, it is vicious and it is sneaky. The guilt is the lie that comes after an assault where you are undermined and stand up for yourself. We allow the game to come to our head. Anytime we confront the lies of the program, we are meant to feel bad. But this mess has to be called out for what it is and this all happens in the energetics of things. Always, the blame, shame or guilt programming is a distraction and 3D illusion from what is actually happening (an unfruitful attempt at handling by the dark forces). Another trap is when we overestimate others around us because they are coherent and knowledgeable in the field of mind control yet they have not dealt with important layers of sabotage programming or the integration of alters that have frightening loyalties.

Again, when I wrote an article about my experience leaving that cult, some specific ex-members of my network stayed silent. It is because they were not who I thought they were, the 3 of them. I discovered that one was a fragmented original spark who is puppeted on the alternative information scene: she never made any sense when I was discussing with her as if she was speaking about something else. She never seemed to get it and when I went on her instagram account, I found heavy signs of MK Ultra. I thought she was on her way and going at her own pace and I was a bit in shock to discover the amount of fracture active in her life. What she is being used for was not great. The 2 others were darker handlers on the fringe scene having old associations with Project Camelot and those kinds of energies. Time did reveal their own associations with dark forces, even darker than the ones I was then becoming aware of. I even smelled sulfur when on a call with one of them. The handling from the other led to a traumatic reprogramming episode which was also a great lesson in order to gain valuable life experience that I can later on teach. I am equipped to help other Originals here in the complexity of what they encounter everyday because I have encountered it myself and it will keep on being more and more relentless, complex and taking me by new hidden angles. One of my conclusion is that it is interesting to pay attention to when some beings that we think are our friends or mentors are silent especially if we have contacted them personally about an issue and had no answer or received a answer with a glitch (we feel like they really don’t get it). Silence is saying a lot and can speak for itself big time.

Self handling through our own programming locks

To keep on track, I believe it is important to reduce the interactions with beings, animals and things from the hologram when there is a feeling like something is extracted from us repetitively; when we feel triggered beyond control or depressed the next day (that is why eating food proposed by others is also a complex matter). When you bond with something from the hologram, there is usually a harvest on some levels. Social politeness and standards tend to keep us in the programming. The architects have enough softwares installed in beings generated by the hologram that they appear to be very convincing, “real” and experiencing a wide range of emotions and complex ways of living.

Everyone of us, we need to be doing our own homeworks. We can always turn our lives around. We do not have to live in fears or like we are victim of targeting even if it’s undeniable targeting is happening and increasing. We can find ways out when we are locked into resistance ; we can pray to be shown the way. Our own wounds can make us self-absorbed, forgetting the vastness of what is. When we are self-absorbed, we are not open to what the exterior can bring in terms of goodness. These are stages of arrested development where it’s best not to get stuck to. It is hard to become self-aware of that because the matrix does not want us to become aware of our dysfunctional patterns because the matrix abuses and uses them to further entrap us and the systems are harvesting energy through our choices coming from these blind angles, not connected to the bigger picture. It is hard to constantly work on being proof of the values and ethics we reclaim verbally and mentally. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fight the microverses and choices actualized in reality by someone who is deciding to stay stuck in victimhood consciousness or choosing unconscious loyalty to low frequency forces, through sabotage programming and addiction to the love bombing of handlers who are playing with our emotions and our unhealed wounds. We all have backdoor programming including entitlement programming, unconscious belittling or undermining of others or lingering ego that needs to be dissolved so we can see the truth. This kind of programming is hard to talk about with others since everyone can get offended pretty quickly and struggles to accept to see the truth about themselves and what they have been doing and involved with. It is also not easy to know how to word these things when they become a problem (they usually do when there is a wound of non recognition that gets activated over and over again until a point of unbearable is reached).

Final words with a prayer

The system uses whatever our Achilles’ heel is. The architects are always looking for people with psychic skills, beings who are a good conduit for what they want to birth through (through us Original spark beings) so they can access us on all levels. How to live our life in congruence with our spirit? Many of us do receive information through our bodies and body centers ; our bodies are like antennas. Signals are made more complex to read due to heavy metals and nanotechnology working against us and at the service of our hidden handlers. A lot of agendas are out there to trigger maximum fear out of us but there are universal laws and this includes celestial protection and surrendering to celestial will. The more we resist the false narratives of what we think life is, the more we settle in the knowledge of our original spark of creation. We may summon that all thoughts that are not our own leave this space right now. We are sending away out of our reality any illusionist, any inorganic copy or backup and any parasitic energy and forbid them to rule or influence us. We are asking that all that is lie and deception ready to be dismantled collapses now and for all false associations and connections to be cleared from our fields and minds. We ask for all entrapments whether conscious, unconscious, subconscious, their seeds, roots, nets, tendrils, ropes and webs to appear in clear light and full transparency so they can be worked through, processed and revoked now and for eternity.