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About nano-technologies, the infiltration and poisoning in the field of food supplements and the danger of supplementing isolated chemistry

We assume that what we eat or ingest is safe, that our supplements are good for our health. In the majority of cases, they may be doing us a disservice. I am an advocate of working with natural medicinal herbs rather than isolated compounds so as not to create an antagonistic alchemy. We are facing increasing levels of nanotechnology around and in us. What interactions do they have with the heavy metals that are blocked inside our bodies?
About colloidal silver

What are the hidden effects of ingesting colloidal silver? Colloidal silver is composed of fine particles of silver of a few nanometres (colloids) suspended in purified water. I believe there is a psychological operation in the field of nutrition that makes us believe that this is one of the most effective natural remedies there is. I believe its use should be reserved only in case of emergency as it might be necessary to detoxify it once it’s been ingested. I believe and agree that it is preferable to work with plant tinctures rather than colloidal silver for prevention and regeneration. One cannot do what one wants with isolated chemical components. Here is what the official story tells us and we know there are many layers to controlled opposition and false beliefs based on inverted laws in the field of health. We are told that since ancient times, our ancestors understood that ingesting tiny particles of silver helps to strengthen immunity. That the use of silver became rare after the 1940s and the arrival of synthetic antibiotics on the health market. And that today, the pharmaceutical industry has banned its internal use in Europe (but of course it is still found everywhere in free purchase). We are told about its power to eliminate more than 650 species of microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, moulds and fungi. And that it is an antiobiotic, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, broad-spectrum natural antiviral that does not create resistance in the body as synthetic antibiotics do. I believe from first-hand experience that it should not be used lightly. I tried it by inhalation and my body’s response was not positive. Essential oils work just as good and are safer. I am not sure what colloidal silver does once inside our bodies and how the heavy metals and nano-chemical pollution in us react with it. If we are putting nano silver into our bodies for extended periods of time and not detoxing it, are we not turning ourselves into walking conductors of EMF’s?

Sulfur, salt and fish oils

Sulfur is assisting fungus to proliferate, it’s abrasive and a lymphatic suppressant. All fish oils are contaminated with mercury and arsenic. Anyway oil is not good for us in any of its form and is a lymphatic suppressant as well. It’s invisible but it is slowly clogging us and preventing the natural abilities of our bodies to heal. Salt stresses out the adrenal glands due to its stimulating effect, like all spices; it is also very dehydrating. Grapefruit seed oil seems to be a decent option to clean fruits and vegetables from pesticides; also making sure to peel the skin, even when cold-pressing for juice. It is easy to create simple cleaning sprays, liquid for washing the dishes and laundry soaps with simple ingredients like the peel of citrus fruits, vinegar, essential oils or ivy leafs. Alep soaps that only contain 2 ingredients (olive oil and berries) is on the side of simplicity. The chemical screed with which we are in contact weakens us, makes us more easily remotely controlled and affects our consciousness, our moods and our thoughts. The body struggles with all sorts of complications generated by solutions promised as miracles from non-organic chemistry.

The danger of MSM, MMS and DMSO

MSM is a toxic sulfate and should be avoided. Even more dangerous, the MMS (the mineral miracle solution) is an industrial chlorine bleach that many online protocols advise to use in conjunction with DMSO as a carrier for deep tissue penetration. DMSO is a toxic sulfur that acts as suppressants; it is very difficult to detox. I tried DMSO on my forehead and thyroid and it was burning my skin. I did not understand the chemistry of it. One of my past handlers told me it was safe and she was using it herself. I put her discernment over mine once more as she has powerful psychic abilities. This protocol strips the mucosa and damages tissues. Several handlers (at least 3, one oligoscan practicioner, an online guru and a friend-handler) tried to convince me to ingest either DMSO, MSM or MMS with different kinds of manipulative techniques: gaslighting, imposition of external authority or under the pretense of giving me some in a jar for me to try at home. It’s important not to believe all these “health” experts out there who have lost track of the organic path of natural health. One of the health practicioners having written a book about DMSO is blinded by her repressed anger: this is allowing handling by the dark factions in her field and the spreading of misinformation, to deceive us all. In the end, it’s these dark factions who want to prevent us from regeneration as moving these cellular memories will assist our fight of reclamation of consciousness. There are many psychological operations and layers implanted in the health field in order to prevent us to heal and to stay faithful to the laws of inversion and deterioration.

The danger of supplementing isolated chemistry

Taking isolated chemical supplements is not the answer either. Studies have been showing results that women who were taking multi vitamins and minerals (vitamin B, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper) did not live as long as those who didn’t take them. Instead of increasing health and longevity, vitamin and mineral supplements might actually be jeopardizing our wellbeing and life span. Laboratory enzymes discourage the body’s own digestive function. The body is receiving information that there is no need to produce enzymes. In the end, we are ending up with expensive urine. Working with the gifts of nature (herbs) feels like the more royal path. Choosing herbs and juicing lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and oranges, especially to start the day with, is assisting us more than anything else. Replacing breakfast by fruits only is a huge gamechanger. Fruit liquid fasting and dry fasting (only on a plant-based way of eating) will greatly assist too.