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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Food and nutrition as one of the most important parts of our lives and the number one cause of our degenerescence

Nutrition is fundamental to human life, it is directly linked to our vital force, our longevity and the time and space we have in our life to create. When one goes towards less density in the food they consume, the impression of linear time is modified and days appear to be longer. The food industry does not serve the interests of humanity. Many devote their lives to produce and sell foods that are detrimental to human health. Changing our diet is a fundamental necessity. We are creatures of habits : new habits are easily formed with repetition and consistency. It comes with a need to deprogram from the preconceived ideas we have been indoctrinated with. Everything is magnetic in our realm. We are electrical beings, which currents are running through our bodies ?

Disease is a condition which arises from the toxic condition of acidosis, which comes from unnatural living. People have been programmed to accept getting sick and unwell – this is not our original human state. Epstein barr is a by-product of lymph stagnation and acidosis. It will be found where there are areas of weaknesses and inflammation. The reason is acidosis and the healing method should focus on the kidneys and the endocrine system. We have lost the ability to think and reflect that, if our plates are sticky and hard to clean, the same can be observed inside our digestive tract. The systems in which we evolve are built in order to mask symptoms while leaving the causes untouched. The body is not meant for food it can not recognize but it will do its best to do something with whatever has been ingested : complex sugars (starches), complex carbohydrates, processed foods, toxins or refined and processed sugars such as corn syrup. The body does its best to deal with all external substances that are ingested and that includes supplements and isolated chemicals that might be causing our minerals to leak. Isolate compounds tend to upset the natural balance of the human body and to disrupt organic chemistry. Patterns of thinking that we need to be adding things in order to heal have to be left aside. It is a fear-based state and decisions made from such a place are not serving us.

The mucus-free frugivore diet is not about beliefs but about the observation of how humans are designed to eat and digest. We’re meant for simple sugars, simple fatty acids, amino acids and not complex sugars, fats and proteins. Simplicity in digestion and absorption is key. The body is always tending to clean itself if we don’t interrupt it by consuming food that creates obstruction. Real healing is happening when the body is left alone. Simple sugars found in fresh, raw, ripe fruits, berries, melons, greens and vegetables are what the body requires if it is to thrive. Fruits are not creating disbalance, it will only reveal what is already there. We generally underestimate the time that detoxing will take. Encouraging signs are observable straight ahead, yet there has often been a great deal of damages done in the past decades due to the fact we have been eating inappropriate food. One has to have the courage and the tenacity for this journey. Yet there will be many insights on the path brought by this journey of self-exploration.

Ripe fruits

Fruits carry the intelligence of organic principles. They are high in antioxidants and astringent : they will help the lymphatic system get moving far better than vegetables. A lymphatic response can be observed when fruits are consumed. Fructose does not require insulin or extensive digestive enzymes ; it is not broken down into glucose and needs no conversion. It absorbs directly into the bloodstream ready to be used.

Bananas ripen nutritively once they have been picked. Brown spots indicate this state of ripeness. A yellow banana is unripe and a starch, which means a complex long chain of sugars. A starch needs insulin to enter a cell, where a simple sugar does not. Unripe fruit is hard, tasteless and acidic while ripe fruits are sweet and bursting with flavor. Pineapples tend to ferment on the counter, they become softer yet they are never reaching a state of ripeness.

The water that is contained within fresh fruits is alive and structured. This is the type of water that is found intracellularly in the body and the only type of water the human body can utilize. Consuming water from fresh fruits and vegetables is far superior to drinking water. During flights, one can become highly dehydrated because a lot of hydration is lost every hour of flight. That is one of the reasons why long flights are so draining on the body and harder to recover from than a shorter 2-hour flight.

The function of mucus

Bread, potatoes, pasta and flours are complex carbohydrates: long chains of carbon that leave behind sugar leftovers because the body is unable to metabolize these structures properly. Starches are acidic and inflammatory. Acids are on the corrosive side of chemistry ; they create inflammation and dehydrate the body. The fact that we can sustain on certain types of foods doesn’t make them healthy for us. Mucus, which is an alkaline substance produced by our mucous membranes in defense of acids, is not the problem until our bodies are chronically overwhelmed with it. It is a response from the immune system, a protective agent created by the body to neutralize and entrap anything that is foreign or that might damage the body. The longer the mucus stays in the body the more it degrades. It starts off clear, then turns white, yellow, green, brown and then black. When potatoes, grains, rice or meat are boiled long enough, we get a jelly-like slime that feels like mucus. This slimy substance soon turns sour, ferments and forms a bed for parasites. We can imagine what it does in the course of a lifetime as all our body functions are affected by this.

Transitioning to a more natural diet takes time depending on where one starts. Mucus-lean is a category where one still indulge in options of starchy veggies, cereals (like quinoa) and beans. Mucus-free eating includes non starchy veggies, all fruits, some tender green leafs, germinated sprouts, seaweeds and the veggie-fruits such as pepper, tomatoes and zucchini. It is mainly a fat-free system (fat is clogging for the lymphatic system and a suppressant) that also limits greatly the amount of consumed proteins. That does not mean that the body is not able to produce its own proteins thanks to the amino acids it receives from a natural plant-based diet. Slowly, step by step, one can decondition from buying dips and sauces from stores (which usually contain cheap oils) and start to create their own homemade preparations. Whenever one feels ready to sign for a new level and layer of challenge, they might want to decide for a short 3-day juice fast, or a week or 2-week one. One might want to explore with intermittent dry fasting or a monthly 24 to 36 hours dry fast. During the first years of detoxification, some unpleasant symptoms might erupt chronically (headaches, skin eruptions that might last weeks). In the case of headache, some solutions are advised (drinking baking soda) but do not consider damages for the kidneys and other organs in the long run. Something very alkalizing such as a mixture of dandelion leafs, cucumber and celeri will help to soothe the pain from the acidity or working with willow bark as a natural aspirin.

Acidosis and the lymphatic system

Most of our problems are lymphatically involved. Our lymph system is 3 times larger than the blood. When we clean an organ, we are in fact mainly cleaning the lymphatic tissues of that organ. The lymphatic system is an acidic system dealing with the acidity from the body. There are different stages of acidosis : it starts with enervation, sensation, irritation, inflammation, induration (solidification of the acids), ulceration and degeneration. Cellulite is a sort of small scale oedema, a sort of local inflammation. It is indicating lymphatic obstruction. The lymphatic system is a slow-moving system circulating slower at rest than when we are having physical activity (deep breathing, bouncing, massages, stretching, vibrations, cupping). It does not drain into the venous system (into the blood stream) as doctors are taught it is. It is a circuit that flows down to the lymph nodes then to the kidneys then out the body, up to 1 and a half kilo of acidic cellular waste each day. That is if the systems are working okay. Yet, what is not eliminated is accumulated. Clear urine is a sign that one is accumulating waste and not expulsing it. What can not be eliminated through the kidneys will try to come out any other way (and we see the apparition of skin problems for example). Because the lymphatic fluids are lipid (cholesterol) based (its yellow color), drinking plain, pure water will not hydrate the cells interstitially (in the spaces around the cells).

A word on sulphur

We tend to accumulate too much sulfur in our bodies so it sounds wise to limit the amount of high sulfur foods that we consume (broccoli, kale, beans, cabbage, garlic and so on). High amounts of sulfur stagnation can cause gas or fatigue on top of fungal overgrowths and compromise the endocrine system. Sulfur compounds are accumulative and stick to the bowel walls like mucoid plaque, causing malabsorption. Sulfur does not regenerate, it does not appear as a good thing to build more sulfur in the body and it may very well be creating more problem. Moreover, sulfur is a suppressant of the lymphatic system. Similarly, I personally feel a strong aversion to ingest clay and inorganic elements. Some people leave remarkable testimonies and testify they feel so much better. It’s very common that the reason they feel so much better is because their symptoms have been suppressed, yet not healed. The causes have been left aside and ignored.

Animal proteins

What our ancestors ate and what culture brainwashes people to eat does not at all dictate what our actual biology is. Biology is objective, not subjective. We have a specie specific diet and the further we stray from that, the more consequences we will invariably face. Practically all pain, pathology, and cell destruction is known to be due to high acidity which results from excess intake of protein, especially acid-forming animal proteins. Have we ever considered that the trigger we may feel in front of a piece of meat has nothing to do with a natural organic trigger and all to do with an indoctrination of the nervous system, the counterfeit response ? I have observed and considered this as I am in touch with meat every day, as I live with 2 cats and have transitioned them to raw meat. Meat affects one’s nervous system and this isn’t about an organic response – the signature is predatorial. Fats and proteins create fireworks in the brain and humans are left further away from their own core-self mastery. It turns out that animal proteins are detrimental to the health of our kidneys especially (the body has to break the proteins from meat into amino acids and then rebuild proteins that the body is able to use).

Carnivores bring down living preys and eat them raw. Most predators target the soft organs leaving much of the muscles for scavengers. Humans do not eat like carnivores. Most of the meat that people eat has been dead for a while. The meat is disguised with bleach and dyes in many cases to hide the decay and the fact that the flesh is in a process of putrefaction. The human body is not a refrigerator so meat instantly starts to rot once it is ingested. Neurotransmitters in meat are weakening the functions of adrenal glands. Meat is a stimulant that is irritating and inflammatory to our tissues once cooked. Stimulants create inflammation in the body, as most of them are acidic and heat-producing, thus initiating an immune response. The adrenaline or epinephrine in meat makes it seem energetic, yet this apparent energy comes from the hormones and steroids that are ingested and this affects the human body’s glands as they must drastically decrease their own production in order to maintain balance. After digestion, an acidic phosphoric ash is left behind.

Organic chicken are not free from vaccines, claimed to be used to prevent contagious poultry ‘viruses’ from infecting flocks, they are vaccinated against common viruses. Some vaccines are given while they are in the egg, others are administrated as a mist that is inhaled by the baby chicks. Meat is full of dead blood cells which are full of iron. Iron is a mineral that when consumed in abundance become toxic, especially when it comes from a non-plant iron source. Blood tests from 2016 and 2020 have revealed that my body fixed an iron deficiency after being on a frugivore diet and after having stopped to consume coffee. Iron toxicity decreases chromium, zinc and calcium absorption and utilization, damages liver, pancreatic and kidney tissue, increases sodium levels and increases nitrogen and phosphorus levels, creating acidosis. Today’s animal meat is full of antibiotics, high levels of adrenaline, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals from air and ground pollution which accumulate in the human body. The degree of a person’s physiological degeneration can be determined by the amount of protein needed to maintain a normal weight. High protein needs indicate that organs, blood and lymph system are clogged.

Electromagnetic energy and the acid and alkaline ash

Every living thing and any food item has its own energy. This energy propagates as a wave and can be measured as electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy has been rated in units called angstroms. The higher the quantity of angstroms a food gives off, the higher the energy of the food. The human body emits a measurable radiation (expressed in the form of color and sound) at around 6200-7000 Angstroms. Interestingly, for cancer patients or persons with serious degenerative diseases, the average is about 4875 angstroms. Foods that have wave lengths between 6,500 and 10,000 angstroms are regarded as those of the highest quality (mature fruits and fruit juices obtained from squeezing (made fresh and immediately consumed) are between 8000 and 10,000 ; raw fresh vegetables (8000 – 9000) ; olives, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, peanuts and hazelnuts ; raw sea fish and shellfish ; raw milk (8500), butter and eggs consumed at the time of production). Medium quality items are cooked vegetables (4000 – 6500), milk that has been sitting for a while, butter and eggs ; honey ; cooked fish. Weak food items are coffee, tea ; chocolate ; cheeses (1800) ; white bread (1500). Practically dead matters are margarine, pasteurized milk, conserves, alcoholic spirits, cooked meats, refined white sugar and bleached flour.

What kind of residue does the food leave behind after digestion ? Through a process comparable to what occurs within the body during digestion and assimilation, the ash that food leaves behind may be calculated. The ash analysis is a method that estimates which type of byproduct a food will produce. This may be different from the PH of the food before it was ingested. Most of the highest alkaline fruits to our bodies are acidic outside of our bodies because that is how they grow. Our bodies operate an alchemical conversion from an acid to an alkaline substance through the digestive process. When our bodies burn or digest the substance it becomes alkaline and then leaves behind an alkaline ash. Like other fruits, lemon juice produces alkaline byproducts once it has been metabolized. Bell peppers and tomatoes belong to the nightshade family and are considered as leaving a minimal acid ash behind. I personally find them okay to consume raw. When tomatoes are cooked, they turn strongly acidic.

As ash analysis is an imprecise estimation, there is a different formula that grades foods based on their potential acid load for kidneys (PRAL). The pH of their ash is used to classify the foods as either acid or alkaline. The PRAL of a particular food is the amount of acid that is expected to reach the kidneys after the body metabolizes that food. Acidic nutrients such as protein, phosphorus and sulfur increase the amount of acid the kidneys must filter out. Meats and grains, which tend to contain these nutrients, are therefore given a positive PRAL score. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are high in alkaline nutrients such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. These ultimately reduce the amount of acids that the kidneys will need to filter out. They are given a negative PRAL score. Animal products unheated are most of the time neutral. Only through cooking and the digestion of our bodies do they become acidic. In addition, testing urine with PH test strips is not really useful : urine is supposed to be taking the acids out of the body if the kidneys are working well; therefore urine is supposed to be acidic.

The danger of coffee

Caffeine is an alkaloid that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs. The coffee plant also uses caffeine in the coffee pods to kill surrounding plants, so the coffee plant can attain more sunlight and grow larger. Caffeine causes genetic termination in living cells that come into contact with it. When measured, one cup of coffee poisons the body for 3 consecutive weeks, on a decreasing scale. As with any poison or threat, coffee triggers the body’s flight or fight system. This eventually changes the body’s primary fuel source requirement for fats instead of simple sugars. Indeed, when the body is threatened, it prefers fat as its primary fuel source, over sugar or protein. Coffee also blocks iron absorption and encourages the adrenals to produce too many hormones (dopamine, serotonine) at once.

The constant poisoning of our precious lifes

Food should not be used as a bypass for our inability to digest our food properly (like fermented food is used in order to digest a diet that is not meant for human consumption). In front of a transformed ingredient, natural instinct disappears and we do not receive the natural indication that we are satiated. Soy or soy beans are very detrimental to human health. I got really dehydrated from eating edamame beans (high in proteins) and it took 72 hours for my body to push it completely out of my system and recover decent levels of hydration. I don’t think I will be caught eating edamames ever again. Because complex sugars are hard for our digestive system to break down, most of the time they just ferment which creates a feeding frenzy for candida. My experience gave me the perfect example of how long it takes for certain foods to move through the human system. As it is moving through the large intestine, this is when my headache manifested (a lemon water enema will help to relieve such symptoms, fight the acidic crisis and re-hydrate the body). Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry has all interests in us to be on a multitude of different pills as we are growing in age. Glyphosate is similar to the simplest amino acid of all, glycine. It interferes with body functions such as peristatism and makes things unstable in the body. The body builds its protein with a messed-up crappy building material.

Alchemize the bathroom with DIY cosmetics

Oils do block the ability of the skin to perspire and breath. Most of the shampoos and soaps do destroy the protective layers on the skin. They tend to modify the natural balance of our skin. Clay is good to clean the skin or our hair. It will absorb oily and dirty materials as a sponge. I have stopped to wear sunglasses to be in touch with sunlight and I have made my own sunscreen and after-sun lotion. Rince for hair may be done with a paste of fenugrek seeds and lavender and a soak of hibiscus tea. Natural cosmetics and colors can be created with an aloe vera base (it has a bit of a drying effect) and vegetal pigments (dehydrated berries or beetroot, cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa powders). It’s best to switch all plastic containers in the kitchen and bathroom to glass ones.


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