Aria Persei

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The nefarious impact of standard and alternative education on the minds of children and the indocrination of parents to become enforcers of authoritarian measures which lead to compliance and obedience

Through our modern ways of education, trauma tends to be repeated and perpetuated as parents are conditioned to punish and police their children, ending up being their first mind controlling handlers. For the majority of parents, it’s not in their true nature, thus they need to be trained through mind controlling propaganda to become oppressors and cut themselves from their primal instincts of providing for the needs of their children. Indeed, oppression does not come naturally and the minds of parents are being trained to become oppressive and authoritarian. Fear inducing tactics are being used as children are being forced into compliance and obedience.

Indeed, parents are conditioned to believe that their children will tend to develop manipulative behaviors in order to get their needs met. Parents who are not cautious and aware will be pressured to consider their child as needy, retarded or manipulative. The needs of children start to be dismissed and not answered for them « to get used to the real world ». Parents are encouraged to think they know better about their children’s needs than children themselves. It is normalized that the needs of children are left unheard and unconsidered. A subtle game of shaming, guilting and gaslighting starts to take place very early on and this will affect the whole reality individuals will be able to navigate when they have grown up. Models also tend to focus around the needs of the parents and how to make the child comply. This is a dangerous land as, when it becomes about motivating others to do what someone wants, any action becomes self-serving.

Parenthood as the first mind-controlling handling method

When their needs are not being met, the young brains in formation very often make the assumption that there is something wrong with them as a being. The fact that their needs are not being met have consequences further on their path to extents that are widely unacknowledged. Emotional abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse. It leaves invisible marks that will affect the whole reality of the young ones as they grow up. Forcing children to meet the needs of the parents causes a lot of damages and harmful side effects on the development of the minds of children : they start to learn about inverted ways and manipulation. Furthermore, the models of obedience or punishment create division between parents and children. Through this, a hierarchical dynamic is being put into place. This pressure toward attempting to control and forcing children has an effect on their ability to show signs of interests. The effect is a considerable reduction of the window of opportunity for learning. In addition, this type of authoritarian education tends to create compliant individuals who will not question the main narratives that are served to them by the mainstream platforms in the future.

And, while parents are encouraged to think about the future of their children and the adults they will become and to take decisions based on the fear for their future, they are discouraged to see them as the whole beings that they are right now. Any decision taken from a fearful place is misaligned and based on the inverted principle of mistrust. Yet, children who receive trust and who are guided by living examples usually end up making the best choices for themselves as they are learning to take good care of their own needs, which is one of the best ways for them to learn to build a positive and abundant future for themselves.

The brainwashing of education

Later on, schooling, traditional education and also alternative ways of education affect and brainwash children. Schools, which were in the first place based on factory models, are brainwashing stations which program the minds of young individuals. Children learn to follow orders (as they would do in the military), ingurgitate content and react to the sound of a bell. In these settings, children tend to be forced to study things they are bored about or finish things they do not want to keep on doing. They are learning to dismiss their own needs and comply to what is asked and expected from them. On top of that, they are being graded for any action and thought they are emiting, encouraging the creation of the fear of doing a mistake or of not having it right the first time. Yet, most of us tend to learn better by having room for mistakes and life experiments. This leads to the dramatic suppresion of critical thinking and the ability for one individual to think for themselves. Creativity is suppressed and repressed. Individuals are being segregated through age categories and ranges. This age segregation is cutting the children from their natural tendency to reach out to adults or other generations. This also encourages trauma bonding based on age category while every class go through the same traumatic experience as their minds are being forged and programmed through constant propaganda. Alternative types of schooling are a less aggressive version of oppressive education and can be viewed as controlled opposition. Indeed, there are still hidden damages on how it is programming the minds of children. Hierarchical models and external authority still rules and that is preparing the minds of the young ones for predisposition to enter cult-like ways of thinking established in a mentally sick society that encourages to go from cult to cult (entrapping the mind in cube-shaped prisons).

This is a preparation for young beings to show compliance to enter existing models of what exists nowadays as propositions of lifepaths that are not a threat for the main enslaving systems that are in place. When one starts deprogramming, one can recognize how the mind was being controlled and entrapped in a certain square form that was keeping most of the individual’s expression censored and ignored. Famous unacknowledged cults are for example the UN, organisations involved in sustaining the hoax of man-made climate change, mind ‘expansive’ techniques (Silva, transcendental meditation) or most of spiritual gurus, from the obvious scandals of John of God, Mooji, Teal Swan and so on to more subtle, or refined layers of mind controlling spaces or online forums. This includes controlled opposition based on reversed psychology and polarization that pretends to fight for a cause while, underneath, it is a cover-up for censoring the same agendas it appears, on the surface, to be defending. By becoming wounded individuals, children will tend to develop a quest for external recognizion as their natural needs for recognizion was never fulfilled by their primary caregivers. A lot of us will start to look outside of ourselves to find this benevolent guidance of someone posing as a well-intentioned mentor to heal the wounded places inside ourselves that need re-building. Yet, misled by our own programming which will make it impossible for us to tune to the right, aligned and non-inverted frequencies, we will tend to struggle to find our way to safe spaces where real healing can be attained. The stored trauma in us will often lead us to unsafe spaces guarded by fractured and wounded individuals themselves who are doing more harm than good. Educating children to a healthy way of relating based on mutual respect is a good initiation to assure children that they will be able to scan reality and find their way to these spaces of healthy relating where they will be safe emotionnally, psychically, physically and spiritually.

Unradical schooling advocates

Some authors or spokepersons promote radical unschooling from a very wounded place. Are they able to succeed to perceive the traps of their own ego that can become self-serving in many ways ? If they are lacking the understanding about the widespread mind-controlling operations that are targeting children, they will not be able to prevent them from affecting their realities. Therefore, some advocates are promoting television as an « educative tool » when it’s in fact a brainwashing station or they leave their children free to explore diets that are harmful for the human body because not appropriate to the human physiology. This makes no sense. These parents fail to acknowledge that their children needs may be triggered artificially and may be synthetic needs, coming from trauma. A lot of what they say might be right yet something feels amiss. They may have a youtube channel where they depict their life as an alternative model to schooling, yet this is not the answer either as the frequency of what they are sharing is purely self-serving, serving a newly built image of how it should be done « the right way », while ignoring countless other traps that lead to the same damaging effects for the minds of children.

The hidden consequences of ignoring children needs

With the imposition of compliance and obedience on young individuals, the latter tend to become repressed people-pleasers or develop aggressive types of behaviours or other types of coping mechanisms (freeze, fawn, dissociation) to survive tyranny. Because of the natural tendency of children to be in touch with the organic ways (the organic templates from nature), everything is made to heavily program their minds and to start to remotely mind control them. Why continuing to perpetuate the lie of Christmas or other absurd traditions and reward children for believing in lies and spoon-fed propaganda ? Why willingly participate to the indocrination of the younger minds ? Boys and girls will be treated and neglected differently, leading to the creation of different types of emotional deficiencies. Most of us will fear to reveal our true greatness, having been encouraged to keep playing small and insignificant. The fact that primary needs have not been met is leading to confusion between what it means to be seen, what it means to be heard and what it means to be recognized. We are generally very disconnected from nature before we leave primary school, it takes tremendous deprogramming work to be able to perceive and see the leafs of the trees from afar or spot the presence of berries.

In the end, the same kind of logic may be applied to our pets and loved animals: as soon as humans force them to be a certain way or punish them, this is not a relationship based on mutual respect and healthy relating. Aligned education is about being congruent with the message that is being conveyed: there is no point to forbid a behavior that parents are indeed adopting because the living example has much more impact than the words being used. There is a necessity to remember that children will naturally tend to learn as all humans do. And that experimenting is an ever lasting process. What children need around them are competent space holders who allow them to navigate this realm and be protected as much as possible from mind control as they go in their explorations.