Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Keeping on freeing ourselves from handling: the deployment in year 2020 and 2021 of multiple layers of a fear program

2020 has seen the deployment of another multi-layered sophisticated fear program. It is often about giving our power away to the dark factions, about how they are accessing us and about the horror of sociopathy, psychopathy, mind control and soul fragmentation. Even if we have not been afraid of catching a virus or of contaminating people around us, there was a layer of fear program for each stage of our spiritual evolution as the dark factions want to keep control over us and neutralize our potential during daytime and gain further control over our nighttime and secret activities. Survival programming was triggered at multiple levels and, in my case, largely encouraged by a public figure handler that I have grown apart from now.

In many ways, 2021 is a year of renewal and maturity ; it is about waking up to new layers of complexity of what was and is engineered at deepest hidden levels and reclaiming territory, especially as spring is arriving with its light in some parts of this reality construct. A week ago, I picked up the last radishes, black and daikon radishes, from the ground where they spent a whole season, dormant. They made it through the darkest times, through the snow and the freezing days, buried in the ground, hibernating. Now, it’s time to be starting to plant seeds again. This is a window of opening and opportunities.

Low stages of depression caused by chronic stages of deterioration of the physical envelope

Though it might seem like a beautiful connection to nature, it is rarely an evidence for me to be working in the garden or to go outside for nature walks. I still have to fight inner patterns in order to be able to make space for it and to find the vitality of walking the first steps. Last year, I started to plant seeds and grow vegetables about 2 months behind the official season calendar. I was behind all year. At the end of the year though, so much had been transformed in the gardens’ area. This year, I am on time and much more prepared, building on what have been learned last year. What has been already done is there, ready to start with ; much more is to be learned, from the inside out.

Targeted individuals generally know or sense they are unwanted and that dark forces are playing against them, sending counter energy constantly and trying to push them into self-destruction and self-sabotage programming. Low depressive states are set-up in many of them as much as possible, through the state of their bodies and the chronic stages of acidosis they find themselves in, starting with damaged bowels in order to affect brain chemistry, the use of hormones, minerals and amino acids. When natural chemical reactions are compromised in the brain and in the communication between organs and glands, it takes patience and consistent efforts for regeneration to take place. A lot is done to decrease and interrupt the frequencies we are busy reclaiming and rising. When we connect to the divine, we know there is infinite strength and resource.

Fear-based choices and aggressive engineering around us

There are always more new layers of inner programming to wake up from. After that, we are able not to run them any longer, as we have become aware of them ; not running them for ourselves or encouraging others to run them either. What I am writing about here is about fear-based decisions that are affecting our timelines, for example, the fear of finding ourselves without water, electricity and food due to the unfolding of the New World Order big program of extermination ; looking at it with distance, it is another fear program with multiple layers.

Fears and fear-based decisions have an impact on our glands, especially the adrenal glands. Last year, I made choices that were fear-based that affected my mental and physical health. In areas of my life, I gave up self-care practices because I was running the program that there was not enough time for that. I accepted to renounce to a comfort that is needed in order to regenerate and heal the nervous system. I was cold too often and not able to wash entities away with a bath or a needed shower every time I would have wanted. Now, I look back and I see the imprint of handling all over the place and I perceive a cruel smile hiding behind. It took me a while to snap out of this self-imposed lack of good treatment. I feel it’s a new season within now, with many beneficial changes implemented in my life and firm choices in order to close several entry points of interruption. This year, the magic is growing bigger again as I am reeducating my brain wires with all the self-care practices I am able to fit in daily ; and getting better at it as it goes.

Many offers in our reality are based on a type of blackmail. The truth is that festivals are infested with complex webs to navigate for targeted individuals, restaurants do not produce an appropriate food for humans and are poisoning us, yoga centers are often reprogramming centers and travels are engineered and seeded in our consciousness as well as controlled and very much handled. Applications such as Airbnb are violently engineering intrusions for targeted individuals. I have deleted my account because of the nasty traps of agreement they are asking for us to sign or to agree with. There is always a new door when we are closing a handling entry point and though we are not seeing it yet, we may be reassured about its existence and assured that it is there in the ether, where everything starts, in the mind made manifest space. I have faith, I remind myself about my faith and I know Creation has much resource for me, always had and always will, as long as I do not interfere with negative core beliefs which are similarly creating a limited reality construct around me. Because Creation does respect our unconscious and subconscious choice even if it breaks his heart to witness our (unconsciously) chosen suffering. He is giving what we are asking for, always ; even when we are not aware that that is what we are asking. If we are choosing self-destruction, he is respecting our choice in the hope someday, we will become able to understand and to see through.

Tracing it back to high levels of handling and engineering in relationships and collaborations

Looking back, what happened last year for me was cleverly engineered with the handling of 2 public figures in addition to the sub-handling of friends linked to these main handlers or other past and revoked handlers. These are relationships where traps of agreement are being reinforced and kept alive. This type of setting may happen when you are the one in the relationship who can go to places the other person is refusing to go, in their deepest subconscious patterns, the weaknesses in their characters through which they have been trapped and set-up themselves. It is very common that one person is unconsciously set-up to use the other for their abilities, networks, what they have built, what they are teaching ; their gifts and abilities of reactivation and healing. In the fringe, self-development or healing scenes, there is often a lack of will to be accountable for what is being projected outwards at subconscious levels and to address deep spirit wounding. Many are being tricked by the inverted system, accepting relief and comfort from a place of ego, in denial about the shadow that inhabits them. Their demeaning attitude or tendency to judgment will create a situation where they will ignore to see the effects their behaviours have onto others and refuse to take responsibility, often deflecting it onto the other person.

One of my main and most active set-ups in this life is sacrifice and savior programming ; there is a great deal of suffering that comes from being controlled, handled, used and ambushed in these layers of programming, as for all programmings. One has to know their inner main set-ups. Then, it’s refined and refined as it is multi-layered for all programmings and inner softwares. As I am placing new verbal boundaries, I see some hidden contracts dissolving and alliances not seeded in truth disintegrating. Enabling victimhood is not assisting anyone. Even if it is what individuals think they want, it is not what they need. I am often trapped by being overly compassionate ; it generally ends up in being scapegoated by individuals refusing to do parts of their spiritual evolution (it will take the needed time and several lifetimes if it has to). I am finding myself often ambushed by my own difficulty to be assertive and to stand my ground. I often sneeze when individuals try to send me back the entities attached to them, once I cut the chord and once I have uncovered the root of what was truly taking place, beyond the appearance of what was happening. What is taking place is rarely what we think is taking place. I like this concept of meeting again in another less inverted realm ; I have met beings at a deep level of seeing through their inner complex wires. Learning from our lessons here is a very important theme. One of the main root of inner suffering is when we believe in the gaslighting techniques used against us, not acknowledging that individuals in front of us are deep in their denial patterns. It only hurts when we see them as they wish to be seen but not as we perceive them to be.

The inspiration of nature

The organic templates keep on showing me that everything is possible, even growing vegetables in the coldest seasons. When they are buried outside during the heart of the coldest season, they also are making a statement about spiritual self-sufficiency and infinite resources, as a totem. Despite all the handling having been going on and still going on, cleverly entangled with complexity, I know when something is off even if it takes weeks before I can even start voicing it. It starts with this impression, something is not right. Only later, the right expression is erupting, first with clumsiness and later refined, after the first steps of boundary setting have been placed. It’s a long journey to become more and more conscious of how we are controlled by handling that targets our deepest doubts, fears and weaknesses. I celebrate all who are on the road, the ones who are choosing light, the ones who are choosing darkness and all the ones in between. I wish to understand more deeply and see through the deepest reasons of each of our choices and further my understanding of mind control as it is always a key of inner and spiritual liberation.