Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The importance of an organic signature in herbalism and the plant remedies we work with for supporting the regenerative processes of our bodies

Exercising discernment over which vibratory signature we connect with is essential. Many of us feel the need to return to our roots, to what is real, to what is essential. To what frequency are we connecting? Are these signatures in favor of life or are they imprinted with low energies and negative programming? Do these products remain focused on the 3 dimensional planes without expanding further? Healing will then be slowed down in its momentum. The skin is a living and breathing organ that benefits from the symbiosis with products related to the living.

Herbal medicine is a form of art. It is a journey that opens certain doors for us to reconnect and remember the organic codes that reside within us. Even in the field of herbalism, true integrity is a rare thing, as are uncorrupted plant tinctures. What does this journey of reconnection look like? How do we reconnect with the wisdom of nature? What is the philosophy behind nature’s technology? Are the beings we work with aligning with a greater truth or are they tapping into alien, off-planet energies? Which plants do we have an intuitive connection with and can begin to work with? Which plants do we already know? Quality, both in the connection to the plant world and in the intention we put into it, takes precedence over quantity.

Original codes of consciousness

Beings inhabited by the fire of sacred creation are often looking for ways to work that are matching their values. It takes a long time to select the products we are interacting with. We are choosing each product with our perceptions, as wisely as possible. The choices we made two months ago may no longer suit us; the process is in constant need of revision. We are looking for a return to balance, to learn to find the way back to listening to ourselves. We feel perplexed in front of certain mainstream and popular products with which we feel an incompatibility, an aggressiveness in the imposition of ideas, an inversion in the expected effects.

Learning to make our own remedies is an art that is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, because it is a way to reduce the chances of a product being compromised by the energy of someone we don’t know, or even an imposter. Much of herbal medicine focuses on biochemistry without regard to other levels and dimensions and tends to isolate compounds which affects the fundamental identity and energy signature of the final product via the imprint of cold mechanics. On the other hand, creating our own remedies means that they will be imprinted with our own energetic signature and intention encoding. Some health practitioners can pass on useful information in terms of health; but relating to them comes with a price to pay if their energetic signature is compromised (narcissistic wounds, misaligned sexual energies, etc.) Their products will not have the original organic signature and will be limited in scope in terms of helping to restore health (if they don’t create more complications, which is always a high probability). The world definitely needs more herbalists and health practitioners working with integrity and aligned intentions, preserving the organic codes in remedies and working with true multidimensional respect. However, so far I have not found this multidimensional approach I am looking for anywhere.

The signature of what surrounds us

Let’s take the example of a medicinal product such as honey and what has become of it today. What is the signature of the honey we consume (if we consume it at all; date syrup being a milder option for the body)? Do the producers of this honey advocate gentle beekeeping? Do they care about the well-being of the bees, giving life to a medicinal and light honey, preserving its intrinsic qualities? Is the honey taken from the combs of the hive, without the use of a centrifuge that would remove the honey at the risk of heating it? How are the hives being placed? Are they smoked, with the risk of spreading a warning message imprinted in the harvest?

Are there pesticides hidden in the sage we are burning? Have the products been cursed? What is the signature of those therapeutic candles placed next to us, or those organic essential oil diffusers made of wood (diffusion by air to strengthen the respiratory tract) or glass (diffusion by heat)? Is attention being paid to the quality of the interactions between plants and humans? Are the plants mass-produced? Have the plants been chemically treated? Are LED (anti-life) lights used on the young baby plants? Let’s gently re-learn wildcrafting and carefully select any object, plant or remedy we come in contact with while continuing to shed the rest.

The quality of the handwork

Because I couldn’t find any herbal tincture anywhere that met my expectations, I know I’ll have to create them myself and deepen my knowledge and collaboration with medicinal plants. Has anyone ever felt the corruption of a remedy via reverse vibrations? The quality of dynamized cosmetic fluids from the plant kingdom, handcrafted in small quantities, will have a very different signature than products made mecanically and in quantity, without consciousness and by hologram-generated beings (not inhabited by spirit and a connection to the original source; they are purely part of the program). The process of dynamizing oils by solarization, sometimes shortened, sometimes lengthened, will be conducted according to how it happens with the sun, adapting to the time needed for the process to operate a complete loop, as with St. John’s wort which turns blood red after several weeks of maceration. The objective is to capture and encapsulate as faithfully as possible the signature of the plants, to preserve the beneficial vibratory energy forces of nature while intervening as little as possible and wisely (use of compost, plants treated by plants, time and date of harvesting, rhythm of the seasons, yang solar cycles and night cycles for rest). The signature of laboratories is often cold and mechanical, while what we are planting in our homes uses no other machines and technology than our fingers and intentions.

Working with herbal remedies

Diseases don’t appear overnight. When things are out of balance, patience is required while planning for recovery as consistent efforts are being engaged. It will often take some time and commitment to achieve noticeable results. We can continually adapt the protocol we follow on a day-to-day basis, as what was appropriate yesterday is often no longer appropriate today. Herbal remedies can bring great relief to the nervous system and to the integration of deep traumas. One of the great strengths of herbalism is when this approach combines intuition, experience and ancient knowledge while adapting to our lifestyles and the seasons we live with.

A custom-made plan of action

For each season and day in our lives, we can create a unique pattern of functioning and healing. Often this does not come as an evidence and we need to recondition ourselves to pick wild nettles, rich in calcium, or to prepare a chamomile tea, a mixture that can easily be added to the water used for enemas too. Dried mushrooms allow us to prepare broths. Alfalfa sprouts can be put through the juice extractor or blender to make remedies for the mouth, teeth and gums. It is true that, in many cases, it is the very act of preparing a broth with kind intentions towards oneself that will trigger something positive in the material plane. The power of healing and rebalancing often lies in the conscious action of working with an element, calling it back into the body and understanding the reasons for the deficiencies that inhabit us. Astralagus will help us to strengthen immunity. Cardamom is a sweet and warm spice that can add digestive fire. It can be mixed with chamomile tea. Several elements can be combined in a broth that cooks over low heat with a tiny bit of cider vinegar to help draw out the minerals in the ingredients. We can make facial sprays using infused flowers and plants collected from our gardens. Each time we spray a cloud on our faces, we can think of the strength imparted by the true organic and celestial templates. These essences will continue to support an introspection and expansion of consciousness.

Cosmetics and body care products made from edible ingredients; may we dress our skin with what we can eat

It will always be best for us to make our own beauty products or buy them from trustworthy family businesses that have this philosophy at heart: “we don’t put something on our skins that we wouldn’t eat in the first place”. This means no toxins, preservatives, stabilizers or fragrances. Indeed, refusing unhealthy ingredients is key: phthalates, petrochemicals (such as mineral oil), aluminium compounds, triclosan, paraben and so on. No to sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulphate (ALS), sodium coconut sulphate. No also to benzyl alcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine, propylene glycol. For example, the use of SLS as a foaming and emulsifying agent is authorized by many organic and ecological certification institutions, even though nearly 16,000 studies explicitly underline its toxicity. Compromizing the quality of ingredients because of a lack of integrity is common.

We, the customers, still need to become experts in deciphering labels. We may also purchase from family businesses who go further than the requirements for organic certification, creating skin products from raw, unrefined, pure and edible ingredients, with teams working only with pure and cold-pressed vegetable oils, organic butters, and clean essential oils, organic or directly derived from the wild. These kinds of products are gentle to the senses: subtle, intoxicating scents, rich and delicate textures, superior and pure quality. It’s important for the ingredients to be 100% organic or collected from their natural environments, manufactured in small quantities and very little processed in order to preserve the purity and healing properties of all the ingredients. It is adding value when the jars are lovingly handmade, filled with sweetness and decorated with passion. Very rare small businesses propose edible ingredients, make sure packaging is recyclable and are carefully researching the best ingredients offered by nature, for their highest healing and beautifying properties.

Every object and thing that is around us has its own frequency signature. The touch that could wrap it all up would be love; and the intention, the contribution to a better health. Today’s concept of beauty is highly and sickly influenced by the media. We are born with a natural and unique signature and beauty. If we work on ageing gracefully and protecting our light, a sense of beauty stays with us always as we keep on living in harmony with ourselves and nature. Beauty can be simple thing; it is about connecting with our unique gifts, feeling alive, loving, compassionate, giving, caring and being ourselves without any sense of guilt or shame. Natural and inner beauty should be encouraged to shine through, from the inside to the out.

Some natural products or tools:

  • nourishing lip balm made from cocoa, raw mango and shea butters, coconut oil, with a sweet orange and chocolate taste;
  • Gua Sha Lapis Lazuli (for its association with strength and courage) massage tool to boost blood and lymphatic circulation in the face area;
  • lipstick with fruit pigments and cocoa butter;
  • solid shampoo with the powder from ayurvedic plants (alma, neem, hibiscus, nettle, shikakai, and so on) and saponified argan oil;
  • dry shampoo with cocoa which absorbs excess oil from the hair.