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The appropriate optimal frugivore diet of the human specie, hydration levels, the toxicity of certain plants, the harm of cooked food and animal products and the numerous psychological operations around nutrition

Food is the number one tool to lower mind function. Most people leave way below their personally attainable health potential. Disease is not something that happens suddenly. The body is intelligent, it knows what it is doing and it is doing its best to find appropriate solutions at all times. How to attain a more vibrant health ? It starts with letting go of the food which leaves acidic ashes behind, stimulating the skin to sweat, paying attention to food combination and its consequences, drinking an unpolluted water and improving energy flow with a technique such as acupressure for example.

Maintaining a good level of water in our cells is of prime importance. In order to do so, our body will respond with more vibrancy to products that have been growing exposed to the electromagnetic field of nature and the sun. Indeed, every time we are eating something dry, the body is using existent water from the body to push it through. Eating dry food can therefore be dehydrating. Yet, tab water, which contains nitrates, chemicals, rejected waste and pesticides, should be left aside or seriously filtered before consumption. All species consume hydrating content.

One appropriate diet for the human specie

The truth is there is only one diet for one specie. Animals despite potential different blood types gather around one appropriate diet for the specie. Most people are feeling motivated because they want to look good and lose weight. But what about becoming healthy ? We have no real models for what healthy looks like, really. We are usually bathing in our own waste. This waste, which is accumulative, is biologically not meant to be there. Anything we can do to lessen damages is a step further away from disease. Every anatomical and physiological feature of man (the number and structure of his teeth, the length and structure of his digestive tract, the position of his eyes, the functions of his skin, the character of his saliva, the size of his liver, the number and position of the milk glands and so on) places him in the class of frugivore. People may behave like they are omnivore but it does not change their physiology. They are prematurely aging and degenerating by adopting a diet that is not appropriate to their specie. If someone has trouble eating fruits, the problem is with the state of their health and not with the fruit itself. An indication of the inherent vitality of the body is given by the speed of wound healing for example.

When a durian is ripe, it falls from the tree and its armor opens : a strong odor is escaping from the hard spiky shield of the fruit, a strong signal to let monkeys and other animals know about the localization of the fruit. These latter will then disseminate seeds of the eaten fruit through their waste. Trees offer the fruit as a bribe for its seeds to be distributed by animals and humans. The more time there is between the moment when the food was picked and the moment it was eaten, the greater is the loss of nutrients. It takes generally about 6 weeks for fruits to arrive at the shelves of general stores. It’s best not to cut fruits too much in advance as they will start their oxidation process. What can be kept at room temperature should be out of the refrigerator (tomatoes lose their flavor in the fridge). Mono meal is what works the best if attainable. Frugivores will always tend to eat fruits if this option is available to them and then go to the tender leaves or the greens, consuming the tip of the leaf and throwing the rest away. When an animal has a true nutritional requirement for a particular food, the physiological adaptations that facilitate acquisition of that food are present in the animal’s physiology. The fact that we can’t smell a food item, that they are hidden or that there is no external indication that they are a consumable food often means it’s not adaptable for humans.

The body has to work to process any supplement. Anything that makes us feel good when we eat it, but then when we stop consuming it, we start feeling bad, is in fact a stimulating agent (green juices, meat). By constantly increasing the metabolism, everything is sped up in the body and the aging process goes faster. The skin starts to shrink because of chronic acidosis and organs’ and glands’ weaknesses. Juicing greens is overly concentrating proteins which may act as a stimulant. To get rid of the excess proteins, the body will speed up the whole system. Things that the body doesn’t need can very quickly become a burden. A protein structure is not usable by the body as such : it has to be broken down, through a process that requires energy, into simpler compounds (amino acids) before the body is able to use them. The fact that chemical isolation is generally not a whole food and does not exist in nature can lead to unknown imbalances in the long run (and this is also valid for green juicing for example, yet it is still better than many food choices out there). Enemas worked great for me for a year intensively.

Toxicity of herbs, vegetables and plants

Most of the plants are not meant for human consumption. Many plants make themselves toxic as they do not want to be eaten. Foods that are excessively high in starch and cellulose are not considered optimal foods. Some vegetables contain irritating and indigestible oxalic acid especially when they are cooked and are bland or unpleasant to eat in their raw state. Oxalic acid prevents the body from getting iron. Lettuces are more appropriate to our specie than spinachs, despite how spinach have been praised for their iron content. It is another inverted lie. Most of the plants do not want to be eaten. They have no other way to defend themselves except through the slight toxicity that they produce. A natural reaction to fermented food in the wild would be to spit it out. It’s acceptable only if one has to store food during winter but not if someone has plenty of other hydrating options to choose from. We need a training in order to accept to be eating certain foods. It has to be known that we have been poisoned early on, from the womb. Some of us experienced a lot of uncomfortable and painful symptoms during childhood. Our parents, because they had been indoctrinated themselves with food propaganda, never connected the dots that the food they were giving us was indeed poisoning us.

Most of the seeds, which are toxic and taste bitter, go completely unchanged through the digestive process : we can find them again after they have found the exit door. It’s preferable not to juice the seeds of fruits. Some fruits are toxic : eggplants, noni fruits, hot peppers yet, some birds do not have the same burning issues as we humans do. Eggplants are very bitter raw and almost impossible to eat in its raw state. Herbs (basil, parsley, oregano, sage, fennel) are used to enhance the flavor of foods or to suppress the symptoms of disease. They contain irritating alkaloids that the human body cannot digest. Insects don’t eat basil because it’s poisonous. We are much bigger than insects so we would need a bigger quantity to feel its toxic effect (we may make the experiment and have a big salad of basil to observe how it feels). Green bell peppers are unripe and it’s always best to opt for their yellow or red cousins.

Dandelions, frisées, watercress, escarole, mustard greens have a slightly to moderately bitter taste suggestive of less digestibility and toxic constituents. Cruciferous are not optimal food for humans due to their cellulose content. Our bodies have a limited ability to access the nutrients encased in the cellulose structure, so most of what we eat of them must only be eliminated from the body, which unnecessarily taxes the eliminative processes. The digestibility of legumes is low due to their complex make-up and concentrated protein, fat and starch content, which causes them to putrefy and ferment in our bodies, resulting in the production of gas. Bean sprouts are highly over-rated yet they are fine during transition. They are high in cellulose, low in energy value, limited nutrient value and have some toxic compounds. It’s always best to sprout them if possible. Onions, leeks, garlic, radishes, arugula, radiccio, hot peppers, scallions, shallots and ginger are considered containing some toxic acids and alkaloids that irritate tissues and harmfully excite nerve endings. These foods are mostly eaten for the thrill reaction they force upon the body, reactions which are easily mistaken as energizing, when in reality the body is losing its energy stores and has to work to eliminate the offending substances. Detox will still be attained even when consuming most of these herbs and veggies (especially if they are juiced). Tobacco leaves are poisonous : it looks as if rabbits have evolved to become able to deal with the toxin of tobacco leafs.

On the other hand, iceberg salad, with its watery pleasant and sweet tasting, is an underrated food. It combines well with non-sweet fruits (as romaine and other lettuces do) and is easy to digest. All fruits are okay to combine with lettuce. Slightly bitter taste in different salad sorts suggests less digestibility than romaine or iceberg, they are still acceptable as determined by personal preference. Wild greens that have a pleasantly mild or nutty flavor are desirable and appropriate (for example, Miner’s lettuce). Celery is another optimal food rich in water and minerals and highly alkaline. Bok Choy, with its slightly bitter taste, is acceptable. Young or baby spinach generally has a pleasant flavor and is relatively easy to digest in moderate quantities since its oxalic acid content is low at this point in its growth. An avocado has a lot of fat in it – it won’t be detoxing but one advocado is okay if one’s desire is to keep stable and neutral. One advocado every day will soon become too much if one wants to stay on the light side of detox.

An olive right off the tree and unprocessed also tastes bitter. Olives are best in moderation if they have been tree-ripened and sun-dried. When they are fully ripe, they are less bitter. Bananas have a very low water content compared to other foods and is not a strong detoxifier but a good food to rebuild or sustain. Dried food have a low water content. Zucchini are more digestible than squash, aubergine or olives. Nuts are a great alternative in times of scarcity or when fruits are not available, protected by their shells. Sprouts are affordable and can easily be stored in order to be grown. They are easier to digest than beans but harder to digest than fruits. Coconut flesh works more like a nut than a fruit. The coconuts we can get here in Europe are most of the time rancid and processed for shipping. Aloe vera is probably best kept for its skin use. All GMO foods should be avoided (cotton, sugar beets, soy, corn, canola and so on), unless there is no other options : in this case one can still detox on GMO fruits.

A few words on juicing

There are different stages of fasting. If someone wants to completely abstain from all nutrients, it will have to be dry or water fasting. Fruit liquid fasting either fresh or pasteurized still provides simple sugars. While juices reduce the digestive system’s load and allows for more cleansing to happen than when eating normally. They contain a high concentration of nutrients and no fiber at all for proper bowel function. This lack of fiber means that sugars, proteins and other nutrients can be absorbed too quickly. During a fast, virtually everyone will experience a drop in blood pressure, which can create a feeling of dizziness when rising too quickly. Body temperature also tends to drop. Any type of fasting would generally lead to a weight loss in the abdominal area, the normalization of blood pressure and of glycemia and a reduction of inflammation parameters. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is an enjoyable experience, improving emotional life and general well-being. After a fast, refeeding has to be taken with great discipline counting at least half of the time of the fast on an only frugivore diet (this includes the veggie fruits). It’s not uncommon than refeeding is actually harder than fasting.

After fasting, fewer deficiencies can be observed. Symptoms attributed to deficiencies go away when symptomatic individuals fast on water only. We don’t essentially need to consume something to see so-called deficiencies (which are more likely poor or unproper utilization) balance in our body. It’s not about having more of something but about using what’s there. Disease is caused by excess not deficiency. Non functioning organs can not absorb or use nutrients properly. Deficiencies of nutrients when they truly exist are issues of assimilation or utilization not intake. A great portion of people suffering from B12 deficiency are in fact meat eaters. Indeed, acid forming food like meat inhibits the stomach’s ability to create the catalyst that B12 requires to perform its function.

The harm of cooked food and animal products

The body is reacting to cooked food as if it has been poisoned. Studies have been showing that the health of any specie fed with cooked food will be decreasing. When we eat cooked food, the body temperature goes up – it is a case of low grade fever, as the body is constantly in a process of leucosis, creating white blood cells and sending it to the digestive tract. The body sends the signal that something very wrong is happening, as if the body has received a serious injury. Cooked food is highly addictive, it’s difficult to stop. When eating raw, this type of reaction is not occurring. Frozen food should not be a big portion of our diets. Yet, some raw vegan recipes are more harmful than cooked food, so everything is relative. What’s the level of damage that some meals will be doing ?

Now we can ask ourselves : did humans chose to pass up the sweet ripe fruits in favor of flesh ? Unless there were times of scarcity or due to programming, this seems an unlikely scenario. It only becomes a plausible option during certain phases of history when fresh food wasn’t available. The other logical way of seeing it would have to do with a realm under mind control where Real Original Sparks are driven away from natural laws. Meat sure allowed survival for extended periods but at the cost of a reduced longevity, vitality and a numbing of human consciousness. Indeed, times of scarcity do not change human basic physiology. Any kind of flesh dramatically increases the aging process. We have very little of the enzyme uricase, necessary to break down meat. Of course, our bodies manage to break it down but doing so is extremely costly in terms of body energy. That’s why people lose weight on high protein diets – the energy cost of meat is more than it returns to our bodies. Meat creates waste that the body needs to eliminate : one of the waste products is uric acid, which deteriorates joints and causes arthritis. On the other side, meat produces chemicals in our bodies that are similar in composition to caffeine. So in addition to weight loss, people experience effects that they erroneously perceive to be positive. Actually, the opposite is happening. Conversely, living in accord with our biological adaptations by adopting a raw vegan diet can produce symptoms that are mistakenly thought to be signs of deterioration or deficiency. These may be detox symptoms and healing crisis.

Salt was first mainly used to preserve meat and condiments (such as pepper) to disguise putrefaction. Inorganic sodium pulls the water out of the cells to protect the body. Salt will dehydrate us. Eggs are also very high in protein. Even if eaten raw, eggs are very high in sulfur and are hard on the liver and kidneys. Any protein that we consume in excess must be eliminated, which taxes and overburdens our organs of elimination. The relative protein content of mother’s milk provides us with the closest we can come to a universal guideline regarding the maximum amount of protein in the life of a human. At no stage of a human being’s life is there a greater need for protein than infancy. Humans have much lower protein requirements than what is commonly accepted. The milk of each species is distinctly composed of nutrients that are needed by the babies of that particular specie and is suitable for consumption by that specie only. It is said that some tribes ingest insects but wouldn’t they have been culturally conditioned to override natural feelings of repulsion ? Even looking at our distant past, which we have been lied about extensively, it would be difficult to find a more disease-ridden culture than ours. The health improvements that people experience when they go from a Standard American Diet to a Raw Animal Food diet reveals that even eating a diet of raw animal products is a step further (an amelioration compared to) a SAD diet.

The Pottenger cat study : cooked versus raw

In the 1930s, the Pottenger cat study is proof that a raw cat food diet is superior to a cooked meat diet. Doctor Francis Pottenger conducted a multi-generation nutrition study between 1932 and 1942 to determine the effects of heat-processed food on 900 cats. The study described in detail all of the physical and emotional problems which developed in the cooked diet fed animals that never occurred in those eating the raw cat food. More concerning, the cooked diet cats never got past the third generation, since they lost fertility and the ability to reproduce. Now one important factor is that, in the doctor’s laboratory, cats were undergoing surgical operations to remove their adrenal glands (adrenalectomies)

for use in standardizing the hormone content of adrenal extracts that were being made. At that time, there were no chemical procedures to measure the strength of adrenal extracts, so manufacturers were studying how much extract they should be giving to the cats so that they would not die. The strenght of their products could then be calibrated.

The cats were divided into five groups. Two of the groups were fed whole foods (raw milk and meat). The other three groups were given processed foods: cooked meat or pasteurized, evaporated and condensed milk. All generations of the raw food remained normally healthy throughout their lifespans. The first generation of all three processed food groups developed diseases near the end of their lives. They started to develop degenerative diseases and became quite sedentary. The second generation developed degenerative diseases in the middle of their lives, changes in their skeletal structure were evident and the calcium content of their bones fell drastically. Te third generation developed degenerative diseases in the beginning of their lives and many died before six months of age. Some were born blind and weak with a much shorter life span. Many of the third generation couldn’t reproduce. There was no fourth generation in any of the three processed food groups. Either the third generation parents were sterile or the fourth generation cats died before birth. Skin diseases and allergies increased from an incidence of five percent in normal cats to over 90 percent in the third generation of the intoxicated animals. Their fur lost its vibrancy. Changes of character were observed as males became docile while females became more aggressive. The skull was considerably smaller and the bones were paper thin and soft like sponge rubber. On the other hand, the raw food subjects continued to reproduce healthy offspring generation after generation.

In the pasteurized milk cats, some developed arthritis, skeletal changes and lessened reproductive efficiency. Lethargy was present, with no apparent energy. Their offspring presented progressive constitutional and respiratory problems. Dental deterioration, abscesses and gingiva inflammation were frequent. The sweetened condensed milk group not only had their milk heat-processed but there was the addition of sugar. They developed much heavier fat deposits and exhibited severe skeletal deformities and were prone to bone fractures. They were nervous animals showing extreme irritability. As for applying his results to human nutrition, Dr. Pottenger said : “while no attempt will be made to correlate the changes in the animals studied with malformations found in humans, the similarity is so obvious that parallel pictures will suggest themselves.”

Psychological operations in the health field

It is safer to consider that everything that has been sold to us as healthy is in fact in some forms of ways detrimental to human health. For example, kale, which is not so digestible, is a big psychological operation. Sure, the plant contains a lot of nutrients but it should not mean humans should eat it. It is not meant for human consumption, it tends to harm the thyroid gland with its goitrogenous compounds when consumed raw. Kale is filled with cellulose and indigestible fibers. Digestion already requests energy. There is nothing in kale that we need that we can’t found somewhere else. It is actually way easier to get nutrients from a simple structure as fruit. Similarly, a cube for broth is not healthy at all : I tried a very small bit when I was liquid fasting and it created a slight mucus and obstructive reaction. I will never use one again.

Similarly I am wondering about weither we should ingest any clay, charcoal, DMSO or sulfur and I would advise vigilance (see my article about DMSO and MSM). How to be sure of the negative impact when playing with chemistry, even if there are benefits to it ? What about the long-term implications of such measures ? Refined salts are harmful, they are heated and depleting (especially for the adrenals and the kidneys) as they have gone through a process of alteration. It can interfere with the balance between potassium and sodium in the body, causing reactions. When we heal our adrenals, salt cravings will disappear. Salt is a weak electromagnetic current that is not so well absorbed by the body. Nobody does so well drinking sea water. Yet, if a pinch of salt at the end of the day can keep an individual on track and add to the pleasurable aspect of their experience, it can be used occasionally as a treat but should not be taken as a daily habit.

Many detox specialists are gurus and abuse their power while people are in weakened states or going through mind-expanding fasting experiences. During these times, individuals may be more suggestible as they are wide opened to any exterior intake. I have learned a lot from detox social media groups but they also became their own kind of prisons. I have freed myself from their protocols and also from the guilt and shame programming that was ambient.

On a last note, vaccinations or drugs, which are sold to us as measure of protection for human health, are very harmful for the human health : the body may shut down and lack the sufficient energy to expulse the waste out. Vaccination does target the lymphatic system and once it’s down, waste is accumulating inside. The body is an incredible technology that is able to store and compact all of this waste. Let it be known that I do not consent to pharma propaganda, the repeated censoring and the silencing of natural methods.

Final words

Humans programmed by inverted ways of thought tend to believe they are smarter than nature yet nothing can compare to when nature is doing what is intended for it to do. Nature is incarnated perfection. Our work is to try our best to deprogram from the inversion and reconnect to the natural laws and to apply them to how we interact with our physical envelope. We may call back our energy from all spaces and times to navigate our way back to the original food for the human race.

Find springs near our homes to pay them a visit. Yes there will be controlled and poisoned in some ways but they are much better than tab water and have something that distilled water does not have, electromagnetic current. There are 3 listed in Belgium and the list goes for the whole world.