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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The parasites inside and out ~ a complex architecture meant to entrap human physicality, spirituality and consciousness

In front of a yeast, fungus, parasites or candida overgrowth, the answer is about restoring a healthy balance in the body’s environment instead of fighting symptoms. Indeed, parasites, fungus and yeast are there to clean up the waste that the human body has trouble to eliminate (and is in fact not meant to process). It asks a training of our mind to be able to go back to the root cause and the source and origin of a manifestation as we have been trained to be fighting only the symptoms, over and over again.

The reason we have such an unhealthy balance of parasites living inside of us is mainly due to an unproper diet and external poisoning. If they weren’t there, it’s not sure the majority of us could deal with the amount of waste that they have to handle with what is accepted as a “normal diet”. All this flora is not responsible for human disease, they are mainly a symptom. It is important to address the whole picture and to understand how it all works together. It is of prime importance not to isolate a piece of the puzzle and mistake it for being the problem. The causes of a disbalance have to be adressed. The terrain needs to be cleaned with going back to fresh, physiologically adapted, clean and alive food. The focus should not be about getting rid of them but eliminating the reasons why they are there. Because the complex sugars (cereals, starchy veggies) are not metabolised properly, this flora comes to the rescue to break it down. Parasites and bacterias are there to digest the food that we are ingesting or the waste that is left behind. Working on consistantly cleaning the terrain is key. When they are left with nothing to eat and are not able to thrive, they slowly vanish. It is the same for our pet animals: I notice parasites are much more present in a more acidic and obstructed specimen.

Understanding mimickery

Candida overload is the symptom of a way of life away from organic principles. To rebalance things out, it is about voting for what is alive and providing an organic nourrishment and reflecting on overcharged and unnatural ways of eating. Lymph nodes are waste factory and a sensitive area to clean. Fungus and parasites can cause a lack of clarity and have an impact on cognitive functions. They can intercept and absorb a large part of the consumed nutrients. Their presence is often observed in the case of overly thin individuals. Candidas are able to produce chemicals that create cravings and mimicks hunger. A parallel could be made: there is a hijack of our nervous system by the parasitic artificial mimickery of our nervous responses, leading to a rollercoaster of things we mistake for our desires and our true aspirations. Our organic essence has to be differenciated from the suggestions and mimickeries. Parasites leave us numb and are in the way to access deeper layers of our being and essence. When they physically leave, it comes with a relief on many levels : physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. Toxic mind states are gone with them or a state of overal acidity where thought loops are more difficult to handle. Both physical and etherical (mind) parasites thrive in an acidic environment. Going back to a more alkaline state of being is of great assistance.

Consistency is key

Only a long-term plan of action will have a real long lasting effect on the composition of our inner flora. Miracle diets will not work but only suppress symptoms. We can’t go wrong with a majority of fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, unpolluted and unprocessed, a real way of eating. Rebalancing the body is about changing our way of life. Working on deworming would have to take in consideration opening the eliminating channels of the body and working on the re-awakening of the lymphatic system in conjunction with kidney filtration. Assisting the body to deal with lymphatic waste and fluids is key.

The misconception of the simple sugar of fruits

Despite the widespread beliefs, candida can function on other fuel than sugars. Fruits are not to blame for fungus problems. Complex sugars are what feed candida the most, including grains. A good way to proceed is to go to simple sugars, vegetables and stay away from bread, cheese and all the cravings that this inner population will send to the brain and mind in order to get the supply they thrive on. These are the real candidas cravers. Dairy products, meat, bread or fermented foods would be avoided. Astringent fruits are great to assist in cleaning the body. The simple sugar from fruits, fructose, is not the problem. Complex sugars and starches are more of a problem. When we put a piece of fruit on a counter and a slice of cheese on bread, fungus will grow first on the second items while fruits will get mold on them when they start to ferment. Refined sugars and alcohol should also be avoided. Fermented food and kombuchas are best kept as a survival food. We may replace them by sparkling fruit juices. GMO is encouraging cell disruption and should be avoided.

The importance of adrenal glands

Moreover, the adrenal glands are responsible for the metabolism of sugar. They are key in healing from candidose. The average person has a weakness in their adrenal glands. Weak adrenal glands means we can’t metabolise sugars properly. It means there will be a lot more fermentation in the body. In addition, mixing proteins and starches should be avoided as they engage 2 opposite digestive enzymes. Putrefaction then happens during digestion causing ingredients to sit in the stomach for hours. A certain level of fermentation is present in the body. There is always going to be fungus in some degrees. It becomes a problem when there is an overgrowth, a saturation. It’s not so much about what we eat now but about the overall condition of the body.

Staying away from

The protocol of turpentine might be a controlled opposition psy-op. Caution and critical thinking are to be applied. Antibacterial soaps, antibiotics and sterilisers should be kept away, as for the exposition to any chemical substance. Parasites seems to be thriving in a metal environment. Considering the fact we are sprayed with heavy levels of aluminium and other metallic compounds that can be found in our organisms, a link can be made between the parasitic material invasion of the human body and the parasitic invasion of the mind, the generalised mind control, which would always work better on an acidic subject who is not sovereign over their health.

Assistance from nature and common sense

We can assist our bodies with herbal tintures or natural antibiotics which do not disturb the human natural flora, essential oils or herbal teas while keeping in mind the main challenge is to constantly working on getting rid of the old obstruction and not creating new one so parasites, yeast, fungus and candida have no reasons to settle and proliferate : olive leafs extract, pau d’arco, essential oils of coriander, turmeric, palmarosa, lemongrass, geranium, sage, tea tree, lavander, fennel seeds, cascada sagrada bark, black walnut tinture, wormwood, oregano or grapefruit seed extract. Restoring circadian rythms, remineralizing and balancing PH, moving the lymph (chi-machine, dry-brushing, herbs to support kidneys, detox baths) appear to be of prime importance.

For more information about a clean way alkaline way of eating, please refer to the health section of this website.