Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Mind control in the music scene, energy harvesting and traps of agreement at festivals and the dark agendas behind Burning Man

Gathering together as humans has an incredible potential. Nevertheless, it’s not surprising that it is perpetually hijacked. The majority of collective events, online or on sites, through the hive-mind environment and the conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions of the founders as for the hidden and unrevealed wounding of participants, are being used to subjugate and to decrease the ability for humans to think critically and evolve spiritually. Public rituals are meant to siphon and harvest human energy. Energy, co-creative power and consent are being strategically captured and canalized and then invested, used and directed. It’s very common that, while attending an event, one gives their consent away as an active participant to inverted values through traps of agreement, calling in exterior negative forces, often posing as positive ones. What are we making possible through our consents ? What world are we allowing to be birthed through our creative power ? Which frequency are we collaborating with? Is it truly refueling for the human spirit? Does it feel like an escape and a bypass of human trauma ?

When attending a festival together, a group takes their minds together somewhere. Festivals aren’t the safe space or container to open oneself up as they present themselves to be. Mass events are very often corrupted in some ways or others through people’s wounding, lack of accountability, denial, cognitive dissonance processes and lack of shadow work or understanding of this realm. Thus, they are an extremely complex place to alter consciousness. These scenes are molding the minds of impressionable souls who carry unresolved wounding. Underneath invisible levels are at games. Ideals and temptations are implemented in the minds, working through psychic breaches, weaknesses and dependencies. Attendants are being deceived. Some will feel that their energy is targeted more than others, but truly everyone is concerned. Many won’t be able to feel the signature and imprint of anti-human hostile energies handling the threads behind the veil. Most are not aware of the sinister agendas going on behind the scene or the damages that it produces in the electromagnetic field of human beings. They have no idea what the transformational experience is truly about and what they are being changed into. They become clueless participants for occult festivities, not knowing they actually are giving away their consent and life force to sustain anti-life agendas. We are casting spells all the time without being aware of it, the knowledge is usually lost on people though they are practicing it all the time. Many are participating in an event that they do not fully understand, seduced and tempted by their codependent patterns. Good intentions are not enough as believing in lies keeps on feeding the machine.

Festivals are tools vacuuming time, attention and energy. The consent of humans is harvested to fulfill hostile agendas through many common practices and gatherings that are socially accepted and even praised. Many collective events pretend to be seeding a new world, but it is closer to implementing the new world order. Anti-human forces are disguising themselves to give the illusion of a strong spiritual experience. It does feel like a mind maze but is it really leading anywhere ? At so-called conscious festivals, entities are feeding from false light programming and collective delusions. What matters for loosh to be created is a polarization of human emotions. A more snake type energy is found at psytrance parties. A satanic signature is more prevalent for events like Burning Man which this article will go into deeper in the last part. Many festivals are based on symbology, promoting the moon, aliens or other symbols of the hyperdimensional control system without understanding them so well.

Mind control in the music scene

After the second world war, hidden research came together to make humanity enter a more computerised era with grand scale psy-ops and a new type of propaganda. The sexual revolution and the hippie movement, which were used to make concepts accepted under a false disguise, were engineered and infiltrated by secret services. Entertainment is usually very polarized, giving a false satisfaction, a temporary release and gratification, to the human brain. The music industry is a money machine, making millions of dollars of profit each year, and it’s also about indoctrination and implementing ideas and agendas. The entertainment industry is being used for people to become morally accomplice to the progression of agendas led by hidden factions. In order to be able to do so, these factions are counting on people’s trauma and tendency to be in denial, to stay in cognitive dissonance and to stick to their Stockholm Syndrome (the psychological, emotional and spiritual bond that is developed with a perpetrator causing all kinds of mazes in the mind that makes it hard to find the exit door and regain clarity). Every gender of music and every field of life has been, if not engineered for us from the start, hijacked. Social architects have in mind the world of tomorrow which they are designing for the masses. Individuals who very well know the human mind are engineering the lives of everyone and running narratives for us endlessly while making anti-human agendas progress. They know very well how the human mind works, how to hide and embed codes in music and how to implement certain ideas with manipulating sounds, music, frequencies and embedding them in human emotions. A new social identity is being defined and it becomes an operating part of the consciousness in the background while behaviors are being modified collectively. Certain frequencies are able to modify the brain waves we are under thus creating more possibilities to be in highly suggestible states, very open to mind programming.

The electronic scene is linked to the normalization and acceptance of artificial intelligence and the transhumanist agenda, meant to affect, change and transform people’s perceptions, morals, sense of ethics and values. People do spend all their time feeding the beast, going to clubs (adding layers of secrecy and underground culture in some cases), listening to the same kind of music wherever they go, having the same type of mind controlling experiences. The brainwashing is happening at a sub text level underneath what is apparent. Programming has been studied under the influence of drugs in certain brainwave states and we can definitely ask ourselves how they are using this knowledge nowadays on the public and how they are applying these techniques during mass events. To receive the musical proposition of a perverted (conscious), compromised (unconscious) or hosted being with all our senses can seed our consciousness with artificial directions that are being implemented, especially when mind altering drugs are being used. Indeed, most of the time, our thoughts are not our own and hidden technology is used to implement thought injections in human consciousness and remotely control the human mind. Entertaining distractions also tend to create an artificial happiness that helps avoiding facing unresolved and unprocessed material in us, encouraging the enslavement to keep on being perpetuating.

It is not by accident that heavy drugs, entheogenics or psychedelics are able to circulate freely : it puts people into hypersuggestible spaces where they are very vulnerable to suggestions, thought injections and whatever they are being exposed to. Ketamine and LSD, which can be used to dissociate the mind and to create episodes of depersonalization, were part of MK Ultra studies on how to psychologically break the mind of someone down and how to program it. The use of psychedelics and entheogenics is not a synonym of a wake-up call ; it can actually shake someone’s sense of identity and bury layers of programming in more maze-type mind patterns. It will take more work to unnumb, access, reveal and release these layers and to question society further. In addition, there are dangers to force entrance in a widened state of consciousness with mind altering drugs.

Artificial intelligence is operating from algorithms, studying patterns, based on the intelligence of an original source with a spark of fire source creation. An old mind controlling programming installed years earlier by subliminal messages from mass media or television, used to remotely control people, can be triggered again decades later or used as a platform to install a new kind of software, the new and more aggressive version of the programming, the next step in the anti-life agenda. This way, subliminal messages from the 1990s that were passed through video clips can be reinforced and triggered in new and more aggressive directions. The system wants us to get triggered, react to that trigger, keep on projecting outwardly, away from inner recollection and a unified field.

Splitting of the mind at festivals

Generally, people tend to find comfort in big crowds, it allows a certain level of dissociation while melting personal energy with collective energy. This dissociation is encouraging sub-personalities and artificially created fragments of the self to find a way of expression and to be triggered and activated. Amongst groups of people attending together, many do function with these sub-personalities being activated and triggered, ending up in reinforcing each other through the hive-mind mentality and the surrendering to addictive patterns. Cognitive dissonance is a common reaction amongst humans: the mind will find a way to protect core beliefs and to dismiss evidence that something is very wrong. To be able to maintain a deeper intimacy in friendships, there is a need to be able to relate either from a common illusion or ideally something connected to frequencies of truth as a common goal. There will often be a part of delusion included in the relationship. If one is too aware of the level of delusion and programming of another, it will not work anymore, except if there is honesty, transparency, reciprocity and mutual help through this process.

Music and sounds can be used either for healing (deprogramming the mind and the body) or to control the mind with embedding societal codes and linguistic messages in it. The frequency in hertz can be used to serve, in healing settings with the highest and uncompromised intentions, or to harm, using the manipulation of human emotions to achieve certain goals. It is all about intention and use. Who has the cards in their hands ? For example, some songs are used to trigger self destructive patterns (suicide messages, surrendering to anti-life and self serving or instant gratification programming). People who attend these big scale experiments are usually not aware they are submitting themselves to mind controlling operations and that they are becoming enablers of the system themselves, allowing for deceptions and for pathological ways of thinking and behaving to be perpetuated.

The confusion of triggers for the self

Unconsciously, these kinds of scenes are an escape for the hidden heaviness of our lives within the layers of the systems that are oppressing us. They are a way to spiritually bypass the evolution process. Many mistake their conditioned ego personality, programmed needs and sense of entitlement, for their true spirit. Spiritual Bypassing is about avoiding dealing with the unresolved and unprocessed wounds and bypassing the basic shadow and psychological work that needs to be done in order to release trauma. It’s about running away from the unresolved and fractured parts within the self. It is very often linked to a great amount of cognitive dissonance which will keep things well wrapped up together, so one can have the impression that they are more evolved spiritually than they truly are, reinforcing the spiritual ego, using and distorting spiritual concepts in order to keep on avoiding, facing and sitting with what is inside.

Many tend to believe their triggers and impulses have something to do with freedom. It is not without reminding us of the hedonism of the baby boomers. Addictive patterns, which are often used to bypass and act as a mean of compensation, have less grip when a true emotional connection, coupled with a sense of self validation, is taking place. People believe they are following their hearts and intuitions but they are mistaken : something else is operating in the background. There is a need to question everything we feel and not just act on it impulsively. Distortions are being used to destabilize the family model, ethics and morals. One might forget about what is truly important and valuable in life.

Spiritual bypassing and the new age false-light

In these types of environment, the concentration of new age beliefs is very high and it allows people to validate each other further into lies and deep layers of programmation. So called “conscious festivals” which are said to be “designed for empaths” (and limited to a smaller number of participants) are very much tainted with these notions of spiritual bypassing, which is very concentrated and focused on false-light teachings, playing with different layers of temptation, a lack of deeper emotional management or ability to perceive, sense and see reality for what it truly is. The level of interaction that can take place is commonly of superficial, artificial and mind controlling nature. The level of projection outwards is very high and the majority does not check the source of their triggered emotions and feelings. Indeed, what feels right isn’t always right : it needs to be questioned, tested and observed. Self serving frequencies are often disguising themselves under a false-light illusion, that is seductive and not aligned with the energy signature of true service, true benevolence and true generosity. Naivety is being used to entrap souls, numb them and keep them occupied with simplistic concepts such as « all is one », « there is only love » and « love is the answer », concepts which have truth to them but which are being used to entrap and neutralize humans consciousness, not taking in account that it is a realm run by alien mind control. More spiritual depth and a greatest and more whole truth are missing. When the manifestation laws are being used to manifest materialistic objects or financial wealth, they turn into black magic due to the service to self orientation and the exploitation and misuse of spiritual concepts. The organic magic of the natural laws is used for selfish and self centered purposes because the first intention isn’t the genuine care for others : it is an open gate for traps of agreement. Instant gratification also is directed by self-serving motives.

Many are running on automatisms (programming), as if under a spell, pursuing bliss and usually seeking the next peak experience. In many scenes, it’s all about feeling as if you are part of the scene which feeds the ego with the feeling of experimenting something special, something rare and to be chosen for that. Entities feed off behaviors of self-importance, attention-seeking and trauma-bonding (bonding with others from broken parts of the self). Energy signature doesn’t lie. Other frequency traps are to establish an egotical hierarchy with someone, not considering them as a whole being, or complacency (a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of broken parts within the self and childhood wounding).

Only a few go through the experience of festivals in an alchemical way, because of the amount of struggles they encounter in such spaces and the true quest for answers inherent in them. Those who search with integrity will find answers and keys, no matter how much control there is around. Much can be learned on festival grounds. Nevertheless, these awakenings are often conceived in a certain conformity of experiences and deceive the minds of participants in many ways. Sometimes these are not the initiations that the experimenter thinks he or she has encountered. Festivals can be used for their teaching function and their exhausting initiations; it’s as if they resemble a battlefield. There is often a certain degree of protection in the midst of chaos, which shows that it is not purely chaos that reigns there and that certain benevolent rules are also in application. Basically, we can use the mind controlling operations we are subject to to train our minds and delve deeper into our unconscious split patterns. This can be done by looking back and seeing what is artificial or hostile and what is more benevolent in nature. A lot of inversion and a very small percentage of celestial heritage do coexist during these experiments of hypersuggestibility. Implants to imprint consciousness are used; seeds are also planted there to affect the timeline further down the road (most of the time to weaken it). What may seem nourishing and synchronistic one day may turn out to be an artificial and manipulative insert on the timeline another day. Only constant observation and the apparent unfolding of linear time will reveal the true nature of each thing and being. There is no external blame, only an awareness of what is and the techniques used to mentally control the human race, its behaviours and frequency. Though the frequency of integrity when fully embodied cannot be compromised. But who is fully sovereign and who does manage to stay aligned to the frequency of integrity at all moment? This is why we are compromised in a way that is not conscious and it takes a work of constant observation and presence to adapt as soon as entry points are revealed. Energy is harvested and diverted while we continue to work on this process of fully reclaiming who we are. We need to identify and recognize what is happening in order to work through these layers of mind suggestibility.

Yearning for the lost tribe

When adventuring in these lands, it seems important to make sure one has a safe person with them in the festival ground, someone who genuinely loves them and cares about them, beyond the level of surface friendships where every one disappears when one is facing dark hours, for the reason they all are trying to avoid their own suffering and what is means to be in this inverted prism. The human spirit can only be encountered in privileged circumstances. When people gather into mutual physical or mental proximity their vibratory fields sum to produce a collective field resonating at frequencies shared among them. This collective field is self-reinforcing because it exerts repulsion upon anyone or anything whose spectrum is dissonant with the collective frequency. In these scenes, peer pressure is very common. Those communities have a strong hive-mind signature and it can instigate crippling self doubt when facing the delusion of the majority, creating a collective illusion reinforcing itself through the delusion of each member. Feeling like we are part of a group is often a relief from distressing and insecure feelings and that is when it becomes a trap, because of the bypass of these feelings that are inside. Many times we are being paired with people who will be controlling elements in our lives (the role of handlers). It can be tricky to extract from karmic replays where often competition, jealousy and division programming is being played on the background. It’s common that karmic gangs are being reunited and submitted to a test together. Needless to say there is no real spiritual evolution in finding comfort in the company of brainwashed souls who are under mind control and doing nothing to get out of it. One has to break free from the herd which is unconsciously harming life and creation. When leaving the hive-mind environment, it’s common to be castigated, ridiculed, attacked and looked at with disdain, like in any cult mentality setting.

Many festivals play on the yearning to belong to a spirit tribe. The spell is working well (through temptation and seduction) because of the common fragmented state of families and communities. It is natural for humans to yearn for this primal and organic need for healthy communities, but it’s no surprise it is hijacked and used against us because of unhealed aspects within the self. This desire for a healthy tribe is a fundamental aspect of the human experience but it stays out of reach as long as we have not learned the basics. It is an illusory projection, a collective hallucination made of loops and detours, as long as the shadow work hasn’t been done. Our longing for community is so strong it can drive us to join groups, relationships or systems of belief that provide an illusion to belong. Nevertheless, places that are granting us with conditional membership require from us to cut ourselves from fragments of ourselves (including through denial and cognitive dissonance processes) in order to be able to continue fitting in. Moreover, nowadays our western societies do not make any room for initiations, rites, time markers while growing up towards adulthood and maturity. That’s where these festivals play a big role too in those lost aspects of the natural rhythm of the human life and the need for rituals. People are being played through their insecurities, deeply buried shame or feelings of disempowerment and inadequacy.

All spaces where people are trying to install sacred communities are being hijacked and infiltrated, if they were from a true organic nature in the beginning. We certainly need new rituals for reality to be affected positively but these rituals have to be birthed from a solid knowledge of the self. There is no shortcut : it’s better to start out small, with a few trusted members who have shown an ability to be accountable for their projections, who are able to pierce through deception and feel beyond their five senses and keep their subpersonalities under control (not becoming overtaken). Through shadow work and the ability of members to deprogram as things will erupt, more and more unity consciousness can be integrated and the divide and conquer program can be overcome step after step. Quality is prevalent to quantity. Education to discernment of hidden realities is what we need the most : children have this ability of discernment naturally before it’s buried under deep layers of mind programming.

Sexuality, identity and gender confusion

Sexual depravity, sexual misery programming, promiscuity, hypersexualisation, debauchery, gender and identity confusion, violence and self destruction are programming that can be triggered in all sorts of directions and create impulsive drives. When humans are puppets of their subconscious programmed impulses and instinctual reactions, they are under control, while they believe the release of their primal instincts is the key to freedom. This is accentuated in an environment where the human field is weakened every night during the numerous astral attacks that are happening on festival grounds, making it harder and harder to stay fully conscious and sober. On site, dream time is even less restorative than it usually is and is very polluted.

Sexual attraction is often mistaken for love and many do not have understanding about the way their bodies are programmed to be triggered to have certain reactions and about the need for emotional self mastery, considering it twice before engaging with impulses. Many are acting from a place of wounded needs, compulsion, desperation and a sense of being incomplete. It is crucial to take a step aside and examine, dive into, recognize and understand body and mind triggers before adopting a specific reaction. The real aspects of the self have to be separated from the artificially installed ones. Unhealed sexual trauma radically disturbs inner gender balance. Spiritual attachments can also impact the sense of gender and sexual preferences, the spirit attachment using the host for experiencing certain of its sexual preferences. While surrendering to the way they are triggered, while being intoxicated with alcohol or mind altering drugs, one might check out of their bodies, being temporarily hosted while giving in to behaviors which are feeding low astral realms. Moreover, many women are activating in each other sexual depravity programming that has usually been reinforced after being installed through subliminal mass media messages. The archetype of the dark competing queen is also widespread amongst women who mistake this for being in their power. Do they even have reference for what it truly feels to be empowered? Some programming is set to affect the way sexuality is experienced, planting a seed about trying different types of experiences though this desire of exploration is not truly linked to the sovereign spirit but is more a product of mind controlling operations.

The creation of artificial timelines

What we choose to be part of has consequences. There are many complications linked to being part of an occult ritual. These experiences leave an imprint on the consciousness that necessits to be acknowledged, cleaned and cleared. Seeds are put in the mind and are derailing the seeker from the path. These implications include a higher susceptibility to being paired up with mind controlled individuals in interpersonal engineered relationships and a higher chance to be experiencing love-bite scenarios (romantically orchestrated relationships). People are being used through their unconscious and unresolved patterns to police each other, to control each other, to keep everyone in line. This is basically meant to keep people busy as long as possible, harvest their time, energy and attention and keep them away from their own empowerment and cocreative power. It leaves them also more vulnerable to predatory energies and keeps the seeker away from true meaningful activism, which only happens from the inside as a bringer of real change. What would time be spent on if one wasn’t running after these missing parts of the self?

Many spaces that are presenting themselves as healing circles also imply traps of agreement, the creation of counterfeit timelines and fake synchronicities. Indeed, all synchronicities are not benevolent – the “devil” can also put things in a certain order to trick the mind into believing something is meant to be. After participating in occult rituals, it can take years to dismantle what has been taking place in the details of the layering. But what is being used is our own weaknesses and blind spots. Though it’s an exhaustive environment to be learning, there is a teaching function to all of this. For the one who is ready to do the inner work, it can be used to uncover different ways of functioning and abilities and social skills or even clair perceptions, including telepathy, receiving information through extra-sensorial ways and training in reading energy signatures and rejecting impositions on the consciousness. These experiences also act as a revealer of unconscious patterns and end up to make us stronger. They can assist as well to perceive occult signatures, learn about black magick and celestial cocreative power and reveal to light many ways that we are relating interpersonally. Though one can also and most definitely choose to evolve in safe and quiet space containers, away from the madness and the pressure of collective spaces.

Burning Man : an engineered counter-culture

Linked to the Wicker man and paganism, Burning Man is a new version of the counter culture. The main famous characters of the counter culture were all linked to secret agencies and manipulated to carry certain agendas. It did not start from random people; there is a link to secret societies, elite bank families and the military. It is about the same factions that gave free LSD to people in the 1960s and socially engineered the hippie counter-culture. It has been engineered and thought for a selected few and targeting especially some layers of the population. It is adding more technology, with more potent drugs, new gadgets and a new look but in the end, it’s all the same being replayed under a new disguise. The distinct burner look has been engineered. The energy signature is a bit similar to what is happening in Hollywood, only it is designed to mix some upper classes of the population with the elites. Indeed, Burning Man is a very privileged and opulent scene for the young, white and wealthy individuals. It’s an event mainly for rich caucasian people (making more than 50 000 a year for 50% of attendants, more than 100 000 a year for 20 % of the attendants). Burning Man has largely surpassed what they were attending to do with the Acid Test and is a climax point with everything they were trying to initiate. Every cult is centered around principles and Burning Man is no different. The apparently well-intentioned principles are a smoke mirror for a self-centered culture where morals are dissolving more and more. What is said may sound good, but who is saying it? Many of the founders have a military intelligence background and obscure ties to secretive networks. MK Ultra tests have not been stopping when documents have been released to the public; the ones in charge had to officially pretend like the projects ended. Instead, they have been onto the next projects to inject human consciousness further into the inversion.

Burning Man and satanism

In San Francisco, Burning Man was launched the same year as internet, not so far from a military land or the Church of Satan, an influential occult order founded in 1966 by Anton Lavey having adopted the Sigil of Baphomet featuring the Goat of Mendes. Disney is another major source of nefarious propaganda dedicated to the occult that has had headquarters around. Satanic cults use the Law of Reversal and Inversion and often require blood sacrifices for perpetuating anti-life forces. Later, Burning Man was moved to the desert, a high strange space in the middle of nowhere. The climax is the burning of the man, which can be read as a mockery of human ethics and the celebration of distortion. In 2017, it led to a human sacrifice (with a man jumping into the fire during the « Radical Rituals » edition) while other strange deaths have been happening on site, including decapitations. Black Rock has the shape of a pentagram; a lot of symbolism from the Kabbalah is being used. It’s not randomly that Susan Sarandon brought the ashes of Timothy Leary, a figure highly involved in mind control experimentations, an advocate for LSD for therapeutic use (a cover for mind control research presumably) and an advocate for transhumanist concepts such as intelligence increase. The energy signature of Aleister Crowley, a British intelligence agent with strong sympathies for the Nazi movement in addition to being a well-known occultist, and its heritage is also written all over the Burning Man cult. The art and the symbology are injected with masonic symbolism which refers also to mind control (pyramids, Monarch butterflies on tickets, the one-eye). Military insiders are involved as for people pushing artificial intelligence agendas and it’s very probably they are testing prototypes at the seductive and tricky event. A satanic setting will be nearly impossible to navigate with organic divine flow: interruptions, interferences, ambushes, tracking and chasing will happen. It creates a lot of ramifications in someone’s life, although most of the people are not able to piece the dots together.

Mind controlling operations at Burning Man

It is a land for energy to be harvested and for mind controlling operations to be led and the perfect ground to observe how effective they are. People having gone through trauma-based mind control can be heavily triggered on site. Linked to low astral realms, the Burning scene does feed dark agendas energetically and provide massive energy all year long thanks to the worldwide extensions and regional established networks. Egregores are constantly seeking to recruit new resources. The scene has become a permanent ritual and a powerful egregore marked by cultural exhibitionism, cult of personality and plastic beauty. The need for self-realization becomes twisted and turned towards a mean to fulfill immediate desires and programmed needs. What is happening in these space is that people are making pacts and agreements without being aware they are doing so. Most of the people attending Burning Man have no idea what they are participating to. Moreover, the scene does target children as early as possible to gain more control over their individual timeline.

It’s about worshiping the personality more than about recovering the essence of the human spirit, about pretending more than it is about truth. People believe this is freedom while they constantly intrude on others’ free will. It’s utopian and naive to believe that Burning man is a place that changes everything for the better. This is the promise behind transformational festivals : the magic will happen by itself from people attending it and being in the flow. Nevertheless, it takes real shadow work to make society a better and fairer place. Anti-human agendas are being conveyed through this scene, leading to more artificiality, split within the mind, debauchery, hedonism, desensitization, confusion, indulgence, self-serving motives disguised under the cover of caring about others or the environment and even violence (including the presence of the thunderdome, a neo-punk version of fight club with a similar cold-blood Mad Max signature). It is a mind controlling cult that promotes free mind altering drugs for all and is aimed to further separate family units, create social division and further disconnect people from their normal lives by promising an false utopian vision of a societal transformation: it is not what it pretends to be and the frequency of it does not lie.

They are insisting on the secrecy of the ritual while requiring and collecting active participation from everyone attending. No one is left to be a spectator anymore. This appears to be next level comparing to normal entertainment. Splitting into alters is encouraged with taking on a « playa name », a fake persona, avatar and cover for a subpersonality that is free to experience whatever they want. This splitting is encouraged by being in a remote location that is not of easy access. What is truly happening behind the veil during workshops of collective masturbation and orgies ? For whom the energy is being harvested ? Humans are not able to canalize consciously their energy, and they only produce more loosh, sexual loosh being particularly savory as a harvest.

Philanthropy and art as a cover for self indulging behaviours

Nevertheless, attendants are not the spiritual revolutionary baddasses they believe themselves to be. Despite what people might pretend, it’s not a pleasant playground. Many are not able to distinguish between what is morally and ethically acceptable and what is a violation of someone else’s free will. It’s said to be about art, love and peace: people are indoctrinated to spend a whole year to invest their time, energy, attention to built pieces of « art ». Let’s not forget Rockfellers also gave money away to museums supporting “art”, using philanthropy and charity as a cover and that some cannibal clubs pretend to celebrate “art” as a natural expression. A lot is being accepted under the cover of art. It is truly sad to witness how much energy is being put into building art that will then be burned, how much effort is needed to bring it into a deserted place. If only this energy could be spent to focus on real impact and real change (only from the inside to the out), not feeding the inversion, not feeding the beast and the machine that enslaves us. Anti-human agendas are becoming more and more mainstream; the mockery is getting more and more aggressive. There is a real need to train and become able to read energy signatures and to recognize what is at play instantly.

Burning Man is a powerful sorcery tool, it will call many good souls. The importance is for it to be only a phase from which one can extract and recognize the ramifications that have been taking place. And deprogram. True avant-guardism is elsewhere. Despite its appearance, the Burning scene is about a new kind of conformity and shaping a new way of thinking that has been taught for us and not by us. And needless to say if Burning Man is being exposed and revealed for what it is, it means they are already onto the next things.

Final words

Maybe a change in strategy is up to date, as it was for me. I decided to stop chasing an ideal and to pierce through the illusion of temptation injected in my thoughts and whispering through my wounds. When we attend festivals, we are usually willingly giving consent away and that creative energy is being used as an energy supply, just as it happens in a sport stadium or most of the concert rooms behind the veil. It takes a lot of energy to prepare, attend and recover from these events. It takes more energy to disentangle the traps of agreement that have been taking place. It seems important to reclaim the value of human time, energy and attention and how they are spent.

When we go to a festival we are diving into a collective energy that has been set for us. For people learning about emotional mastery, it is more manageable to start with small scale event and to start creating organically from their own networks. Usually collective events have zero awareness about hyperdimensional forces and mind control. It will never work without that knowledge. It is important to withdraw consent to anything that maintains split and sub-personalities active and which tries to force human consciousness in a specific direction by artificial means. It does matter that one gives or withdraws consent from being part of settings that are linked to anti-human agendas, it matters that someone rejects the imposed group identity and the artificially created timelines. What is popular and trendy is often an indication of the naivety and lack of discernment of the citizens and how easily they are led by wishful thinking and unconscious patterns. Festivals do encourage spirit fragmentation and take advantage of an influenceable youth, encouraging indoctrination. It’s not about true service and definitely not about true empowerment. Real empowerment elevates both the individual and the collective. So, there we go.