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Oligoscan, Radionics, Biofeedback & Biophotometer; quantum devices to quantifiably measure the unseen

The information provided by quantum devices signals vulnerabilities, needs and dysfunctions of our biological organisms and informs us about the state of exhaustion of our bodies. They display a panel of figures: hydration, oxygenation, pH, cellular exchanges, the body’s regenerative capacity or its bioenergetic parameters, nutritional deficiencies, imbalances in the immune and endocrine systems, anomalies, pathogens, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, blood chemistry and PH level, state of glands, organs, ligaments and connective tissues. What are the doors that this type of device opens in terms of assisting us with our health?

Level of heavy metal intoxication and demineralization with Oligoscan

The Oligoscan is a device that reports on different parameters: the state of enzymatic function, immunity, hormonal, cognitive and neurotransmitter functions, metabolism, the capacity of tissues to repair themselves, the state of the cardiovascular system, intestinal assimilation and the nervous system. It also provides information on the bioavailability of minerals (silicon, magnesium, calcium, copper, chromium, manganese) and the presence of heavy metals in the body. To do this, it uses spectrophotometry, a quantitative measurement according to the wavelength, determining  substances present in a target. The results appear a few seconds after taking 4 measurements on the palm of the hand. As an example, the different wavelengths of some minerals are as follows: Ca: 422.7 nm; Mg: 285.2 nm; Mn: 279.5 nm; K: 766.5 nm and so on.

For minerals, there is an adequate balance, and they can be found either too low or too high. Heavy metals, on the other hand, are not supposed to be accumulated in us and our body struggles to eliminate them through its natural channels. Any deposit is an overflow: we don’t want mercury fillings in our teeth or any other metal for that matter. We should avoid touching or being in contact with aluminum as much as possible and especially not cook or wrap our food with aluminum foil. In my case, the test reveals a high deficiency of zinc and a slight deficiency of manganese, chromium, copper and silicon, a worrying level of aluminum and high levels of silver, cadmium and lead. I chose to work with the HMD heavy metal detox formula, made with coriander and chlorella. This mixture was dosed and tested with a follow-up research to find the right balance for the synergy between the different compounds. HMD lavage is a formula based on 7 plants (dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, red clover, turmeric and hydrangea) that helps to open up the body’s elimination pathways and facilitates drainage. The Oligoscan is complementary to other reports that I have experimented with in the past (including an iridology reading with the indication of drug deposits in certain organs and the state of degeneration of each tissue).

In addition, I also had the chance to test a Tesla frequency therapy machine with plasma tubes that, I was told, can be used to target very specific frequencies to work on. This seemed like a promising technology. I could feel the machine’s range of action, re-informing the body up to 3 days after the session. It remains essential to do the necessary work of active internal reprogramming to actualize any long-term changes and to keep on detoxifying on a physical level.

I remain alert about mind control from practitioners around me especially when they are trying to convince me to do something that, in the long run, might reveal itself to be harmful (I strongly suspect the consumption of organic sulfur to be a psychological operation that leaves critical damages to the body, I write about this further in another article). I use my own discernment and all that I have learned so far to find the adjustments I will make. I make sure to resist the pressure imposed by those therapists who do not encourage my own personal accountability even though they are mostly “well meaning”. I trust the intelligence of my body to self-regulate as I provide, to the best of my ability, the proper environment for it to regenerate. I stay away from the logic of supplementation and isolation of chemical compounds. Therapists who are taking their cue from self-proclaimed health gurus who are guided by a voice they hear in their head might mention the Epstein Barr virus as a red flag in the body and think it is the culprit. However, it is certainly more a consequence of a toxic environment and degeneration of the system. The Epstein virus tends to disappear easily as we continue to cleanse the body, repair the adrenal glands and the thyroid. It is a problem caused by the dysregulation of the system as a whole and should not be confused with a cause. Some psychological operations are designed to cause people to think in reverse, leading them to make decisions that are detrimental to their health.

What about the so-called “quantum” devices?

In the past, I have worked with other quantum devices: Biofeedback, Biophotometer and Radionics.


The principle of Biofeedback is to send different voltages to different parts of the body and to examine the current that is coming back. Each organ vibrates at a specific frequency. The human body vibrates around 62 to 78 MHz, the thyroid around 62 to 68. Disease begins at 58 MHz (candida at 55 MHz, cancer susceptibility at 42 MHz, death begins at 25 MHz). Information is checked to see how the body reacts to 12,000 referenced homeopathic stressors. This program allowed me to become aware that my body works a lot in the passive: that is to say it is not being aware that I am accepting stressors in my energy field. Kirlian photography is a process that makes visible the state of any energetic envelope around a biological entity. It is not surprising to think that there is military research on this kind of process, hidden from the general public. Since the end of the 1980s, biofeedback and quantum bioresonance devices have been locating areas of stress (physical, emotional, spiritual) in the body through the behavior of the wave that will be scrambled, distorted. The official creator of Indigo and ex-consultant for Nasa (masonic front), William Nelson, was interested in Yiking, a fundamental book in China. In this practice, yes is expressed by a solid line, no by a broken line and a series of eight trigrams was added to add a third element. This system of yes, no and maybe, Nelso translated into computer language with the binary code 1-0. He developed the SCIO. These technologies which act as transmitters and receivers are presented in the form of a computer connected to electrodes placed on the hands. It is said that William Nelson was condemned for illegal practice of medicine, emigrated outside the United States and was invited to build, against his will, a machine that would be recognized by the US (the Indigo). He also changed his gender, which may well be a sign that he joined the masonic orders. This reminds me of the transformation of the Wachowski brothers, directors of The Matrix trilogy. The phenomenon of transgenderism is much more widespread than we think (celebrities, political figures, royalty). Hidden from the public eye, it is making its way alongside other agendas such as transhumanism and the advancement of the new world order.

Everything that appears in red is what the body has reacted to. In my case, we see a hormonal defense (lymphocytes producing antibodies, self-destruction of the body). The liver has reacted to 131%, a figure that is not alarming because sometimes the numbers reach 500 or 600. A reaction between 60 and 100 is considered normal, below 60, we are dealing with a passive response of the body. One of the Bach flowers that reacts (Aspen, 121%) informs us that we are working on old and unknown fears. The organs that are most likely to be affected are the hypothalamus, the lymphatic system and the thyroid. The places of blockage are in the small intestine meridian, the heart and the endocrine system. The organ struggling the most appears to be the lung with the emotion of sadness. My body is between adaptation (it has finally adapted to a lot of things) and alarm (optimal reactivity of the body). Beyond adaptation, it is exhaustion.

The Indigo device is a chance to get a global view of our being at a given moment. During an interview with this kind of machine, it is the sensitivity and the discernment of the therapist that will make the difference in front of the number of information at hand. Five weeks later, vitality went from 81 to 86, cellular transmission went from 79 to 97, resistance was 95 and went to 86, hydration went from 102 to 81 (the day before I participated in a sweat lodge) and oxygenation went from 94 to 86. I’m apparently sensitive to viruses and the environment (anything external). The liver and the adrenals are a bit weak (as last time) and the marker indicates that I am a bit closer to exhaustion than last time (I feel indeed my nervous system much more on edge these last days). After this first assessment, each organ of evacuation will be tested one by one to see their rate of reactivity and to prepare them for being reinformed. Indigo detects a skin problem (I have had an eczema episode 4 weeks before) and traces of food poisoning (the day before my stomach struggled a lot during the end-of-day meal after the sweat lodge) and I had pain in the digestion area. The fascias of the belly are apparently tight.


The biophotometer is a measurement system valued as a reliable means of assessing the functional status of the body’s organs and systems as well as the state of stress and anxiety of a subject. The GDV electrophotonic camera allows the visualization of a gas discharge, an advanced Kirlian photography technique, which shows a luminous halo around an object or a being subjected to a high electrical voltage. The device checks where the energy losses are. The program dissects each imprint and analyzes how the meridian crosses the organs. It measures what emanates from my body via an excitation of the atoms at my fingertips. When taking a fingerprint, the device checks where the energy losses are, visualizes where the holes are and breaks them down into sectors that correspond to the meridians. The program will dissect each imprint and see how the meridian crosses the organs: we can see small holes, energy fractures, small parasitic energies. At the location of the nodes and holes, the energy circulates less well. These nodes prevent the meridians from fulfilling their primary functions. The program also provides information on the biorhythm of the day, based on the date of birth.

On September 3, 2018, the energy is a bit low: I am in the bottom of my intellectual curve, I am going down the physical curve and I am going down the emotional curve. My organ parameters are pretty low. A week before, I started a fast with grape and lemon juice. On one of the diagrams, you can see how my energy centers are positioned and their sizes: ideally they should pulsate along the spine. It is especially the coronal level that is off the vertical axis where it should be. This shows the misalignment that I am experiencing during this fast. The biophotometer can be a tool to measure progresses. Certain cases of energetic vampirism can also be revealed by the device.


Radionics can be used to study family lineages and influences and identify negative energetic agreements that result in energy loss. The details can be very precise. It is invaluable in accessing unsuspected things and blind spots, things that are beyond the reach of other types of psychological work. In families for a long time, we can find big themes, unconscious programs that are passed on from generation to generation, such as powerlessness. The presence of a twin at conception can be revealed or corroborated, a twin who could not continue the entire gestation period. Twins tend to have a terrible karmic history to resolve. Usually, twins fight for the first two years and then they are best friends for the rest of their lives. They can also play the role of saboteur. There’s also a bright side to this. Twins tend never to give up. They always manage to survive, they start over, they never perish. They have this survival mechanism.

Also available is the information about the quality of the place we live in (energetically pleasant or not) or the residual amount of vaccines in the body. The body is here, but what we really are is energy and consciousness, and that is everywhere. As long as we have an IP address, it doesn’t matter where the computer is. As long as we have a connection to the essence of the person, we can check a lot of things remotely. Radionics can tell us if there are a lot of vampires around us, leaving us with a feeling of exhaustion or the strenght of the auric field. It can also test for compatibility with certain substances like with iboga, ayahuesca or THC. I have noticed a correlation between radionic results (allergies) and other (blood) tests I have gone through.

In conclusion

With a large amount of information delivered, it is essential to distinguish between the information delivered by the program (the AI can gaslight us) and the sometimes simplistic or biased interpretations of the practitioners. There may be pressure to adopt a certain way of thinking. If possible, it is preferable to obtain a copy of the results obtained or to record the consultation so that we can return to it later. Instead of supplementing, why not turn to whole natural foods that our bodies are designed to recognize, such as wild nettles that are full of natural minerals? Planting medicinal and wild plants in the garden or on the balcony can help bring deficits into awareness; they are great allies to slowly work towards returning to balance. It will be interesting to repeat a test at different periods of life and observe the evolution of parameters, while combining this type of work with practices that encourage body awareness, preferably from our homes, as well as a diet that is on the pro-life side and returns to the principles of alkalinity.