Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Keeping on piercing through layers of deceit proposed by the inverse

Day after day, our manifestation abilities are stolen from us to reinforce the prison walls of the reality we are finding ourselves in. The installment system made sure to place a series of negative core beliefs because it knows we will be keeping on manifesting from these conceptions trapped at a cellular level. The spells and the technologies are potent. And so are we.

The inner work, to free ourselves from set-up programming and areas where the unconscious is used against us, is never ending. We may take the knowledge and wisdom that resonates as truth in the teachings we cross road with, while not putting anyone on a pedestal and while making sure to be discerning if things are ignored from the teachings. Most of the teachings do bypass certain steps that are necessary to address in order to overcome trauma and connect to the root point of it. Whenever we are looking outside of ourselves for the lessons, the system makes sure to engineer traps. Reading patterns is about observation of repetition in the field, in ourselves and the way we feel, in behaviours and in the minds and behaviours of others. Because of the degree of mind control, it already is taking a lifetime to remember and reaccess much of what really happened to us. Many times, the battles that we think we have to lead or are leading are not the true battles that need to be addressed across the veil, on invisible levels. This realm is mainly engineered to rule and control our ways of thinking and adopting behaviours and to use us as non retributed assets. Everything we need to know about the nature of our experience in this reality is stored inside our bodies, at a cellular level. We may always say to Great Creation that we are ready for the next layer of unfolding and repeat that we are committed to walk in the steps of Benevolence.

Observing the gaze and signs of mind control

In so many who have been set-up by the systems, a coping mechanism of aggression in disguise has been put into place. What they are saying might be true, yet it is not an embodied knowledge (they are not walking or applying their talk) and the energy signature is not matching the words. Energy signature does not lie and may indicate spiritual bypassing and unaligned intent that is self-serving most of the times because individuals have been duped.

Are they sharing about the difficulty of the process of deprogramming ? Are they admitting they are still under mind control ? Are they in denial about their pain and shame ? Are they externalizing? Do they want to stay in the drama triangle, sticking to their victim identity ? Does it feel like they have reached perfection and thus belittling their audience unconsciously? Did they establish aggressive coping mechanisms to survive and are unable to be accountable for what is taking place on their end? Are they under obvious contracts with non benevolent forces, allowing them to channel mudras, to speak light language or to do hand gestures like in a trance? Did they make an agreement for something to be allowed in their field ? These contracts may take time, a year or more sometimes, to be revoked. A residue can be left in the eye and the field.

Are their eyes locked so nothing can get in ? What are their eyes saying ? Do they have a droopy eyes (indicating mind control) ? Are they eyes looking in different direction (a sign of dissociation) ? Are their eyes asleep ? Do they do the one eye symbol knowingly or unknowingly on their social media account ? Is there a lot of signs of obvious mind fragmentation that is out of control (with pictures with kaleidoscopal doubles for example indicating the presence of non integrated alters) ? Are they using corrupted symbology ? Is there a harvest of emotional highs and intertwined energies of empathy ? Are they sharing about life-elevating practical solutions ? This is an important one.

Walking away from conscious and unconscious controlled opposition or compromised sources

I met most of my friends in cults. The advantage of cults is that there is a high chance to meet others who are real, spirited and also at this very precise moment, indoctrinated through a similar corner of their minds. We may always keep what we have learned with controlled opposition content ; it usually takes the form of wisdom. Snippets of truth can be found practically everywhere. The truth in what was shared can be integrated, while it stays necessary to walk away from any identified deceitful energy, not associating with it any longer. The spells around corrupted figures are strong, they receive a lot of public recognition and adoration. Who we believe they are is so lovable but never exists in this actualized reality ; it is a chimera.

Controlled opposition is generally stealing from real original beings in the first place, the ones with Original Spark who do not get much public recognition or attention. Negative attention may also come from backdrop biological beings for example, a visceral void plugged into the matrix. When one realizes they are in a hive-mind environment, they might feel a need to cut some chords. Deprogramming from remote handling can go very quick or take a bit more time, depending on how entangled the energies were and the level of handling. This process might take weeks and months before it’s complete, layers after layers, shaking our head in disbelief about the nature of what was really going on, when the handling was tailored specifically for and at us. When someone was intruding our boundaries, we might have found excuses and justifications for their behaviours at the moment during which it was happening. This means during that time, we are ignoring that we are suffering from where they are choosing to stand as we keep on rationalizing what has been going on, thus not enabling to see the ugly confrontational truth beneath it.

We decide what shadow work looks like

Shadow work can be done gently; it does not need to be harsh. We often have negative core beliefs associated with the harshness of life. I had to force myself out of brutal ways to treat myself, yet I can still find some layers of this if I pay attention in my daily life. We may realize we have been programmed for this harshness and this all or nothing perfection programming that leaves us feeling stuck. Yet, we may choose how and from who we receive feedback. When we receive an unconscious intent to demean in order to flatter the ego of the person directing the communication, we may reject the intent that was meant to belittle while asking for feedback to Creation itself, about the necessary steps to address on the evolutionary path. Except when there is a violation of boundaries, unsolicited feedback can be very hurtful and the intention behind it often lies in ego, with a choice to assert one’s reality over another. It is normal to be triggered everyday since the aggressions and accesses happen on so many levels. It’s good to be aware of when we are triggered because there lie patterns where we will slip into predictable behaviours. When we are committed to deep excavation work, every day, we are becoming less numb in the way we experience our bodies and our emotions.

Handling energies

A lot is being engineered to create identity disorder and confusion, especially during teenager years, a very vulnerable period of forming our beliefs around our identity. The systems do take advantage of this moment in life to create patterns of self-destruction and self-hatred, which will ensure to keep individuals in trauma loops that will slow down their progression during adulthood. A lot of us have kept silence over inappropriate behaviours during our lives, especially when it relates to inappropriate interactions between men and women. Self-pleasure and all addictions also come with low frequency attachments and hidden contracts. Masturbation is introduced as early as possible within someone’s timeline for sexual prime energy to be collected and used to feed races cut from original creation. One of the parents or both are usually used to a certain degree in order to handle and create breaches within the consciousness of the child. Seeds are being planted in there, seeds that sometimes do not activate until later in time (this includes beta sex kitten programming). One or both parents, siblings or pets might also be non spirited, generated by the hologram in order to trap consciousness and widen the spectrum of the interface time.

It is common for each of us, even when we come from celestial heritage, to still associate with energies that are dark, handling and controlling. This always indicates a place where healing is needed and where trauma happened in the past. Often, we are tricked to consent to much without our conscious awareness. The path is to keep on unlocking these contracts. An aligned mentor is someone who truly wants your best timeline to manifest and who does not invade your field, who does not shame you or make you feel guilty for who you are and who do not impose their ways over you. In many one-on-one sessions, one is being subjected to spells by handlers : spells to forget, spells of reprogramming and curses.

It is usual that mind-controlled assets will be calling others in cult-like environments, in order for them to join. They will often recommend their handlers because Stockholm Syndrome is happening as a very distorted form of bonding. A great deal of gratitude might be felt towards handlers. One is not seeing them as they are but as someone who never existed. Good and noble intentions (wanting to be of assistance for others) are being taken advantage of. Any guilt around this issue has to be evacuated since this is so very common because of the nature of the reality we live in. The important is to notify our loved ones as soon as we have identified what was really going on and state that we no longer consent to it.

This need to connect to real light and golden incorruptible truth and walk ourselves back home to Creation has always been strong and is being taken advantage of. The truth scene is infested, not many places have managed to stay in line with purity and integrity, resist temptation, seduction and corruption. Most are under handling and alien scrutiny. Real embodied light is the ability to face the truth instead of choosing poisonous gifts of the dark factions. It is about working towards embodied remembrance and choosing to be a good person, kind and forgiving while taking in the needed lessons to rise in discernment and close doors that were once opened.

About mind-controlled assets and becoming a public figure

Many mind-controlled assets are also being used to encourage self-doubt towards other survivors. They are also generally mind-controlled to encourage certain aspects or expression of you which are not in alignment with your core self, encouraging you to stay on a derailed timeline or to keep connected to the expression of one of your unintegrated alters. This is a more subtle way to keep us locked in between the walls of the mind prison that is reigning in this realm, dictating us what we should be doing or not and deciding what we would be prized and recognized for. Lives are continuously being engineered, pulling us in one direction or another, including towards experiences that are cult-like, abusive relationships, engineered handling friendships and controlling collaborations that are pushy and based on the use and control of one party and usually their sacrifice as they are providing life energy, ideas, their networks and so on. This is a way to keep evolution under control.

Working on liberating ourselves from the pastt is key down here. Resentment may be felt when a traumatic reprogramming event happens (through granted access). This is a normal step following trauma, the important is not to reject it or not to get stuck in it. The heart is lighter to forgive other mind-controlled victims, recognizing that, the reason why they adopted a certain behaviour is because of the dominant mind-control and how they have themselves been set-up and duped. They were fooled, suggestible, wounded and easily controlled.

A lot of therapists are being used to reprogram us and they often can be accessed through their own multiple personality settings, some with demonic alliances (this often comes with addiction) to which we easily comply due to our own unintegrated alters. Similarly, one might notice also that a part of the clients that are sent to them (they receive an idea in their minds and believe it to be their own) is directed at draining their energy and chording them. On the other hand, many are feeling entitled to receive free advice and do not realize that they are actually taking advantage of others when they are doing that and asking others to be endlessly giving in exchange for nothing. This can tie to sacrifice programming and messiah complex. They are unconsciously being used as assets for perpetuating usery programming and are not conscious usery programming is tied to low frequency attachment. This is also meant to harvest energy so not much energy is left to assist survivors who are truly willing to do their inner work. Retribution and making sure not to cross the boundaries of others and that they are actually consenting to the dynamic we are playing in is key. Beings who are not able to recognize the boundaries of others are often not able to respect their own either. On another note, forcing people we care about to deprogram is not working and we are falling in saviour programming when we are forcing things onto the reality of another being. We are not here to make friends but rather to stay centered and follow what we know to be right, no matter the price. As soon as we become close to another person and create intimacy, we have to keep 100% of our awareness because chords are easily formed and the energy soon becomes enmeshed. It is always a subtle balance to find, about where to draw the line when we feel that the energies have become entangled and intertwined.

Many struggle to put themselves out there in the public sphere because of a broken self-esteem and a lot of inner doubts. They are not able to perceive that they are the true royals in alignment with celestial heritage. Because this reality is so ungrateful, they are not able to see the beauty in the details and that what they are touching becomes gold. The more one is speaking their truth, the less popular they generally become, though the quality of the networking generally increases despite the quantity reducing. Generally, beings with aligned intentions are kept confidential, with small networks and do not have big numbers. They are usually targeted individuals. On the other hand, most frequently, big numbers are promoted by algorithms answering to low frequency artificial intelligence and technology. Many are promoted by dark spell casting. The good news is numbers do not say anything about the quality of the work or the network. We tend to be impressed by numbers because of a wounding of nonrecognition that has not been sufficiently addressed. When a video becomes viral or an idea, popular, there is always an agenda behind. Sometimes, it is also to target someone, through engineering enough negative attention in order to neutralize them through shame and redirect the way they are expressing for a while.

Dark factions engineering behind the curtain

Beneath the human suit, who is running the threads? There are all kinds of beings and different energy signatures in this realm. The matrix system always has new propositions as we are moving through the layers of freeing ourselves, creating more space in our lives. Some options we will be curious to explore, because the lesson can only be experimented in the flesh and generally with degrees of psychological torture. Pain and suffering will have to be transmuted so only wisdom stays with us by our sides. Yet, sometimes we already know where it all leads so it’s easy to save ourselves the trouble to explore further and close the door for good. Sometimes, a burst of different options will come all at once, like a crossroad of temptations. Yet generally, looking back, we understand that none of these options were connected to creation and that they were all connected to reactive patterns of behaving and thinking. Sometimes, we will act with impulse and only later, we will realize the whole wounded thread that was directing us in one direction. We only realize that we are in a new cube when we are starting to feel the compression and the constrain of its walls. We then break through with our shoulders going through the paper-thin layer, to the next step of our exploration of self and reality.

We may repeat internally how willing we are to let go of deceitful energies and that we want them to be revealed in full transparency. Once we have identified they are corrupted, we know they are not serving us but feeding from us and plugging us into the hologram deeper. Before we are able to completely let go, we might need a period of observation and analysis : observe the body language of the deceivers, study their gestures, what is being said, what is being left out and where we are building justifications in our minds for where we perceive they are binding energies. We may also observe their eyes and do screen captions, see if there is any void, emptiness or even perceived demonic attachments, ruling their psyche and handling them, telling them what is the next step. They are therefore not really master over what they are choosing but they are answering orders from dark factions. Later, we will become able to unsubscribe from their discourse on the public scene and never look back.

Spiritual bypassing and setting boundaries

Spiritual abuse and spiritual bypassing are common in any established community. There might not been any awareness that spiritual abuse is being perpetrated. An invitation is to think about the set-up of our childhood. Is there anything familiar in the way one relates to authority ? Where do my needs begin ? It’s a matter of percentage about how we are being accessed and how much access is being granted. It is healthy to need our own spaces and to reclaim ownership over the way we are handling our time. How do others react when a boundary is being set ? Boundaries can only be set once we have become aware of our own needs.

Most of us are generally too psychic to spend the majority of our time in community spaces. There comes a time when one needs to recharge and process by themselves. In community settings, one might always be busy with the processes of others and have no space to know what is going on inside or have no space to create whatever is being birthed inside in terms of discoveries. Needing an individual space is essential and has to do with boundary setting. We may choose our own parameters about when and how we are meeting others, for a period of time that we may even decide before meeting up, if we know we have difficulties to keep up with what we have in mind and get carried away with the energies. We might want to make sure we agree on these terms before we meet, to make sure we are able to respect them and therefore, ourselves. As we are reclaiming different areas of our lives, we have the right to choose who is interacting with us, when and according to which terms. When we feel someone is accessing us further than we would want to, we may always take a bit of distance to be able to feedback with ourselves. It is also very interesting to observe what happens when one is setting a boundary for themselves. It gives a lot of information about who we are dealing with and what is their intent towards you. It happens also that they might not be aware that they are being used by dark factions if they are switched in an altered personality and might have no recollection of it.

Restricting access (through the time we spend and our social media pages) can prevent from energy being harvested. This includes a lot of interactions with non spirited beings (we find a lot of them in administrative duties, delivering mails or in malls but also a great percentage of them in our families). They are indeed generated by the hologram to strengthen the idea of a majority (while it’s only the consent of real spirited beings which matters) and to discourage us to look too far outside of the cubical structures that are proposed and engineered as a life choice. They are there to give strength to this concept that we have to fit into this inverted reality. This concept has now become an embodied experience for me, perceiving how grey the aura is and that they are plateauing in their evolution. It is mainly the feeling of emptiness and void after spending time with them that is suggesting access has been granted. At a certain point, one understands that there is an intrinsic difference in the way backdrops are experiencing the world in comparison to original beings with the spark of creation burning in their veins. Backdrops experience the range of human emotions, including sadness and tears, which the hologram uses to convince us of their realness. The backdrop engineered reality will tend to reflect back to us that we are out of the norm, will be there to create and feed self-doubt, so we are discouraged to walk our determined paths. There will always be a void linked to what the backdrops or non player characters are experiencing and a frustration or emptiness linked to interacting with them. That is why such interaction should be limited to its minimum.

Further than this reality

Right now, this is how it is and things are never written in stones. Much can be undone at every moment. May the knowing that it will be alright and that we are held no matter what be by our side. There is so much, so much more yet to come. This reality is nothing as we have been told it is. We have to be cautious about the agreements we make and the consents we give away at any given time. May we never forget the power of calling for our own authority to rule our reality for the real contracts to be revealed at all times. We are working on becoming more and more able to be deciding about the terms and conditions of interacting with this inverse and beyond.

When doing ritual magic, a lot of energies can get stuck in our fields. What we can do is to continue keeping on fine-tuning, relentlessly and working on reconnecting with our abilities and our discernment, commanding for the truth to be revealed, asking for support from our own higher self and Benevolence in which ever terms we want to call it and. We may ask, in every situation, in every interaction, for hidden contracts to be revealed to us, that it will be clear for us, what we are engaging in. As we grow on this path we are learning to be more and more connected to our own guidance and to rely less and less on the exterior to get feedback. It is truly the work of a lifetime to remember from within our bodies who we are. Many of us are holding the keys of new templates and blueprints of a higher dimensional experience. These keys are creating breaches within the old system as we keep on aligning with the force of eternal fire source creation. The old system becomes, step after step, more unstable as we are becoming less predictable.

Nevertheless, we still have hidden fragments of ourselves that they are able to call in and request for usery. In the past, the intrusion might have felt less obvious due to the gaslighting and numbing of our bodies and our minds and also due to alters completely taking over our main consciousness. Now a lot of us have been integrating enough, so we know how it feels when we are in line with our core self. The sharp true is cold and brutal, and so is the awakening process. So very few are understanding the complexity of this realm because it is hurtful to see how ugly it is, it is painful to hold the vision and the clairvision of what is, really. A lot is done so beings stay in denial or looping in their programming and labyrinthic backdoors. Many are holding to what they think is love and appreciation in their lives, while in fact it is coming from a proposition of the hologram. Many are falling for the mirroring or the drug-like feelings linked to untruthful signs of appreciation used by handlers who are taking advantage of the wounding of not feeling seen, heard or loved. Others have not gathered the strength yet to protest the constant abuse and declare that they want something else for their reality. Loving friends, who know where the borders of free will begin, are patiently waiting for them to pierce some additional layers.

Only pure intent can move its way through the layers of these systems we are navigating. All programmings are multi-layered, like an onion to peel. Deprogramming is also multi-layered. When we understand our beliefs are the product of mind control, it’s easier to look at them as not our own. With our reclaimed gifts, we are able to anchor codes of a higher dimensional experience ; it is part of our process of remembering who we are and redirecting a part of the energy that has been for long stolen from us. Will we fully be free in this lifetime ? This can be a recurrent question. We are working to be sworded from the frequency prison we are in and understanding how we got here and the energetic consequences of some of our choices is key. There will be a time where we will be able to go and experiment different levels of reality outside of this entrapment system. In the meantime, it’s important not to focus on escaping but on understanding the reasons we have ended up here. Most of the time, it is not about volunteering for assisting a key era (the seducing idea of doing a work of service instead of the cold sharp truth of being used and abused as an asset) but about being caught and probably lured in due to curiosity or directions chosen in alternative lifetimes. Some avenues we receive assistance, some avenues we give assistance. The work of self healing/remembrance will never be ending, so we better not wait to be fully healed before we challenge ourselves and show up for others in what we are good at. This can be very reactivating for others. We strengthen when we are in touch with real beings inhabited by Original Sparks, who have been fighting their whole lives to stay sane and dissociate the least possible and who have no hidden agenda towards us except keeping on standing strong through this common battle. Source Creation is there to assist us in creating more consciously the heaven that is inside of us instead of being used unconsciously to participate unwillingly in the sustaining of the inverse. We may always ask for Source Creation to intervene in our favor and assist us to become able to be stronger, wiser and healthier. The ones who are asking are receiving.