Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Guilt, shame and the divide and conquer agenda in the vegan movement and the tunnel vision of the detox community

The vegan movement, as for the yoga movement, is being socially engineered and infiltrated from the top in the aim to mislead humanity into further division and to anchor more shame and guilt into our veins.

One person’s journey’s with food is calling for respect, no matter their choices and beliefs. It is a complex multidimensional and mutlilayer experience of inalienable personal truth and it has to do with the level of conditioning and programming. Beyond the content of one’s discourse around diet, it’s especially about the reactions that come with it and the way these reactions and triggers are being handled. It should never be about shaming someone. Though I would be considered to eat a vegan diet (see my article on the mucus free healing system), I don’t identified with the vegan movement or its intention.

The frequency of the vegan movement isn’t quite right

Around me along the years, I saw many people choosing the vegan diet from a wounded place or for egotic reasons. This includes people choosing to compete with each other through their diet choice and priding themselves for being vegans as if it was a life accomplishment. Eating meat does not mean one is lacking empathy. Some very angry people I met online where vegans who were not able to maintain an interaction on the basis of equality. It became necessary for me to take a step away from the detoxification communities, realizing the amount of tunnel visions created in these hive-mind environments. I knew enough to continue my healing path while continuing on learning and to disconnect from being connected to these groups every single day.

Some time ago, I was walking in London on the sidewalk, I felt as if I was under attack energetically when crossing path with angry vegans who were vibrating at a very chaotic frequency, trying to catch people’s attention, manipulating them through guilt and shame, exposing sidewalkers to traumatizing pictures of animal cruelty. This is a trauma-based discourse and has absolutely no healing power. When one takes a closer look at the frequency that is animating these vegan initiatives, it’s all about controlling human decisions via wounded places, creating drama within communities. None of this helps the animal cause and none of this addresses the problem of animal cruelty at the root. What happens when people feel entitled to dictate to others what they should or shouldn’t do? People get caught into a nasty matrix traps; loosh is generated and harvested from the drama, a loosh that is food for the hidden game keepers.

On the ethical side, slaugthering houses are portals of low energy, trauma and horror. It is sure that different meats have different qualities according to how the animals were fed, treated and killed. Toxic veganism is not an answer. Movies like Gamechanger are about the wrong kind of veganism which is not, in itself, a healthy diet. Veganism was hijacked and meat substitutes were introduced; they are not necessary and are on the side of acidity as are vegan processed food items. Soy and corn are also not the best for human health and other forms of starches (including starchy vegetables) and cereals are quite obstructive. Many stories of failed veganism are sponsored by the meat and dairy industries and come from compromised, corrupted or misinformed sources.

Enslavement of the consciousness

Furthermore, there are countless hidden agendas in the food industry, just as everywhere else. Food is a tool of control, enslavement and numbness in many ways. Many myths (such as milk for calcium) are being pushed forward for economic reasons, but not only. Our diet influences our level of consciousness and the promotion of a diet that is detrimental to human’s health is serving agendas of destruction and enslavement, and especially enslavement of the consciousness as we become more obstructed, denser and less of the light beings that we are.

It appears clearly now how veganism is being linked to other agendas such as transhumanism or climate change. As for the discourse around climate change, one should observe with care whenever social justice feelings are being triggered. There is a design behind this intent to trigger the audience in one way or the other. Sometimes the aim is to trigger one of our fragmented sub-personnalities in order to get a reaction out of us. We are being socially engineered through causes, events and news. Hidden agendas based on shame and guilt propaganda are pushing humans to adopt a vegan diet that is the most synthetic and toxic possible (soy based products for example are very acidic and mucus forming) while many members of the elite make these industries, corporations and organisations into a million dollar business. They make sure to get rich while derailing humans from natural laws. The transhumanist agenda in the end wants humans to eat synthetic food grown in labs (and this includes synthetic meat that will also be pushed to feed pets from people who eat a plant-based diet and who feel a great amount of shame and guilt around having to engage with meat slaughtering corporations with no conscience, morals and ethics). What are we going to accept because of our shame and guilt being triggered?

What is to be found in most of the shelves of food stores nowadays shouldn’t be eaten in the first place (more than 90% of what we can find in food stores is not fit for human consumption; our body is reacting to it by switching into allergy mode). Now the climate change agenda is also used to push humans to eat foods that they wouldn’t eat in other circumstances, from insects to human flesh: cannibalism is starting to be promoted to fight climate change, emissions and encourage sustainability, inserting the satanic agenda in order to steal more consent from the masses. Once called the last taboo, it has now become the ‘great’ taboo. With small details, they go step by step in the normalization process. “Artists” such as Marina Abramovic (an occultist entertaining the elite with her ‘art’) are part of this greater agenda. Shows on Netflix are also starting to bring these concepts to the mainstream, making them more acceptable by desensitizing the audience.

Caught into matrix traps

Identification to a diet as a religion will eventually cause further division. It appears clearly now how veganism is being pushed in countless ways (through youtube celebrities or Hollywood or pop music celebrities) to serve the new world order’s UN Agenda 21 and supports the hoax of a man-made climate change, a discourse that is being used to manipulate the citizens in a certain direction and to pass certain new decisions and laws. As soon as there are frequencies of guilt, shame or principles of victim/savior complex, the matrix has us right in. As soon as we look down on someone’s journey, thinking we know better, creating a hierarchy, installing power dynamics, we are in a trap ourselves that is not serving anyone and that is preventing us from healing too, keeping us in an acidic state. What matters just as much as what we eat is how we position ourselves in front of someone’s else choices, or our own.

Matrix agents leading the vegan movement

The vegan movement is being socially engineered. A lot of vegan youtube personalities are deceivers. They are not who they pretend to be. Some of them might even have been covertly inverted in their biological gender very young and placed as leaders of these movements just as you would see it in any other field (politics, cinema, sport and so on). If they promote veganism, it’s certainly not out of compassion. People behind the curtains have no mercy for humans or animals. There is another agenda: to further control our food and the quality of it while infiltrating the food-debate (every single field of life is infiltrated), to create more division and control opposition. The vegan diet that is being pushed is also about unhealthy vegan manufactured products, derailing from the natural ways and the gifts of nature, tending towards an artificial and acidic consumption, up to products tainted with satanism (the meatless burger that bleeds, reminder of the adrenalised blood that keeps humans very engaged in their dopamine circuit). Let’s remember how they even had a word invented, a disease, for people considered too focused on eating healthy: orthorexia. It became labeled as a mental disorder which means one was mentally unstable for wanting to eat the healthiest diet possible. It is purely shame and guilt programming.

When I look at what is happening, it appears clearly as an infiltration and a mean to control opposition and carry people further away from a nourishing natural plant-based diet close to the connection humans can have with their soil. The mucus free way of eating and additionally fasting is a healing system that is stopping and reversing degeneration. After engaging in such journey, anyone trying to it meat will feel (once the body has started responding again and stopped being numb) what meat is truly doing to the body. The human body is not meant to digest meat and it putrifies and causes further degeneration. Human kidneys are not able to deal with the acidic waste that is created. Is the way we eat assisting us in reversing health conditions such as acne, chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism? Does it help with intestinal tract or the speed of digestion? Or is the diet we consume only suppressing the symptoms (as are doing the carnivore or keto diets)? These are not detox systems and they only cause further problems.

Are we able to notice the consequence each food item has on our system? It sometimes feels like a weird sensation of density in the sinuses (the creation of mucus from artichokes for example) or there might be a response from the lungs. I have found a lot of understanding in connecting with the frequency of each ingredient and what it does to my body with many trials and errors (including puffiness and nausea). I find empowerment in renewing trust into the full potential of my body to heal itself. I choose the mucusless way of eating because it’s regenerative, causing the least harm to the human body and focusing on human physiology. I stay open to experimentation and reviewing and deepening my understandings. The line is thin between educating oneself and falling into matrix traps of division creating tunnel visions. It’s a great playground for learning a lot about the body. It’s incredible all that our body, a real technology, is able to do.

Let’s be aware of discourses that are pushing us inorganically in one direction, and especially in one frequency that creates loosh, a frequency that does not serve us and is harvested. The animal condition is not what we think it is (there is backdrop technology there) and it will regain some dignity as we realign to live from our heart center in a more embodied way. The quest begins inside of us, tracking our own blind zones, the areas where we are naive and easily manipulated and the areas where we choose division and reaction instead of unity and creation.