Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Recognizing the frequency signature around us and the energy signature from controlled opposition, the role of subliminal reprogramming and the danger of mediumship

The architects have a plan for every single template of individuals and they usually use our emotions and own programming in order to get in and bypass all critical thinking. They have templates for every corner of the broken parts of our psyche. The mirroring can be very deceiving, making us see things that are not there, maybe things that we would like to be there in order to bring us some comfort. We often find a great degree of intensity in the reactions and the level of attachment present around public figures who have a role of tight handling. Addressing an individual case is not the most helpful form of expression but it can be useful especially for the ones dealing with the same deceitful individual. Extracting the lessons and noticing the patterns of each of these settings is also very needed. Most of the time, one can not save others from the need of personal experimentations and trials and errors. The journey of breaking from spells and mind control is very personal. The only way to see through the next same kind of spell is to process within ourselves and learn the needed lessons.

We are generally led by hidden handlers from off world in order to seek information from controlled opposition 3D handlers who will make sure our minds are infested with controlled revelation. Many teachings are nothing new and very often stolen from real original beings with the original spark of creation. Usually there is usurper frequencies hiding in the presentation of these teachings by agents and assets chosen by freemasonic orders. The architects make sure to collect all the good research in order to divert the energy in deceitful ways. Many are meant to be provocateurs and generate strong reactions and debates in order to collect energy and keep the frequencies low and individuals within their own programming. On the scene, they are all there to distract from coming back to the self and focusing on what is important. Many are working undercover for other forms of agendas than the ones officially announced. We are not elevated from being connected to these handling energies, we are kept small. Stockholm Syndrome is encouraged as a form of love. Being connected to a cult is not really helpful. For example, a few years ago, I tried to listen to Michael Tsarion because a friend of mine had recommended him and after a few minutes I realize I could not hear a single word of what he was saying ; I could not focus with his frequency and that happens when the frequency is extremely dark. Many want to join a leader that they can get behind but the reality is that we have to become our own leaders, as the sovereign beings that we are originally.

Subliminal reprogramming

I heard a recommendation about suggestive tracks with positive affirmations and would not trust these forms of reprogramming done by strangers. When tracks have a million of views on youtube, we generally may be sure they are too mainstream and probably pushed and promoted by the algorithms of the demonic principalities. I tried to listen to some rife in the past but deleted the tracks because i was not sure what they were doing. When we are facing some corporations, what is their logos about ? Does the signature feel like it has organic in it ? Similarly, I was wondering about the creator of health patches (Lifewave) who previously developed patches for the military that were now released to the general public (not an encouraging sign). Not everything is to throw to the bin entirely, maybe we do it for a period of time or we ask for clarifications in full transparency and awareness for nothing can be hidden from us. Instagram accounts usually give a lot of information about the signature of someone or a corporation through the selection of images. Most of the times, this selection gives information about how they are representing themselves subconsciously. Obvious signs are the one-eye symbol or an encouragement towards a split of personality with doubles and mind fracture. What’s really ruling the beings we are in touch with ? Nevertheless it is realistic to be noticing that everyone has signs of mind control on their accounts of website ; so how do we know for sure ?

The energy signature from controlled opposition

Most are teleguided programmed assets who are very efficient at swallowing knowledge and presenting it back as their own reflections. Many public figures are handling other public figures. Masonic assets such as Jordan Petterson are there to generate debate, trigger and harvest strong emotions on both sides of the polarity. Some are on the martyrdome side like Julian Assange, calling for our compassion or our inner justice warrior (associated to alters still non integrated within us). Jordan’s ‘daughter’ is also part of the plan. We see they are being promoted by algorithms with thousands and millions of views.

I was seeing one of my handlers particularly as someone completely different from who he is and it took me months to see how dark everything around him and his choices actually were. I was finding justifications for every choice that I was witnessing was devious. I was rationalizing the behaviours. I was very sad too that this human being that I had created in my mind did not exist ; it would have been an amazing person. The image we have of them is completely different than what they truly are actualizing in this reality, actualizing a lot of darkness. Darkness is a frequency more than it is tangible usually. Mind control contains a lot of darkness because it is in the way between the individual and a higher spirit. Looking around and witnessing who else is caught in the spell can be helpful as well. It’s good to come back to it after a few weeks and see if the perception has changed. We might stay connected as long as we need to, to learn the full spectrum of the needed lessons. The beauty we see in them is a mix of unclaimed beauty and darkness from the self and also a certain illusion some beings are bringing to reality, a false sense of comfort from the cold sharp truth.

It’s often hard for us to connect to content of a higher truth because we have been so programmed to deceitful frequencies and we are encouraged to stay connected to them. In a way as well, we can also see the fact to be connected to controlled opposition content as a way our higher self is finding in order to progress through the different black cubes, towards freedom. On the other side, in many ways, this content is perpetuating mind control and seeding our consciousness with more entanglement. The interface wants us to interact with this controlled content and wants us to research in order to feed from our signature. When we connect to a psychic or a healer who is choosing to experiment with the darker spectrum, they may be accessing our signature, they may reprogram us and they will also encourage us to be susceptible to being more used during our nighttime missions. When we interact with the hologram and anything that is of synthetic nature, we can be sure our frequency signature is being used.

Extraction of our frequency signatures

Beneath the current narrative, there is what is happening to us on hidden levels : how our energy is being extracted, all the spirit trap agreements that are still plugged right into our cores or the handling of dark factions present in our lives. Controlled opposition content distracts and the hidden consequences happen on many levels. The energy signature behind it is of a certain (lower) frequency (the intent is upside down). It does not help us to elevate ourselves to be in touch with this frequency of deceit. We carry a lot of programming that is leading us to stay connected to kabbalah and illuminati imprints still present in our fields (we have this in our field to a certain extent still). It will always be serving us more to be in touch with the real and none of their engineered agendas and it’s more realistic to envision this in terms of a percentage. There is controlled content ready for every stage of awareness. Controlled opposition is there in order to slow down our reconnection to original templates. Once we are free from one level of handling, we generally have to process this dark energy out of us.

These energies are handling us and thus not serving us, even if they attempt to disguise that it is what they are doing. Handling is making sure we think we are getting something out of it, but we don’t. The belief linked to external authority programming is very strong and it is hard to shift perspectives. Only when one knows that the signature is inverted, one can work with this content in a mature way, observing, taking a few snippets of truth but never staying for too long because we still are very suggestible to layers of reprogramming and we have to minimize the exposure to it because it does trigger the expression of subpersonalities who are then taking charge partially to make decisions and dialoguing with others around us. No one is fully awake, it is rather about a percentage and we are only on the path. All of us are still under mind control to a certain extent in our lives and mentors who say otherwise are lying to themselves. It is hard to access what we are really involved in and how we are being taken advantage despite the gigantic path that we have already walked.

Controlled opposition in the french scene

On the french speaking scene, we have a lot of controlled opposition with authors or public figures that we see in the mainstream or in the alternative information scene, such as Lilou Macé, Marie-Lise Labonté, Serge Boutoul, Lise Bourbeau, Laurent Gounelle, Ana Sandrea, Henri Joyeux, Stéphane Allix, David Laroche, Marc Vella, Pierre Rabbi, Matthieu Ricard, Alexandre Jolien, Thierry Jansen, Bernard Werber and so many others. The title of « Conversation papillon » in the french scene is clearly revealing the signature of what it is about with a reference to the monarch butterfly, a trigger for mind control. By extension, we understand that a youtube channel such as Tistrya, popularized very fast on Youtube, is serving the same deceitful agendas and encourages the audience to turn in infinity loops. In the new age french movement, Patricia Daré seems like a masonic agent with a quiet vampiric appearance. Something that is interesting to observe is how individuals are handling their comment sections : do they leave people unacknowledged ? Are they really listening to their guests or colleagues or are they pretending like they are being emphatic ?

We need to read between the lines when we see Paul Watson polarizing the discourse in good versus evil. Public concept figures such as Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson are added to the discourse in order to reinforce the hypnotism. These agents are placed in certain functions and roles in order to create subjugation and steal away precious time. Their functions might be to catch everyone into some layers of the drama triangle. Many times, we will find martyr or rescuer programming in there. There is so much layering within this sort of usery programming. They will make sure to aggravate trauma by exposing the audience with images of horror about the cruelty done to animals. Often times, journalists are programmed and under influence in order to write about these subjects because they are believing it’s a good cause. This was the path engineered for me in some moments of my life after I let go of the desire to write for the cinema industry, realizing the frequency of this scene would be hard to navigate and unfulfilling. I myself wrote about these controlled subjects and controlled assets thinking they were about something else. I deleted content written or refused to publish some articles when I was realizing in time what I was playing in.

Thrive II is a good example of controlled opposition content. The trailer is enough to spot the red flags : for example, we are spotting the presence of Nassim Haramein (a counter intelligent asset) and Lilou Macé (a french famous youtuber) interviewed one of the directors of the documentary, Forest Gamble. Thrive I has been acclaimed by 90 millions. The voice over of Thrive II is very Hollywood-type and the graphism of the title is Disney-like. This is enough to indicate we are better away from this type of content or it’s good to watch it from a distance and with a good eye scanner.

In the scene of raw living food and detoxification, we also find a lot of controlled agents. Irène Grosjean for example, whom I met in person, felt really empty and automated. She repeated the same to me exactly as what appears on her documentary. There was no divine spark. Many are finding her amazing just because she is so old and still coherent in what she is expressing or because she can run up the hill. It’s a bit ironic because this should be the normal state of our elders if health was not so targeted by inverted agendas. I discovered that Biovie (a brand that distributes fresh seaweeds conserved in salt for example) had a weird frequency signature (I kind of had to force myself to order the seaweeds from a different source because theirs were delicious). The famous documentary « la vie en abondance » by the Chou Brave has been promoted by the algorithms. Chou Brave also promoted Laura Marie on their channel a little while ago. Algorithms generally are suppressing the ones carrying the most truth frequencies. Someone like Thierry Cassasnovas is hard to follow because of the frequency he is conveying that is on the self serving spectrum ; yet he has a good role of controlled agent for the ones wanting to access translated knowledge from english sources. So everything is relative. Some programmed beings are used in order to channel something else and it can also be through their voices or talents. Many therapists are working with energies that are dark while they have no idea that’s what they are doing.

The case of Lilou Macé and Marianne Sébastien

Lilou Macé (widely known in the french scene, closely linked to freemasonry frequencies) also interviewed Kaia Ra not long ago (frequencies of false light luciferianism) and countless others compromised assets (Marianne Sébastien being another example). The public image of Marianne Sébastien (engaged in humanitary actions) and who she is in real life do not match. My redactor in chief proposed to me to do a subject on her and I accepted. I watched a few videos about what she was about and at the time (3 years ago), trusted in what I was seeing. Meeting her in real life was another story : manipulation, seduction games, disrespect, self-centeredness, flattery, mockery, a lack of empathy and abuse of participants. It took me a bit of time to process it all and to rewrite the subject I had first written about her. I could not entirely compute during the workshop the darkness of what was happening since it was not in correlation with the images I had been shown. It created like an internal bug. Cognitive dissonance is about mind programming still being too active to be broken down. Different types of information are colliding with each other. Because of the generalized mind control happening in our reality, a lot of beings experiencing abuse are afraid to speak out at the time when they break free and choose to stay silent in order not to face more suffering. There is a portion of time when self preservation is needed and another portion of time when we are healed enough and strong enough ; that is when we can speak out about it all. Moreover, Marianne was spending the nights in an association called Champs d’Ailes where Philippe Raymaekers is the handler of his partner Delphine Schultze. He came and interrupted a session I was doing with the latter with horses ; I was interviewing her for an article I was writing. His interruption was rude, dark and unsolicited. Handlers often do enable other handlers.

Inexploré magazine and trans hypnotic communication in the french landscape

I started to read Inexploré magazine around ten years ago and it took me a few years to start noticing that Stéphane Allix is an agent of controlled opposition in the french alternative information scene. The story around Stéphane Allix is very well wrapped around. When his brother Thomas died, he started to question our reality and wrote his first book. He wrote another book (« Le test ») when his father passed away and did an experiment across dimensions where he consulted a series of mediums in order to see if they had the answers about what was in his father’s coffin. In another book he explored the traces of another lifetime of a man who was under nazi mind control ; this one (I haven’t read it) might be reinforcing the official narrative around the holocaust and the linear idea of past life. The discourse is simplified in order to sedate.

When the Inrees (the corporation linked to Allix) in France announced the release of a documentary from director Sébastien Lilli (who became redactor in chief of the Inexploré magazine after Allix departed) , it was reuniting Stéphane Allix, Patrick Burensteinas, Pablo Servigne, Matthieu Ricard, Pierre Rhabbi and the so-called ecologist militant Paul Watson. By observing the repetitions of certain parameters and associations, tight links with freemasonry can be observed. They also have inserted the one-eye symbol in their teaser. I have followed the work of Stéphane Allix for years in the past and one could say that he was a remote handler of mine during these years. I fell in some traps guided by his magazine Inexploré, considering the information I was reading there as safe because it was alternative. I met him once in person and felt like there was no one really inhabiting his envelope. It was disappointing as I was realizing he was mainly an empty envelop, charismatic and fascinating but under very severe mind control. His wife also has a lot of characteristic of a handler and male attributes. The story around the character of Stéphane Allix was cleverly engineered.

Inexploré was praising the work of John of God while the latter is a deceiver channeling demons in Brazil around the space of « la casa ». It’s a proper cult with a lot of different layers and hierarchy. Another article written by a journalist who is a colleague of mine in the magazine I still work for in Belgium and whom I for long looked up to until I realize the degree of mind control playing on (she also wrote about Findhorn) was about a method used by a french man named Doctor Charbonier. He uses a sort of hypnotic trans communication and takes the participants of his workshop in a form of astral journey. He also mentions his colleague from french speaking Canada, Jean-Charles Chabot and a picture is enough to see the programmed gaze. Charbonier’s formula (but is it truly his?) is based on a solid marketing with the tales of many experiencers and during the presentation, there is an insistance around how the Doctor is being persecuted and targeted by official instances.While my colleague gave a tale of the journey she experienced beyond a certain point of being taken through the journey, meeting up with deceased loved ones, I was stopped abruptly and brought back to my body in one instant before passing some steps. It is only later that I realize that this was a protection as if something was not allowed to happen. It was a while ago as I was breaking free from the very thick layers of gaslighting and integrating the grief around the departure of my mother. Of course now, a brief look at any of the pictures of Charbonier or Chabot is enough for me to see programming being streamed through. People are experiencing what they long to experience but what is the price to pay on spiritual terms ? That is how good people such a well-intentioned journalists become handlers because they are naive and corrupted while they have no idea they are.

The danger and trap of mediumship

When we are grieving we also need to be extra vigilant because it’s a sensitive time that is often taken advantage of, especially in everything around mediumship. A medium can also insert specific imagery meant to trigger us in certain directions (serving agendas hidden from us). We are never sure that the messages we are getting are from a loved one who has passed away or if it’s generated by some forms of demons reading our field and using information to further deceit us. Mediumship comes with a lot of blind zones, hidden agreements and unresolved woundings (like we all carry). Complications are asking for us to devote time in order to put things back in order. Many answers obtained are meant to discourage us to look further into some aspects and to stay where we are, blissed by the message but also with a sensation of weird emptiness.

Many are clinging to incomplete ideas around what the invisible is about and it leads to deep denial and a refuse to address aspects of our shadows. It is true that many have talents and true gifts in order to read some invisible layers and access hidden information but they often are lacking a solid knowledge about what this reality is truly about. Many are deceived by energies disguising, especially if they call upon foreign energies when they work or in their personal life, and are not able to make a difference between black magic and a more aligned and balanced practice of magic. Moreover many psychics often works with compromised card games or cursed objects (like we all generally have in our houses) that they thought were blessed. There is also a fine balance to find between requesting information from an external source and developing our own gifts.

We will all have to grieve the transition between the living and the dead at some point of our lives. It often starts with a beloved pet. Because we have to go through an intense suffering until we break some of the programming down, it’s also a process where we can reaccess some parts of ourselves. Our loved ones when they depart are not defined by who they were anymore. They are everything and nothing at the same time. Death is taking a whole new dimension as it does not break the quality of love between 2 persons ; but it comes with a need of transmutaton of what was once. There is no need for this love to stop and death does not truly exist. This reality has its vibrant mystery to it.

Final words

If individuals do wake up from certain spells and programmings, it has to do only with their own will to do so. No one is waking someone else up. No one external is responsible for the effect produced on us, it has much to do with how willing we are to unfold certain things. Non spirited characters also are going through a similar synthetic version of the process of awakening ; it is a way for the hologram to fool us better and to entrap us deeper into how we interact with the hologram itself. It is so we can continue to bond with the hologram further than we should. We got to learn to love the game. This apparent process of awakening does not mean all are inhabited by spirit. But each process is calling for respect and that is a trap around the non spirited figures, to consider them less than.

All the predictive programming seen and witnessed makes it harder to wake up from some spells. The architects make sure to produce so much content in order to take things in a specific direction. But the plot and the acting are mainly a cover for it is all about the codes that are hiding underneath and perpetuating mind control. It’s not easy when we expose ourselves to frequencies and we are not sure what they are about. We also don’t want to become a fortress and retrieve too much ; the balance is hard to find. Nothing is truly black and white and they are many nuances. For example, in any controlled operation, there will be many complications but we might also create a friendship. Later many intrusions will try to divide any bond that is seeded in something greater or that is bringing much positive impact in terms of deprogramming. Most of mind-controlled assets have no ideas they are used by the dark factions and we all are to a certain extent in charge of keeping the others contained because of our own programming and wounding, some aspects to pay close attention to.

One can get very protective sometimes, like a mama bear ; but this is also a form of distorted love because it might intervene with the free will of others. These reactive expressions are not of the highest form, they are reactive and not in pure creation. They are linked to dopamine circuits. Creation takes more time and inner integration. The benefit of the doubt can lead to complication but reading too much into patterns can prevent the good to enter. There is a lot of synthetic telepathy as well in the ideas we get and also a lot of hijacking of the heart center. When we ask internally for the truth to be revealed and for more information to come our way, it’s a very potent way to keep on evolving. We may ask to be able to decode and deprogram from these spells which are actively playing right now in our lives. One has to know themselves relatively and more and more and interrogate, what is good for me now on this path ? Where my body needs to unlock or be held ? When every day we are tunning with what we need, every day is different, like a magic potion. Yet the program also interferes a lot, making it about survival as much as it can, bringing us in these low frequencies of fear-based choices.

Much is done around us to make us believe that awakening is going hand in hand with blissful states but it’s not. When we are in delusion, we don’t have to face the cold sharp true ; we might feel blissed out and feel like much is going well. This is usually a distraction from doing the real work. Spirituality is not a product but a state of being about evolving through the layers of this reality. Subpersonalities do want to have fun and are influencing us so we keep on distracting ourselves through forms of gatherings that are not optimal. We have to grieve what we had in mind that came from a lot of brainwashing and programming (romance, the model of a successful life that is being sold triggering a sense of failure until we deprogram many more layers) in order to be ready for each step that our spirit has in store for us. Of course there are a lot of layers of resistance to break through and we might keep on asking for help to break through these thick layers, to be shown where we need to work everyday.