Aria Persei

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Coming to terms with living with a pet who is an organic portal and experiencing the joy of living with a higher frequency cat

The systems of the different matrices are constantly trying to access our pets, as they are doing for us daily. Some of our pets are own by the machine, driven by the machine or part of the machine. Some are organic portals and this makes them susceptible to interferences of different sorts with the aim to target, interrupt and distract others around them. On one side, it is a fact that the low frequency forces and the artificial intelligence are also targeting us through our pets. On the other side, some of our pets are high frequency beings under the disguise of the envelope of an animal and with certain behaviours proper to that race (we can think about this as specie programming). In front of these beings who are living by our sides, what is the right attitude to have ? Our energies become entangled when we commit to be living together with our pets. The truth is that we can be drained by our animals or we can drain them as well if we are needy and if we want to receive from them what we are lacking in our lives (most of the time, love and affection).

We project so much onto our pets, thinking they are something they are not. Have we ever thought that most animals around us are generated by the hologram and therefore not animated by spirit ? Yet they are fascinating in the uniqueness that they are and very loved by creation too. I realize it was certainly the case for most of the pets I had during my childhood and teenage years. I realize this now looking back because I have experienced what it feels to be in touch with an animal who summons their own multiverse. What if our cats are allowing for sacral entities to feed from us when they are sitting on our laps? Once, I summoned an entity out (I was not sure there was any but I had a suspicion), I ended up sneezing right away.

The shock of discovering what is really going on and the process of acceptance

I was in shock for a few weeks when I opened my eyes to parts of the truth I was living with. Generally, when I discover how much darkness there is around me, in others or in me, it’s always a shock and there is a movement of wanting to stay away from it, until it’s getting integrated and accepted. It’s always a process. I was starting to have doubts about who is Ulysse after trying to ease his trauma for 4 years. He was not making much progress despite all my attempts. My father who is very much handled and does not have much discernment brought him to the house 13 years ago so he was the cat of my parents. The idea of giving Ulysse back where he came from stayed with me for a few weeks yet I was torn apart because I knew anywhere I could find would be a downgrade for him (caring for the needs of a non real being is related to programming). I decided to stay observant and to do some trials and errors while giving him Bach remedies in order to appease his temper and jealous character. He is a cat that comes and interrupts at the wrong times, sometimes making noise to wake the inhabitants of the house up. Sometimes he comes back in the house possessed or with discarnate energies inside of him that need to be cleaned and that can trigger compulsive eating in me; other times he attacks me or my other cat. He never says thank you and is very demanding. He attacked my face different times ; now I don’t let him close ever. For a while, I had decided to keep him (apathy programming and fear of guilt suffering) though a lot of interferences are happening through him and I became aware he is a portal for remote monitoring of the inhabitants of the house as well. I felt when this was happening, the energy coming from him being very AI. It is clear he makes associations with darkness. He is very psychic so he knew very well what was going on in my head. I can make him leave a room with my only thoughts. Backdrop animals still perceive a lot of invisible layers.

An organic portal is a mortal being through which external influences can act. Externally, nothing differentiates it from other spirited beings; internally Ulysse is lacking some abilities and connections with higher centers of being (heart and crown most certainly) while displaying proofs that he has lower centers well active (communication skills for his own needs for example). He seems unable to experience genuine empathy or interest outside of himself or some forms of material pursuits. He is a bit of a predictable character and easily manipulated by outside forces. He is missing a celestial essence and mainly follows a hive behavior connected to the interface with the different matrices and control grids. Ulysse has been placed on the timeline of my mother by someone used as a handler and it was known that, further on the timeline, I would end up with him for the second half of his life. His behavior is allowing for the vital energy of humans around him to be directed and stolen away, in part but less now that we know more about who he is.

I try to give him approbation and validation and when I do while not being in denial about who he is, things are more peacefull. It is a long journey to be appreciating him for who and what he is instead of what I thought he was or what I wish he was. I can see it in his eyes, a sort of emptiness filed by different energies from time to time that are not his. Ulysse has good communication skills but it is certain that the events of his life and what he has been exposed to have left him with a darkness overcasting his daily decisions. Lately, he has been sneezing a lot when being close to me and when I was petting him with an embodied awareness, at least as much as I could back then ; it was as if something was expelled from his field. My other cat, Qadesh, is also affected by his behaviour and who he is. His presence is used to anchor negative core beliefs in her. I don’t think she knows that Ulysse is part of the machine and she will sometimes be a victim of his bad moods.

On the one hand, it is sad to cope with the fact that some of our pets are sent as a distraction and are used to surveil and monitor us and create interruptions in our daily lives or target our nervous system that needs a lot of recovery. Ulysse is programmed to be insecure and jealous with a switched on nervous system. He is funny to observe most of the times when one has patience. We are often allergic to the hair of our pets, which weakens us but I guess it’s a small price to pay in order to be able to live in their company. On the other hand, it is a good training to practice compassion and relating with all forms of beings and species, even if their interferences are directly targeting our nervous system.

It’s not been easy to accept who Ulysse is and a grieving process has been necessary. There was a window of time where I got more into a fear-based mindset or a tunnel vision, limiting him in what he could be potentially and how he could be puppeted. He is very influenced by how I behave and what I think. He is part of the program and the love I thought I had for him was not real and he was definitely a distraction. I find that discovering more about my cats help me discover more about myself. I thought he was part of my equilibrium but he was not. It is cognitive dissonance from me to have thought I had love for Ulysse.

The days after I published this article, Ulysse was in a very good mood, as if he was happy with the attention he received and also from people from far away because he is quite psychic; I am sure he could feel the attention. He is certainly an attention seeker. He looked quite fulfilled with this small notoriety and was not behaving in a jealous way: Qadesh and Ulysse were chilling on the porch for days taking in the late sunlight from each day.

Pets who are used to interfere

As humans, some pets don’t seem to be willing to heal and due to negative core beliefs like « I can’t heal «  or a resistance to frequencies of truth, they will always relapse in their programming. They may hold this frequency of not wanting to change. They can remotely be influenced psychically or hold saboteur energies. Like many of us, they too have abandonment programming. Some can be a dark gate for constant access and distraction ; the best thing is to be vigilant at the moment of letting them enter our homes because after it gets difficult to abandon them and we generally also have grown with attachment to them. These portal pets usually are jealous of other more genuine and loyal pets and the attention we give them. It’s hard for them to resist jealousy set ups which are a pure product of this lovely matrix we are all in. Envy false programming is being triggered often, causing an energy drain all around and from everyone. There is a lot of similiarities with human beings who can not resist dark pacts and are used to negatively hurt others around constantly and repetitively.

These portal pets are programmed with difficult emotions and find it hard to leave these emotional negative states behind. In the end they are programmed to be lacking love for themselves which make it even more difficult as they also are resisting all the love we are giving them. They usually are quite intentional in using the energy of everyone in the household. The most problematic are the ones programmed with a predominance of fight types mecanisms. A parasite cleanse will generally help them to be less easily manipulated by dark forces. The hidden architects do try for us to have these portal pets that can be used for interferences.They generally arrange to affect their behaviors through dirty or poisoned food supplies. They too are memory wiped and their memory is being repressed. Some handlers in the animal communication field will blatantly lie to you about who they are ; either they have no idea or some are actually hiding the truth from you and creating distorsion and even toxic triangulation in your own household between you and your pets.

New age programming and handler in the field of animal communication

It’s not easy to unplug from this illusion and there is much new age programming around pets and the animal kingdom. Some animal communicators can really add more confusion than do good, for example pretending that our pet is something that they are not. One of them also pressured me to take a few steps back in the dietary choices that I made for them while I had made extensive research and what I was doing was working. She was pushy. I discovered who she was (a handler) and who she was working for (dark factions). She actually tried to cause toxic triangulation between me and my cats, inserting things that were not true through psychic influences. Previously, Qadesh had accepted to communicate with a belgian animal communicator, a fact that showed me that she was working with integrity. What she shared with me was multidimensional and encouraging. The signature could not lie.

The weakening of the health of our pets through an inappropriate diet

On my website, you will find an article going deep into the appropriate diet for cats (and dogs), as a specie. Ulysse was fed unproperly for more than one decade. Recently I have been starting to massage him and exert acupressure intuitively and moving his tissues. He is getting less and less stiff. Because of how much we are dealing with every day, it takes a lot to create space in order to be preparing the food for our own pets, either cutting the meat, making sure to freeze it or preparing vegetable meals for dogs. It can be a form of meditation too but I find that there is always a strange energy involved in handling meat and it always decreases my frequency. It can also be triggering for the nervous system or alters present inside that have agreements with the low frequency forces.

One interesting fact is that a cat can become allergic to some sorts of raw meat, which is what his specie is made for in the first place. I believe this is why, sometimes, cats will snob some meats and prefer other ones (they usually are not allergic to the ones they prefer). Some cats are just more difficult and this is the case of Ulysse who has to start eating with dry kibble before accepting to eat raw beef (his choice). Most of the time, our pets are eating things that are creating histamine reactions and inflammation in them. Indeed, there is a lot of different ingredients in any dried pet food which means a lot more chances to have one item that our pets are allergic to. By proposing a mono raw meal, we are reducing the chances. Cats, as humans, generally don’t do well with animal fats.

Our pets are also being poisoned and drugged (just like us all) and that is influencing their behaviours. They are subjected to mind control as well and remotely targeted or influenced. Many are being deceived to give their pets away to the laws of the veterinary world which unfortunately is all upside down. It is perverse how it is asking the consent of guardians in order to put their beloved animals down when a natural cellular detoxification could help them through. Because of external authority programming, we might think we need a veterinary in order to take care of our beloved pets yet the veterinary field is often very entangled with aggressive systems and programming. I am aware though that some benevolence is shining through as well in this field through the aligned intentions of some in the field. It’s never all black or white.

If it is true for cats, what about trees ?

How many times have we passed by trees without seeing them and becoming aware of their presence? We have been programmed not to see, feel and be in contact with some elements of this plane and realm. I have been wondering if a great part of nature is generated by the hologram and the simulation themselves. I believe it’s very possible some rare trees are spirited. Nature elementals also live in this inverted reality we are in and they are affected by the control grids as well. For example, it might happen that their eating habits have been modified due to the eating habits of humans programmed to be walking away from the diet that naturally soothes them. Some of the fey world might also very well be part of the hologram. This is food for thought and I wish to deepen my understanding and my perceptions of all this as I keep on deprogramming.

A high frequency being in the body of a cat

Qadesh arrived a few years ago when I started to deprogram some deeper layers, starting with layers of victimhood consciousness, a program that is meant to create infinite loops within its own programming for the seeker not to progress much and stay stuck. I had been looking for a young cat to adopt for a while and had tried with a little male one but Ulysse, once he understood he could beat him up, was very mean towards him. I did not want to cause more trauma for him and drove him back to the shelter ; the lady had asked me to do so if things were not going all right. I did not want to force things anymore and had not much space in order to know where to look for so I stopped looking. In the meantime, I separated from a partner who was very programmed, unable to connect to his heart because of his genetic predispositions and handled by dark factions to handle me and trigger me daily back into trauma and in altered states of personality. A few months later, it was winter 2017 I believe and I was in the hallway and a black and white little ball erupted from the basement with a high pitch sound. There she was. And she never left. She kept on purring from being fed and warm, with a gratitude and ease that never left her since. The more I deprogram the more our relationship deepens. She has her own challenges to face. I have noticed some of my alters are colder to her company so observing how I react to her is also a good indicator of my own mental state. When I was abroad I could allow myself at some point to feel how much I was missing her on a daily basis, it was December 2019 and, after my return, I never left again for a long time. In 2020, there were a lot of different guests and energies in the house, which she adapted to but which was not the best environment for her. Now the environment is getting better and better yet every day I wake up and I know we have been drained during nightime and I ask her what has she been up to ? I have learned to give to her as much as I can in the energetics we exchange and make sure the exchange is balanced as much as I can. Later on I computed that the being in Qadesh had walked out when I was away. I separated from the empty avatar and adopted 2 spirited dogs in 2022.

Qadesh was more easily accessed and she was mainly run by AI at that point. We have to learn to love the rides in these matrices, haven’t we. May all sentient beings find real freedom connected to the source of spirited essence or whatever is of support for them ; in the knowing Creation loves us all very dearly.