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Healing with ear candles

Ear candling is not very known in our countries and often discredited. Nonetheless, it is a common technique in the Mediterranean area and South America and in Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec cultures. In Switzerland, ototherapy (treatment with ear candles) is recognized by the Foundation for recognition and development of alternative therapies.

A few years ago, ear candles already crossed my path but I didn’t listen. In front of mixed opinions, even controversy, I remained hesitant to give it a try. It is not uncommon for effective methods to be ridiculed and discredited by messages spreading fear or misinformation. These attacks are often times directed against practices (or people) that carry wisdom, not profitable to Big Pharma but very beneficial for those seeking to bring more balance back into their health. I wanted to make my own opinion about it, based on my own experience. As I was stepping upon a video promoting ear candling, I was ready to go for the experiment. Sometimes it’s the best way to feel if something is good or not for us and build our own opinion about it. Experimentation is a royal path.

I did have some “minor” troubles in my ears. In the past, it was common for my sinuses to become congested (this has improved by purifying my diet towards products that are not forming mucus). At several occasions, I felt a painful pressure in my ears when traveling by plane. It is easy to start on our own, lying down, in a calm atmosphere, maybe with a mirror in order to see the progress of the flame. Each pair of ear candles will not burn the same way; the sucking power will be different from one confection to another.

In some Youtube videos where people are relating their experiences about ear candling, I noticed many think that the beige deposit found at the end of the treatment by unwinding the remaining unconsumed piece of candle came from their ears. This deposit is produced by burning the candle and can be found by letting the candle burn alone. On the other hand, what is not caused by combustion is lymphatic waste, a kind of orange-brown hardened paste, which varies in quantity from one candle to another and is inside our head.

The ear candle leaves another form of residue, beige, lighter than this dark orange stuff that is from my ears (especially the left side), I can feel it building up when I dry fast or have melon or watermelon juice or grapes. Then I can feel it in my ears at the entrance, sometimes they get blocked if I don’t do it soon enough. I kept all my residue since I start and now have the size of a fist, at least. It’s not only old residue, also new residue building up from toxins and non mucusfree food. It’s incredible how many layers of dense mucus there is in our heads. But that explains a lot of our problems too. 

The deposit is first liquefied before solidifying again after the operation is completed. The combustion creates a suction effect (I felt my ear becoming clogged when the paste was sucked from the ear to the filter of the candle) and allows lymphatic decongestion, the face appears less swollen. After the treatments, I felt my mind was clearer. The treatment supports the lymphatic system in the face area, a very important area to detoxify. I had the impression of feeling lighter in the sinuses area. I also felt reactions in the intestine area and at a meridian on my foot. To this day, I have burnt countless candles. To avoid ear sensitivity, it was sometimes necessary to wait 1 week in between treatments.

To try ear candling, you can put a mirror in front of you to see the candle burning when it gets close to your ears. The only risk is if you get distracted and burn your jumper or your ear. You get a protection for around the candle, you can use a textile to protect your head and make a hole in it. You prepare a bowl of water next to you. When it gets to the line at the end of the ear candle, it’s time for you to turn it off. The only other thing is that sometimes you ear gets itchy after doing it because you move material inside your own head so I also have a anti itchy garlic liquid for ears for when it happens. And the worse that can happen is to get your ear clogged because you get all the wax into a liquid state, and it can move from right to left. That is why sometimes I need to spend one hour lying down doing ear candles in a row. It’s nice that the body uses the ear exit pathways to sort some of its residues.

While I was on a protocol of pasteurized grapejuice, I was doing frequent (every 3 days, sometimes every day) ear candling because of the amount of waste that was accumulating and ready to exit through my ears. To this day, here is the amount of waste that exited through my ears (may 2019).