Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

One year of regeneration tending towards a frugivore mucus free way of eating

When I internally prayed for answers in terms of health addressing causes and not symptoms, I wanted to leave the passivity of a state of powerlessness. A whole year of research, experimenting and reprogramming followed but of course I bumped into a cult first. The road to a frugivore mucus free way of eating is a journey of self exploration, trials and errors and deep reconnexion to the body intelligence and its functions.

Human diet is not supposed to be what we think it is. By taking a look at different types of anatomies, it appears that the appropriate diet for humans, the one that fits human physiology without causing any harm, consists of fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, sprouts, nuts and seeds. Our physiology differs much from carnivores, omnivores or herbivores. It doesn’t look like we have the correct equipment to digest the acidity of a high protein or a high grain diet. Many products that are proposed for human consumption in stores (some of them being considered healthy) actually are creating acidity and obstruction within the body. The food industry is a business employing endless numbers of people. Oils, flours and dairy products appear to be causing health damages. A well kept secret: man would be a frugivore.

Men have adaptated their diet when they move to colder climates. The body has adapted too, it’s quite a fascinating technology. It acts as a buffer until it runs out of options. And this is happening for the current generations, suffering advanced states of chronic and degenerative issues as our world becomes more and more a place of exposure to toxicity. It seems more and more people need to take radical actions in regards to their health. Fortunately, we aren’t powerless, if only we reconnect to our own inner truth which will show us the way, and this will differ from one person to the other. In the field of health and diet, as everywhere else, disinformation and misinformation rule, making it even more crucial to come back to tuning into our own healing system: our body. I learned that cleaning the body at such level takes time and commitment over years and that it is appropriate to think in terms of creating the least additional waste and adopting means of clearing the old stagnant waste out.

My journey with food

I grew up eating a diet that many would consider normal in western standards: home cooked meals including meats, grains, vegetables and salads, very rarely eating fast or greasy food. My first research around food was through mainstream psychology magazines and was directed by the programming of losing weight or dealing with “fat” (I later discover we often mistake cellular waste for fat). Around age 16, I was learning about calories and starting restricting my food consumption with a fear-based frequency. I would never succeed to lose weigth while trying to do so (later I would understand this was caused by a stagnant lymphatic system). I would develop an authoritarian relationship with myself based on self loathing and self hatred, a desire to want to disappear and keep myself small and unseen. Nowadays, I understand how the model/fashion industry is a great way to control women with creating a fracture around the subject of food (our primary relationship with the external world), our weight and our self image. Once someone is suffering from an eating disorder, all their energy goes on this inner war. And this keeps them busy with their inner self loathing programming while they are of no thread for the frequency fences.

Since birth, I suffered from constipation. It didn’t cross my parents’ minds to investigate the field of what they were feeding me, because they weren’t able to connect the dots together for themselves either. Is that that surprising though, when we think about it, that all external input that we ingurgitate has a very impactful result on our body? During childhood, I would have terrible migraines which would often end with me having to vomit. I didn’t know you could develop a migraine related to a meal you had one or 2 days before and that headaches are connected to poor kidney function. Kidney function is closely linked to the lymphatic system which is supposed to be working but which is stagnant and clogged up for most of us. Diseases are linked to the fact that our lymphatic system is not working and that waste is sitting in our body. I only suffer from one headache a month nowadays and don’t use any medication to ease the pain. They are growing in lesser and lesser intensity and they are related to an acidic crisis that happens due to an hormonal imbalance once a month.

When I was 18, as I was starting to do the groceries on my own, I was not called to go in the meat section. I became aware of the cruelty involved in killing animals and this ethical concern (mainly a narrative from the simulation) led me to decide orienting my diet towards pescatarianism (somehow I had more compassion for mammels than for fishs). Having suffered from constipation all of my life, my transit got better as I was increasing my intake of vegetables and when I did stop eating meat. Along the years, I experienced a lot with recipes and different ways of eating. It was progressive. When I was 23, I suddenly lost 10 kilos in a few weeks, so fast I couldn’t believe it when I got on the scale. Later, I would understand I was in hyperthyroid stages for 2 years, until suddenly the weight was back on my bones: I was now further away in my thyroid problem, in hypothyroid (in my iridology report I go in more depth about the way our tissues deteriorate). A few years later, I would lose a great deal of hair, which is also linked to a poor thyroid function, which also affects calcium regulation and is slowing the entire system down.

My concern of gaining weight was not the only reason why I would avoid fast food, pasta, pizzas, bread and all grains. I just didn’t feel good when I was eating it. Progressively, I developped a love for big salads and pans of cooked vegetables. After my fixation on weight got better, I would increase my cheese intake and this began to be a big addiction, that I wasn’t aware I had (cheese is the most concentrated form of casein in any food. It is supposedly so to assure the nursing of baby animals and help the survival of the specie. When consumed, the fragments of opiate molecules of dairy protein attach to the same brain receptors that other narcotics attach to). Around age 28, I adopted a vegan diet for a year (which meant in my case mainly letting go of the cheese and it took a bit more time to dismiss honey out of my diet) but succumbed peer pressure from my concerned doctor as I was struggling with some emotional processes. I renewed with fish and eggs (but not with cheese) for a few months and falsely felt better on it… But only for a little while.

My wake-up call happened when facing the state of my gums which were receiding badly, causing pain. I internally prayed for answer, a sincere prayer that was soon answered (by a cult leader), as prayers are. I had forgotten about my acne and my permanently bloated belly. I got so used to my chronic troubles, I didn’t even think another type of experience was possible. Although I had been feeling better with adapting my diet in the past, especially when quiting meat and grains, I had never found a true healing system (see my article on the mucus free healing system). I had never trully detoxed. And the answers came knocking at my door (they had already knocked 6 years before with Doctor Morse’s videos, another cult leader, only my mind was too stubborn to open the door). Some food I was consuming were overstimulating (cacao and matcha) and mucus-forming (organic eggs) and liver and lymph blocking (“healthy” fats). It appears white potatoes, rice, corn, soy products, tempeh and all processed food are mucus forming. It appears oils and fats are mildy mucus forming but obstruct the lymphatic system which halts the detox process. The good news is also the myth of meat for protein has no solid ground as what we need are amino acids. My colon was damaged from a very early age, which later impacted my thyroid, and my lymph got stagnant when I was probably in the belly of my mother. I realised I had twenty years of non elimination (everyday we are supposed to eliminate 3 pounds of waste) during my 20 first years. Step by step, this accumulation of obstruction led to more and more unconfortable living conditions. This path would be a humbling one, teaching me patience and revealing much about the human process. There are many levels between being fully alive and being fully dead.

Searching for answers, diving to the root cause

Let’s set the records straight. I am a big food lover. For me, the idea to give up even a small portion of my beloved salads, veggies and currys was not easy to approach. I felt deprived in advance, deprived from my numerous fixes I wasn’t aware I was used to have. I didn’t know the extent of how I was using food to soothe my life and to numb my emotions. I was still suffering from a disordered eating, without knowing it. Before leaving for a trip away, I would finish the rest of the fridge to a point of pressure on my stomach. I didn’t realise how I was treating myself as a garbage bin. I didn’t know how food is another mecanism, just as screens, addictions and compulsive behaviours, to avoid feeling the discomfort and the suffering and how much it can be used as a way of distracting oneself from feeling unpleasant feelings. Furthermore, our relationship with food happens on a daily basis, several times a day.

In March 2018, I opened Pandora’s box and started to learn about the original human nutrition, the creation of residual waste in the body, cellular detoxification and fasting. Despite all my spiritual work, including extensive work with plants medicine known to encourage purging (including more than 30 sessions with kambo which is supposed to be a great cleanser but which is opening ourselves up to astral warfare) and numerous body, mind and energetic therapies, I hadn’t been regenerating. During the next months, I watched, read and informed myself extensively. At first and for a few weeks, the realisation of how my body was degenerated was a bit of a discouragement, realising it would take years to heal and already wanting to be there. I also was struggling with fatigue when I stopped all stimulants. The discouragement went away as my new routine became a natural part of my life: transitioning towards a mucus free diet, enemas, tinctures, dry brushing towards the kidneys, dry fasting, lymphatic sessions, massages and different yoga practices. Mucus started to come out of my lungs, down my throat, sinuses and colon. I would understand better and better why my body was developing an exczema, why my detox would stop or why I was suffering from a headache (and how to naturally reduce its process through enemas and the use of lemons).

Detoxification became a lifestyle, a healing system that goes beyond raw, vegetarian or vegan. My transition was progressive, not radical and lasted for six months: I got off animal products and stimulants (the occasional coffee, matcha or my beloved green teas that I thought were so harmless). I wasn’t used to eat any grain so I didn’t have to replace them with spelt or millet. I used minimal fat. For a time, I would still have chickpeas, hummus, tartinades and on occasions avocado and nuts. I delayed my first liquid intake and increased my fruit intake. The hardest thing was to decrease the amount of starchy vegetables (such as artichoke, cauliflower, mushrooms, olives, pumpkin family) which are moderatly mucus forming. I started enemas and colonics and invested in herbal tinctures. I increased my dry fasting windows from 8-9 hours to 16 hours to longer dry fasts of almost 2 days, starting once a month then more regularly. Dry fasting is a powerful way of regeneration. During this state, the body is handling the water, making sure not to lose its fluids. For years I have dry fasted when I was going to the airport, avoiding the fuss of carrying liquids. When travelling from A to Z I usually don’t carry the weight of liquids anymore. I would quickly lose the habit of dry fasting if I was losing the discipline for a while. I also tried colon cleanses products creating a kind of glue (morgen is nu: very expensive version of the pudding composed of clay, charcoal and psyllium). But it took more patience and longer fasts to start clearing the obstruction at a deeper level. All of this happened during a period of 14 months, allowing me time to make new financial investments and to integrate the knowledge and the heightened perceptions.

What I have learned

Everybite costs valuable life-force energy to be processed. A long and complex digestion (such as in the case of proteins, amidon and cereals) will generate metabolic waste within the body and encourage acidosis. The undigested parts of ingredients (such as concentrated amidon) leave a residue that stick to the intestinal track. It affects our bacterial and fungal life. I understand how my body became denser with that obstruction accumulating over time in each cell and each tube. I thought feeling how I felt was normal: feeling tired, having difficulties to erupt from the dream time, needing to sleep countless hours if I didn’t put an alarm clock. There was no bottom. I discovered that what I thought were minor symptoms actually weren’t minor at all (teeth problems, constipation, acne, varicose veins, slowed down metabolism).

Acne is a sign that cellular waste is let out through the skin because the lymph and the kidneys are not able to direct the waste out fast enough. Suppressing acne takes things deeper into the tissues of the body. It is suppressing the symptom but not addressing the cause. Acne is a sign that the colon especially the transverse colon needs to be cleaned. Furthermore, kidneys don’t like to receive much liquid: they can’t do their other important job which is to filter lymphatic waste. Water dilutes the acidity but it also keeps the kidneys busy. I started to drink all my water intake in the form of fruit juices, smoothies and whole fruits. In the last 13 months, I have drunk very minimal water, yet I have felt more hydrated than when I was drinking a lot of water and tea. I stopped bringing a bottle of water to hot yoga classes and I was some times attending during dry fasts. I am not dependent anymore to always have something with me to drink. I know I can function a whole day without any food or liquid and up to 2 days or even longer if necessary (my longer dry fast being to this date 58 hours).

Results and spiritual lessons

14 months in this process, some results are there but I am far from the regeneration I am aiming for. I am tracking results with iridology reports. 2 long fasts of 42 and 45 days have also sped up the process. I don’t feel tired anymore and I rarely sleep over 9 hours without an alarm clock, I often wake up naturally. My cravings for salty things (a stimulant for tired adrenals glands) are rarer (cheese cravings disappeared soon after). My kidneys are getting less and less dense and more porous as it goes. They are desolidifying and they do filter (lymphatic clouds in urines) more and more. I can go for a longer time without feeling dehydrated and my acne has almost disappeared entirely. I rarely experience headaches anymore. I understand my body symptoms as they arise. I feel empowered over my own health. I can discern even better the fear propaganda of the medical system and the allopathic doctors or “health” specialists and the creation of a hierarchy when they are using their supposed knowledge and expertise as a way to create a power dynamic. I am less and less dogmatic about anything in my life. I have established a wiser cooperative dialogue with my body. I use a space of healthy self discipline instead.

In terms of emotions, as the stagnant waters began to move within, so did the memories, emotions and traumas. Slowly these experiences have been paving the way to reveal to me some of my coping mechanisms. It is a journey to notice everything that is feeding me or that is depriving me during these fasted states. Detoxification is a golden path to access the rawness of emotions. I worked on my patience and I am learning to listen more closely when it’s time to dive deeper or when it’s time to integrate more steadily and slow the process down. In the beginning, I would try to be already there (where I wasn’t) by going all fruits and I was feeling guilty in addition. I now see it’s all a matter of frequency and density. I learned the best way to go is to go gradually. Nowadays, some days I eat only fruits and juices, not because I force myself to do so but because I can handle the high frequency that they bring into my reality. I reviewed my beliefs around aging, health and beauty. It’s not time anymore to make my body obey. It took me a while to become able to be aware of when a food item produces mucus in my body as I couldn’t differenciate it from detoxification in the past. My awareness grew: when our endocrine system is controlled and put down, we are more easily manipulated and at the mercy of external control. This opens also the door to electromagnetic mind control and psychotronic weapons. One of the ways we are easily controlled is through our guts, nervous system and master glands.

What about our pets?
As far as our pets are concerned, while learning about what the human body can digest without trace of residue, I also paid further attention to the diet that fits my cats. Their large kidneys allow them to deal with the acidity of a high protein diet. I changed the diet of my cats, buying dried food that contain no grain or cereals and finding which products they like. I went to meat stalls after 14 years of staying away and bought the most organic beef, chicken or fish from local farms. I go more in depth into this process of transitioning my cat in an article about pet food.

Every bite we put inside of us impacts us on many many levels. It’s such an exploration and an adventure. Let’s keep on exploring.