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Natural hygiene, a raw vegan plant-based diet and the consequences of misinformation propaganda in the food industry

The study of natural hygiene offers many answers for the reasons behind the body degeneration. The natural state of all organic life is regeneration. Organically, we are not meant to degenerate : it has to be severely engineered in an artificially created direction. Food is the biggest unacknowledged human addiction and certainly a tool for human mind control. Going back to the physiologically appropriated food for humans is a way to say no to degeneration and to start rebuilding human health for the future generations (and for our own sake). Our bodies want to regenerate, yet they need certain conditions reunited in order to do so and not to be busy with dealing with the creation of new obstruction, buffering acids or digestion. Much of the food that we are able to buy was never intended for human consumption originally. It is a business, and like many businesses, it is a business that is causing a lot of harm.

Mucus and lymphatic waste

(Note : I invite the reader to consult the health section of the articles going further in explaining the importance of cleaning old obstruction, the impact on waste on our body systems and the healing power of the mucus-free healing system.)

The role of mucus creation is a defense mechanism against foreign agents : it has a protective function. It will provide humidity and warm up the inhaled air and it will keep some areas of the body lubricated so dust won’t arrive to the lungs or enter the respiratory networks. Yet, when we keep on eating obstructive food (for example resulting from the residues of complex sugars), mucus accumulates, becomes hardened and compacted and starts to be in the way for the body to work properly. Shall we pause for a moment and think about what some food items are doing in the pot, the sticky effect they are agglomerating to form? Is it surprising that they are doing the very same in our intestinal walls ? The body has different pathways to eliminate waste : kidneys (visible sediment of lymphatic waste in urine), skin (sweat expelling lymphatic waste), intestines (digestive, lymphatic and parasitic waste). It is not normal neither reassuring to have a clear pee : urine should come out with sediment in it, a sort of cloud, showing proper function of kidneys eliminating waste. Secondary elimination pathways are the lungs, the nose, the eyes and the ears (with ear wax that can be extracted with ear candling for example). Our health is directly linked to the state of the stomach and digestive tract. The thyroid plays a primary role in regulating the temperature of the body and the ability to sweat and eliminate through the skin. The lymph node is the septic tank, breaking down acidic waste, making sure the pH of the waste is not below 3 so that kidneys can handle the elimination.

A raw plant-based diet

Fruits can be eaten by themselves, raw and they do not require an addition of salt or spices, they hydrate and satisfy deeply. Citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits) are amazing at breaking mucus and have a great pulling effect, helping to clean the lymph. Fruits contains the best ratio of everything humans need. If we are left thirsty after a meal, this is an indicator that the meal was dehydrating. Human physiology is meant for digesting fruits much more than vegetables, which are far more complex in their structures. Many vegetables may give gas, especially cruciferous, which should not be overdone as they contain sulfur (and so does garlic). That’s the bacteria eating the food instead of us, and releasing their gaseous waste products. Eating vegetables is something we are told to do by mistrained nutritionists and doctors. Certainly, there are worse things one can eat, but fruits are the most biologically appropriate foods for humans, and they don’t contain much cellulose. A veggie juice is a great alternative to eating vegetables and provide remineralizing compounds to our body while not having to digest fibers. It is to be noted that fruits from general grocery stores have usually been irradiated. It means it does not decompose well and fast and that the healthy elements are gone. In stores, we mainly find fake juices made from concentrate and quickly, one will become repelled by the poor choices of what these stores have to propose.

In food and nutrition, the majority tends to focus on adding and lacking but it’s sometimes more about what we do not eat rather than what we eat. Many food items we believe are healthy are in fact highly acidic (coffee, cacao, meat), mucus forming (rice, cereals, dairy), stimulating (green tea, sugary beverages, meat and spices) or clogging (fats, raw and cooked oils, avocados). In the nut family, Brazil nuts, walnuts, sesame and hemp seeds are the least mucus forming, yet they do halt detox and tend to clog the lymph system. For this reason it’s advised to consume them only sparingly. The least obstructive condiments when « transitioning » towards a more plant-based diet or consumed as an occasional treat are cold pressed virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, coconut aminos and fermented vegetables. Yet, fermented foods (sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, vinegar, tamari) are acidic to the body.

Obstruction from old waste and the shutting down of the red signals

As each of us has to eliminate decades of backed up lymphatic waste and obstruction, it seems of prime importance to focus on making sure to create the least amount of additional waste while taking care of the old accumulated one. As long as an individual is expressing symptoms such as mucous expulsion, headaches, slight fever or other symptoms, it means that excessive levels of accumulation has been reached in the past. The body should be helped in its natural move towards elimination. Moreover, it has to be taken into consideration that the body steals alkaline minerals that are supposed to be focusing on strengthening our bones and uses them to protect itself from the acidic ashes left by food items such as meat. While most bodies can tolerate a ratio of some mucus forming or mucus-lean food, it is undeniable that making room for food items that produce the least amount of waste is preferable. A large portion of fruits and vegetables will assist in keeping someone away from concerning stages of acidosis. In front of a food item, questions may be asked such as : how much nutrient is in there ? How much energy is this bite going to cost me to process ? How much waste and residue is it going to leave behind ?

As someone enters this journey, the body will also gradually adapt and feel less and less good at the contact of obstructive food. People who do not respond negatively to processed foods have simply lost their ability to properly react to the attack the body is under : the tissues have deteriorated to the point that they are not able to reject excessive levels of generated waste and are accepting to go further into debilitation. People eating a more natural plant-based diet will generally tolerate less indulgence and pay what seems a higher price, but which is in fact a gift. The body is actually still speaking and expressing itself loud and clear instead of accepting poisons in. Let’s remember that the body is not responding strongly in cases of alcoholism, yet dying slowly.

The detoxification journey

There are different phases during the year-long journey of cleaning out the body, going from soft to deep detoxification with periods of liquid and dry-fasting, periods of maintenance, stabilization and integration and periods of rebuilding on healthier tissues. Jumping too fast into radicalism is not advised neither realistic. Steadiness, consistency and gradual efforts are a good combination to emotionally adjust to all that will be brought up to the surface. The natural way takes time, commitment and patience. The body may need a phase of adaptation (sometimes months) before it’s able to respond again and detox properly.

As long as one does not see obstruction physically leaving the body, in the enemas, through ear candling, through mucus coming out the lungs or the head, then it’s more a stabilizing phase than a deep detox. This journey is an invitation to look more inside and less outside in order to discover the keys of life. It’s also about learning protocols and theory to then be able to free ourselves completely from them and make our own sovereign choices with a method that works for us and makes us happy. Transitioning is about increasing raw fruits and vegetables consumption and finding alternative for the most harmful food products. These foods have a gentle scrubbing action on the gut walls, helping to take debris with them as they move through. During the transition phase, thickeners or eggs may be replaced by chia seeds or psyllium. Butter may be replaced by natural fats such as avocados, tahini or coco butter ; milk would be replaced by nut homemade milk. All cereals should be germinated if consumed. Germinated sprouts and seaweeds are full of nutrients, minerals and life energy.

The emotional journey

What matters as well is to understand what foods clog up the lymphatic system by leaving residue behind and which foods do not. It’s all about becoming proof and testing for oneself while slowly creating new routines and habits that will become a natural part of life (in some ways, a reprogramming is happening with the organic forgotten ways). It’s about denumbing ourselves and facing and dealing with the emotions that will arise. Sometimes it’s necessary for us due to emotional reasons to close ourselves down to exterior energies with denser food for a while and stop detoxing. During these moments, it will be harder to stay connected to light density food as we are dealing with a lot of emotionally buried material. We have been trained to use food to deal with our emotions because we have been taught to bypass , repress, ignore or be manipulated through our emotions. What we do not eat, we gain in insights. We are used to soothing our discomfort with binging on food. With this kind of lifestyle, it will become more difficult to bypass emotions in such a way as the price to pay will appear very clearly as a direct consequence of our choices. Yet, there are still tricks for periods of time when it’s harder emotionally and one wants to cling on something. It’s about learning what costs less to the body ; a comforting hot beverage will have less impact than solid food for example.

Poisoning the body

It’s detrimental to our health to eat a diet that is not appropriate to the human specie and the human physiology. Certain foods do not support human life. A meal may require hours of digestion and all our vitality will then be focused on that process. It is not normal to have something in the stomach sitting there for hours while being broken down. When we shorten digestive time, vitality and energy are released and we may want to focus them in another area of our lives. A fast-food meal may stiffen arteries within hours, cutting in half their ability to relax normally. Once the inflammatory state is fading away, most of the people will then be adding another load of harmful food to their system. Dips and sauces that are found in grocery stores are usually not as safe and healthy as they appear to be. When we choose to make our own homemade hummus, dips, sauces and pastes, we are able to choose exactly what’s in it, avoiding cheap vegetable unsafe oils.

We tend to feel that our nails are not a part of our bodies, not a living tissue. Would we put nail polish directly on our skins ? It took me a long time to let go of nail polish and before that I had opted for a 12-chemicalfree product. Polish nail is widely accepted yet it’s a source of short-term exposure to harmful toxins. Studies have been showing that some levels of toxins are considerably higher 10 hours after someone got their nails painted. The toxicity of all these chemicals present in our lives are affecting our level of awareness and consciousness. It takes a while to get familiar with these principles because of the indoctrination we have been injected with, creating a maze in the human mind, including with mechanisms of cognitive dissonance when one rejects valuable pieces of evidence. It’s not to mention our attachment to our poisons that may be compared to a Stockholm Syndrome to the food and food companies that are poisoning us slowly. The « Ascension symptoms » psy-op was also meant to mask the condition of health deterioration. It’s a reality that the health of humans is, by design, weakened and weakened, more aggressively over the past decades.

Natural and organic sugars

Sugar, which is carbon, is what the human body needs the most. Every cell in the body requires natural sugar. But for sure, all sugars are not the same and that is why there are many attempts to feed humans with artificial sugars, hiding it in all processed foods. It should be noted that processed sugars, such as corn syrup, are in no way, shape or form resembling the simple sugars that are found in nature. Moreover, we see a rise in the advertisement for beverages like kombucha which contains fermented sugars, another way that control is kept over the human mind. Salt is much more on the life side, it’s been demonized but it helps releasing supplements into cells though it’s also stimulating and in the way for the regeneration of the adrenal glands. Natural salts will always be best : dried celeri branches mixed into powder, sun dried tomatoes, seaweeds or coconut amino acids.

The case of honey

Natural sugars will be preferred such as agave or maple syrup (may create cravings), coconut flower or date sugar, whole dates, raisins, figs or goji berries. My favourite natural sweetener is date sugar as it’s the closer to nature and I experience the least side effects with it. And what about honey ? Though I tolerate it well, I have been questioning and considerably reducing my consumption of honey. Does honey make us more suggestible to the hive-mind ? Why is it so promoted ? Does it glue consciousness and a part of critical thinking ? Refined and processed sugars are not encouraging human sovereignty, it’s altering consciousness, time does speed us and it gets humans high, thus less of themselves, almost intoxicated and content, sedated. The consistency of honey is also very thick. Does it feed our fungi crowd ? That would explain the worldwide frenzy around honey and would place it on the shelf as another fake health item (as is nutritional yeast). At the same time, honey contains the power and healing codes of sunlight. It is probably wise to avoid commercial honeys and reconnect with beekeepers who understand the depth of the universe of bees. Commercial brands of honeys are a big no as there is a high chance that cheap syrups and sweeteners like rice syrup, wheat syrup and sugar beet syrup have been mixed to the final product.

Kombucha and the crystalline counterfeit

The example of kombucha is particularly interesting. We should ask ourselves why we are being encouraged to drink and consume amounts of fermented sugars? Kombucha is targeting a special proportion of the population, usually people who care about their health and whom won’t be consuming so much plain white refined sugar. In the case of kombucha, it’s even fermented and its structure is not far from the fermented sugars of alcohol. Fermentation involves the breakdown of sugar, a class of edible crystalline carbohydrates (sucrose, lactose and fructose) into alcohol and carbon dioxide. I keep kombucha as a special emergency treat, for occasion where I decide to ingest something to cope with my environment: for example at a wedding because the consciousness of the community is affected in invisible ways by the consumption of alcohol. Everything then becomes more fun, more bearable but the mood and state of consciousness is altered. The mind is slowly cooked and fried, time perception is acceleration. It feels like a crystalline artificial structure in plain action, the counterfeit of the organic one from the natural sugars from fruits. Then of course, there is a great difference between commercially grown kombuchas and homely grown ones, choosing your own quality teas and own quality sugars plus putting encoded intentions in there. Nowadays it’s easy to get a scoby. For people wanting to transition to jun, jun is a gentler version, a honey-based variation with green tea. I am not in favor of ingesting all these « healthy » bacterias and we do not really understand what happens when introducing exterior flora to a compromised human system. If we happen to consume these products, it better be known that it is a coping mechanism for survival and a close observation should be paid on how it’s affecting us, our state and our consciousness. One has to pay caution as it’s influencing and programming our minds in the direction of artificiality and away from the organic structure, subtly, but surely.

The infiltration of the organic market

The organic market has been infiltrated from the start. I found myself very surprised to find suspect pictures in an organic lifestyle magazine with the one-eye symbol that appeared innocently on the page. If you are familiar with this symbolism, you know the brand (Urtekram, main organic supplier in Scandinavia) do not have your best interest at heart. We should know what each ingredient on labels is about and stay away from any chemical compound that should not be on our skin. If we do not know what it is, we don’t want it on our skin. Our skin absorbs what it is in contact with, much more than we think and much more than we realize. All health markets have been infiltrated and there is a need for us to be discerning and ask ourselves questions, always. Nowadays it has become important to go back to local productions from people we know directly or small companies, instead of big international brands with suspect ramifications and more importantly to organize to become more and more autonomous as it goes. It means we have to be extra-vigilant when buying organic products and make sure to read the stickers with the list of ingredients. In all cases, it’s always best to make our own or rely on people who make their own products.

What about blood tests ?

Blood tests are not a true indicator of health. Diseases are not found in the blood, it’s the wrong system to test. Blood tests do not take in consideration the state of lymphatic fluids. Some patients did suffer from horrific pains while their blood tests were showing normal levels. These levels are defined and based on people who have not attained health first and foremost and who are generally chronically sick and who are not eating a specie-appropriate diet. Doctors do not have the slightest idea of what these levels really should be about for a healthy human being. Furthermore, some labs are radical with their ratios. During detox, those levels will vary (cholesterol might go up for example) and one should not be scared by the advise of medical doctors while their approach is not holistic and is mainly based on the brainwashing they have been subjected to. The body knows what it is doing while regenerating. A blood test is a fraction of truth. My latest bloodtest (2020) came up with some interesting factors, showing that my iron levels are back to normal (after being chronically deficient as a 2016 blood test had revealed). It is to be noted that I only consumed fruits and vegetables the last 2 years and absolutely no animal products. I also stopped my consumption of coffee. I am focusing on remineralizing with various inventive methods (broths, veggie juices, germinated sprouts, quality spirulina, dried mushrooms, the daily green boost). A selenium deficiency requires a regeneration of the adrenals first and foremost.

B12 supplementation

Isolating a mineral is no good, we are playing the mad scientist. In regard to diet, our bodies are whole organisms that require food in its whole form so that they can get what they need. Instead of focusing on some sorts of vitamin supplementation, it sounds a good idea to make sure that the body is able to work properly and to assimilate well. Deficiencies are giving an information about an imbalance in the way the body functions. Alfalfa herb contains a lot of vitamins (1, B family including B12, K, C) as for iron, a high amount of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, zinc to name a few. Celery juice and raw seaweeds like dulse are wonderful for minerals.

There is a high chance that the human body has much lower needs for B12 than what is commonly accepted. Moreover, which doctor will advise you to look at your intestine walls or your adrenal glands if you are considered B12 deficient ? Indeed, they are involved in the utilization of minerals in the body, except from calcium. When the stomach function is compromised, one might struggle with the absorption of B12. Sometimes it just takes a little perseverance to allow a body to get over a certain stage of adjustment and the problems sort themselves out on their own. It may also be about malbsorption which we are often suffering from to various degrees. It’s sometimes best to remain a little deficient in the short-term and work on what will heal in the long term.

Final words

Regenerative health is a pro health and a pro-human system. It is not about losing weight but about eliminating waste and reclaiming vitality and clarity. Adopting this lifestyle is a commitment to healing. It’s also always about how far one can go : where is the limit and where does it become unbalanced ? Some of us do chose to say no to the old degenerative ways and do the work on physical but also spiritual levels, placing the stepping stones for the next generations of humans and above all for ourselves. It’s a long term plan across several generations, as it was a long term plan across our ancestors to weaken the human body for the era we are now entering, making it controllable by adverse ways such as metal and electromagnetic pollution. Many of us are paying a heavy prices nowadays, being born with weaker constitutions ; some babies being born with fake brown or green eyes which, as an iridology report would reveal, are in fact dirty blue eyes. This journey comes with many rippling effects that are hard to put into words. The human body knows how to do its cleaning work, it knows what’s wrong and where to start, if only we allow it to do its job and trust the process without a rotten logic.

Note : As there is a lot of misinformation out there, a google search in terms of health is not recommended.

A list of easy and original recipes

  • infused banana tea (bananas are boiled for one or 2 hours with the pulp on the skin, then the mixture is filtered) ;
  • infused pineapple, lemon and ginger water ;
  • chili water with infused herbs like basilic, coriander and parsley and a bit of lemon and lime ;
  • pineapple juice with fresh ginger, natural date sugar, tangerine and chili water ;
  • raisins’ water (boil 15 minutes, rince and then pouring hot water, letting it soaked for a night) ;
  • date homemade syrup (boil dates for one hour, harvest the juice and reduce into a thick paste) ;
  • lemon and orange zest to freeze or to dry (may be used in all culinary preparations) ;
  • lemon peels are also a great cleaning agent (soaked in vinegar or water for one week) ;
  • remineralizing broth (seaweeds, dried mushrooms) ;
  • raw cold soup with ripe tomatoes, red peppers and cucumber ;
  • thin slices of raw mushrooms ;
  • nettle pesto ;
  • cauliflower rice ;
  • broccoli tabbouleh with parsley, coriander, a whole peeled lemon and some spices ;
  • tomato sauce with ripe tomatoes blended with dried tomatoes, some dried and fresh green herbs such as basil, parsley, coriander ;
  • veggie cracker (collect veggie fibers from the extractor, mix with onion, red pepper or a fresh tomato, some fresh herbs, a few soaked seeds and germinated sprouts) ;
  • onion crackers : onions, dates, amino acids from coconut, fresh and dried herbs to be dehydrated (you may use the oven if you do not have a dehydrator) ;
  • frozen banana blended with cinnamon, one drop of orange essential oil or half an orange and 1/3 cup of nuts or seeds ;
  • soak fruit leathers in lemon juice before drying them ;
  • dried banana, dried apricots, and dried raisins to soak with a bit of nuts or seeds to create a milk, mix with dates ;
  • plant hydrolates added to fruit and veggie juice to assist with their draining and reinforcing properties ;
  • ear candling and clay or epsom salt baths.