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Eating a high living food diet with Irène Grosjean and Miguel Barthéléry

Life is much simpler than it seems. It is based on 4 main principles: breathing, eating, sleeping and eliminating. If things go wrong and before looking further, let’s first take a look at the state of these 4 fundamental laws. To trully heal, our interstitial fluids, fluids in which the cells are bathed, must be cleaned. Detoxification via a living diet and cleaning the obstruction out is an art that is so crucial to understand.

Irène Grosjean was born in the french Vosges in 1930 and is 88 years old today. She leads health consultations since 1960 as well as workshops where one can learn about cellular detoxification in Europe. As she was witnessing more and more the inverted intelligence of the medical system that misled 2 of her loved ones, her mother suffering from acute constipation and her husband affected by asthma, Irene decided to dive deeper in order to understand how the human body works.

Formerly a cancer researcher at Harvard, Miguel Barthéléry attended one of these workshops led by Irène, an exchange he will always remember: “I cured the asthma I was suffering from for a very long time. I was coughing and I felt as if something was stuck in my body and as if my body did not have enough energy to expel it. Irène proposed a castor oil purge. It took an hour for all the mucus to end up in the toilet, I never had asthma again. When I got home, I emptied all my cupboards of any non-living food. “ A week later, Irène calls him to lay the foundations of their collaboration: advocacy, anti-propaganda and demystification around the accepted and well-known ideas that circulate about food.

The fondations of the living food diet of Irène Grosjean

“We do not realize that every day we poison ourselves without realizing it. Our body is like a car, we have to give it the right fuel that the manufacturer has created for him and do the necessary oiling and the maintenance.” explains Irène. Fruits (that toddlers can eat from a very young age) are the essence of the motor, they bring the real sugar made with earth energy. Vegetable juices ensure the maintenance of the body, they remineralize the system: “it’s infinite, creative, nutritious all that we can do with plants, vegetables, sprouts and fruits.” We have the same digestive system as apes. Gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans have very long intestines and very small kidneys. They feed themselves picking fruits, leaves and tender roots, and that goes without saying, they don’t cook their food. Carnivores have a very short digestive system and very powerful kidneys that allow them to eliminate the uric acid produced by meat. Humans on the other hand can not eliminate it. After eating cooked and dead food for thousands of years, we have lost a lot of our vital energy. Automatically, humans are compensating with stimulants. With complex sugars, there will be coffee or tea, and with meat, alcohol. The doping molecules only pump the energy they seem to grant. And so it goes until there is no more energy available.  With the transformation of food, for example, through cooking, the instinctual knowing on when we are satiated is no longer available and we tend to overeat.

The inverted intelligence on this planet

What allopathic medicine does today is shut the red signals down but in fact, they are a sign that it is time to help the body to eliminate obstruction. This elimination process is stopped and furthermore suppressed as soon as we are taking of drugs which are silencing symptoms. “By constantly asking the immune system to shut up, it ends up becoming mute and everything is being buried deeper in the tissues. All diseases are curable even if all sick patients are not: it requires a great effort, even more when there has been a strong medicalization history with the weakening of the immune system.” When young children try to expel the residues that their parents have transmitted to them, by symptoms such as mucus or fever (which corresponds to the melting of uric acid), we are faced with 2 solutions: either we help the body to expel or we stop elimination and ask the body not to do its job. Children develop in their mother’s lymphatic system. When they experience important symptoms, they must be helped to eliminate the inherited poisonous rather than be medicalized and vaccinated. Turn your head from right to left: do you hear those little sounds of crystals? This is uric acid, stored as tiny salts.” Once the body has a bit of energy available, it will take advantage to clean obstruction. These uric acid crystals must melt to pass into the blood and be led to the kidneys. When it melts, uric acid burns nervous emergences, it will be painful, we will inflate, deform. It is a necessary process for healing that is often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Irene loves to say: “cow’s milk is made for calves. This milk is so rich in calcium that it makes the calf triple in volume in 3 months. When they have teeth, they will eat grass and hay, which is the food that they are supposed to be eating. In the human digestive system, this milk is transformed into an acid solution that burns and destroys our calcium and minerals.” Miguel himself can testify with his journey of mental deconditioning: “I weaned myself off dairy products without frustration thanks to green vegetable juices, thanks to the virtues of chlorophyll, which assisted me in regulating my mood. I had to go beyond the myth that I was going to run out of energy or that my diet needed to be around 3000 kcal a day. Later I noticed that we often find starchy food in religious texts. I do believe that if you want your idea to stick, you certainly need glue such as rice. In the original Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, rice is quoted as a tool of submission. With rice, you have well organized people. Since the colonization, rice is everywhere and it does not lead to creativity. And with rice, of course, you need tea that provides enough energy to go to work but not enough to rebel. In places where you have a lot of coffee drinkers, there are more waves. The original tea is the raw leaf. When it is roasted, it becomes a poison.”

The great lymphatic system, a forgotten technology

The body can not both eliminate and digest as digestion takes up 50% of its energy. Hence the need to clean the lymph via purges. Irène explains: “We eat a lot of foods that our body can not digest and that leave residues that are stored in our interstitial liquids. The Ancients used to call them “our moods”, the fluid in which our cells bathe. The leftover mucus and viscosities paralyze our cell work.” While blood tests are at the center of the attention, what about our lymphatic system, which is not much talked about? Two-thirds of the body weight comes from liquids, mostly lymphatic fluid. Our cells are poisoned by this asphyxiated metabolic residues. The quality of our interstitial fluids is as important as the quality of the food we eat.

Where to start?

In terms of health Miguel explains, we are all at different stages, we can not predict what our recovery process will look like or whether the path will be amongst some hills or some mountains. The approach, however, remains the same. “The first advice is to start by eating more fruits that we like and to drink a liter of vegetable juice a day, without removing or changing anything to our diet. We will let go of the other poisons one after the other. The second advice is to make sure we help our body to remove the mucus and acid residues that are the source of the problem. I am always feeling enthusiastic as I witness the mental, intellectual and emotional change that people are experiencing when they start to change their diet and how they become their own doctors and understand the symptoms they are going through. “ Irène continues: “I always advice to go to the fruits and vegetables we love the most because they are the ones that our body needs the most. All meat eaters love pineapples because it is an acid solvent, constipated people love kiwis, tired people love their oranges, exhausted kidneys love their grapefruits and people with circulation problems love their lemons. Every living food has a specific role in the body. “

Connecting to universal laws

With a diet composed of dead items, the natural laws of life and the real answers remain out of reach. Irène gives us the last word: “a being in perfect health has a solid body, the joy of living, clear and creative ideas and the energy to materialise them. He is connected to the universal consciousness, he will be permanently guided to do what he should be doing. Simplicity is a great luxury in life, which today is accessible to few beings since the majority of the world is upside down. We will leave this earth without carrying anything. What will we be leaving behind? What role will we have fulfilled? This is the question I have been asking myself for some time now and which drives my desire to communicate what I have discovered, learned and practiced to the largest audience possible. “

Workshops with Irène Grosjean (theory and practice): 3, 5 or 6 days in France, Greece or Marocco. Contact:
Miguel Barthéléry‘s contact info: – a website is to come!

Irène recommends René Bickel

Irene recommends the collection of books by René Bickel (, a committed artist who tries to warn about certain things, especially around nutrition (he was a student of André Passebecq, one of the pioneers in naturotherapy), vaccination or GMOs, with a sense of humor. In his albums, he depicts a society which progress resides above all in the establishment of a new world order whose first and unacknowledged goals are the domination and exploitation of individuals.

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