Aria Persei

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The inverted concepts of our dietary systems, the acid ash of meat, the clogging effect of fats and oils and the ketogenic diet logic as a counterfeit for health

In our days and ages, everything is upside down – this is the signature from centuries of psychopatic bloodlines and the artificial intelligence inversion that feeds from human life energy. Big inversions concern our health : everything is made in order to make us believe something unhealthy is healthy for us and something healthy is dangerous (the fear of the simple sugars of fruits). Is it really that surprising that our diet is the number one factor that is causing health issues ? Confusion reigns as we do not always understand if a reaction in our body is a symptom or a detox manifestation. Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to go to the root core of the cause, in any field, because of the generalised inverted thinking, the disinformation and misinformation, the lack of critical thinking and the inability to discern hidden agendas. People usually feel better on a high fat diet but does that mean they are healing ?

The reason why people feel great on the ketogenic diet, which is not a healing system, is simply because it suppresses symptoms. Indeed, fats are anti-inflammatory. What this type of diet does is giving a short term impression of benefits as it acts as a suppressor of symptoms. One might feel better while not experiencing the draining feelings associated with the expression of inflammation. The ketogenic diet manages health issues but the real issue – acidosis – is not dealt with, adressed or reversed. Nevertheless, it makes the body even more acidic. These kinds of diets are only viable for canine species who are physiologically made to deal with high level of acidity. There will be a price to pay later in life as this type of diet is creating or aggravating interstitial constipation and obstruction. Yet, very few are able to connect the dots. In the long run, it will affect the health of the colon or the kidneys, they will become swollen and inflammated overtime, if they aren’t already. It seems there is a honeymoon period after which the body might have trouble to continue being constantly stimulated by animal hormones. The keto diet removes carbs from the diet : insulin problems are suppressed as long as carbs aren’t consumed. Moreover, the keto diet puts the body in starvation mode which might come with heightened states of being. The lack of fiber does not expose the damages of the guts ; a temporary relief may be experienced.

Humans feel better on fats because they are inflammed and it is adressing (but not treating) the symptoms. Let’s ask ourselves why do they want us to have our so-called healthy fats so badly ? We should be suspicious, always, about anything that is promoted in the mainstream or even in the alternative field about food and nutrition. Why is it being pushed? Most of the times, it’s because it’s detrimental to human health and more specifically the lymphatic system, the number one target. Most of the times, it is because it makes humans more suggestible, more programmable. The attachment to food runs very deep (for example, rice for asian cultures or bread for westerners). So is the deception to keep us hooked. Revising food choices is one of the best decisions one can make to reclaim their sovereignty over their health, the most precious thing one human being is granted with. One helpful question might be: is there an underlying feeling of depletion underneath the actions I am taking right now?

Stages of deterioration

The main question remains: are health issues truly reversing ? On one side, to cure levels of acute deterioration, we might need to feel the burn once more, as it is on its way out. These are healing crisis. On the other side, one thing that can be confusing is that while adopting a different diet, symptoms might be suppressed and buried deeper into the tissues. We would then think we are doing better, while it is not the case. What the ketogenic diet is doing is masking symptoms of acute stages, which are inflammed states. Understanding the 4 stages of acidosis (acute, subacute, chronic and degenerate) leading to cellular mutation or cell death is essential (I invite you to consult the article I wrote on iridology in the health section). Suppression of any stage gradually brings the body into a more drastic stage of cellular deterioration. In acute stages, a lot of symptoms of inflammation, pain or fevers are being experienced. In subacute stages, there is less pain and the metabolism is slowed down. When someone starts of in acute and subacute stages and then start to lose the pain and inflammation, they have the impression it’s going better when actually, it’s getting worse – the body is becoming more silent. It’s possible to experience pain and inflammation while going backwards, from chronic stages to subacute and acute stages. We often make the mistake to associate pain with something bad, but it can also be a sign the body is starting to respond again.

The danger of oils and fats

Fats are not detoxing, they are suppressive to the lymphatic system – which is a system of prime importance. The body is able to handle a small dose of fats (lipids are naturally present in fruits, including mangos or high fat fruits like avocados and durians and vegetables such as artichokes) but a certain dosage of fat will shut down the work of the lymphatic system. The milk of a mother is not high in fat and protein but mainly consists of carbs. If we need any fat intake, it is in very much less quantity than the majority would admit and only from natural wholefood sources that are meant for human consumption. Oils are an isolated compound. When making oil from olives, fats are extracted out of the product. Eating olives would be preferable to having olive oil where fat is isolated from the other nutrients that were found in the wholefood product. Oils do slow down digestion of a simple meal like a raw salad as it is much more complex to break down.

A response from the lymphatic system

Oils and fats do not create a strong mucus response, yet they do obstruct the lymphatic system which halts detoxification. Oils are shown to have deleterious results on body functions whether the oil is fresh or deep fried : it creates a significant and constant decrease in endothelial function (in relation with blood vessels, lymphatics and serous cavities) 3 hours after a meal. If someone eats a certain amount of fat while on a soft or deep detox, it prevents the body to pursue the detox process. From my experiences and observations of the law of cause and effect, I have verified this when consuming high fat fruits such as durians : mucus stopped coming out from my lungs and I felt slightly swollen (lymphatic system response). Our lymphatic system is a cholesterol based system : its role is to buffer acids in our body and it does so in encapsulating the acids in a lipid based system. Fat causes a lot of puffiness in our societies: we see it with the trendy puffy look and round plain faces. With a mucus-free diet, one can wake up not being swollen and inflammed. A puffy swollen face in the morning is not a sign of age ; it indicates that the lymphatic system is struggling.

An efficient way to observe what each food item is doing is to do a week fast to create a reset and then reintroduce one food item at the time. What happens when I experience one week of absolutely no additional fat and when I reintroduce it to my system ? Does it come with a state of puffiness ? If so, that’s showing the distress of the lymphatic system. Let’s ask ourselves the question of what happens when we pour fats down our drains and then think about our intestinal tract. When one starts fasting or adopting a very simple plant-based diet, the body becomes less dormant and less numb. Every reaction will be amplified. One can observe with more clarity the law of cause and effect. The body finds coping mecanisms to survive the madness but once it is reminded that there is another way, it won’t allow to go back to the old ways without protesting. The reaction range will be from subtle to clear and sharp. Another possibility is to find the right balance that the body can handle without getting a lymphatic noticeable reaction. Moreover, fat is addictive, it is asking for more. I have tried many oil supplements in the past and none of them did improve my health conditions.

What about meat ?

Our health is the result of our choices up to this day and the choices of our caregivers for our earliest years. Amino acids are the most essential things in order to be able to operate chain reactions within the body, including building muscles. Eating proteins is part of the food propaganda and causes a lot of damages to the human body which isn’t meant to deal with that level of acidity. Carnivore species have powerful and big kidneys to be able to digest their specie appropriate diet. For humans, it’s very complex to digest and requires a lot of digestive energy that can not be invested in creative ways. Eating meat comes with a price in terms of health. The metabolic process of animal proteins causes a heavy acid load in the human body. If meat didn’t contain cholesterol and lipids, we would burn from the inside out from eating it. In fact that is still happening, but at a slower rate so it’s harder to notice and connect the dots. Calcium is withdrawn from the bones to neutralize and buffer the acidity, leading to weakened bones as time goes. Meat is addictive and a stimulant ; it increases chemical reactions in the brain, due to the presence of animal hormones. Because it is stimulating and contains hormones, steroids and neurotransmitters, its consumption also causes damage to the adrenal glands and that may eventually lead to chronic fatigue. After consuming meat, an increase in heart rate up to 50% from fasting levels persists up to 20 hours. This means that a total of many extra heartbeats is demanded to the body : « the quickened functions make man feel stronger and he gives credit for it to the flesh he ate. He is right but how ignorant he is of the price he pays for the temporary increase of vitality” wrote Arnold Ehret, who was promoting a mucusless diet and the benefits of fasting.

On the ethical side, slaughtering houses are portals of low energy, trauma and horror. People want to feel better while making sure they choose grass-fed meat but there is no good way to put it, animal living conditions are miserable. Moreover, cows and pigs are fed genetically modified corn and other obscure substances that should never end up in the human body. Needless to say it is of increasing importance to refuse GMO food, including corn fructose which is dangerous for human health. On the other side, toxic veganism is not an answer either (I have written an article on the guilt and shame manipulation and the infiltration of the vegan movement). Movies like Gamechanger are about the wrong kind of veganism which is not, in itself, a healthy diet. The vegan movement has been infiltrated to keep people focused on the acidic side of veganism and on vegan processed food items, including soy and corn which are really dangerous for human health, GMO seedless fruits which are a counterfeit for organic fruits or starches and cereals which are highly obstructive. Many stories of failed veganism have in fact been sponsored by the meat and dairy industries and come from compromised, corrupted or misinformed sources.

The danger of coffee enema

It is the same logic for coffee enemas: win some, lose some. One little habit can reduce considerably daily efforts in their efficiency. Coffee is a stimulant, it’s also very acidic and it’s hard on the liver and the adrenal glands. Stimulation always has a flip side. It encourages the adrenal glands to produce too much dopamine and serotonin all at once which is dangerously bringing the person closer and closer to adrenal fatigue and burn-out. Moreover, one does not want to constantly be putting acidic chemistry in the body when one is trying to remove acidosis that’s causing the constipation in the first place. Middle pathways are preferred in order to respect all systems of the body, such as enemas with half of a lemon, with camomille or any kidney supportive herbal tea in it.

The benefits of castor oil packs

Detoxification methods using a lot of oil are detrimental for health, even if we gain a certain benefit from it (the purging effect of galdbladder and castor oil cleanses). If internal use of castor oil comes with a price, external use works great with castor oil packs with cayenne pepper and a bit of turpentine, wrapped up with elastic strips around the belly for the night and heated by a warm natural source. Castor oil packs do help to soften hardened obstruction and to put it back into circulation for elimination. My reflexion is extending to the use of external use oils for the skin and hair as I am getting more and more aware that oil is in fact clogging for the skin, which is a living tissue. Though I still have a lot of oils as skin care, I am considering switching to other types of chemistry such as aloe vera. And same logic goes for oil pulling considering the lymphatic network we have in our mouth.

Making different choices

It’s not about guilting or shaming each other for any food choice but about rising awareness about the law of cause and effect. It’s about finding new creative ways to lessen impacts that are nefarious to human health. Sometimes, it will mean finding a substitute for old habits before being able to completely let go (a transition phase choosing less impactful products). There are other ways that do not create damages in the body and that are harmless and just as effective. Moreover, they address the root cause of the problem and do not limit themselves to cover things up. Regenerative detoxification is the hydration of the lymphatic system with the opposite side of the chemistry, with alkaline or base forming foods such as fruits, berries, melons and vegetables, seaweeds and germinated sprouts, juices and coconut water. Moreover, preparing something with intentions is programming matter too and should not be ignored. It’s the power of alchemy, incantations and spells of goodness.

Detoxification is about reversing health issues, clearing old obstruction and eliminating waste. A slow detox requires a very simple diet for the body to have enough energy to dump the obstruction out. Every one has to find where is the limit for where their own body is at and what is their goal. Detoxification takes years of consistant efforts. I believe the human body is made to live much longer. Its lifespan is reduced mainly by the inappropriate diet that is commonly accepted as food by humans. Human beings are a carbon-based species designed to get their fuel from simple sugars. A mucus-free diet is based on the physiology of human beings and is based on what does not produce additional waste and what humans were supposed to eat in the first place, before all the distorsion and deceit took place. It focuses on creating the least additional waste possible. And that sounds like a very good plan.