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The mirror of the state of our body tissues thanks to iridology: different stages of deterioration with the acute, subacute, chronic and degenerative conditions

Iridology reads the condition of human tissues. The iris of the eye, a complex tissue, offers a wealth of information. It is an extension of the brain, being endowed with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscle and other tissues. In the same individual, the left and the right iris won’t be affected the same way. One side is more affected and weaker than the other. The right iris responds to the right side of the body and the left responds to the left side. Will the iris vary over a lifetime as our health is affected by either regeneration or degeneration? The perfect iris has never been seen. All individuals exhibit some degree of tissue weakness whether acquired or inherited (including from the weakened quality of the lymphatic system of the mother). Iridology reveals an invididual’s constitutional makeup and gives an indication of the individual’s recuperative quality.

A tool for understanding human health and prevent diseases

The reliability of iridology in many types of pathology is consequent. The high information capacity, the simplicity of the method, its non invasiveness allow the irido-diagnostics to open opportunities in terms of prevention. Very often, a change in the iris occur long before the first clinical manifestations of a disease. Changes on the iris can be registered 2 to 5 years before the symptom starts to actualize. Animal models prove that iris vascular and architectural detail is influenced by diet. A slow-moving, toxic bowel spreads its toxic-laden contents to all body tissues.

What is the iris telling ?

The very first impression received when observing the iris is its overall appearance in the sense of how light or how dark it is, how many holes there are, lesions, colors and textures. This overall impression gives a feeling for the constitutional character of the iris. By observing the shape of the pupil and its size, it is possible to learn a great deal about where major stresses are occurring in the body. If the pupil is small and pinched down, it indicates a condition of extreme nervous tension. When the pupil is wide and open beyond normal, a condition of nerve depletion and exhaustion is present. The closeness of the fibers and their uniformity indicates the strength in constitution. The stronger the constitution, the greater the ability to hold nutrients, carry away metabolic waste and carry on with life-giving cellular activities. Involved with the condition of cholesterol ring is a faulty calcium metabolism causing it to come out of solution and settle in the joints. A weak constitution properly cared for can have good health and a long life. A strong one not cared for can be rapidly burned out and lost. Colored spots of various densities are often observed in the iris. These come under 2 distinctions : psora and drug deposits. It is very difficult to eliminate these pigments from the iris, but given a change in lifestyle and working for improved health, one can greatly reduce their effects in the next generation. Exercise for example is essential for the prevention of lymphatic congestion.

The different stages affecting living tissues

When body tissue is active, inflamed, sometimes painful and using nutrients at a high rate, the iris records this condition by being very white in the corresponding reflex area. When nerve supply is exhausted, nutrients are extremely depleted and circulation has slowed down, the acutely active tissue falls into a state of underactivity which in iridology is called a subacute condition. This is seen as a darkening of what was once very white. Tissue integrity is lowered. Often times, the body is born with this level already present in certain organs. In the subacute condition, tissue vitality is lower than it should be. Available nutrients are not being absorbed properly and the tissue cannot retain them. A subacute condition left unattended in an individual who continues improper and stressful living habits, will eventually drop lower. Tissue integrity goes into a chronic condition and cells are unable to receive what they need. In a chronic condition, metabolic waste is not being eliminated, cellular activity becomes congested, nerve impulses are deadened and conditions are ripe for serious illness and disease to set in.

Attempting to correct tissues affected by chronic condition takes perseverance and dedication. It is much easier to maintain good health than it is to regain that which is lost. When a chronic condition is not cared for and devitalizing activities continue, the person is then faced with the final stage of tissue decline : decay, degeneration and necrosis. Oftentimes, combinations of stages within the same organ area are observed. Tissue that is chronically ill, mixed with tissue that is highly acute, will produce a net result of functional normalcy. Bilobed organs such as lungs, kidneys, thyroid can exhibit a hyper condition on one side and a hypo condition on the other, producing a net result of lab-tested normalcy.

Since receiving my iridology report in late 2018 (see the details of this experience in the article below), I have observed, thanks to the cellular regeneration that I begun in March 2018 via a frugivorous diet, liquid juice fasting and dry fasting, progressive healing on several levels: intestinal peristalsis capacity, better regulation of body temperature, disappearance of chronic acne, alleviation of chronic fatigue states, skin aging process slowed down, skin elasticity regained and kidney filtration as well as a renewed ability for the body to express discomfort (less numb). I am not sure my eyes have cleared up much, maybe the blue is showing a little more? In 2021, I took very high quality pictures and will be, from now, able to observ the evolution, if there is any? Does the iris change color over a lifetime or does it not? My personal experience cumulated with liquid and dry fasting will let me know in a few years. Cellular detoxification is a long-term process that takes at least a full decade of continuous and repeated effort.

Most genetic weaknesses are possible potentials; they don’t necessarily mean that we will ever experience problems in corresponding organs and tissues. If we were to get a DNA test to screen for genetic weaknesses, we would find the same kind of information. Genes are turned on or off by the way we eat and our lifestyle. As long as we keep on bringing alkaline chemistry into the body, we are limiting the number of issues. As far as finding differences in our eyes along the years, they may be subtle or we may not know what to look for. Three years is long enough to create changes in a lymphatic condition. It is interesting to compare and assess progress and for that we really need a high quality picture. Lymphatic and also structural changes may happen in the irides of the ones detoxing for long period of time. Raw Kristina, who pretended the color of her eyes changed drastically thanks to raw food, is an agent on youtube linked to freemasonry and controlled opposition. She is insisting on regularly flashing hand signs (the shh sign, number 6) and promoting supplements that are corrupted in their signatures.

Iridology report, an in depth scan of the inner state of the body