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Iridology report, an in depth scan of the inner state of the body

Iridology is the study of the iris, relating to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and acidosis and toxicity. The anatomy is reflected on the iris which can be looked at as a map. The iris is an extension of the brain; it is showing the health of the body as the nervous system is giving this information through the optic nerve. Every cell in our body reflects itself through the autonomic nervous system to the central nervous system and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested with acids, changes occur in the fibers of the iris. It can therefore help us to map the inner state of our bodies.

Iridology is not a diagnostic tool, it is rather a holistic approach that reminds us that our physical health depends upon the health of every of our cells. The first written book investigating the state of the cells through the observation of the fibers of the iris traces back to 1560.

The great lymphatic system

Analyzing the blood has its limits: indeed, our blood has to maintain consistently its PH around 7.4 or death will occur. In today ages, one system that is almost completely ignored or misunderstood by modern science is the lymphatic system, the primary focus of detoxification with its connecting eliminating organs, the sewer (and immune) system of the human body. The spaces around all of our cells are called interstitial spaces. The medical community is just finding pieces of this tremendous lipid-based system that encompass roughly 80% of the interstitial (around the cells) fluids. The primal job of the lymphatic system is to remove cellular waste and acidity produced within the body. Lymphatic stagnation within the body can cause blood or nerve obstruction. Most of our lymphatic condition comes from our mother in-utero as our eliminative systems and nutrition are tied onto hers. The kidneys are supposed to filter metabolic waste out of the body. But when they stop filtering, from being congested and obstructed, it creates stagnation within the lymphatic system.

The function of the urinary system is the filtration and elimination of excessive water, nutrients and metabolic wastes and by-products from the body that are systemic wastes (acids). Urine is about 95% waste and 5% dissolved substances. High protein diets destroy the kidneys.

Stages of cellular deterioration

There are 4 basic stages of stagnation/acidosis of the lymphatic system, leading to cellular mutation or cell death: acute, sub-acute, chronic and degenerative. Suppression of any stage gradually brings one’s body into a more drastic stage of cellular deterioration. Acute and sub-acute stages of tissue inflammation can be detected before other diagnostic methods are capable of finding health problems. In a similar manner, when a patient is declared well by the standards of Western medicine, Iridology frequently shows a sub-acute condition persisting in. When chronic acidic congestion develops within the body, the iris can change from blue to brown. Toxic medications including drugs and antibiotics can accumulate in the tissues and can change the color of the iris as well. Regenerative detoxification is the hydration of the lymphatic system with the opposite side (alkaline/base) of the chemistry, with alkaline or base forming foods such as fruits, berries, melons and vegetables. For my first iridology exam, I provided readable eye pictures, taken around the 6th of November 2018.

Overview of the state of my body

One of the most important revelations for me is that my eyes are in fact blue. One has either brown or blue eyes. These are the 2 basic colors of the iris. When adding the yellow from lymphatic stagnation and blending it with blue eyes, we get green eyes. All other colors show levels of acidosis or lymphatic stagnation. Green eyes show levels of chronic weakness. In my case, the weakness appears stronger on my left side. I have a lot of sub-acute and some chronic due to the lymphatic congestion. Most people have varying degrees of chronic tissue weakness and toxicity without realizing it. The main focus would be my colon especially the transverse colon. After that, I should help the congestion to drain from my head so my master glands can start working better, to take the stress off from them. I have congested sinuses which show I have lots of mucus in my head. When the report mentions neural arch, that means that organs or glands have been weakened from the condition of the bowels. The endocrine system is affected by the neural arch because they are all there on the border of the condition of the guts. Neural arch are weaknesses we inherited since we were born. Some of the male genetics are passed on but sometimes you take more of the characteristics of the mother like her lymphatic system condition.

I started my detox path in march 2018. It took me 9 months to go for an iridology reading as I was fearing to be discouraged by the results of the report. After learning so much about cellular detoxification I was ready to face the real state of my body. You can see that in my iris, the fiber hair is pretty straight. There is a lacuna on my left side, the size is big but it’s not too deep neither too dark. We can see a malabsorption ring. My lymph nodes are pretty congested, in sub acute or mostly acute stages. On the eye pictures, we can see that some of this brown from the bowels are coming down to the lymph nodes, it’s how it should be: you want to see the trash coming there, that shows the body is trying to move it through the lymph system down to the lymph nodes which are supposed to break the trash down and to help it come down to the kidneys and other eliminative organs. Overall I have an average to good constitution and genes. The weaker the constitution, the more problems one will experience in life with their body. A strong constitution shows endurance, cellular strength and longevity. Strong genes can conquer almost anything. Pocketing (in the sigmoid colon and peritoneum abdominal wall area), ballooning (in the ascending colon) and toxin spots can be spot.

Hyper and hypo conditions

The report is also pointing that my thyroid is affected by deterioration. A hyper condition is an irritated condition from acids that are causing the body to over react. This is the stage where you see all the major inflammatory conditions and pain. If a hyper condition is not addressed, over time, it will develop into a hypo condition. A hypo condition (chronic and degenerative) is an accumulation of acids over a long period of time that has caused interstitial dehydration, which then starts to erode, mutate, and degrade the cellular tissue. Eighty percent of all dis-ease is found in these stages. At degenerative stages, pain is not always constant. Symptoms can no longer be suppressed by chemicals, radiation or any debilitating procedure. The only hope at this point is to hydrate and detoxify the lymphatic system and revitalized the cells, tissues, organs and glands. Cells are dying at this point; viruses or antigens are released for self-destruction; parasites move in and take control. For this, let’s have a look at Doctor Jensen’s chart which shows how the path of disease is evolving with time: in acute stages, there will be a lot of symptoms of inflammation, pain or fever. In subacute stages, there is less pain and the metabolism is slowed down. In hyper stages, the body is overacting and then it goes to the hypo stages, where we will find chronic and degenerative affections and a lower vitality. Around the areas affected by degenerative issues, the patient won’t have pain, the sensation is often lost there. The pain will affect areas outside and that’s where they will be feeling the pain because that area would still be in the subacute stages. So when someone starts of in acute and subacute stages, and then start to lose the pain and inflammation, they have the impression it’s going better when actually, it’s getting worse. We will experience pain and inflammation while going backwards, to these subacute and acute stages. We often make the mistake to associate pain with something bad, but usually it’s a sign the body is starting to respond again.

It’s common to find that areas as the sigmoid flexure would be congested. The bowels have this process were they are compacted and the water is getting out of it. All that high acidosis is concentrated in one place and it can damage the tissues. For example, ladies would sometimes have issues in the ovaries because of the conditions of the bowels (as for in endometriosis cases probably). Another example of nerve interference that can result from chronic irritation at the sigmoid flexure of the colon in females is the ovaries. Many ovarian conditions or menstrual problems are associated with this and we have to think about the bowels when the patient complain about this kind of problem. That is why, as soon as people get some progress in their bowels and stomach areas, they start to have progress in the rest of their body.

Acute will be in the hyperstages as it was for me age 22 when I began to suffer from hyperthyroidism and suddenly lost 8-9 kilos. Before that I started to have Renault syndrom with the extremities in my feet being numb and unable to warm up. After 2 years, my thyroid pursued deterioration to the chronic state (hypo), I gained the weight back and my metabolism slowed down. One year after, I lost a lot of hair. My teeth health also got downwards from that moment. It’s important for the thyroid to heal as in the hypo stages, the body doesn’t have enough energy to heal: to get a healing crisis, the thyroid needs to reverse from hypo to a hyper condition.

Herbal protocol

A lot of detox specialists are recommending to work with Doctor Morse’s herbs yet I realised these are quite corrupted products in their signatures. I would advise to order tintures and herbs from a trustworthy herbalist that you know personnally and who is inherently a good person or to start making your own tinctures, encoded with your own healing intentions. Tinctures will help to drain the head from all the acids.

How to take a good picture of your eyes?

I go in the hallway, protected from direct light and windows. Someone is there to help me with and take the photos with a HD reflex camera. I point a torch light on my eye sideways in order to illuminate uniformly the concerned eye while the other person takes several photos. When choosing the best picture, I make sure to choose the photos with minimal reflection. In 2021 I went to an iridologist to get a macro quality picture of my eyes and got a more in depth iridology report showing that some of the information of the first report were incomplete or a bit wrong.

Rising in awareness while looking at the world’s eyes

There is also a connection between dirty bowels and psychotic features: dirty bowels can impact the hypothalamus and other glands and cause the weaknesses with symptoms such as jealousy, dishonesty or unfair use of power. It’s all connected neurologically. You can have narcissistic tendencies because you have a weakness in an area of the brain. These brain flares would be one additional reason why people would have a tendency to be psychopathic. It even happens that, when we correct a weakness in an area of the brain, the personality would change.

My interest in iridology and cellular detoxification led me to become more able to perceive the level of health of others around me. One thing that did fascinate me was to come across a publicity by Channel where all projectors were on Kristen Stewart’s eyes, green with a lot of hazel in the middle. It is common that degenerescence and high levels of chronic states of deterioration are in fact advertised as sexy. Many well-known actresses would face similar, or even worse, condition than me; we can see it from their eyes pictures. I find a link between the level of our health and how easily we are manipulated, and in the case of these women, used to serve anti-life agendas all over the planet, to various extent, consciously or not, overtly or not.