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Mind control in the Yoga Room; Bikram, Hot Yoga, Forrest, Lujong and Kundalini Yoga: an invitation to return to the body while choosing our instructor with discernment

In recent years and decades, yoga has become more and more popular. While it is certain that yoga greatly assists us to rehabilitate our bodies and to reawaken atrophied tissues, it is also certain that many yoga centers, their founders and many teachers are under total or partial mind control. Yoga practices invite us to push back the limits of our body, apathy, immobility and inaction. They allow us to find freedom and amplitude by combining physical and mental challenge. Practices as Yin and Lujong yoga are rather regenerative practices while Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Bikram or Ashtanga will help us strengthen.

At the end of 2017, I traded in my running shoes to hit the mats in heated yoga rooms. The heat suits me well: I’ve always been a fan of very hot baths and can handle the heat better than the cold. Bikram and Hot Yoga have helped me to strengthen my tenacity, my warrior spirit, with the element of fire, inviting me to stay present when the body is facing uncomfortable positions, difficult to hold or requiring a lot of strength. However, it is also obvious that there is a lot of mind control in the yoga centers. Discernment is required. Often teachers or practitioners think they have to become someone else and are run by their own programming. Some Indian philosophies may seem very distant to westerners. Do we have to become someone else to practice yoga? Do we have to move away from our original frame of reference? Does repeating mantras or sounds that we don’t understand help us to expand? It happened that I left a kirtan singing event because the energy that was emanating in the room made me feel very uncomfortable. Any practice can serve as an indoctrination into the reality in which we are finding ourselves in. Practiced at home and with oneself, yoga can be a ceremonial space of connection from self to self where the posture becomes a space of exploration.
Mind control in the Yoga Room

For almost 2 years, I used to go to the Yoga Room in Brussels. I didn’t like the one in Defacq (neither the atmosphere, nor the aggressive management of the reception) and generally went to the one in Fort Jaco. It was unbearable for me to attend some of the classes and I even dare to leave a few times before the end. After a lot of trials and errors in Fort Jaco, I thought I had identified teachers that I could benefit from. Nevertheless, linear time would reveal that there were layers of deception present and active. Some teachers although very good on the side of technique, able to push their students far, are finding themselves to be handlers to keep students under control. This was my case with a teacher named Adam Weirick who is Australian (the intensity of mind control and aggression has another signature in Australia) and had moved from Hong Kong to Brussels. He had strong narcissistic traits. I quickly blocked him from my social media. I still had doubts about the nature of the interaction until one day, he actually placed his fingers on a precise point on my back, a place where I often feel the energy is being extracted from me.

It was certain that when the center tried to impose the wearing of a mask, only from the front door to the locker room, I terminated my membership. I had already made the decision not to renew my membership a few weeks earlier because the energies were too aggressive and the staff was under severe mind control, which caused friction and attacks on a regular basis. One of their employees had the one eye symbol on her social media profile ; it was unconsciously imprinted. I felt that my nervous system was struggling and was certainly not taking the path of regeneration despite the benefits of the physical practice.

Many employees of such centers are not conscious of what they are actually serving. Every teacher there is a unique case, some more conscious than others, some more on the dark side than others. Some were mind controlled assets going through amnesia and being manipulated. Classes were used to handle other assets like me, occupying my time so I don’t connect to something real, placing things into my field. There was harvesting in all the classes, some more than others depending on the teacher, some classes I left before the end. I always felt drained afterwards and some ptsd was easily triggered after classes when I was driving back. There were different attacks through staff members who were not always kind but once more some staff members were kinder than others even if they were mind controlled. There was a line some would not cross and a line some others would cross. It feels also like there was a lot of AI frequencies teleguided. I felt like there were hidden handlers crossdimensionnally.

Revelations of spring 2021

During spring 2021, I was facing needed revelations and eye-openers. It kept on unravelling for days, for me to see things I was excusing and for me to connect the dots together. I was excusing the extremely narcissistic behaviours of some of the teachers. “They don’t know better”. The first impression I had for one of them was that my body went backwards, then the mind entered in action finding rationalizations and excuses and trying to see the good sides of her. Her signature reminded me of another woman under mind control who, through her choices, had facilitated abusive situations in my life. For another teacher, I went into tremors (the body does not lie). I was believing in the way some teachers were presenting themselves with a fake energy signature of empathy. Something always felt off and I was always leaving weaker than I had arrived, sometimes going into shaking mode while starting my car. I thought my nervous system was just weak and did not give enough credit to these signals of alarm. I remember I had seen the one eye symbol on the account of one of the women working at the reception. It is only later that I realized how abusive she had been towards me because at the time I had excused her. Her signature was not aggressive ; it was subtle. There were also pictures with mirrors (indicating fragmentation, typical MK imagery) on her account. I went back on the Instagram account of one of the teachers and found a maconic skull hiding in there and the hand sign for the one-eye symbol transposed to the camera (something I will go into in depth in the course on recognizing the different frequency signatures around us). I went to the Facebook page of the Yoga Room and found the yoga center was now promoting vaccination, rendering itself a ‘temporary vaccination center‘. I could not believe I compromised myself there to be able to follow yoga classes and the amount of complications it brought to my life. Around the same time, someone I had interviewed about Lujong Yoga started to like my posts and I felt an unease. I remembered his wife was also collaborating with the Yoga Room, giving ‘sound healing session‘ (what was happening in the room truly?). She was pressuring me for me to come and assist to one of her classes, which I never did. I had to resist my people-pleasing patterns and her psychic pressure. Her husband had a weird looking face with some alien features and I connected the dots together and understood what had really been going on.

How to choose an instructor?

It goes without saying that for any practice, it is important to find a clear, energetically clean and experienced guidance because a lot of energy transfers are taking place, especially in a yoga room where one evolves with the body very open to any influence coming from the outside, in postures of heart opening in particular. I have sometimes come out saddened or carrying some of the emotional load of the teachers, having less energy when I arrived than when I left. Some teachers tend to rely on their musical playlists, letting the music carry part of the flow of the session and fading behind its influence. Certain types of music can be a barrier to students finding themselves in that moment with themselves. Silence is very rare in our busy lives. Yet there is no doubt that we can learn a lot in meditative stillness.

Sometimes I have noticed programs of performance or self-hatred and transmission of suffering within the practice room. Finding good guidance in yoga is an art. Some teachers allow a certain latitude in the way they teach. The signature with which the transmitter of this ancient knowledge, this technology, teaches is crucial. I have had a shaky response to the teachings of some teachers in the first or second class (a primal response to give importance to): it told me about a predatory profile and a vector of hostile energy, especially when there is physical adjustment during the class. I stopped going to these classes even though the technique was good. Later I realize that it was the whole yoga center that was infested with hostile energies.

In one room, so many different objectives are present. Ideally, the teacher is someone who is asking themselves how they can be the vector, the catalyst of all these aspirations. Everyone is there for a reason, everyone has made the effort to come to class. A teacher worthy of the name will never stand in the way of an individual’s path and will encourage this reconnection with the sacred knowledge that lies dormant within the body. When a teacher holds the space with maturity, students are able to dive much deeper into their own processes. The teachers may encourage us to ask ourselves “is this right for me today? How does this feel to me right now? “. Yoga can be a very good tool for integrating the dissociated aspects of our psychic, psychological and emotional life. The best instructor is ourselves. I tried to follow yoga online but yoga is so programmed that it generally costs more than it brings. For a while, after an online practice with a very programmed person (hindu deities, only the 3D aspects), I practiced at home for 5 to 10 minutes here and there. In 2021, I asked two of my friends, two “reals”, if they would be willing to hold classes twice a month. I have now resumed yoga classes once a week with Sylvie Planche and Olya from the Ananda Shakti project (I recommend them both).

A few words about the different types of yoga I have practiced

In the last few years, there have been several scandals that have revealed the presence of predators, including in yoga classrooms. The yoga I started with was Bikram, created by the Indian Bikram Choudhury. He emigrated to the United States where he built an empire around creating his own 26-posture sequence inspired by Hatha Yoga. In a few years, his egotistical personality allowed him to build a great fortune. Around him were gravitating profiles in the search of perfection in this strange micro-universe of Hollywood. Today, numerous complaints have brought to light an authoritarian, tyrannical and unstable personality (megalomania, racism, homophobia, sexism and sexual abuse). It is interesting to witness what is happening with any unstable guru. Recently, the real personality of Yogi Bhajan, the creator of the kundalini yoga, was also partially revealed thanks to the testimonies of women who were abused. However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater, because impostors build their empires on concepts that have some truth to them.

I really liked the warm environment of the bikram or hot room and the repetition of the postures. The guidance was done only by voice. The heat was allowing me to focus more intensely. I started this practice while I was starting detoxifying at a cellular level with the mucusfree way of eating; I was gradually rebuilding hydration from within the body. Fresh fruit juice, coconut water or whole fruits provide the structured water the body needs. Breathing is one of the key points. Surprisingly, it is sometimes easier to place the breath when we are finding ourselves in an uncomfortable environment. The special flavor of the final savasana at the end of the session, lying on the back, is particularly appreciated after a considerable effort. Yoga in a heated room is an invitation to train the mind to empty itself of thoughts: as soon as one loses the thread of the present moment, balance is usually lost. In the case of Bikram, the repetition of the same postures at each class is a test: how to remain present to each movement once the novelty effect is over? The truth is that we keep on discovering new subtleties as we are going deeper and deeper in the postures. Hot yoga is an intense practice that requires a desire for transcendence. However, the thing is that, on a warmed-up muscle, the muscle is easily softened thanks to the elasticity increasy by the artificial environment; the muscle will re-adopt its original length once cooled down.

Forrest, Lujong, Yin and Kundalini Yoga

The advantage of a yoga center is that you can try different types of yoga because each branch has its own signature. This may also be a trap for the curious mind. Alternating different forms of yoga allows one to work on different levels, such as some the exercises of Forrest Yoga with the modification of certain poses and the creation of new ones to alleviate certain physical ailments. Some exercises of this approach focus on the abdominals in an innovative way and focus on the tension in the neck. Many of the poses leave room for neck relaxation. However, the frequency transmitted by the creator of this method, once again, calls for discernment.

Lujong Yoga (“lu” referring to the body and “jong” to transformation) is a form of Tibetan yoga with 17 vigorous movements that benefit both body and mind. This ancient practice, developed in the Himalayan heights by Tibetan monks, supports physical vitality while balancing the mind. These monks drew inspiration from observing the behavior of animals and nature in order to support healing processes and cultivate mental awareness. Lujong is a teaching that encourages seeing, hearing and feeling with inner openness. The basic Lujong movement pattern begins with slow, repeated back and forth movements with our arms tracing the horizon, pinky and index finger raised and the other fingers covered by the thumb, accelerating until moving all parts of the body, then slowing down again until full stop. The alternation of movements done sometimes in extreme slowness, sometimes in a lively agitation creates two complementary effects: a full awareness of the movement and a loss of mental focus. Once more while this practice has its benefits, it is also rising many doubts about the energy signature behind it.

While it has often been easy for me to find enthusiasm for more yang classes, it has been more difficult to engage in yin practices. Many classes, especially for kundalini, prove to be an endocrine energy harvesting tool. Yoga is very often used to harvest the life energy of participants. Yoga practiced alone at home, from self to self, in our own energies remains the safest solution to protect and contain our life energies and to be able to devote them to what is important to us.