Aria Persei

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The importance of order, tidiness and keeping a clean space around

From our home, our homes, we can transform our lives. Keeping a clean vessel and a clean space around us has more significance than it seems. Over the years, I have been able to give more credit to these steps that I felt were important. There are chapters in life when it becomes a part of the process to let go of physical, material and energetic clutter.

In the physical reality, drawers, basements and attics can easily be forgotten as they are out of direct sight. The basement staircase was recently completely emptied to keep only useful, ecological and non-aggressive products. I can see how, whenever it has been time for me to give them a big clean, there was a deeper underground unconscious process of excavation taking place. As I was simplifying things, I was coming back to a more integrated place within myself and I was letting go of fearful and inverted values, which led me to let go of physical density around me which was no longer needed. It’s part of my routine to refresh the space where I am at every day. I remember how my mother used to clean the house and my room before I’d come back to the family house for a visit. It was a thoughtful and sensitive way to make me feel welcomed and much more profound than it seemed. Nowadays, I also clean the whole house and make sure everything is in order before I leave for a long time. Everything is ready as if the house was waiting for a guest, it is in some ways for the spirit of the house and a mirror of an inner process around which I have prepared for the departure and did everything in my power to strenghten the space during my absence.

Space of living

Intuitively, the majority of us can tune into feng-shui and vatsu general rules (like facing the door of the office) and pay attention on how energy flows in a room. With certain decisions and placements of objects, we may accidentally maximize negative (or positive) effects and activate the environnement in some sorts of ways. Is the energy able to pursue its course freely in the space ? Is the energy being interrupted in its natural course ? Can we make the space around us more harmonious ? Can we rise its vibration? How can we call for the support of nature indoor, despite the fact our structures and corners are so square? Realisations come layer by layer and are directly linked to our inner processes. Some houses are architecturally gorgeous, yet somehow, something feels off. It’s the sign of a disbalance of life energy. Whenever I smudge, preferably with dried herbs I collect myself or with quality encenses that have preferably been handed with care, it’s the intention and the circular motion I do it with that I feel matter the most. We can take the dead leaves from the bottom of the plants that grow around us (as mugworrt), dry them and burn them, the smoke arising being a bridge with the spirit world.


Fasted states are often directly linked to a need to simplify the space around us and in general, our lives. First, these processes give a lot of extra time each day to reevaluate all the little details in our lives. It can be time to go through every single object, to give away, to sell things, to change furniture, to modify the decoration and vibration of the rooms we live in. All of a sudden, the massive furniture that had been there for 15 years will suddenly be too much and might feel oppressive. The space that is being freed is then available to be allowed for new daily allies: plants, cristals, tarot decks, dried herbs from the garden, resins, palo santo, encens, essential oil diffusors, bells, and free space ready to be used. During each of my fasts, I went a step closer to nature each time: welcoming plants in the house, working in the garden, planting fruit trees and herbs. Sometimes, moving objects and decoration in some areas of the house (for example a printed photo with a wintery vibe) or investing new energy in a dormant space (a new autel on the wall of one corner of the house) can be directly linked to a consequent shift in life. The action in the material world is also indicating that something is ready to be released or has already been. Are there any dormant spaces in the space I live in? Can they be transformed into something else, something alive and useful? There is a deep alchemy happening with the process of upgrading the space around us.

Cosmetics and skin products

The rise of awareness also includes choosing the cleanest versions of soaps and cosmetics. The chemicals we come into contact with every day often contain chemical agents that are aggressive and harmful to our skin although they are invisible. We absorb a lot of things through our skin and our scalp. Most organic cosmetics still contain glycerin (that may comes from a vegetal or animal source) and other complex substances that interfere with our natural biofield. The protective oil film on our skin is necessary for us to be able to connect to our environnement and for us to be able to connect with the Earth field. Scrubbing ourselves with soaps that leave a glycerin plastic film on the skin does affect our magnetic field. Reading stickers and choosing the most simple list of ingredients does make a difference (for example with traditional alep soaps). By releasing complexity and inversion, by getting closer to Creation, we might even want to create our own face and body oils, shampoo (this has been the toughest one for me so far), teeth oil, sun and after sun creams and daily cleaning products with apple cider vinegar in which lemon and orange peels have been soaked for a week or two, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils (bergamot and the citrus family) make a good base. This is the opportunity to create our own liquid hand soap (with these same ingredients and a bit of black soap or pure Marseille soap), our own dishwashing liquid, cleaning spray or laundry detergent.

The importance of the frequency of each object we possess in our living spaces

Our homes are spaces where we place boundaries with this game realm. Are we keeping anything out of obligation or guilt ? Does each object has its use ? Are we dragging piles of papers and notes year after year ? Does every object I possess represent me ? Why I am resisting letting go of an object ? Are we keeping photos where we don’t like how we look ? Don’t we feel like objects that came from people who were not well intentioned create micro-triggers in our lives ? Our living spaces can greatly support us if we invest in making them more supportive. Having things where they belong means they don’t get in your way or slow us down (this goes back to productivity). There are a lot of psychological strings and emotional cords attached to our stuff, which is why it can sometimes be really challenging to remove them from our living spaces. How can we attract the support of nature ? What are the benefits of clutter removal ? Clutter is a physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.

Feng Shui and the work of Kendra Gardner

For any Feng Shui work, I can only recommend the work of Kendra Gardner. She is an expert at how Feng Shui principles can be used to improve health, create more harmonious relationships or increase prosperity or carreer success. Feng Shui follows the theory that the world is governed by unseen forces, and by implementing and practicing Feng Shui we can achieve harmony between us and these forces in our environment. The words feng and shui literally mean “wind” and “water.” The water represents flow and change, and the wind symbolizes the earth’s energy. The different areas linked to the directions are spirituality, career, travels, family, health, creativity, wealth, recognition and partnership. The direction from which we enter our home or office, the direction we face while preparing meals or when we eat, when we pay our bills, while working at our desk or while sleeping have an impact on the quality of the energy we experience every day. The position of the bed and the position of the desk are also important. Feng Shui cures can be : physical objects such as a statue, a mirror, crystals, colors or a lucky bamboo plant which encourages rapid growth in any area we place it. In the partnership corner, we may pay attention to things being there in pair (usually the upper right corner if the door is behind us).

In her book « 24 hours of magic », Kendra Gardner mentions micro-triggers through objects we possess and also their link to the time and space we have in our lives. There is sometimes a hidden reason why we keep certain things. Oftentimes, we don’t even realize that we are holding onto something associated with feelings of guilt or sadness. Some objects are linked to an older version of ourselves and some can carry a negative imprint. Saving things for the future means distrust and a fear-based mindset, a lack of faith that we can be providing for ourselves thanks to our connection to spirit (if we are real here in this game). All our objects are linked to our time. Sometimes, we do block beneficial energy from getting to us. Something can come into our lives just after we changed the arrangement of our living spaces. We seldom think of our homes as living entities. If we inherit a house, it often comes with old stagnant energy. When a structure is not properly aligned with the positive life sustaining energies, success can be blocked. We generally find it more difficult to function optimally in an environment that is compromised or where the frequency is lowered.

Matrix traps

Now the dark forces can easily take advantage of your desire to upgrade the frequency of your home. The game keepers want your home programmed to the matrix that is why they don’t miss an occasion to send an easily accessed SIM to your place. I had a geobiologist sent to my house to weaken my living space, an experience I go more in depth in the course Reclaim your Celestial Heritage. Our homes can be reprogrammed to drain us especially by backdrops. So there is so many benefits to work with an Original Spark with real healing abilities such as Kendra who does assist us in rising in frequency in our living spaces.

Virtual clutter

This cleansing process nowadays has extended to the virtual world, of course, with online subscriptions, weither on social media or in newsletters, as they are directly linked to our daily vital force, our time and our energy. Computers and phones as well can accumulate quite a bit of clutter. The fact that my phone has a very limited space of memory has turned into a blessing as I don’t keep data on there and am always brought back to a minimalistic use. Unsubscribing has assisted me in releasing much energy in my life, keeping only what does serve. Indeed, the term ‘subscribe’ is rooted in the idea of agreeing to and registering with a non living entity. It becomes clear how online subscriptions have an impact on many different levels in our lives. Not only they occupy space in our minds but they also tie us up in many invisible ways to non living entities. Allowing myself to unsubscribe, unfollow and restrain has definitely been helping me releasing space in my life and reclaiming some inner freedom.

And above all, what matters is to remain in a constructive dynamic, protect oneselves from discourses of fears while taking the lead in reclaiming our independence and sovereignty. We are the ones creating the world of today and the world of tomorrow. We are beings of infinite power.