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Animal communication: listening, perceiving with clair-perceptions, hearing, understanding: life experiences with Ulysse and Qadesh

When we are communicating, we are emitting mental images constantly that can be picked up in the ether. These associations of images pass us through so fast that we do not usually realize that it is what is going on. To learn more about communication with animals, these stages, which are related to sensory and extrasensory abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfaction and clairknowing, can be acknowledged and observed. They are skills which are within the reach of everyone, they go beyond our common ways of perceiving and can be refined with practice.

The animal kingdom

In the wild, violence rarely exists even though predation is present. When we are children, the death of animals, whether domestic ones or wild, is for the majority of us one of the first losses we face. Later on the journey I have reflected on the fact that most of these animals were AI. Cats seem to perceive things that humans do not pick up, such as orbs or Hartmann’s cross energy fields, intersections of the magnetic lines of the Earth’s field, on which they sometimes sleep. Some researchers have looked at the invisible link between animals, their environment and their guardians. Numerous studies have reported animals’ extrasensory faculties such as telepathy and premonition (especially at the time of the death of their guardian). Scientific research shows that rats show empathy towards one another: they will prefer to release one of their colleagues in pain rather than being rewarded with food. Increasing urbanization, pollution, inappropriate food, dressage: today, many animals are disconnected from their primary essence, but also from some of their cognitive skills. However, if we observe them, animals can be great teachers and we are lucky to come at their encounter via the sense of touch.

A call for the animal cause

Driven by an unbargainable ethic, Harmonie Godart puts her emphatic abilities at the service of those who are concerned about animal welfare: “When I was a little girl, I was perceiving a floating energy around people. When I was encountering injured trees, I was applying a bandage around their trunks. I had the chance to grow up in a rather open family (where dreams were interpreted) where my perceptions were not overtly repressed. Today, when I am being the witness of tragic stories that involve animals, it makes me feel as if I was being stabbed in my heart. Animals understand life situations in which we find ourselves, they are great scanners of human emotionality.” Harmonie’s journey of life confronted her with having to mourn loved ones and animals. “Five years after the death of my partner, I adopted a dog. He served as a replacement, I projected all the maternal love I had to give onto him. I was feeling as if I knew what he was thinking.” When there comes a time to be there for a being as they are crossing the veil, Harmonie is seeking deeper keys of understanding. When the health of our pets is deteriorating, it is a subtle balance to recognize the right moment to say goodbye: “sometimes, it’s like for us humans, suffering is worth the price to pay because it’s more important for them to say goodbye to their guardians, as it’s been the case for an old Malinois I crossed path with who was waiting for the return of his guardian. »

Away from human concepts

How to understand how animals feel emotionally and physically, their needs, their relationship with their environment, their congeners or their guardians? How to better understand the root cause of a behavior or to investigate past traumas (such as abandonment or abuse)? “As a general rule, the first vector found in animals is the attention they receive from us and the way we are meeting their basic needs. Twenty years ago, many were still wondering if an animal had feelings. Another important point is to ask ourselves: when we want to communicate with an animal, for whom are we doing it? For ourselves or from a real concern for the well being of the animal, in a real encounter, a real dialogue? “ Harmonie only opens the door if there is a commitment to listen to what the animal has to say: they will be expecting a change, an exchange, an answer: “In the same way, if the animal delivers something, it is important, even if I do not always understand what they are refering to, that I make sure to share what I perceived. I’m not in their life, I do not know what they are experiencing. That’s why I pledge to deliver the wholeness of the information I receive.” Communication can also prepare for future changes (a trip, an absence).

Inate concepts

In this kind of matter, we are trying to avoid any anthropomorphism, sentimentalism or other projection onto the animal world. We must understand that animals do not have certain traits of humans. It is said that their memory is based on their senses and not on mind concepts but is that true? Their memories seem to resemble images, sounds, sensations, smells: “to communicate something to them, I connect to the feeling, as if I was put a sensation in an envelope and if I was sending it to them. They communicate in all forms: kinetic, visual, olfactory, visual. I am sometimes impressed by the accuracy of the information. Some words can also come to my mind: intimidation, humiliation, terror, for me to understand the experience they have been through.” Another big difference with the human race, animals do not seem to return to the past like we do. They suffer from a situation but do not make judgments around it. There is no manipulation, no twisted mind: “a beaten dog does not forget. However, his tendency to unconditional love will always prevail; he will always end up coming back to the person, to the group. We think they forget because they are just wired differently.” Another concept that is alien to them is temporality: “the fact that we are bound by time, that we live taking into account our obligations is a notion that I have to explain to them many times, just as a child who would be discovering life.”

The right action

After having opened her eyes to practical aspects of the life of domestic pets (the toxicity of the dry food we give them, the problem of pet stores, the dangers of vaccines), Harmonie keeps on seeking the appropriate measure, far from guilt which can create tunnel visions or radical activisism that further accentuates dynamics of hierarchy and power, ending up in creating more division than unity: “in the face of what we are seeing in some organizations devoted to the animal cause, something does not feel right, I feel a deviant signature.” Indeed, while it is useful to denounce abuses, to expose them, it does not seem necessary to over-expose the public to traumatic images that only reinforce feelings of helplessness and guilt. Harmonie also makes sure to redirect those who come to consult her to other practitioners: “These are addresses that I have been testing and that I am able to recommend. I do not improvise myself as a veterinarian or a behaviorist, I’d rather value others for their expertise.”[Vc_empty_space height =” 8px “]

Communicating with Qadesh

Before Harmonie shares the result of the exchange she had with Qadesh, the youngest cat who found her way to the cellar of the house on a winter’s day almost 3 years ago, I had some apprehensions. Is she happy? Is her life suiting her? Harmonie shares with me the report of the communication: at the beginning, Qadesh was suspicious and reserved. Once she understood that this was a request originating from me, she opened the door. She is a cat who adapts to different situations, including the presence of guests from all walks of life in the house: the vibratory signature varies from one person to another and Qadesh adapts herself to the exterior circunstances, she can decide to spend more time outside or keep a low and discreet profile. She understands that sometimes I have to be away for a while: “At first she was suspicious, and when I projected an image, like a hologram of you, she opened right away. When there are diverse energies when visitors are in the house, she adapts and sneaks quietly into a corner. She was attracted by your energy, your sensitivity. She is very pleased to be in touch with you, she loves it. She shared that you are looking for an entire fulfillment, a very deep fire within you, a thirst for deep learning, layer after layer. You have a thirst to learn, as if it were necessary to go into the depths of truth. Even if it is tiring, it’s not possible for you to be any other way. Qadesh likes that side inside of you very much. It is nourishing for an animal to be by your side, a person who is constantly the essence of herself, authentic. She sends encouragement, no matter how long it takes to create your whole vision, because what you do is true, even if it is a life outside norms. What unites you together is a nested complementarity.” I was very touched, reassured and convinced by this communication which was a deep dive inside Qadesh’s world.

Harmonie Godart is a belgian french speaking animal communicator in the area of Gembloux (BE), contact : +32 496 49 83 41,, Facebook page, website
Ulysse’s reading

During a weekend in the south of France, I practiced different channels of clear perceptions in order to strenghten my skills of communication with animals: clairaudience, clairconnaissance, clairolfaction, clairvoyance and clairsentience. A skilled communicator informed me about my cat Ulysse after a communication with him: “during a traumatic event, he took the stress of the people who were around and he seems to be in a kind of early senility. He lives in a complete lack of security in the territory where he lives and in a state of constant suffering.” She recommended working with CBD oil and also felt a kind of pressure in his back. I continued the investigations with another psychic who assisted us with the expulsion of a parasitic overtaking force, evoked a prayer of intentions to purify tinctures for Ulysse’s kidneys and his lymphatic system and helped me follow the evolution of his pain in his back. Later I discovered the real root of my problem with Ulysse that I relate in an article sharing about him being AI and frequently used for interruption. Both of these readings about him were misleading and only sharing half truth which is pretty common in the field of animal communication. In 2022, I separated from Ulysse and taught an animal module to discern AI signatures in the animal kingdom. I have adopted 2 real female dogs and I share in this module dedicated to animals (in the course section) the path I have followed to find them amongst the many options of the simulation.