Aria Persei

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The deceit and compromise behind politics and the importance of reclaiming political consent

It’s an illusion to think we are living in societies that are free. Most of the time, we are just given the illusion of choice, through voting, the choice between different teams to support. Nevertheless, these 2 sides of the coin are parts of the same prison. There is only one bed – and it’s not even a human one. Voting is a ruse to collect consent and the implication goes way deeper than we commonly think. Holding to a national flag is pure attachment and national identification. Nationalism, like all -ism, is meant to internally divide the mind, away from its united and whole state. It’s another tool of division. An understanding of politics requires the ability to perceive beyond the veil, beyond the puppet show where strings are being pulled by unseen hostile factions working behind the curtains, feeding from the unlimited loosh. Politics means programming. It’s important to withdraw the credit we give to political narratives.

Governments are not there for humans best interests, they are there to govern their minds. They are not interested in the sound of their voices. Governments devote their time and energy to keep us voiceless and silenced while having the illusion we have a say. Voting does not give anyone a say. Underneath the surface, there are hidden worldwide factions devoted to pass agendas that are hostile to the human race. The illusion of separate governements is a staged diversion. Politics is mainly a field of charade based on appearances, seduction and deception.

Hidden forces feed from our feelings of insignificance, smallness and powerlessness. All around the world, masses of people are projecting their unhealed traumas or unrecognized talents onto public figures and this includes politicians. It often feels like blaming or praising a parent. Most of the time, we haven’t met these candidates personally. We are trusting what appears on a screen and the image they would like to give of themselves while we have absolutely no idea who they trully are. Our opinions are mainly based on positive or negative projections. Both polarized reactions are part of the frequency that keeps us entrapped. Non integrated emotions are being used against humans to play on their feelings using words and concepts such as hope, the concern for the future of the children, love for the planet or an unaligned and dangerous call for a devious kind of justice. There is no critical thinking in action, only reactional and predictable behaviours. To understand politics, one has to study the nature of evil and see beyond the veil.

Worldwide psychopathy

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that a majority of psychopaths are to be found in positions of power. Many of them have turned vile individuals, some of them have always been. They exceed at lying, pretending and appearing to be a certain way. We are being fooled by words while we are forgetting to look at actions. Most of the drama of politics is engineered as a distraction and is a front for what’s progressing underneath, which is kept unnoticed thanks to the volatile circus. Many politicians are implemented as a consequence from the disasters of who came before them: how many are elected as a reaction from previous elections? Most world leaders are puppets easily manipulated via blackmail by the ones really in commands on a 3D level, themselves being vectors and leaving their bodies as vehicles available for other forces to dictate their ways. Different factions of old bloodlines might be fighting each other for power. All are compromised, eaten by a voracious hunger.

Most of the time, politicians are skilled liars with a very limited range of emotions. They are mainly good actors (google the crocodile tears of Obama during different speeches and look beyond the mask, look at the emptiness and the pathological liar). Most politicians are saying one thing and doing another. Psychopaths have been learning to play the game of life, sharpening their deceiver’s skills while observing human reactions. Unable to feel in the same ways, wired differently, they have learned to pretend, mimick and imitate a wide range of emotions and feelings. The sad thing is some of them are not even aware they are pretending. And while they do, they are feeding from human emotions, fascinated by what it feels like to feel so deeply. The fakery though can sure be spot by a trained eye which systematically observes with critical thinking, consistant attention and a distanced emotional response.

Psychopaths in power, labyrinth and consent

There is no real democracy. They want us to think that we have power through voting. But voting only gives the system a stamp of approval. It’s not a democracy that rules, it’s a hidden group of people who feel they are in their right mind. Among them, arrogance is one of the most widespread characteristics. Let us ask ourselves about those who politically run our countries and the macabre power and ego games that hide behind the luxury of their castles and secret parties. Let us open our eyes to the real face hidden behind false smiles, pretences, deceptions and manipulations. Anyone who has experienced the sneaky manipulation of psychopathic profiles can understand the complex range of psychological processes in action: projection of childhood traumas, unresolved trauma and deep dissociation that inhabit the perpetrators and that fracture the victims who later become perpetrators as well. It’s a macabre dance.

No wonder the world is going mad with psychopaths of great intelligence and addiction to power in the foreground. By electing abusers, we give consent to being abused as a race. These apparent leaders are emotionally immature but they are very smart. If each person reclaim their sovereignty from within, there would be no need for an external authority to set the rules and abuse their power. By the time they arrive in power, by the time they get to a place where they could make a difference, all politicians are completely corrupt. If they are not, they have been outed out or have been eliminated from the picture. There’s no way they’re going to end up at the top with their heart kept intact. The higher you go, the more you have to give up your integrity away; those are the rules. The higher you go, the more you are compromised. Today, child abuse is becoming more and more normalized. Caution must be exercised when witnessing the spread of twisted ideas and concepts around child sexuality. Over the last ten years, I have witnessed an increase in virulence around these issues as programming has become more and more aggressive. Today, pedophiles are increasingly protected by the law: they rarely receive serious sentences for their crimes. It is naive to think that those in power can actually bring about the change that many hope for.

That change has to come from within. The way forward for a paradigm shift: it will not come from political decisions, but from the internal work of dismantling all the lies. Today it is more than necessary to observe the dynamics of power within us, our own internal structure, so that the external structure (and mind control) has less and less control over us. Many people cannot understand how such atrocities can occur. When faced with the cruelty that other humans have had to face, people react with where they are at. The internal work consists of observing the elements that trigger a reaction in ourselves and integrate them through self work, observation and emotional mastery. As our consciousness expands, the world changes through us.

A matrix response

In Belgium, many are voting out of the fear to be fined for a pretty decent amount of money. A couple of years ago, when I decided to stop voting, the system became aware I was not in the rank anymore and tried to put me straight back in by convocating me to be secretary for the upcoming election. Withdrawing my consent came with a direct and quick response from the matrix control system because it was a step further to saying no to concepts of separation, external authority and national identification. It’s needless to say I kept my ground solidly and find my way thanks to benevolent help to be able to stay aligned with my integrity. It was nothing else than a fear-based test.

Was I sure I wanted to take this road? There was no turning back, it was out of question to vote. This was one step further in affirming my convictions in the ether. I was too aware of the degree of corruption and compromission of governements. The repulsion was visceral at the idea to put the name of any of those individuals on paper and give my agreement for any part of my life to be governed by them. I never believed in statism and politics was never an interest of mine. What had been learned could not be unlearned. What had been seen and felt couldn’t be unseen. It was a clear innerstanding. It took a few months to fully deprogram from the belief (embedded with guilt and shame) that voting is doing the citizen duty. I am not giving my consent away to be ruled over.

In any field, to have any kind of benevolent impact for the future of the human race, measures will have to go beyond the 3D level, with a wider understanding of reality and attitude of embodying higher principles and beyond the common underground programming (including savior programming projecting the attention and desire to find the answer outside of oneself).

Only we can be the solution. It implies us saying no. No to being ruled over. The ability to say no comes with the capacity to be able to collectively leave the state of denial, cognitive dissonance and holding on to our attachment to perpetrators, aka as Stockholm Syndrome. Withdrawing consent is one of the most potent things one human being can do. The response is immediate and the decision might be tested. It also comes with results beyond what’s imaginable, a new inner space where true realms of freedom can be experienced, a more sovereign inner landscape. We are the solutions, our every second decisions to give or to withdraw consent are the answers we have been waiting for.