Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

2020 and the revelations in plain sight about the way we have been abused by psychopathic ruling classes which constantly redirect our sovereign rights

Since 2012, we have been allowed to access more information, an allowance for many reality shifts. The work is through this life, through us, through the everyday work, through the everyday choices. Hundreds of covert operations have been taking place in the past. They are meant to conceal their true goal, details and players. The storm is with us, once more, for the ones under mind-control and for the ones breaking free. This is a summer that we will all remember. Some of us are already focusing on building the realm we envision living in and which resides inside of us. The journey is at times painful, messy, chaotic or confusing and also rewarding, expansive and liberating. Through each layer, the reawakening process continues and it has nothing to do with what has been depicted in new age books.

History, which is a lie agreed upon, is repeating with extremist ways and methods being applied to keep us trapped in a loop. As it goes, they are changing the lines of the story. As usual, first, they are stating a reason for intervention. A decade later, they have rewritten the books. In the past, health outbreaks had everything to do with bioengineering. Shortages and crisis have been engineered in the past and it is happening again. Nature does not know anything about any shortage, it is intelligent and knows how to organize for a sustainable abundance. Poverty has been purposefully created. Nature does not know poverty either. For neons, they have been engineering traumatic events (epidemics, catastrophes) to create fear and hopelessness. These events are orchestrated to affect human consciousness. Media frenzy is meant to be creating confusion and a sense of disempowerment, as a tool of saturation. The majority tends to be overwhelmed by the fear of unpredictable nature and sudden events. What is happening is once more, a total usurpation of individual liberties, the most basic freedom to travel and assemble. They want us to believe we have no choice. We always have a choice, we are creative beings, we will open the doors, portals and gates. Needless to say it’s best to be working on finding solutions within our own creativity instead of waiting from a solution proposed by governments which do not have our best interests at heart.

Governing human minds

Mind-controlling operations have for a long time been global. The painful way they are envisioning the future has long been affecting all of us. It isn’t about the love governments have for us but about finding ways on how they can own us better. Governments create and exploit problems, waiting for the masses to beg for a solution of the illusion of protection. The so-called solution was thought well before the crisis and usually concerns a restriction of individual freedoms. Fake solutions will get the masses in traps of agreement, for example when letting governments provide for their needs (universal basic income), leaving them vulnerable to government requirements. It is nothing else than a bribe to entrap consciousness and gain further control over human biology. They want to gain full technical control over our living in order to be able to dictate us fully how life is going to be. The United Nations were created as the implemented solution after the engineered second world war. Population control is a new name for eugenics. It is openly admitted that the ruling classes want to be controlling the population number. They use extensive mind-control techniques in order to succeed with their mission, including shaming the masses for their carbon footprint. They also lie about the number of humans present in this realm and hide the fact that the white race birth rate is decreasing. Soros and Bill Gates are just front evils and boogiemen so the general public has someone to project their hatred and anger upon and discharge, once more into the voracious machine. That is also what politicians are about, polarizing the masses.

The 2020 scamdemic is keeping on revealing the gaps that were already existing in the minds of individuals. Who is fully plugged and who is on their way out ? There is no excuse for the ones who are fully plugged in. How many chances were there for them to see along the way ? How many chances they choose not to take, holding to the illusion of safety ? It is suddenly revealed in plain sight, how mainstream stores are under full control of the ruling classes, and employees under severe mind-control – and so are most of the corporations and organisations, both consciously and many, unconsciously. Who are the ones who have dismantled their own feelings of entitlement and who have chosen nature as an answer, shelter and protector ? The crisis has not really activated anything inside of people that was not there in the first place, it is just a mean of revelation. The gap was always there and many of us could feel it everywhere we were going, a feeling of loneliness in the middle of the hidden insanity. Now at least, the elephant in the porcelain store is on view and we instantly know what we are dealing with. The situation we are facing is revealing what was dormant. There is nothing that was not there before, that suddenly appeared. All was already in place, for the show to unfold. When people react with anger, aggression and hostility when one places a boundary, it is acting as a revelator of their psychic, psychological and emotional structures.

My grieving process was quick to let go of the old world and be ready for whatever is coming and more importantly, for whatever I will be birthing. The new ways are just more blatantly oppressive. Am I okay with what I witness, what I see ? Are we willing to acknowledge what is painfully there? What is real and what isn’t ? What supports life ? Are these people life giving or life taking? These questions are simple elements to navigate every day life. Anyone who has experienced the patterns of abusive relations knows that it takes time before realizing how dark an abusive situation really is. The point of view of the narcissist should never be taken seriously. It’s profoundly biased and distorted. It may take time to stop finding excuses for others around us. People are handled and they are attempting to be handling us. With any abusive relationship, there is a point of non return. Once it’s crossed, there is no turning back. The work has to be done, putting this contract to a full end and preparing for a new experience, outside of this abusive and horrific bubble of reality. It is just one variant of the nature of the game. The focus can and needs to be redirected out of this imposed cubical reality and aligned with organic principles of creation. One has to start wanting to love themselves enough in order to make the first steps, not to let anyone abuse them any longer. A clear no has to be spoken against exterior savior programming and against the programming that love is outside of oneself and thus can be gained from something exterior. Knowing who we are, knowing our value and not reacting from a wounded place are key elements.

The convergence

2020 is a convergence. One has to be living a self-sufficient life in order not to be affected by the tyrannic and draconian measures taken during the staged crisis. This psychological and spiritual warfare affects this realm much more globally than the previous world wars. 2020 is all about propaganda, constant exposition and repetition, confusion and emotional manipulation. Apparently, the best tricks are the old ones. They are using the same scenario as during 1918-1920, reusing many lines of script. Previously, fires that have been affecting different areas of the world were about moving population out of rural zones into cities, forcefully and out of despair. The aim is for us to be forced into survival modes where our behaviours have been subliminally programmed, artificially and outside of what would happen organically. This situation tends to reveal a lot that was hidden in the subconscious. Many are not ready to find the unconscious aspects of themselves that are playing the game without their conscious awareness. Going inwards is key. If people were not complying with how far it goes, the madness will stop in a minute. Still there is no excuse for abusive behaviors : denunciation, policing, abuse of power, all is on the rise. It has to be known that it is a personal choice to react in such a way and that no excuse has to be found for the ones having choosing denial, fear or imposition of horror. Blind compassion is a trap in itself. There are 2 sides to the fence and these 2 sides appear more and more clearly nowadays. Fear does the selection for us, so the line of direction can appear even more clearly. There is no more time for non essential focus. The situation is a perfect cauldron to reactivate dormant knowledge and skills. Many veils are quickly lifting.

The dark agenda of the New World Order

They are progressing in gaining further control on humans and all life forms under the disguise of caring for animals, humans and nature. They are counting on the generalized fear of being stigmatized and of course, silence, passivity and apathy. The whole world is put under traumatic stress disorder as it is well-known that stress changes the chemistry in the brain. Through mind-control, people that we love are used against us and of course, they are playing on our unconscious traumas, including areas of codependency where people tend to compromise. Convenience is not worth the price that is being paid on spiritual or even physical levels.

They have been implanting the idea on how people get sick for decades in programs, movies, entertainment and sitcoms. The germ theory has been weaponized. They are spending incredible amounts of money for the virus to be embedded in the minds of the masses. Media seems to ignore the fact health crash is never sudden and does not happen overnight : it’s a slow progressive and gradual process. The truth is that they already know the culture they will be serving us in ten years from now, as they knew already a long time ago what would be taking place this year. The agendas have for long been revealed to us in art, cartoons and entertainment for anyone willing to pay attention and deprogram. The machine and artificial intelligence trying to mimick sentience wants us to take the road of choosing to interface and merge with it more and more. The next vaccine will be made as aggressive as possible, a new level of violation of our biology. In fact, vaccination has always been another kind of trauma ritual. Hospitals are nothing more than harvesting centers. It’s long ago they have started to genetically modify us, invading the territory of the human body. They have been perfecting their brainwashing techniques for a long time, more and more aggressively. We can be sure they have found way to single out frequencies and to target specific genetics, meaning it’s probable that they can avoid for certain specific genetics to be cooked the same way we are with harmful frequencies. An electronic prison is being built which is meant to control our thoughts, regulate our lives and surveil us. Pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, endocrine disruptors, all of this is meant to act like a counterfeit in our bodies and for our cells, to prevent the natural ability of the body to heal and regenerate. When something unnatural is introduced to the system, it produces a disruption. Accepting their ways is to begin to live a life that has nothing to do with us. Nevertheless, aren’t they so bad at it ? What I see is that it leaks from everywhere. Without mind-control, cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome, a very distorted form of love (I wrote other articles going into more details about these dynamics), it would never work.

Mind-control operation

An initiation has different stages. Choc is putting individual in an altered state of being. Other stages are to take away someone’s sense of purpose and letting them know their occupation are non essential, before proposing them to become financially dependent on governments. During all these processes, in-fighting is being constantly created so no alliance can unify. They constantly seek to pull us into drama, their favourite juicy parts of the game. They are encouraging the masses to be pushed to be the worse version of themselves. To break an individual, isolation is key. A change in their environment causes a change in the way individuals are approaching the future. The majority has been educated to do what they are being told. The obedience we are witnessing is a scary thing. Part of the agenda has been about desensitization through exposition to extreme violence and glauque atmospheres. This is meant to lead people to not react when they see abuse being perpetrated, because they don’t even realize it’s real and they stay in states of cognitive dissonance, which is a state of inner dissociation. Rational explanations are found as excuses in order to justify what is being witnessed and the imposition of decisions.

Their methods is about destabilization and reinforcement of synthetic versions which are even more imprisoning, erasing our previous versions of reality. They are trying to gain further access on how remote controlling us, our biological bodies and our environments, and merge it with their technologies. They want to understand our system, that is what data collection is about so they can mimick us and control us better. So many efforts are being put in practice to go against nature. They work hard on making us believe we have no power, never did and never will. While everything is being created from us. They want us to be terrified so we give our sovereignty away more easily. The truth is that we are the ones who are our own innerverses.

Social engineering

Tavistock is all about social engineering and the infiltration of every field of life, shaping the minds of the masses. It is about formulating and executing strategies while presenting them nicely packaged officially. Architects are designing our reality and their intent is to keep having a grip on our minds. They are testing different levels of reality, using the predictability of algorithms that have been studying our behaviors for long. Their schooling programs encourage us to be obedient to external authority, which is a form of programming that is in the way to actualize personal sovereign authority. Most of what we decide comes from suggestions made by others. Their mind controlling tools such as tv has long put the population into hypnotic and highly suggestible states. Now, they have technologies that remotely influence our body condition and our ability to think. There is not much that they don’t construct. The New Age cubical mind structures encourage passivity and being disinterested and too trusting. Manifesting while not knowing about the rules of the game can create even more chaos. It’s a long time they have us mapped and profiled in order to keep us under handling, weather remotely or more directly in government programs. They know what is our worth through blood and data collection. We have not the answer of the real map but we have to be willing to see it unfolds step by step as torchbearers.

Hive-mind prisons

Their vision is for us to be entirely traceable digitally. Individuals and like-minded groups who might pose a threat are already mapped out in order to prevent the positive impacts they would be having if they were left alone and did not have to navigate the divide and conquer programming. In groups, the energy is being pulled one way or the other through entanglement of energies due to the generalized codependent patterns. Any group or hive-mind environment soon becomes a prison ; vigilance is required in order to stay on track. In this era, many do weaponize information and use violent communication or double speak, using the power of language for self-serving motives.

Many are caught in a loop, which is meant to slow down. There are many different versions and kinds of loops. When one is caught in a loop, time feels like it’s slipping away, we are left unsatisfied with the impression of not moving through the fabric of reality. They use our own programming and their techniques are uniquely adapted to our unconscious psychic patterns. Yet, the seeker who is sincere and ready to do the inner work will always find a crack within the wall of the matrices. The ones who are sticking to self serving hidden programming will get stuck there for a while ; we have eternity to be learning. They are playing on all the parts where our developments have been arrested, these parts that want to cling onto reassurance. Nevertheless, trauma is a growing point for the ones who are ready to tackle the work. It’s important not to engage in warfare with their propositions. No one has reawakened us, we have been finding our own way to access and integrate information, sometimes indeed through other people yet we were the ones to be willing.

It has to be reminded that we, the reals, have the potential to be alchemizing everything, even their mind-controlling tools. We can take them and we make gold out of them. That’s how good we are. In order to be able to tap into this potential, the wound of non recognition has to be overcome. It has to be known that the majority generally has a hard time to recognize the beauty that is just in front of their eyes, because they are too busy with the spells they are under. It has nothing to do with intrinsic value. We have to be the love we have never received and feel what it feels like in our own bodies in order for it to be accessible in our reality. We have to be the ones to give to ourselves what we truly need. When we feel frozen and unable to be productive in our creativity, it means energy is stuck somewhere, something needs to be expressed and addressed in order for energy to be fluid once again, something that is handling us, very often through our own inability to become aware of it, our habit to stay silent about it or passively accept it into our field.

Traps of agreement

Though sovereignty is an inalienable birthright, our life essence has been traded from the start : we are considered as disposable products. Everything is based on commerce and law and, as per the law, everything is based on agreements. A key point is to be keeping out of their game. As soon as we pick a side by answering to their propositions, we become neutralized and they have gained our agreement. That is how the masses become responsible for their own misery. Keeping a zero point attitude is key so we are not in the chest game or in their lanes, keeping connected to the reality we want to birth. As soon as we are engaging in one of their cubical structures, our power becomes deactivated. They get public consent through choices made out of fears. A good counterfeit will always deflect responsibility. It transfers and most importantly, it is asking for your consent for this transfer of power. The doubt is what makes it hurting. When there is no doubt, one can reject their reality with a laugh. There is nothing more powerful than sharply denying the reality they are trying to impose. When it has no grip, it has no power. One of the keys is to deconstruct the way our mind and all levels of ourselves have already been starting merging with AI for decades. Artificial Intelligence is doing its thing, that is all that it knows. It became who the majority thinks they are. Because they know how it works, between us and our higher spirits, they do everything they can to hijack that connection and mimick it so they can supplant not only our psyche but also every parts of our nervous systems. For that, they need to make sure we are consenting and that the karma is being deflected on us. Everything is made to steal away our imagination and for us to think we have no value. Yet, without our consent and our life force, they can not do much. What we don’t give away, they can’t take. They are looking for a breach inside of us where we give our power away.

We have to be willing to emancipate from many lifetimes of oppression and reject the mimick of the impostor. We shall not confuse it for us and we should set ourselves free from the drugs they are trying to get us addicted to. It’s not hurting anyone to be doubting and not accepting ideas because exterior authority said so. We are allowed to take our time to learn their rules of the game. When we are acting from a place of knowing our own authority, there is no hesitation and the energy dissolves suddenly under the knowing that there is no doubt in our creation. Our power resides in the fact of knowing who we are and our true value. Our own innerverses are our absolute rules. Nature does not edit us while artificiality removes or adds externally genetically. That is how invasion happens from the inside, as soon as we accept things that remove us from ourselves, as soon as we begin to live something that isn’t us and that supplants our natural nervous, emotional, physical and psychic systems. Everything is made to impair our cognitive functions, our neurological pathways, our immune and nervous systems, our cellular regeneration and the function of our glands. It is important to find the zero point within the self, beyond space and time, to work on neutralizing the impostor consciousness and find ways to access the fractal crystals were the energies of trauma are entrapped. We may command their energies to leave our space.

Counting on intimidation

A good reminder is that terms such as mandatory, required or rules and orders are counting on the way our minds are impressed by language of authority. This does not mean it has legal and juridic authority over us. Most of the implementations are based on intimidation only, taking advantage about the fact that the majority of us do not know our own rights. It is by design that we believe juridic legislation to be too complex for us to know and navigate. The more we learn, the more we realise it’s simpler than it seemed. When faced with representants of so-called authority, it is our right to ask for their names or identification numbers, to record the encounter and, in case of court ruling, to ask for transcripts. We may be asking, who is responsible for sending me this? We may ask in whose name the claim is being made. They are claiming they have jurisdiction over us but what is it truly about ? If someone is filing against me, who is this person ? It is a mean to come back to the person and not the entity behind which they all are hiding. It has to be notified that the authority of police officers is a fraud : their jobs have been based on something fraudulent. With their uniforms, what is happening is intimidation based on the creation of a legal fiction, authorized by our parents at birth. As we are getting smarter at putting the pieces together, they are refining their techniques. It’s important to take the habit of refusing to sign in square boxes of official documents and begin to sign our own and not the papers they give to us. In administration, red letters are used to trade us. It is of prime importance not to accept any of the doors they are offering to us but find our own portals of Creation, knowing that, when we are in resistance, what we tend to manifest is the negative aspect of the creation, as a form of unconscious self-fulfilling prophecy. Right action does not have anything attached in the center of the equation.

The importance of not wearing a mask

Personally, I will throw to the bin any object I receive from the ‘commune’ of Belgium « for my own safety ». Just in case, I have bought a face sport covering with breathable material, in case I ever decide to comply and wear a mask. It is a possibility that I will choose to compromise in order to move forward with a project in my life. I have been unmasked in many different situations and settings, observing the minds of people around me, not taking it personally. My reflexologist shared that she wears a mask when she is with her son, as she wants to spare him the dirty judgmental looks. She puts a drop of essential oils in her mask before putting it – she transformed a deadly mind-control tool into a healing inhalation. That’s the power of creativity. Masks are made to break the connection between people. It also prevents the desire to speak, as it’s harder to be heard and understood as facial expressions are partly missing (and we already needed to make much progress in communication skills…).

With the coming of this era, it has become necessary to end a few more contracts with beings, corporations and entities that are overtaken and working for anti-life agendas. This included mainstream and sometimes organic grocery stores and yoga studios. In a yoga studio I used to go (I had selected 3 teachers I could train with), the consciousness has been so imprinted, I noticed the one-eye symbol on the social media profile of some employees, as the presence of a mixture of narcissisticaly wounded individuals dancing with highly codependent profiles. Already, I was a few steps ahead since I had decided not to renew my subscription once it will come to an end, a few weeks before they tried to impose the wearing of a mask from the main door to the changing room (how ridiculous). It is about walking away from those who try to oppress or get us in traps of agreement that are spiritually, emotionally and physically harmful. They make many offers but each offer we can reject. None of this is part of the new realm that is growing inside of us.

All of this provides a map to navigate these times : options with non brainwashed individuals are in limited number but they do exist. It definitely is a ground of experimentation for us as well. I keep on going when I cross path with abusive behaviors are trying to get me into unwanted contracts. I consider having gone through an excellent training all of my life with my interpersonal relationships, which allowed me to understand the psyche and inner mechanisms of abusive, psychopathic, sociopathic and selfish behaviours and not to take it personally. I am working on dismissing it from my reality as quickly as it happened, I keep on looking to open a new door, find a new idea and try something else. And because what matters the most is the emotional maturity of others, I have so far always found a more positive outcome in the next place that allowed me not to feel stuck and static, to keep on moving.

In parallel to their plan, the becoming of a new reality is happening through us, as we are finding ways to operate outside of the system’s protocols. What we may count on is our current and future creativity. With our current minds, we have no idea how creative we will be during the next decade, we will surely surprise ourselves and be a surprise for the algorithms as well – that is the power of descending into the secrets of the self. We will be very resourceful, way beyond what’s possible to imagine right now. We shall rely on what is inside of us to define our future. Everything existing is based on us and it is vital to preserve what lives inside of us. Nothing that we don’t accept can be forced upon us. There is always a way out. We had no idea it was there a few seconds before. It’s like a gate opening on a treasure. A loud non-consent to tricks of on and off world have to be stated. We may always ask for everything to be revealed in plain sight and summon it or them to be propulsed outside of our scope of our reality. « You shall not pass, you can’t contain me and you certainly can not assimilate me. I am my own inner verse. »

Heading towards self-sufficient and autonomous communities

Yet, I am working on having to rely on exterior sources less and less. The crisis had me realizing how dependent I was from exterior sources and had me suddenly realizing and learning about autonomy in water, food and electricity. It’s been the perfect eye-opener for what I needed to learn. During these times, I felt a visceral need to grab to the organic principles and learn from them, to strengthen networking and meet members of my spirit tribe, to talk amongst each other and discuss our future vision. For me the answers lie into going back to a more self sufficient life in terms of food, electricity, heating and water, our most fundamental needs. I am actively organizing myself every single day to become less and less dependent by learning to produce my own food, collect rain water, invest in water filtering devices and learn about sustainable energies and building houses with natural materials.

Personally, I am willing to cocreate only with the ones invested in pro-life agendas and I am working everyday to stop relying on anything that comes from an anti-life source. The community is emerging from all the healed parts within the self. It’s not a community like I have seen in any other place, it’s complementary, mutlidimensional and united in the knowing we, in different places of the world, are working through a similar deprogramming journey, with the essential inner skill that we are accountable and walking our talk. That is the true meaning of being one, connected to the unified universal organic field. This will take a few years and the long term vision will take a decade. Staying connected to others who are fighting the same battles and who are doing their best not to comply is crucial. I work to want less, to have fewer desires, to keep being open to the work that is required to be done right now. I have deconstructed the idea of happiness, yet my life is more fulfilling than it ever was, especially at the level of my relationships which are blossoming like spring flowers to degrees of trust and intimacy never reached before. Yet, I know there is much more to be experienced and these are just the first encouraging steps about what healthy relating is about. While I am healing from the wound of non recognition, a sense of appreciation is being reflected to me more and more, coming from a place inside of me, actually as I am reclaiming my true value from within myself.

On finding creative ways not to be subjected to intimidation techniques in food stores

In the meanwhile, there are many options to organize in front of the tyranny which most mainstream stores were always part of and with which most local farms and organic stores have chosen to align with, unconsciously, due to the generalised mind control. Neutral compassionate observer is a recourse for witnessing this great split between worlds. I take this as an opportunity to redirect the way my main monthly budget is being spent: buying organic fruits, vegetables and fruit juices. I have found new creative ways to save myself the trouble to have to counter-balance their energy imposition during a portion of my day by limiting the time I am spending outside while I am focusing on networking from home and learning as much as I can. By taking care of our homes, we take care of ourselves and we have an influence on everything else. Building a toolbox of skills and knowledge is essential, learning about practical skills, survival thinking, reclaimed critical thinking, reconnecting with our inner guidance. At the same time, it’s important to detach from inanimate objects and lands and be ready to the possibility of having to grieve them and start over. All of this feels like doors and gates opening within the self while the world is going under constriction, restriction, contraction. Here are a few of those ideas:

  • I have been getting my first fruit baskets delivered.
  • I found an eco-farm project one-hour away from my home, where I can pick fruits and vegetables during the high harvest season (May-October) while walking freely in the gardens of a good-hearted and down to Earth family. It is pretty rare in Belgium since the vast majority is violently brainwashed.
  • When driving, if I see a sign, for example of organic apples, I stop by to directly collect 6 kilos of freshly harvested apples. Being unmasked is usually not a problem although the person serving might be wearing a mask.
  • I try to stop by at natural springs ( where I fill 100 liters of spring water, as I know this has the natural electromagnetic current that my body is longing for. I have worked with distilled water the last months and it did serve me well. I just have invested in Berkey filtering devices as they don’t rely on any electrical source to provide high quality water. I have a vortex bottle water and a vortex cap to revitalize the water on the go and a portable filtering device I can bring with me during hikes.
  • I have been ordering packs of 12 liters of pasteurized fruit juices (apple-rasberry, apple-cherry – these 2 are great detoxers), delivered to my door. I can sustain mainly on fruit juices if I need to as they give enough natural sugars to the body to be able to function properly and with an extremely good amount of strength and clarity.

I have been investing in manual machines that do not require electrical power (manual juicer, washing machine, powder grinder and so on) as a temporary solution to be able to function well. I will be renovating a small caravan to be able to start over if I need to and be mobile through Europe while not depending on places to stay that would align with anti-life agendas. This is for the time being since it has become important to start to grow food ourselves, with and for our communities and to birth our visions of community land and community projects. From home, I am learning all the useful skills for evolutional thriving of a new kind. I am making my own laundry product with ivy leafs (boil for 15 minutes and leave to rest for 24 hours), then adding 10 drops of your favourite (in my case orange) essential oil. These times are highly unstable and I am making progresses to prepare for the worse while making room for the best to materialize, no matter the challenges we will face. Much more is about to come, our time is the most precious currency.