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The deceit of reality TV, the convey of subliminal programming through inverted laws and the spreading of gender confusion and identity disorder

Reality tv shows are doing their best to imitate what a perfect moment would feel like in a non inverted world, except that frequency signature does not lie. Something is amiss. It does not elevate, it enslaves. It may let the viewers feel small or inadequate, without the ability to connect to their own inner talents which are nowhere praised by the exterior, which have been attacked and targeted since the very first day and which are repressed by every mean possible (vaccines for example are a way to suppress these abilities and skills and get the body into non responsive mode).

(This article is the result of constructive procrastination, resulting from a lack of needed self care and self nurturing during the year 2020, especially when we have been hit with new layers of programming. The triggering pictures with the inverted signature are found at the end of the article, as a mean to back up what is being expressed with words and please always make sure to clean the subliminal messages after being exposed to them).

Looking back at reality tv from a place of knowing

A few nights ago, I revisited some moments of reality tv from my teenager years. At the time, I was not aware it was all scripted and that they were not who they were pretending to be. I was not seeing how the girls were more on the aggressive side, the males effeminate. The signature of male and female were being blended right in front of my eyes, following laws of inversion, not laws off journeying towards wholeness and completion. I remember being often disappointed to discover the male candidates especially, but also most of the ladies. Something was missing. Later on in the seasons, I would forget about this first impression and the scripted version of their reality would grow on me. I was often wondering, why did the production chose these contestants when they had the choice of so many ? I was not aware that the choices were made from a selected handful for hidden reasons concerning the energy signature of these beings and the agendas they were about to be used for and fulfill to some extents. Looking back at some images of these shows, a few more coins dropped in my head as I was witnessing guests and artists invited on the set and as I was recognizing the energy signature of deceit and inversion. I asked myself, was there mockery to make them accomplish silly choregraphies ? I believe there was and it is part of the price to pay, also to entertain the ones holding the threads, just one or a few level(s) above.

MK Ultra baby doll

Now, I look at Jenifer, a young talent pretendly ‘discovered’ when she was 18 during the first season of a tv reality program in France (Star Academy) and I see the imprint of MK Ultra all over. It can bring sadness and empathy for beings like her or Sophie Marceau. They both are intriguing to witness, due to the programmed alters in them who are simulating perfection in their behaviours and in their experiences of reality. Some alters programmed in these celebrities who are being used might seem like they are good beings or that they care. But is that really so ? Or is it just part of programmed alters who are there to lead the show ? Nevertheless, the pretense is a lie and they are enslaved and entrapped at very deep levels with probably no hope for a way out in this lifetime. Jenifer is now recruiting talents herself, becoming herself a perpetrator for the voracious machine, up to the point of recruiting children with the kid version of the show. Why does the fascination work so well ? Is it because some of her programmed alters are so good at pretending to do the emotional work and at seeing the world with innocence and naivety ? And when Jenifer praises her partner Da Silva, who is going on tour with her as a guitarist, it is not difficult to see how the system has placed a handler right by her side at all time, to maintain constant access to her (just as we see with a celebrity as Britney Spears). It’s also no surprise to see Jenifer support anti-life agendas which are presenting themselves as having to do with philantrophism. Nevertheless, these celebrities are poor in their spiritual choices. But, are they truly aware of what they are doing on a spiritual level? That is all they know and that is all they have grown around. This is the norm for them. The truth energy signature is out of their range. At a higher level, everyone is being used and everyone is being accessed to perpetuate spiritual misery. Spirit is lacking in many of these biological envelopes.

The rules of the game of celebrity

These sorts of tv shows are hypnotizing and fascinating ; they can easily stimulate addictive behaviours to the range of provided experiences. In front of these programs which provide intense emotional experiences, our time and our cocreative power are being stolen away. One might not be able to stop smiling while connecting with the emotional experience of the contestants, their joy or their victories. But at which cost is this connection happening ? We may feel a great deal of empathy for the contestants when they sing or go through the experience of the show. The elimination system has always been cruel and quite traumatic, both for the audience (the contestants suddenly disappear from your everyday life (at least when social media was not so present) and for the contestants themselves. It is traumatic also to witness betrayals, biased decisions being taken and to have to choose between individuals. These shows encourage blind compassion, create story lines and romanticized narratives. They are based purely on comparison, better than, lesser than. What abour our own lane ? The problem is that these kinds of programs are directed to create a feeling of being beaten down for the viewer. Indeed, it appears to be less glamour the realness and rawness of the awakening process. It is brutal, ugly and violent due to the constant targeting of the inverted towards the pure. There is no other choice than to keep walking, for a handful of us. Real original beings who have not lost their connection to spirit are fighting and standing by the non inversion and the pure universal laws of Creation.

Celebrities are worshiping and solidifying the inverted system. That is the very reason why they succeed within it. But spiritually, they have a lot to learn if we take in consideration the journey to return to Source. On the tv set, everything seems beautiful and perfect with glamorizing self serving frequencies. In the gossip magazines, the same artists that are praised on the screens are being rolled down in the gutters of false or constructed speculations. It’s all part of the game of polarization. The coaches or judges might mimic as if they care and appreciate while they are using the contestants for self image and self promotion. Sometimes creatures within one appreciates the creature(s) within the other. Some have more innocence than others, but is that really real innocence ? Or is it the fake version of it ? I sometimes wonder, how many real creative original beings is there among them ? Is there any? Are they the ones who have touched my spirit more deeply ? Or are these the most sophisticated mimics that have managed to fool me the best? Are they the ones who seem to be the most broken inside and can not fully pretend that what is presented on the screen is all there is to life ? Something that holds the real originals back is a low self esteem ; they don’t even dare to be the best version of themselves as they might have learned to make themselves small as a survival mechanism (showing who they really were would have led to terrible abusive conditions when they were little). The difference is that a handful of us are doing their best not to demean, diminish or deflect on others while progressing in this inverted reality.

Current agendas playing out

Nowadays, times have changed. Agendas are getting darker, sooner. It’s been a long time television is playing on pushing the belief that it’s easy to change and access negative core beliefs. Such work is not an easy task and take years of dedication, to really get to the root of it. In addition, we are seeing gender fluid agendas being pushed and contestant being defined (and reducted) by these terms. We are seeing contestants being used to create fake engineered polemics (like the elimination of a contestant for expressing values and beliefs on social media). False-flag events narratives (the shootings happening in Nice) are also being reinforced and pushed alongside with much other falseness.

Many contestants are docile victims who have long been assimilated to the voracious machine. It’s very insightful, if they ever released a music video, to go and look at the symbology appearing in these clips. We might find checkboard black and white symbols, MK Ultra puns intended or low frequency mind control signatures. Have they sold out a long time ago ? Are they even real ? Is there a connection to spirit at all ? A great part of these contestants or artists might as well be synthetic (Paris Hilton) or hosted (the list does not end, Billie Eillish leading the way and a recent contestant of the Voice Australia, Stellar Perry). When an entity is manifesting through a human envelope, it can create fascination and hypnosis. Some beings might be chosen or created with increased intellectual abilities (playing instruments or being great at technical singing).

In the end, what we find on tv set is not much different than what we find in series and movies sponsored by Netflix ; a lot of twisted energies and encoded programming especially around unhealthy and toxic relating and narcissistic abuse. Movies take you through dimensions. By the end you are through with some movies (The shape of Water), all you remember are the depicted and cruel gore aspects and the scenes of torture or crude animalistic sexuality. Witnessing children, teenagers or adults hiding their journey of transitioning from one gender to another does have an effect on the psyche of young impressionable minds and will affect the way they are building their sense of identity and the way they relate to both genders. Some of the programmed alters in actors might very well be the ones to learn certain roles and play certain characters, and they can do such a great job because they have been programmed shamelessly. It was no surprise to witness that, in my youtube suggestions, a TED video appeared about someone testifying about leaving a cult. When I clicked, it took less than one second to recognize the energy signature of deceit and be sure that I was facing another deception of gender covert inversion. TED talks are filled with deception, controlled opposition and fake tales.

Final words

Year 2020, a lot of celebrities are revealing their true colors (think Deepak Chopra promoting mask wearing or the creation of a digital version of himself). When we observe the signs we know where we need to clean the ramifications and we realize why the energy felt so dark. Many beings are owned ; they are serving political agendas. Either they were created to serve the inverted narratives or they sold out. They were born into this ; yet, some beings born into the most atrocious situations and family set-ups managed to wake up, save themselves and work on integrating all the resulting fragments of the way they were used, accessed and mind-controlled. The realistic truth to this is that it takes years and decades of dedication to regain access to all these parts of the self. And there are so many corridors created to lead to division and a lack of intimacy in human relating. After all, this is a realm based on entrapment systems (meaning prison realm where it’s really hard to access satisfying quality in relating) until we have started to reclaim bits after bits, realigning with the celestial laws of prime creation and prime creator.

Mked-Ultra Jenifer, leopard clothing and beta sex kitten
and her partner (vampiric) handler Da Silva

MKed-Ultra Sophie Marceau, possibly a walk-out

TED talk: I left a cult but I work for the inversion (not a biological woman)

The long neck strange creature behind Celine Dion, probably a walk-out

Darker and darker as it goes in The Voice

Gender inversion, maconic or MK symbolism and moonbump