Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The engineering of birth trauma and the exposure to traumatic frequencies intended to delay and neutralize the remembrance of who we are and the power of our creative unique abilities and talents

In this complex realm to navigate, new borns are most generally being greeted with scissors, forceps or suction cups. During the moment of conception, an intent of sexual gratification that is not equal to love is often to be found, leaving an imprint about a distorted form of love with a lack of real spiritual desire connected to the conception of the baby. Therefore, several aspects of the spirit are being hurt and targeted. At the moment when a mother learns about the fact she is pregnant, if the parents don’t want the baby, a choc is imprinted on the young baby in development. When a child is born in a hospital, his arrival is happening in a room with a blinding artificial light ; he might be taken by his feet, put on a cold metal plate. In more ancient times, silence was being made in a room to greet a new born. The rhythm of the child, its needs or the ones of his mother are often not taken in consideration. Everything that happens in the hospitals has an influence on the future development of the psyche of the child and their interpretations about what this reality is going to be about. Without true bonding at birth, the ability of a child to experience love throughout life is seriously damaged. It leaves room for core beliefs of deep insecurity to be anchored, starting to shape the reality of the new born straight ahead and making this realm more a hassle and a fight to navigate (another core belief imprinting). With the use of radiations, genetic material is being deformed and potential is being damaged.

The set-up of hospitals

Nurses and staff in the birth section of hospitals usually have unresolved trauma around their own birth. It’s often their own unconscious trauma who drive them to these fields of interest. And it is without talking about multiple personality settings being switched and triggered in order to access the new born. In the new Testament, ‘pharmakeia’ has a connotation of sorcery, occultism and black magic. In hospitals, there is an underlying tone of sorcery and indoctrination to perpetuate anti-life practices under the disguise of progress, science or technological advancement. The red colors and the sirens of ambulance are high stress factors to induce terror and a stress response. Psychopathic individuals have been infiltrating every field including services of gynecology, getting their sadomasochist methods accepted in the mainstream. Now these methods are taught to young generations of students. When they are medically trained, medical students are being mind-controlled and programmed to be desensitized to human suffering. They are exposed to dead bodies, they have to lead experiences on animals. Decent people are turned as much as possible into robots who don’t think for themselves. Mind control is an assault on love and is asking for us to betray our spirit and our innate nature. All these circumstances lead to long-term implications, debilitating identity issues, mistrust of the opposite sex or feelings of objectification.

The focus is completely away from the mother’s experience or her baby’s. Hospital structures are deliberately putting the mother and the child in distress in order to get agreement for technological intervention. Barbaric methods are meant to directly attack the structure of the family and are meant to weaken the individual. After a traumatic birth, the risk of marital breakdown is higher. The separation of newborns from their mothers is meant to weaken the bond between mother and child. Exposure to ultra sounds, the practice of circumcision, the administration of vaccines are all part of inverted rituals meant to target the new borns entering the grid systems. A lot of what is happening in hospitals has to do with inverted rituals, altering the lives of families for ever. Spells are being played for us to be giving away our organs willingly. Aborted fetus are being used for scientific (inverted and anti-life) endeavors, to create wrinkle creams, burned to generate electricity or turned into powder to be used as stamina boosting pills. Everything is made to interfere with the natural flood of love occurring naturally at birth or to interrupt natural body functions and to supplant them. Every disruption possible is injected as the derailment program plan is engineered from the moment the spirit walks in. Fetuses are being tracked during pregnancy as much as possibly and a hunt starts in the physical world when certain of us enter the net.

The damage of ultrasounds

Dolphins and whales utilize natural ultrasonic frequencies for purposes of navigation, communication and locating preys. Man-made, some alien or artificial ultrasound frequencies are another story. During hospital births, pregnant women are exposed to ultrasonic fetal heart monitors for hours or even days. Ultrasounds increase the temperature of the amniotic fluid. Exposure to heat in the early stage of pregnancy is known to be causing birth defects in animals (spinal cord failing to close, parts of the brain and skull being missing, brain damage), with the central nervous system being particularly vulnerable. Brain structures lying close to the skull such as the pituitary and the hypothalamus are especially at risk of secondary heating. These frequencies are meant to disrupt the crystalline quality of our fluids, our bones and our blood and depolarize them from their organic source connection. Effects might be delayed and may appear decades later or onto the next generations, presenting symptoms of genetic disorders.

Ultrasounds cause DNA double strand breaks that can result in DNA misrepair. They result in chromosome aberrations, rupture and destruction of red blood cells, reduced white blood cell or free radical in amniotic fluid and blood plasma. They are said to be used to confirm pregnancies and its location (since a fetus might be developping outside of the uterus). Nevertheless, routine ultrasounds do miss a lot of abnormalities or birth defects. A pregnant woman today with a normal low risk pregnancy can be exposed to as many 10-17 scans per pregnancy. They are also said to be used to confirm the number of babies if there is a suspicion of a multiple pregnancy. A fetus can hear the scan when it’s happening. Normally, in aqueous solution, DNA molecules produce a continuous complex melody. Ultrasounds only produce a monotonous unnatural and unpleasant note. The fetus actually runs away from the perceived frequencies and acts fearful while his heart rate is going up. A lot of different approaches of tortures are imposed on fetuses in development and young children. Tinnitus has a lot to do with ultrasonic hearing. Certain vibrations or sounds outside of the spectrum which we normally hear are reprogramming our psyche and brains and are able to implant foreign thoughts in human consciousness. They can influence and manipulate nerve impulses in the brain or modify firing patterns in targeted parts of the human brain. Ultrasounds can cause the killing of cells, gene disturbance, injury to membranes and tissues of the body. They cause disruptions with nervous system malfunctions causing disabilities. Ultrasounds are linked to fetal growth retardation, preterm labor or a low birth body weight. They induce biological, mitochondrial and chromosome damage, interrupted cell division or cell death. Genetic information might be getting lost permanently or deactivated. It seems that ultrasounds are mainly used, amongst many other methods, to shut down our abilities and keep us in a very limited range of access to reality. They play a role in being in the way for us to tap into our gifts and repressed and targeted abilities.

Destruction of genetic material

Ultrasounds result in decreasing fertility levels and destroy genetic material in the DNA ; genetic information is being damaged and deactivated. Ultrasounds are a military weapon ; their place is not to be used on civilians, pregnant women or new borns. Babies are at great risk of mutated genetic development, neurodevelopmental delays, brain damage that can contribute to autism and reproductive effects that can lead to sterility. Ultrasonic irradiations come with an increased risk of perinatal death rate ; they have been documented to cause morphological changes to ovarian and testicular tissue, to have deleterious effects on the menstrual cycle, to induce premature ovulation, to cause problems with embryo implantation and permanently halt sperm production. The use of ultrasounds also increases the risk that the baby will spend time in neonatal intensive care service, which is increasing the risk of extreme trauma. Ultrasound may damage the myelin that covers nerves indicating that the nervous system is particularly susceptible to be targeted. It influences and alters the neurochemicals, resulting in behavioral abnormalities such as suicidal tendencies. The mutation of cells may trigger a disturbance in the transport of calcium across membranes which may lead to neurodegenerative diseases, causing a significant difficulty in communication. In exposed animals, these frequencies tend to cause a stress response that leads to declines in immune system efficiency.

Induced births

Induced births are stealing the natural life-giving process away. The child is not ready and can not take part to the birth process as if it had been the case if the process had come to a natural sense of closure. He is then forced to be passive and in a position of being submitted to a forced expulsion. This is a favorable set-up for the implementation of powerlessness programming. Induced babies have greater risks to end up in neonatal intensive care or for the mother to have to go through a cesarean procedure. Most of the times, c-section are unnecessary. They delay recovery time. After the introduction of fetal heart monitoring, a spike of C-sections has been observed. In a neonatal care service, invasive procedures (without analgesics) are led every day on the young new borns. For any epidural intervention, an informed consent should be clarified to the parents about what will be going on : the baby will find himself probably struggling more as the body of the mother will stop producing and circulating the needed hormones. Epidural paralyzes the lower body and eliminate body sensations for the mother ; it encourages dissociative states for the mother and the baby. The experience of pain is affecting the wiring of the brain.

The administration of mind-controlling drugs

During hospital birth, experimental drugs are being given. Mothers are served questionable drugs, some creating amnesia (no recollection of what has been going on) and other types of mind-control. Certain types of drugs are known to expose individuals to highly suggestible states in which they are easily mind-controlled. Mind altering substances designed to create unquestioning compliance and states of amnesia are being used. One might become insensitive to pain without losing consciousness. The patient does not have the memory of pain yet it does not mean that the body did not experience it. The given drugs interfere with the natural ability for the mother to produce hormones. When a narcotic is injected into the mother by intravenous manner, it enters in great part the circulatory system of the baby. There is a much greater risk for opiate addiction. Due to the drug induced euphoria caused by opiate types of drugs, there will be a predisposition to reproduce what has been playing out at birth. The cells have been imprinted. The presence of mood altering, mood enhancing substances or other compounds which have an influence on human biology and hormonal balance can be seen as part of black magic spells leading to impulsive choices and relationships. The use of drugs is mainly meant to help doctors but is not in consideration of the well-being of the parents and the child. After being drugged or traumatized, the ability of the mother to respond to her infant’s needs is undermined. When the body is numb or when pain is present, it is difficult to produce the neurochemicals of love.

Other inhumane practices

In hospitals, early cord clamping is promoted ; everything has to go quick with a perspective of efficiency over quality of the bonding and the experience. Yet, the umbilical cord helps the child to get used to using his lungs without a choc. While the umbilical cord is still present, the child is still between 2 realities. The umbilical chord should be left alone, it eventually dries and falls on its own. Cutting it too soon has an impact on the oxygen supply reaching the child and the routing of vital stem cells and nutrients for the development of the immune system of the baby. Straight after the chord has been cut, the baby is sometimes given sugar to replace the lost nutrients, creating a very early imprint with artificial sugar that is unnatural.

Circumcision comes with complications affecting the mental health of the ones who have to go through it. Immediately after birth, it is often done without anesthetic. Circumcision leaves men with having more chances to be unable to access or process certain emotions and be in dissociated states. Circumcised men tend to be more disposed to have a strong subconscious confusion between sex and violence. Their experience might be imprinted by a feeling of treason and betrayal ; it might then be repeating in their lives as a pattern. Their abilities to establish intimacy could be decreased, as their abilities to communicate.

Observations have been made by nurses and indicate that babies undergoing the procedure were subjected to significant and inhumane levels of pain that subsequently adversely affected their behaviors later on. An analysis of the MRI data indicated that the surgery subjected the infant to significant trauma. The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes. A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery.

Microwave radiations

When the new generation arrives nowadays, they are being saturated with 2.4 Ghz frequencies used in many wireless devices. It is the very same frequency used in microwave ovens : it maximizes the absorption of radiation in animal tissues. These frequencies are a threat to many life forms. Animals when exposed to the antenna of a working cell phone showed a large reduction in the number of laid eggs, weight reduction, delayed neuromuscular development, altered emotional behaviors and fetal abnormalities. When bees are exposed, they are unable to proceed with their normal behaviors and abilities. Behavior modifications in humans include a lack of empathy and humanity and aggressivity. In Canada and in the US, the radiation allowance is set 100 times higher than in other western countries. There, the wifi systems schools are adopting are more comprehensive (several routers) than an average home wifi. Baby monitors emit the same kind of radiations that a microwave oven uses to cook food (by violently shaking and forcefully deforming the molecular structures apart). Smart meters transmit thousands of microwave pulses per day into people’s homes. Talking on a phone for one hour a day over a period of ten years is adding up to a lot of exposure to radiations. Dirty electricity is the result of an electrical grid that is designed to accommodate 6 hertz of current but is running a way greater portion of hertz through the same lines in order for smart meters, wifi routers, cordless phones or solar wifi modules to be able to work. Chaos in electrical current and disrupted harmonics might be generated by solar inverters that are used to convert direct current from solar panels into alternating current for the electric grid. This would explain why we see governments promoting solar energy.

The flu and microwave illness share many of the same symptoms. Certain conditions (Alzheimer, progeria) are very likely linked to radiation exposure in utero and started to appear when scientists were toying with manmade eletromagnetic waves. There is a difference between real aging and rapid aging syndrome, which can be detected when individuals see their symptoms disappear when going into an electromagnetically clean environment. Microwave radiations can cause a leakage of the brain-blood barrier. This way, extremely toxic drugs can be delivered straight into the brain. The brain of laboratory mice exposed to pulsed radio frequency radiation in utero appear to be wired differently. With the installations of smart meters, individuals notice that they are feeling slightly cooked and zapped and that everything is becoming more dry. Exposure to EMF screens results in lower memory and language scores by children. Excessive use of digital technology seems to be damaging the brain (memory, concentration, attention span). The next step is to affect the way oxygen is being absorbed into the body.

When addressing these issues, it’s important not to become polarized about it and fall into programmed victimhood. Some researchers have certainly fallen in that trap and have become themselves a lost cause, assimilated by the matrix system which they think they are denouncing. In fact, they have become unconscious servants of the voracious machine through their own unreclaimed unconscious darker aspects and are not succeeding in continuing moving through the entrapment layers of the machine. Due to a sense of entitlement, a lack of accountability and commitment to do the hard work, they sadly keep on projecting outwards while feeding from the indignation and unaligned frequencies their work is steering in the consciousness of individuals looking for answers.

Institutional assaults and torture methods

The procedures discussed in this article are a form of torture and a violent institutional assault on the human body. The boundaries of biology are being violated through biological radical alterations (episiotomies, c-sections, hysterectomies, oophorectomies, circumcision, mastectomies). As much trauma as possible is being engineered in order to weaken the chance for the new born to be an empowered individual able to critically think and able to develop its gifts beyond what has been accepted in this plane of existence. A lot of post-traumatic stress disorder is experienced by the mother after her stay in hospitals, and of course, by the new born who is not able to express this in words and who is storing everything that is happening in his cellular memory. After a traumatic intervention, it is common that the child is returned to the mother in a neuro-chemically frozen catatonic state. It takes months before levels of cortisol, triggered by torture practices, are back to normal. This affects the limbic brain and the sympathetic nervous system which is linked to the digestive system and the heart. Some new borns end up being chronically constipated for years, damaging their whole body due to the accumulation of waste. Usually, it’s getting harder for the traumatized child to be able to trust the parents after having been abandoned to the hands of (most usually unconscious) perpetrators proceeding in surgical mutilation acts. A state of powerlessness will also be marking the families, especially by the new born who will more easily accept indoctrination and who will show a higher degree of compliance when other agendas will be deployed by secret factions during his lifetime. Mind-control techniques will then have a higher rate of efficiency.

Early-on imprinting

It’s a spiritual attack : the transition between the womb is a transition time that is being imprinted with pain, drugs and radiations. Eggs carry the memory of all that is happening. The time of birth is a critical period of development that drives our lives unconsciously. Core beliefs about this realm being a hostile place are being implanted or the imprint of abandonment and betrayal. It’s an exposure to enmeshment with anti-life principles in set-up rituals and a coding preparing the new born for more exposure to inverted love later in life. The parents are the ones having authority over the baby and they are the ones giving consent away for this to happen, partly because of their ignorance, naivety or tendency to compliance. Furthermore, registering the baby to the state is binding spiritually the baby as a biological property under the creation of the birth certificate. It is also a trap of agreement where the parental consent is being given away for the state to have authority or ownership over the baby, who is marked with a digit number. Which are the choices that the caregivers are going to take for their beloved children ? Will they be brave enough to walk away from compliance ?

When carrying a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder, it is difficult to actualize our potential and we tend to recreate traumatic situations based on our own subconscious programming, running by itself. As far as radiation is concerned, many are addicted to their devices and have no desire to see them shut down, so that is a first step of awareness, to progressively leave the hooks with what separates us from our natural state of being. When we remember who we truly are and when we have reclaimed parts of our abilities, gifts and talents, we will have the power to shut down the entire wireless grid with our own thoughts.

The matrix system is trying to capture us through layers of family programming. We were all birthed by a mother. The program around women becoming mothers is still pressuring many without them really questioning what are their needs and life path. Deprogramming takes a lot of commitment, time and energy. There comes a point in life where a woman and a man are facing decisive choices that will affect the way they are interacting with this reality. Having children modify the timeline and will render things more complex to navigate as more interferences might be implemented through the process of being a parent with children being tied into different layers of the programming and with an increased interactions with externally created institutions (hospitals, schools, universities, the job market, technologies). Once a woman becomes a mother especially, a lot of her time, energy and focus goes into her children and some parts of her may get lost into the program of motherhood too, forgetting her own journey. A lot of inner division is being implemented to make this realm even more complex to navigate through the emotional attachments between parents and children. For some, having children may mean that there is less energy available to assist others or to develop abilities, talents and gifts. Furthermore, babies are not the unqualified creatures we think they are ; the ones who are spirited and not AI are just as competent as adults except they are trapped in a process of having to go through growing up all over again, with a different and new setting around. A lot is done so we consider (real) animals or (real) babies as less sentient than they truly are. On the other end we find the countless AI traps.