Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The hijack of utopian projects, eco-villages and the aspiration to healthy communautarian relating

Most often, communities and projects that are started from a positive vision are hijacked through the blind spots of the members of the community, infiltrated or, for some of them, they are even started as a bait and an experimentation land by secrets services.

Often times, in pre-established communities, a set of mandatory rules to follow will be found upon arrival. This kind of approach, although based on good values ​​(for example, the use of ecological products to avoid polluting the water, abstinence from alcohol or marijuana, silence, and so on) may have a frequency of regulation, shame and punishment. Same types of counter-life energies can also be felt amongst team members. The door is opened for dogma and a mechanical approach of thinking. Frequencies of oppression, fear and control aren’t unfortunately having the desired effect. Most of the times too, these projects may become a profitable business while monetization happens on site: expensive courses, morning yoga, ecological products, afternoon snacks. The frequency of greed may be felt. Though these places pretend to be service oriented, they are not. And most of the people living there are not able to be service oriented. True services to others is hard to attain, one has to heavily deprogram from ego-based and self-serving patterns, and this includes subtle layers such as sacrifice, guilt and shame programming. The trap of the hive-mind thinking very often interferes with one’s personal evolution rhythm. One is only supported as long as they are part of (and fully indoctrinated into) the community guidelines. Under peer pressure, we might not trust our inner guidance. One may sacrifice their personal truth for the group consensus. It then relates to the principle of external authority dictating to people how they should live their lives. If hierarchical principles are still in place, it implies the founders’ opinions prevail on the ones of others, denying principles of real equality and true respect. Egotical hierarchy is a frequency trap : it implies someone is considered with complacency (a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction). In many scenes, it’s about feeling as part of the scene which feeds the ego with the feeling of experimenting something rare that others are not experiencing. One might feel grateful for that, with a subtle impression of feeling special and chosen. Energy is harvested when behaviors of self-importance, attention-seeking and trauma-bonding (bonding with others from broken parts of the self left unattended) take place. Energy signature doesn’t lie.

Some of the traps that will be taking place can be predicted in advance and disactivated with applying a strong sense of discernment but others will have to be experienced in the flesh since they are coming from blind zones or spells that even a sharp discernment is not yet ready to see through. Rules may try to induce how a conscious community should behave, addressing symptoms and not causes, but not really willing to do the shadow hard work that is required to overcome the infiltrations and inversions of our realm. Later, when the project has grown, new members won’t be having much connection with the primary set intentions of the founders. Many may feel called by a desire to escape the harshness of the outside world, looking for answers outside of themselves.

Spiritual bypassing and the new age false-light

Unconsciously, the dream to join a utopian community may be an escape for the heaviness of our lives. Many are unconsciously using it as a way to spiritually bypass the human evolution process. Many mistake their conditioned ego personality, programmed needs and sense of entitlement, for their true spirit journey. Spiritual Bypassing is about avoiding dealing with unresolved and unprocessed wounds and bypassing the basic shadow and psychological work that needs to be done in order to acknowledge and release traumatic experiences. It is very often linked to a great amount of cognitive dissonance which will keep things well wrapped up together, so one can have the false impression that they are more evolved spiritually than they actually are, reinforcing the spiritual ego, using and distorting spiritual concepts in order to keep on avoiding, facing and sitting with what is inside. People believe they are following their hearts and intuitions but they are mistaken : something else is operating in the background. There is a need to question everything we feel and not act on it impulsively.

In any type of communities, the concentration of new age beliefs can be very high : it allows people to validate each other further into lies and deep layers of programmation. False-light teachings are playing with different layers of temptation, a lack of deeper emotional management or ability to perceive, sense and see reality for what it truly is. The level of interaction that is taking place is commonly of superficial, artificial and mind controlling nature. The level of projection outwards may be very high as the majority does not check the source of their triggered emotions and feelings and believe them to be true. Indeed, what feels right isn’t always right : it needs to be questioned, tested and observed. Self-serving frequencies are often disguising themselves under a false-light illusion, that is seductive and not aligned with the energy signature of true service, true benevolence and true generosity. Naivety is being used to entrap souls, numb them and keep them occupied with simplistic concepts such as « all is one » or « there is only love », concepts which have a part of truth to them but which are being used to neutralize humans consciousness and which are in the way for true healing of the nervous system. A deeper spiritual depth and a greatest and more whole truth are missing. Moreover, when the manifestation laws are being used to manifest materialistic objects or financial wealth, they turn into black magic due to the service to self orientation and the exploitation and misuse of spiritual concepts. The laws are used for selfish and self-centered purposes as the intention isn’t the genuine care for others : it is an open gate for traps of agreement and the intervention of anti-life forces.

Yearning for the lost tribe

These kinds of settings do play on the yearning to belong to a soul tribe. The spell is working well because of the common fragmented state of families and communities. It is natural for humans to yearn for this primal and organic need for healthy communities, but it’s no surprise it is hijacked and used against us because of unhealed aspects within the self that are taken advantage of. This desire for a healthy tribe is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. Nevertheless, it stays out of reach as long as we have not learned the basics and the rules of the game. For the majority, this longing lies in an illusory projection, a collective hallucination made of loops and detours. The shadow work needs to be addressed. Our longing for community is so strong it often drives individuals to join groups, relationships or systems of belief that provide an illusion to belong.

Nowadays, our western societies do not make any room for initiations or rites that would mark the passing of time while individuals are growing up towards adulthood. Everything is done to prevent individuals to reach a mature adult state of a high mind. They are encouraged to stay in childlike codependent behaviors so governments and external authorities can control all aspects of their lives. This is what standard and even alternative education are about : encouraging obedience and compliance so all the measures of control can later have maximal effects. It’s a way to remotely control a population while people are being played by their insecurities, deeply buried shame or feelings of disempowerement and inadequacy.

When people gather into mutual physical or mental proximity, their vibratory fields sum to produce a collective field resonating strongly at frequencies shared among them. Gaps in this field invite collective lessons and experiences. This collective field is self-reinforcing because it exerts repulsion upon anyone or anything whose spectrum is dissonant with the collective frequency. In these scenes, peer pressure is very common. Those communities have a strong hive-mind signature and it can instigate crippling self-doubt when someone becomes aware of the collective delusion. Feeling like we are part of a group is often a relief from distressing and insecure feelings. That is when it becomes a trap, because of the bypass of these feelings that are inside. Indeed, no spiritual evolution can be accessed from finding comfort in the company of a crowd under mind control and running on hypnotism. To reclaim freedom, the individual will have to break free from the herd which is unconsciously moving towards the very thing that they think they are liberating from. When leaving the hive-mind environment, it’s common for the individual to be castigated, ridiculed, attacked and looked at with disdain, like in any cult mentality setting. Places that are granting us with conditional membership require from us to cut ourselves from parts of ourselves (including through denial and cognitive dissonance processes) in order to be able to continue fitting in. It usually requires from individuals to self-censor.

Piracanga River

In 2018, I spent a few weeks in a Brazilian ecovillage in the state of Bahia where I took a short course which was not what it pretended to be. I came for one thing and I learned another. In the eco-village community project, a small community lives permanently. On paper, it looked like the project had beautiful values: some children have been adopted to live there on the land; ecological principles are applied on the lands, a vegetarian cuisine is served at the restaurant, workshops and retreats are offered to the public. It attracts, amongst others, residents with great potential and some with a big heart.

However, during my stay, I perceived the dark side of this project and the unresolved parts of the unconscious that leave room for corruption, greed and hostile forces to handle humans through controlling energies that are not aligned with service to others. On site, it was difficult to get in touch with the team. Most answers were brief and vague, there wasn’t much concern for the visitors and there wasn’t a real openness for feedback. They were trying to sell the perfect experience, yet they were failing. Nobody took the trouble to check with me if I understood Portuguese when I registered for the course (I managed in the end and my portuguese skills developed very quickly thanks to my average understanding of the Spanish language). But surely, there was a hurry to accept the financial investment made. I could see also the community was infiltrated by people feeding from others. Manipulative behaviors were taking place on site because some people were compromised. Some members were secretly “breaking the rules” (drinking alcohol while hiding at the beach, smoking). It was very far from unity principles. Some were working for very low wages, being taken advantage of. Yet, there was always the risk that they could be excommunicated and asked to leave. Rigid external authority and greed were ruling. A well-known figure like Prem Baba was being used to create the impression that the place was a haven where in fact, it just reveals how cult-minded it was. Gurus are never who they pretend to be and people are misled into falling in the trap of positive projections. And most important red flag, during my time there, I found it difficult to connect to the depth of my inner nature and any form of inner joy. I felt under pressure.

Reflecting on other cult-type experiences

This led me to reflect on the trainings I had followed the previous 10 years. In Belgium, I followed a 2-year training based on humanist psychology. It was its own type of cult-setting with a rigid-minded facilitator using overpowering intellectualism to handle the participants and definitely not someone who walks their talk. I thought to myself with great humor that I got upgraded as, this time at least, I had gotten myself to be in a tropical place where nature was nurturing. Nevertheless, I knew I still had to refine my discernment and understand much more to gain access to a reality with aligned mentors and people who walk their talk.

Later on, I worked with guru shamans who were blinded by their own controlling and egotic programming. These experiences were a bit similar to the earlier settings except that, now, the complexity of the experience was adding high strangeness linked to the consumption of sacrament beverages and more complex traps of agreement were coming along. Consent was given away in more subtle yet complex variations. This is also happening with online communities especially where you have to sign for a private membership. Some sites are meant to give an overload of information that is meant to disempower and keep in the thinking sphere. Many virtual spaces are meant, consciously or as the result of the generalized construct of our reality, to handle the time, energy and mind of individuals.

As years were progressing, I was rising in discernment as I was starting to trust more and more in my own intuition while working on overcoming the psychological, spiritual, physical and emotional effects that gaslighting had on my life. Though I have always been good at perceiving breachs and cracks, I had learned not to trust my own internal compass. Growing up, I had rare safe and secure attachments and bonds to others. At the end of my twenties, I had almost no safe attachments I could turn to in my life and most of my relationships were based on my sacrifice, people-pleasing, submissive and guilt programming. I was clearly not seeing others for who they were ; I was projecting how I was wired onto them. Initiations came on the way to open my eyes to the rules of the game here.


Autumn 2019, I visited Findhorn in Scoltand which felt very very new agy and also stuck in the past. The reputation appeared to be far louder than my experience and my experience wasn’t prepared by me manifesting anything that wasn’t there. I was curious to visit their gardens, yet they were not embedded with magic organic codes. They even felt a bit greyish. On site, the team proposes an experience week for visitors who sign in and it felt like the perfect step one for entering a cult mentality. After that, individuals are encouraged to keep on paying more and more courses to advance in the training and the prices are rising each time. It feels like one can become more programmed as they are following the protocols, especially when living strong experiences together with other members of the community. I was told there is another building 5 miles away from the site for the ones who choose to pay (5OO pounds) for the experience week (where they will work for Findhorn, do homecare, cook and take care of the garden – they are paying to be working). It’s pretty common that we are made to pay for the enslavement of our own minds (food propaganda, entertainment industry, medical and justice systems and even self-development).

Where is the money going in such projects that have become (or been designed as) a profitable business ? The infrastructures looked pretty old. It felt like a trap for many persons with great potential that would end up stuck there for a while, investing their time and energy. Indeed, Findhorn is used as a vector to promote « climate strike days » (supporting the man-made climate change lie embedded with guilt and shame programming encouraging humans to feel unworthy of deserving to be alive) and they also support the LGBT community movement. These engineered movements are meant to harvest loosh and energy from people getting engaged with fake narratives that keep human beings busy on the rollercoaster of the human existence and most of the time, divided among them, feeding a frequency of separation, pain and suffering.

I stayed 2 days on site, cancelled my work as a 2-day volunteer and got a refund for it and went to work on my projects at the cafe while keeping observing and sensing. I did not feel good on site while I felt good everywhere else in nature in Scotland ; my whole body was telling me no and it was harder than off site to synchronize with an organic flow and be amazed by the beauty that life can be. I felt as if I was going counter current (which I was, considering the presence of anti-life forces concentrating in such places). There was some interesting conversations here and there but nothing that left a memorable imprint of the heart sparkle in me. I kept observant when conversing with people on site, getting insights and understandings about their mind structures and why they were here (for example, codependent emphatic persons having yet to learn about some layers of discernment and in need to integrate some wounded places within the self). The concentration of elderly people who are looking for a haven was also high. It felt like I took a time machine and traveled into a frozen past. The dark pitch black night of the north and the big silence around were probably the most enjoyable gifts of these few days spent at Findhorn.


In Auroville, on paper, the aim is to “realize human unity and establish an ideal society, a new consciousness ». But is it really so ? Or just another disguise for the same variations of traps and patterns to be repeating ? It is said they built everything from scratch in a desertic land, planted many trees and hundreds and thousands of people involved their time and energy to build houses that, in the end, do not belong to them. A mandatory donation has to be made for occupying a house. Prices might go up and down. There is no ownership, so once individuals leave Auroville and exit the community for the outside world, they are left with nothing. What seems a great principle on paper (to deprogram from ownership) is being taken advantage of (for the benefit of the community – we see this mentality at play for many asian cultures who sacrifice the needs of individuals for the sake of the collective). It seems that reverse psychology is being used in order to make it appear like someone is deprogramming from the concept of ownership and money while it is asked for them to be in sacrifice, a self-serving frequency which is never the answer : people have to start from scratch if and when they leave.

But, where all the money generated is going ? Who is in charge of it ? Who is benefiting from this behind the curtains ? These questions are not answered with clarity. On top of donations Aurovilians pay to become stewards of their houses, the Indian government donates millions of rupees every year to Auroville, and so do private donors and visitors when they come. It means the indian government is supporting Auroville financially ; anything that is supported by the government is a red flag in itself (and it is probably the case for solar energy which received the financial support of the belgian government for example). The project is huge and it appears one can be eaten alive by the corridors of this system easily.

Where to begin?

A few years ago, I was hoping to find a place to be able to heal from my chronic ptsd and connect with others on a genuine basis. My search ended and took another form when I realised there wasn’t such places on the planet or at least not as I was envisioning them because of the level of mind control individuals are under and the inability for the majority to be accountable for their shadows. The incessant projections are what hurt communities the most. All spaces where people are trying to install communities going back to organic principles are being hijacked and infiltrated, if they were from a true organic nature in the beginning. We certainly need new rituals yet these rituals have to be birthed from a solid knowledge of the self. Rare are the spaces which exist up to date which truly work towards a satisfying empowering experience for the individuals and the collective.

My current realization is that such a place will be built from my own core over the next decade. There will be more betrayals of course along the way, more treasons and drama created through the blind spots that I unconsciously carry. Nevertheless, there is already a growing core community around me, people I respect and who respect me, people who I appreciate and who appreciate me and who are very resourceful in their own unique ways. There is no shortcut : it feels necessary to start out small, with a few trusted members who have shown an ability to be accountable for their projections, who have a great heart energy and who are able to pierce through deception and perceive beyond their five senses. Quality is prevalent to quantity. Through shadow work and the ability of members to deprogram as things will erupt, more and more unity consciousness can be integrated and the divide and conquer program can slowly be overcome. The inverted programming needs to be uncovered and neutralized; the software needs to be deactivated for humans to naturally return to the connection with organic living principles that respect all living beings and matter.

The answer will come from a minority who has been learning the rules of the game and has learned how to protect a space and their relationships, which has learned how to recover their own sanity. It is my inner knowing that, for a project to be able to last in time, it should rely first and foremost on the integrity of its members: integrity towards the land, nature and the individuals and the selves and commitment to work towards and learn from the organic principles in cooperation with nature and not against it. Only people who are able to show accountability should be allowed in such projects if a chance of success wants to be envisioned. All the other players should be left at the gate. Still, the inner work won’t be easy as people’s wounding will be revealed to the surface and as the mind virus will inevitably make every attempt possible in order to affect the solidity of the project. An excellent awareness, knowledge and practice of how to deal with triggers and how to navigate through shadow aspects are necessary. People have to be chosen for their unbreakable ethics and morals : these are the ones who won’t be easily seduced, tempted, corrupted or compromised. These are the ones who are building already the new reality that will superimpose itself to the very low frequency imprint they are serving us on a platter. We are some to already do the work, day after day, and we are some who are envisioning these projects and working our way to give birth to them. The seed is planted for the next decade, going back to permaculture principles, edible gardens, constructions that are in harmony with the shapes naturally present in nature, services oriented towards the organic, the regenerative and the natural, and strong and moral uncorruptable guidelines.