Aria Persei

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On the hoax of man-made climate change and the necessity to deprogram predictable reactive behaviours

All around, we have been trained to let our emotional pre-programmed reactions lead the way. The climate change debate is the perfect example of that. Humans are very predictable and easily manipulated. Their emotional triggers are very often connected to martyr syndromes, victimhood consciousness and guilt and shame programming. There is a great need nowadays to be attentive to emotional triggers which often hold great information about the way our minds have been programmed and are controlled, and observe from a distance what’s going on in our own heads. The green mask is in fact set to impose a way on how people should live their lives.

As I was becoming observant of not responding mechanically to my own triggers, I became aware there was something really wrong and dodgy about the climate change debate. If I can talk about this scam, it’s because I have greatly deprogrammed from the means of control that where making me gullible in this respect. I have done it for the climate change scam, the Julian Assange’s show, fake deaths in the industry of music and cinema. You name the bait or the trap, I’ve probably taken it due to building myself with very poor boundaries in my younger years. And there is certainly not only one layer to uncover. There are many layers and hidden levels. Gaining knowledge about psy-ops and controlled opposition and understanding the logic behind it is also very helpful. One of my best trainings has also been to be deceived, fooled, duped in my personal life. The work of excavating the patterns that are making me a match for this was also very needed.

If it’s a good thing that we are concerned by the well being of all living things, our emotionality is constantly being used against us. We are being mocked. Why would we be fed with the truth about climate change? Are we being fed with the truth in any other area of life? We might want to think about it again as we are facing mass propaganda and mass programming. As long as we are looping in this, there is no exit door. It also plays on the theme linked to our mission and our desire to do something useful, to serve and to contribute to a better world: now is the time to act. It sure is but it has to come from the right place within us. Moreover, this discourse is served through the lens of fear and emergency, a low frequency that is particularly savoury for the ones behind the curtains.

The engineering of a toxic debate

Contradicting the general discourse about climate change will often bring reactions from people. They will ask, so the climate isn’t changing? By doing so, they are deforming the perspective in order not to have to deal with their own cognitive dissonance. They will also very often send personal attacks. Cognitive dissonance is a split between the body signals that are being awakened and the way the mind is dealing with the information. It happens in one second yet it’s a process of deep entanglement and complexity through the structures of the human mind. When cognitive dissonance is at game, there is a delay between the observation of the events and the acceptance of what is really being experienced, beyond the veil of appearances. The experience of the body is overuled by the mind: it is like a bug in which it’s difficult to cope with seeing things as they truly are. The mind then finds a way to ignore parts of the information (the red flags) and finds justification for them. Cognitive dissonance happens because other things are at stakes if someone is admitting the truth to oneself: it threatens other areas of life that will require further decisions.

If you question the general narrative, you will be accused to be a climate denier. The mention, presupposition and preconception that you don’t care about the environment might be soon enough made as well. This is cognitive dissonance still kicking hard. The climate has always been changing over the course of history. Is it man-made and as they sell us to be? No. The whole discourse is manipulated. Data should be looked at in an objective manner without personal bias, political agenda or triggered emotions. In truth, CO2 is not a pollutant but a plant food that we humans, plants and animals breathe everyday. It is indeed a key ingredient for photosynthesis. It is not a cause of weather modification but a consequence. We also often mistake symptoms for causes because all our ways of thinking have been inverted. It’s how our way of thinking has been educated and molded. Environmental organizations have moved away from using factual data as a basis for their projects. There exists many resources to give science proof evidence while looking at numbers, charts and measures.

One small example that reveals the extent of the manipulation can be seen in the fact that the term global warming has been changed to climate change so any world climate event can now be used as fuel to back up the debate. The claim of global warming could not be sustained any longer as we are living through one of the coldest periods. This is not saying that threats aren’t real and that we shouldn’t care about our environment. Though any action should come from a discerning mind in order not to adopt behaviours which are expected of us and driven by low frequencies such as purely reactive shame that makes us think that humans are enemies of their surroundings.

The triggering of the social justice warrior

If we do not pay attention, our future is being constructed by people who are very aware of how the human psyche works. Discernment can be applied in order to recognize if a discourse or an event is used to provoke a certain type of nervous or hormonal response within the audience, which will give them the desire to go and do something about it, such as protesting in the streets, marching, which in the end are actions which very rarely match an appropriate frequency for an aligned change. The justice warrior is triggered inside of us and from there only polarised reactions are emerging. Furthermore, it is not rare for a social justice movement to be started by actors who give a start to a well written script that soon enough becomes a worldwide movement (let’s think about the social engineering of feminism). Our saviour syndrome – a program that goes against and interfere with universal laws – is also getting activated.

All of this creates “loosh” (a term that refers to the energy produced by human beings that other entities are feeding from). Understanding this concept of loosh is helping a lot to read through mass events. Activism has its limit without engaging in a sincere spiritual work. Where and how our attention and energy are being directed ? Very often, shame and guilt are used to impose a way of living, to engineer the shape of the future. Something is being manipulated to make us believe it’s our fault and that we are terrible parasites (let’s remember we are not the parasitic ones – psychopathic energies will always deform energy and values in such a way that appears completely reversed). The agenda behind this is meant to keep us in another complete distortion, in a complete lie, a perfect inversion. Indeed, more CO2 would actually make the planet greener and fitter to life. Here we go. Everything is made against this agenda pro-life and everything is inverted so we are swimming in a sea of lies.

Greta Thunberg, a perfect mind-controlled agent

Greta Thunberg is very much speaking to the savior complex within her audience or triggering their guilt and shame programming (how dare you?). There is no doubt she suffers from mental programming and is used as a slave to serve elite dark agendas of control over the human race. It’s not about demonizing her, she has been born into this. But so did her parents. And the ones before, and the ones before. We are many to be manipulated through the weakness of our discernment and the trauma we have experienced. Good intentions are very often harmful as we are ourselves biased and are not able to perceive the greatest truth due to the distortions that have been placed within. Let’s just not ourselves keep on being tools for further manipulation, buying into what is being served to us. Let’s practice discernment and critical thinking.

Greta’s supervisor Luisa Neubauer, often marching with her, works for the organisation This organisation is funded, amongst others, by Bill and Melinda Gates. It is tragic and sad to be a witness of how children and teenagers are used to serve the agendas of the financial-social control forces. But it’s not a surprise, if you are willing to open your eyes on the sacrifice of thousands of young children in horrendous circles behind closed doors in every nation. It is a worldwide plague. By becoming a social influencer, Greta’s future is already traced to engage in a lucrative future in the branding of “sustainable” industries and products, using her celebrity for personal profit in addition to being an “influencer”. The startup We don’t Have Time with which she has ties “intends to offer partnerships, digital advertising and services related to climate change, sustainability and the growing green, circular economy to a large audience of engaged consumers and ambassadors.” What is going on underneath? Can we notice that it is about marketing, branding and creating profit while derailing humans from the truth? Our emotional investment is tricking us into believing too much into these narratives. The more we are emotionally invested in areas of our life, the less critical and the less objectively observant we become.

Greta Thunberg is a false climate advocate. Her family doesn’t pass the test: they have a background in acting (this explains Greta’s very badly acted speeches). Her mother is a Swedish opera singer who participated in the Eurovision, looks very transpicious and holds the frequency of satanism. Greta is been used furthermore due to her Asperger syndrome. This has been child abuse from her early days. The exposure of Greta in media hasn’t been happening organically. The simple fact Greta’s message is supported by lobbies with intentions that are not in favour of the well-being of humankind and all living things (Bill Gates, George Soros, Al Gore, Hilary Clinton) should be enough of a red flag. Suspicion should be growing when we witness political figures supporting a “normal teenager schoolgirl citizen” (while these people aren’t normal and random citizens, they were born to influence and map consciousness) or celebrities being arrested for their activism.

Greta Thunberg is not a regular student that one day decided to walk out of school. The movement that has gone viral is based on a lie. Her entourage is highly corporate and her remarkable rise to fame is not at all random. It’s always engineered, no rise to fame is organic. Who is pulling these orchestrated strings? Who inspired her to start the strike ? It is the founder of Extinction rebellion, because he had a strategy in mind, the need for a youthful face to boost a political environmentalist agenda. When Greta is monologuing trying to trigger guilt and shame programming within people, it is not seeded in innocence. It is scripted from A to Z.

Greta, who is made to appear younger on purpose, is instrumentalised to look like Pippi Longstocking (an authoritarian figure telling others what they should be doing that has been used for programming in earlier times). This is also reminding us about Lisa Simpson. In the early pictures seeing her sitting in front of the Swedish Parliament, the fact she was wearing a leopard legging should be another red flag (think Shania Twain’s videoclip “That don’t impress me much“, it is linked to beta sex kitten MK ultra programming). She is seen as a figure of heroism and martyrdom, both dangerous perspectives that allow to see the world only through distorted lenses. The debate is driven by sensationalism and extremism: we are being told that humans are generating carbon dioxide emissions which are increasing the greenhouse effect which represents a threat for the survival of the planet and its inhabitants. We are told we are the enemies and we are to blame.

Another consideration that is rarely taken into account is the question of radiation heat responsible for the death of life forms. Microwave radar frequencies are known to cook things. The 2.4 GHz frequency currently being used in cell phones, cordless phones or wifi routers ; known to maximize the absorption of radiation in mammalian tissue, is the same frequency used in microwave ovens.

Guilt and shame programming…

There is always an agenda behind seemingly good causes defended by mass media or celebrities. Let us not be fooled, for our time and energy are being sucked into the spirals of distraction and division. Let’s take action to help the good causes that surround us in the first place, people around us who need our help and our support and who we know directly. And let’s leave no room for feelings of helplessness and powerlessness in our hearts. Let us be aware of discourses that are being pushed inorganically in one direction.

When images related to the environment are being pushed in the media causing hysteria, will it help a political event taking place to push certain ideas ? Most of the times, images that circulate on social media or that are being broadcasted by celebrities, aren’t even representing the reality of what was going on ; they can be tracked 20 years earlier during other similar incidents. It does matter that false images are being used to depict a current and present situation. It’s part of the deception, part of the black magic to divert energy from one point to another. In other terms, it is a harvest and total misinformation designed to create etheric chimeras and lead to new predictable outcomes through the voting of certain decisions. Heartbreaking images of animals are being used to emotionally traumatize the audience for them to get on board with the climate change train. False messages are running viral, ideas are put together to get to erroneous conclusions. We are being played for we are gullible. The way we react to information or a sad story is known from people who have been studying the human mind. The cocktail of hormones and emotions that result from this are used against us in order to manipulate us.

… and the social engineering of the climate movements

Furthermore, climate movements have been socially engineered. People are encouraged to believe they are working towards creating protective measures towards the environment whereas they are giving consent to do the exact opposite. Without awareness of the inverted principles that are based on anti-life and anti-human agendas, no benevolent solution will ever be reached. It is now more necessary than ever to be paying attention to the hidden intent of covert agendas instead of blindly believing the words that are served on a platter to seduce the mind and sedate through overpowering intellectualism. People are being indoctrinated into cult-type environments, brainwashed and consent is being extracted so karma consequences are on the head of the masses. People are made to feel guilty for being the enemy of the Tierra while silence is kept around subjects such as geoengineering, directed energy weapons, microwave radiations from 5G or the targeted poisoning of all living things. Human feelings such as outrage or entitlement are also used to achieve political results in line with agenda 21 which constantly uses slogans to generate predictable reactions in the masses.

People tend to be driven by what makes them feel good and react to what makes them feel bad by projecting their repressed and unresolved traumas outwards. By projecting shame outwards, there is a temporary release and one might feel better for believing they are doing “the right thing”. Feeling special while marching on the streets isn’t the solution. This ties to entitlement. Many times, doing the thing aligned with the greatest Truth doesn’t necessarily feel good. Rulers who are psychopaths do not care about people they are exploiting and neither do they care about the preservation of nature. The love for nature is such a deeply rooted love that the issue has shifted from being a scientific one to a political one driven only by emotions. We are invited to become unpredictable individuals who can think for themselves and who can question what reaches their eyes and ears in every situation. Well-meaning efforts to react against injustices or atrocities and activism are too often reactionary and driven by unconscious impulses linked to an inner bleeding wounding.

Veganism and climate change

Underneath there is also an agenda to link together veganism, climate change and even transhumanism. While there is a need for a true compassion for animals, the line between compassion and guilt and shame can be very thin. The animal condition will regain dignity when the veil is lifted on the psychopathy that is ruling the world under the curtain. Constantly, we are being served images that are extremely traumatizing. Who in front of this can remain untouched, unmoved? Most of the times, these images aren’t helping for they are reaching people who are already doing their best in order to be respectful. Much of the vegan movement is run by shame and guilt. These are amongst the main emotions that keep humanity under slavery and control. Have you ever observed the great level of unexcavated guilt and shame amongst environmental or vegan activists ?

Furthermore, veganism does not understand what health is about and can be quite detrimental to health, producing a lot of mucus and acids (a perfect ground for inner and outer parasites), especially when one starts integrating all the recommended substitutes to their diet (soja is evil, believe me, I was bedridden with dehydration for 48 hours for consuming edamames; it is incredibly demanding for the human body to digest such thing). The diet I have chosen for myself is beyond veganism and any -ism, it’s a healing system that aims to produce the least mucus in the body and detoxify old obstructions while staying away from movements and initiatives that make people feel guilty and manipulate them through shame. On the side of this, of course, further division between people is being created through their dietary choices. We see that very often, even in the so-called conscious communities where people are not aware their psyche has been hijacked through the hormonal response that some food items provoke in them. The divide and conquer motto is weaponised to be used in every field of life (gender, race, diet, supported teams, political, philosophical, religious convictions and so on) amongst communities who fight amongst each other and tear each other apart. It is deeply retraumatizing once more, reawakening wounding of non recognition, betrayal and persecution. Everything is made for the the younger generations to be mad at their elders while everything is done to harvest and exploit their good will, young heart and naivety.

The cover-front of the “United Nations”

In 2019, Billie Eilish was linking the release of one of her songs that is about Lucifer and demonic possession to the global warming debate and the UN’s Climate Action Summit, pressing to tackle issues and act with a climate strike. When blatantly satanist popstars are pressing the masses to act in certain ways, this is a red flag. The main message of her song nevertheless remained completely ignored (the satanic undertone of the representation of the Fall of Satan by Gustave Dore), while media focused on the environmental message of the song. This is how distorted this world is. Cognitive dissonance reins everywhere. Very few reads between the lines.

Indeed, the United Nations, a humanitarian front for the corporate elite to undermine citizen sovereignty, is being used as a platform to sell a global environment crisis as a part of the bigger worldwide agenda : « no nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can – in a global partnership for sustainable development » is a statement found in the lines of official papers. The plan is to change consumption patterns, manage land resources and control all living things. Anyone can consult the 350-page book of agenda 21 published by the UN which disguises means of control over the human race under the name “sustainable development” and a mask of green progress. Let’s not be fooled as it’s all about control and limiting national sovereignty. And as timelines keep on shifting, they are pushing agendas through other doors when they aren’t managing to succeed through the ones they attempted first.

Agenda 30 wants to see us evolving towards a one world government, with one world cashless currency, a central bank, one world military, the end of national sovereignty and of privately owned lands, the end of the family unit, mandatory vaccines, a universal basic income, micro chipped tracking, a world social credit system, the end of private transportation and of private farms, businesses owned by government, travel restrictions and the restriction of land use. The solution proposed by the UN is to put our trust into their 2030 strategy. Fear is exploited to push a certain well written script, a plan that alienates human rights and that lands control over every resource. Who would argue with the stated intentions? On paper, everything seems fine. That is often the case with covert luciferianism or satanism. One has to look and feel through the invisible as there is a double hidden meaning. In this case, it’s the plan to globally and locally infiltrate and control all lands, waters, minerals, animals and all information. It’s more about changing the economy than it has to do with the climate. The thing is, those people do not care about humans nor the planet, and they would use anything to support their political agendas.

The 7-billion lie

Do we have a proof that we are 7 billions of people living in this realm? Or is it data based on their information? We are being shamed for being too many humans and for taking too much resource. Underneath, decisions are being taken to decimate us in every way possible. Planting the belief that we need to be reduced as a population is dangerous. Depopulation is the real deal, not overpopulation. Thinking we deserve punishment because we consume too much is encouraging self loathing. The primary problem is the invader agenda against life on this planet. Let’s remember they live quite ‘sustainably’ in prisons. Would that be what they have really in mind for their definition of a sustainable life ? Humans are defined as not fit to care after their surroundings, everything is then regulated (and of course heavily taxed) in order to take care of these matters. There is a pushed agenda to make every citizen feel small and insignificant. And why does this all matter? Because the amount of consent we give away does matter. Most of the time, these consents happen first and foremost on energetic terms before materializing into the physical world. Not giving our consent to being brainwashed by propaganda is already a victory in itself and a reclamation of a tiny piece of our sovereign will. Many of such reclamations are needed for us to be able to reclaim our symbiotic relationship with our lands and all living beings. Nature will always find its way to restore despite all analysis that want to make us believe otherwise. There is a mystery and a miracle to life itself and we should never lose that vision from our sight, while dismissing what is draining us in these debates that are meant to trigger diminished feelings inside of us.