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The Arvigo practice and the uterus steam bath, inviting ancient wisdom back into the core of the female body

Feminine and gentle practices are a way to explore and unlock the female intelligence that is stored within our own bodies and to become more conscious about how we have been suppressing beauty and feminity.

The uterus is an important center of our being, it is important for it to be in its original position. When it’s misplaced, women will often feel not aligned with their own power. Deep inside, it may feel so sad how far we have come from the natural laws, for example with the way babies are delivered in hospitals. Arvigo is an external, noninvasive massage that strengthens the ligaments and muscles around the uterus and ovaries. It invites the uterus back into its original place. When the uterus is misplaced, it restricts the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi energy. Arvigo massage also allows the release of old emotions and reopens blocked energy paths. For the Maya, woman’s center is her uterus. The fact that it is out of balance does affect greatly their whole system.There are numerous Mayan remedies applicable to our modern days. Many are simple teas that can be made from fresh plants or dried herbs.

Misplacement of the uterus

Apparently, a prolapsed or tipped uterus is much more common than we think it is. Originally, the uterus is held in position by muscles and ligaments that connect it to the pelvis. These uterine ligaments are designed to stretch when a baby is growing inside or as our bladders or bowels become full. If the ligaments become weak and loose, they can no longer hold up the uterus correctly. When the uterus is incorrectly aligned, the normal flow of blood and lymph to the uterus, ovaries, bladder and bowel are constricted and this can disrupt nerve connection. Repositioning the uterus restores the original homeostasis, helps toxins to be evacuated and improves the blood flow around digestive organs. The uterus can be prolapsed or tipped due to very common things such as a fall, chronic constipation, running on concrete or wearing high heels. It rarely crosses our minds that some sports have an impact on our uterus: if we jog before being menstruated, the uterus is filled with blood, it is harsh on the female organs, the ligaments are quite stretched. We often don’t pay attention to those “small” things, yet they have their importance.

What is Arvigo?

Castor oil packs are also a great way to work on this area of the body. It is important that an arvigo practician has a gentle and benevolent touch as they will be in contact with a very complex region of the female body, where so much ancestral memories and traumas are stored. Tensions in the diaphragm and an inflammation of lymph nodes might be encountered: when everything is flowing, it clears the obstruction and the stagnation. It can be unconfortable to leave our abdomen, seat of much restraint and constriction, be touched.

Arvigo will help in a various range of cases such as digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, pain in the lower back, reduced breathing as for painful menstrual cycles, urinary tract infections or endometriosis: women come for the warmth and this moment they can take with themselves and their female organs. This treatment can be adapted for pregnant women or help women who just gave birth to adjust to all the changes taking place in their lives. For a new mother, it is a real process to ground in everything that is happening and find a new way to be. We can practice gentle practices at home with applying female dried herbs on our bellies or work with cristals and our intentions. There are instructions for massaging ourselves at home, which will always be the safest option. It consists of a simple abdominal massage to keep the muscles and ligaments in their healthy position. Those techniques include a very simple circular move starting around the belly button to reach the whole abdominal area. Another movement is a sort of “scooping” motion that starts above the pubic bone.

The uterus steam bath, a perfect complimentary treatment

The uterus steam bath consists of a tradition of sitting on a chair covered by a towel over a bowl of steaming herbs. The temperature of the steam must be ajusted so not to burn the skin. Traditionnally used by Mayan midwives and healers from Central and South America, vaginal steam baths can treat many female disorders, especially those of severe or chronic nature. The practice is mentioned in writings of Spanish explorers who took the time to record the healing practices of the Maya and the Aztecs. Menstrual pain discomfort does not have to last forever. Sometimes women do see darker and thicker blood coming out in the beginning or at the end of their normal cycle. This indicates accumulated blood on the uterine membrane. The uterus is then working harder on every new cycle due to the presence of hardened pathological accumulations that have not been properly taken out with the monthly cycles. The steam can help eliminate old menstrual fluids that will then come out during the following menstruation(s). Better outside than inside is a key motto in detoxification. The practice can be repeated every cycle, the week before the start of the cycle for example, several times in a row if necessary until menstrual fluids have a light red colour and no more pain is experienced. Chamomille flowers and later oregano herbs are a great way to start as for organic female energy herbs (basilic, calendula, jasmin, lavander, hibiscus and rosepetals) or other herbs (burdock, yarrow, plantain and thyme). It is quite a smooth moment to be taking the time once in a while for sitting with the herbs and their vapors and getting inspired by their signature and their message.