Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Discerning disinformation, controlled opposition and unconscious matrix agents and learning to see and feel through deception

Many public persons are not who they pretend to be. How easy is it to create a certain image in the public eye, receptacle of collective projections ? What we are being witnesses of through mass and even a great part of the alternative media is mainly, if not all, staged, controlled or corrupted. Controlled opposition is a term coined to refer to psychological operations (psy-ops) that are meant to control the mind of the masses and manipulate them psychologically and emotionally. It works as a double layer bluff.

Psy-op and controlled opposition

Such operations led by secret intelligence agencies and planned way ahead, are designed to keep the masses enslaved, distracted and looking away from the root of problems, molding public opinion. Indeed, these are highly sophisticated disinformation projects relying on easily predictable responses, using predictive programming and designed to spread false information in order to influence public opinion. It’s based on the principle that the best way to control opposition is to lead it and it’s insidious. These operations, made to syphon time, energy and money while focusing attention on inverted values and deception, are often hiding under humanitarian and well-intentioned disguises. Psy-ops are also a perfect way to divide the truth community, distract people with circular unsolvable arguments and discredit conspiracy researchers. A closer look at how mind control works can also help perceiving the constructed narratives of controlled opposition. It’s also very much linked to the hegelian dialect (problem-reaction-solution) that wants a certain solution to be voted for and that might even be at the root of the creation of the problem in the first place. Controlled Opposition’s networks are related and back up each other. Limited hangouts are agents or organisation that are made to distract from the most significant pieces of information that needs to be adressed. One often finds good-hearted people fulfilling dark agendas and linked to companies with obscur pasts.

Those who manipulate the unseen mechanisms of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Truth mixed with lies

What the majority of agents of such operations are saying is often true, yet the nature of the knowledge they are conveying is serving agendas that are kept hidden from the public eye and that are not serving the interests of humanity. They may disclose relevant information about war crimes or political fraud yet they will still be keeping a blind eye on the real issues. Moreover, many documents and content are being selected, deliberately revealed and used as baits to seduce an audience into believing into the deception. Most of these psy-ops agents reveal only what is allowed for them to reveal in terms of secrets. Some will pretend to be a fugitive and instantly gets the support from the alternative media crowd. Supporters will often be blinded by their empathy for a martyr or their desire to save the world and the belief that the world needs a savior. Let’s keep in mind real whistleblowers or people who are the real deal in this world are being persecuted, neutralized and silenced. They often face death threats or worse, they are being taken out of the picture. Deceivers also pretend they are being targeted. The pretent of such infiltration can also be used to their advantage to set hierarchy system into place, justifying it by the need to protect the space while pretending people can not handle their « negative ego » – this is recurrently happening in private online communities which can easily turn to their own form of cult. In what appears to be a safe community, everybody relaxes. It’s a space of vulnerability in people’s homes. However, a hierarchy dynamic keeps things polarized : it’s not a space where true healing can take space. One has to be cautious with anyone pretending to be an avatar of some sort. Something else might be at work behind the veil.

The construct of false narratives

Many skilled conscious deceivers (with skills in black magic) are waiting at the gates, to catch truth seekers into the next hamster wheel. These agents are used to discredit real campaigns by sharing disinformation and to keep control over the narrative, preventing real effective measures to be taken. It happens in every major campaign and theme (5G, ufology, conspiracy theories, political fields, SRA victims and so on). Is our desire to learn coming from an organic and healthy place ? Do we really need more advanced people, a sort of avatar, to progress on the path ? Once the mask has been taken off, it’s often not possible to continue studying the deceitful teachings. Because when we are studying someone’s material, the energies become entangled. We can ask ourselves, always, why is an event happening right now ? What is it a distraction for ? Why is there a staged arrestation ? Why such a fuss ? When do they enter the game ? Do they access exposure through their status of being a martyr ? The hero figure gets a lot of positive projections. Positive projections are just as distorted as negative, they are on the other side of the spectrum of the polarity. Such agents do get a lot of media and public attention, with the fake story that they are being persecuted. When we have stars in our eyes, we are under the spell of delusion. It might be linked to parts of unresolved victimhood consciousness within ourselves. Are we victims of our dopamine circuits, waiting for the next leak ? The pursuit of knowledge can be a bypass of the embodiment process. There is always a new layer to access, a new hamster wheel to catch us when we free ourselves from the previous one, ready to encapsulate us with a new ratio of truth mixed with lies. Yet the chosen distorsions cause enough damages to slow the seeker down, derail them from their path and vaccuum time and energy. Deceivers never cease to reinvent themselves with new tricks.

Asking questions, keeping an open mind

One of the best ways to detect conscious or unconscious agents is to observe for a long period of time (6 months, one year or more) and start to see patterns arise. With time we can see if a sort of very well wrapped and contained script is erupting, with new pieces of information being added to the story bit by bit and with the general feeling of a certain agenda being in progress (false belief being implanted, distorsion line being created). Unconscious agents can be used through their blind spots and lack of realisations about their inner programming (savior complex, emotional triggers, the absence of a deeper understanding of the esoteric laws, mind control). Here are questions to keep in mind to apply critical thinking and discernement while being exposed to what is sold to us as truth. A consistent observation will reveal over time if people are compromised or not.

  • What was my first body response when I have seen/met this person for the first time?
  • How much of my time is involved in this ?
  • How do this person talk about their story ? How do they behave while they are telling their stories? What is their body langage saying? When stopping for a moment and stepping outside our emotions, we can observe who the person really is outside of our projections.
  • Do their discoveries/theories sound like just a nice story we are being told ?
  • Are there anomalies in the data collected ? Is there an information overload ?
  • Does it propagate new age programming ?
  • Is there compassion in their eyes? Or a hidden hunger for power? Does this hunger feeds from being the center of attention ? Is this person trying to convey a counterfeit of sincerity, of integrity ? Do I buy into it ? Is there a real sense of integrity and sincere work ?
  • Does that person sounds naive ? Is she being taken advantage of through her unconscious and unresolved rage ? Does this person rant with a feeling of self-importance or victim/blame consciousness, revealing unresolved narcissic wounding ? Are they caught in a trap and unable to extract from it ? Is there no turning back ?
  • How do they interact with other persons they are talking to? Does this feel genuine? Is there a real exchange happening? Or a staged conversation as we see happening in Hollywood (fascinating yet lacking authenticity and organic values) ? Do they trully listen to each other?
  • Does this person has anyone under a charm, a spell? Is there an important sense of fascination at play ?
  • Does their story make sense when critical thinking is applied?
  • Is there a hidden agenda underneath their words ?
  • Is there a sense of admiration for perpetrators? Any sign of romanticisation? Forging a new belief, planting a devious seed?
  • What kind of feelings are generated when I receive this information ? Is there any emotional manipulation ? What could be the hidden purpose of such a response? Is there manipulation in the way information is being presented ?
Questioning credibility, seeing through
  • With whom are they associating? Which channels are they associating with? What’s the credibility/reliability of such channels? Who are the other persons being interviewed?
  • Do they feel of organic nature? Do they feel genuine or is there artificiality in the creation of their stories and characters?
  • What is their position on other worldwide engineered movement (LGBT, transgender agenda, transhumanism, climate change hoax, etc.)?
  • What is the attitude of the person or organisation in terms of emotional reactions to big world? Does this person deny important key events (such as 9/11, a pivotal event that shapes the society we are living in today) ? Does the person sounds discerning ? What points are left out of the debate? What points are not talked about and left ignored ?
  • Is there a mentor figure hiding behind the curtains? Is there a handler around (even if it’s only very briefly seen or presented – handlers still like to be acknowledged) ?
  • Is there any sign of this person being under MK ultra programming ?
  • Who in my entourage, friends and family, is following the work of such organisation or person ? Can I see a pattern erupting (for example, strong codependency patterns that acts as a blinder in discernement or shared trauma, shared patterns in how we cope with the world)?
  • Do the teachings are meant to keep the audience disembodied ? Does it feel like a distraction from the real work one feel called to do ? Does it take people away from the knowledge that is dormant within themselves, waiting to be reactivated ? Does this feel like an endless rabbit hole ? With no end, more intrications ?
  • Does it feel animated with human or computery energy ? Is there a robotic signature ? Does it feel more artificial intelligence than of organic nature? If it’s a female, does she have a strong male energy ? Is there an alien signature of something cold, smart (in the artificial sense) and sharp (the highly advanced counterfeit of an organic signature) ?
  • Can we interact directly with the person ? Is there a hierarchy system at play ? Is there a cult-like feeling ? Is this agent quoted as a bible of truth ?
  • Does it make me feel special and privileged? Is it manipulated to make me believe I have accessed a big secret ?
  • If I can interact with them, does it feel that I am considered on equality terms ? Are we really invited to interact and connect, create a community?
  • What was their childhood like ? Did they grow up in a highly manipulative environnement where there is a high chance their mind has been controlled and fragmented?
  • Is someone financing them behind the curtain ? Does it seem to be dark and shadowy ties to something secretly put into place ?
  • Does it feel safe to express and be yourself? Is your shame being triggered? Do you stand there unacknowledged, unvalidated, feeling unseen? Are other people afraid to express spontaneously too? How is the space psychically? Do you feel like you can tackle any subject without being shamed for expressing an opinion? Do you feel like the space is safe psychically and emotionally ? Does it feel like you are invited to come back to your own inner sense of gnosis?
  • What is being said and what is left unsaid, ignored or denied?
  • What can I know for sure ? It seems always important to question what’s being told because most of the time all that we have been told comes from totally controlled sources. We tend to make assumptions and interpretations based on what we have been told but it’s all a very fragile castle of cards.
And the most important question is…

Is there a predatorian energy signature? In the eyes, in the gaze? This might not be evident at first and might reveal itself over time. These agents are made to syphon time, energy and divert attention even if some information can briefly assist the seeker. They are also meant to direct others straight back into the voracious machine. Too many are unconscious agents through their unresolved trauma and past life agreements. Can I allow myself to take distance and breathe out of the constricted space ? Can I ask myself, what if ? What if this person was a deceiver, what trigger would that activate within me ? How do I feel about that ? Why would it be affecting me so much and why would it be hard for me to cope with ? It’s always a good thing to keep our trust with a reserve for some time before being having a better idea of who we are dealing with. Trust can be given gradually instead of 100% at once. Our best tools are consistent observation, patience and constant questioning and re-evaluation. Let’s remember if we haven’t met these people, we have no idea who they are in real life. Who are they trully ? Do we know how it feels to be in the direct presence of their energetic field ? As long as we haven’t met them, it’s only supposition. There are a lot of con-artists and deceivers who are very good actors.

In some cases, some researchers in the fringe topics who have been tricked in the past carry a wounding of unresolved and undigested betrayals and have become so paranoiac that they start to doubt everyone around them and are unable to recognize the nature of intentions of others. They then themselves become vectors of unconscious handling within the field and can even project agressive attacks onto other members of the community. They tend to self sabotage and self destruct, unable to build healthy collaboration and choosing to focus on everything that separate instead of what reunite. Their once brilliant mind has been infected and inverted and is now at the mercy of their inability to discern. Some can tend to be so stuck in their beliefs it’s impossible to communicate with them. They get so triggered they do not see nuances any more and dialogue in a very reactive way, with a desire to impose their beliefs outwards. Even if they do have a certain knowledge in the field and know about mind control, they are now unable to navigate their own interpersonal relationships with emotional mastery and have become unconscious matrix agents.

Fake tribunals, fake animal-right movement, fake humanitarism

Most of the associations which pretend to serve humanity (climate, animals, petition launchers) are funded by the elite families. They often are a front for lucrative business benefits, gaining not only energy from activists but also financial gains. Have you ever felt like there was something creepy about the frequency of some organisations supposed to defend animal rights? It’s probably because they are just a cover-front for secret services and for the exact opposite of what they are pretending to do, which would mean they are a front for animal sacrifice, just as there exists cover-fronts for child trafficking and child abuse pretending to do humanitarian work. They will pretend to be fighting for noble causes. Some organisations have become million-dollar operations. Have they resisted the temptation of greed ? Are they led by the desire of success, reaching a wider audience, getting more clicks ? Do they have a sense of discernement in their collaborations? Once corruption gets in, there will be disinformation, both conscious and unconscious. Does this organisation send repetitively newsletter to ask for financial support with a victim frequency associated to their status? Some instances appear to serve justice (fake tribunals) to give an instant satisfaction to the audience who goes through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s an invasion.

What to do with all of that ?

Let’s not forget we can learn many things by observing what is going on and learning from the interrogations that arise. Time and consistant observation will reveal incongruencies and will allow us to be able to trace the root of some of our programming and correct or adapt our emotional reaction to external information. How can we alchemize these teachings within ourselves, and grow from it, even and especially from the deceptive part ? Are we able to track in ourselves those parts that have been deceived, fooled and duped ? Can we close the door for such thing not to repeat in the future ? Keeping an open mind. Being ready to let go of any attachment. When the mind feels like breaking down, can we slow down and sleep on it for a few nights/weeks? It will eventually integrate by itself and become the new normal without it having to be a brutal clash with reality. The deception runs really infinitely deep: there is a need for the discernement to be trained and sharpened. We need to reconnect to our own radar and denumb our bodies confused by constant and repeated gaslighting, not mentioning the infinite hypnotisms and spells of our daily lives. What we can do is watch our own emotional reactions and observe them. That way we can learn something new about ourselves and about the world, while not being attached to a certain outcome. It also comes with surrendering to acknowledging we have been duped and fooled. There can be shame associated with recognizing this, coming from the pressure to always score perfectly and the fear of being wrong.

Cognitive dissonance

Core beliefs are very strong. When we are presented with evidence that works against some beliefs, some mechanisms are in place so the new evidence will be discharged. It creates an uncomfortable feeling and the process of cognitive dissonance, rationalizing and denial kicks in. Mind control installs corridors to protect the core belief and restrain access to some places of the mind handled by alters.

To understand the full extent of psy-ops, cognitive dissonance has to be mentioned. Many do feed from adoration and thrive in creating power dynamic. Real life encounters can be a total fall from deluded lands : lack of respect, seduction, manipulation, narcissism, lack of empathy and deep mind fracture. Cognitive dissonance is a phenomenon that needs our understanding. It sometimes takes a delay between the observation of the events and the acceptance of what was really experienced, beyond the veil of appearances. The experience of the body can be overuled by the mind: it is like a bug in which it’s difficult to cope with seing things as they trully are. The mind then finds a way to ignore parts of the information (the red flags) and find justification for them. Cognitive dissonance can happen because other things are at stakes if someone is admitting the truth to oneself: one might lose their job, it might threaten their relationship with family members. Things are often embedded together which makes reality complex to cope with. If someone presents us with a piece of information that comes and crashes a solidified belief that is at the core of other beliefs, like a castle of cards, cognitive dissonance will enter in action as an emotional mechanical response that protects the mind from having to deal with the collapse of the cards all at once, and delay the shock for the mind. Some people reactions will be to attack the messenger, try to silence, shame or guilt them. Indeed, facing the truth can be pretty unconfortable especially when one’s life career is based on a lie or a deception (hospitals, justice systems, education, you name it). How long one can live out of integrity while lying to themselves ? How long can they comply and do what is expected of them even if it goes against the core of their true values ?

Final words

At the end of the day, the less energy we give to people we don’t know by focusing on them or entangling our thought-forms with theirs, the more progress we will make and the less grip the control system will have on us. As we can not often or always be sure someone is a conscious or an unconscious deceiver, compassion is a good reminder. Staying connected to our hearts feels fundamental, not in a weak and horizontal way but in a strong and firm verticality. Most of these agents are used by the big system as puppets and their life paths have been altered and manipulated, usually way beyond their free will. By standing tall and learning from all the lessons we have crossed path with, the space is held for opening up to Alchemical Magic in a world coping with a lot of suffering and distorsion. Every day we can work on opening our hearts more, because there lies the treasures of Eternal Freedom.

My Youtube playlist on Controlled Opposition and psy-ops.