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Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

On the necessity to collectively deprogram from the shame of aging

In this day and age, the aging process is a topic that says a lot about where we are in terms of spiritual development in our societies; it reveals how programmed and wounded our societies have become. The western world and now more internationally the whole world has been programmed by the deception of Hollywood and the entertainment industries for criterias of beauty that are unreachable, unrealistic, artificial and most of the time based on inverted values.

When we see movies, we are subliminally exposing ourselves to beauty expectations and programs that are not even related to reality. What is sold to us are images of what it should look like to be a woman or a man, with the pretention what we see is healthy (it is not: we have very few models for health), while everything is focused on appearance. Really, we have very few role models for mentally, spiritually and physically healthy elders. It is an additional concern that many models are probably transgendered persons having taken hormones their whole lives and having undergone a lot of plastic surgeries. Subliminally, it’s been creating more fracture within the already wounded and traumatised self, programming people to be focused, identified and most of the times obsessed with their physical appearances trying to match unreachable criterias. Nowadays, the battle is being fought even harder as the aging process is accelerating due to the increased toxicity of our modern world, including nano and electromagnetic pollution. I see it in my generation, evolving through a much faster speed of life; our grandparents weren’t aging that fast. This deep shame around aging is installed in us like a software to keep humans silent and small, to tell them to hide after the beauty of their twenties has fade away. All around, it’s possible to observe the transfer of such programming, especially from woman to woman. Once the programming is installed or activated, they carry it inside of them, and they look at other women through that lence. While we are busy with self destructive programs concerning our diet, our weight, our body shape, our self image, a great deal of our time and energy are spent away from the spiritual path and the potentiality of freeing ourselves from the grip of slavery. While these softwares are running in the background of our minds, we are not a threat for the hidden game keepers.
The impact of esthetic injections on the human range of emotions

Indeed, these doubts and concerns about our self image can easily be vacuuming all of our time and energy. So much money is being spent on expensive beauty products, esthetic medicine and cosmetic surgeries. These are now available to the masses and perpetuate the trauma even further. When our eyes are swollen, doctors never ask why. Yet, their response is the desire to inject volumes of liquid under the skin to make things even. Where as swolleness is just a symptom and can be reversed via natural methods – it just means the lymph system is having a hard time and needs support. These symptom-based interventions that do not address the cause have become normalised and the majority doesn’t realise or question the fact that this is coming from a wounded and fragmented place. These interventions are also linked to the transhumanist agenda, trying to sell eternal robotic youth through dehumanizing ways to treat the body. Furthermore, there is a real problem with plastic surgeries as botox does alter the mind and participates in the numbing of emotions, furthering the narcisstic fracture from mind control. While it deadens facial nerves and muscles, it also alters cognition and very possibly empathy. The injection of a neurotoxic substance in the muscles to immobilize them happens very near from the master glands. Other substances have adverse psychiatric side effects (including once more the flattening of human emotions and the deadening of empathy). These injections affect more than the physical plane; they change how the human brain responds to emotional situations. In short, it profoundly affects and alters human consciousness.

“Never grow old” programming

On television, the programming around Peter Pan (based on Pan, the insatiable god of lust) and Neverland (a world of wonder and eternal youth) pushed by Disney (with Captain Hook as a figure handling and influencing thoughts and behaviours) is certainly not foreign to this heavy programming around ageing. This Disney-related programming suggests to victims to escape and dissociate from reality. But once you set a foot there, you can never leave. Dissociation is a trap from the work of embodiment, staying present, feeling it all. The seed of timelessness is implanted making it harder to cope with the sign that time is passing. The festival scene also carries this to a certain degree, especially mainstream festivals as Tomorrowland which is calling in, in the ether, monarch victims.

The despair in front of the degradation of the human body comes from a place of powerlessness and is linked to a deeply buried and deeply engrammed shame around the ageing process. This is a software that has been severely reinforced after WW2. When shame is around, there is no possibility to see beauty in the mirror. After burning the candle by 2 ends for a while, we can start witnessing the results of self destruction and self hatred. When the consequences of our actions start to be showing off, the decision is ours to take a complete 360° turn or not. Are the people around us the ones we want to grow by the side of ? Are they chasing phantoms, running away from their contaminating fears ? Have they gone so far away from natural laws that they seem like a lost cause ? Where is the love ? It’s time to face our collective demons. The image of elderly people too often equals becoming obsolete, useless and is often linked to a degradating and debilitating health. I grew up buying into the programming that getting old was getting stiff, and that the degenerative process wasn’t avoidable. There is a difference between the natural aging process and the acceleration of aging that we observe due to living conditions in a stressful environment (an acidic body, an overly intense and harmful electromagnetic environment, pollution, poisoning, high stress levels). Doing something about it is totally doable.

When I stopped celebrating my official birthday it has been harder for me to actually remember the number of my age (it was more of a vague feeling and I have to make an effort in order to pin point the number). I would say my age defines me less and less. It’s not important any more for me and I feel I have made good progress after observing the depth of the programming around birthdays. Birthdays come with a lot of expectations or pressure (to have a good birthday, to feel loved, to feel celebrated or to celebrate oneself). When you are popular and have a big network, it takes a lot of time to answer the messages you receive and at the end, you might not even remember who wrote to you and what most messages were saying. So there is a distraction side to it for sure. If one wants to celebrate the day of their incarnation, a good reclamation can be done by taking in account the 8 or 9 months that were spent in gestation. In the end, much is bringing us back to cellularly detoxify our bodies. Beauty is in fact, in accordance to the organic template, related to our health and the journey of deprogramming. As we deprogram our true self can shine more of its unique beauty. It is important to deprogram from Hollywood propaganda and these plastic envelops they sold to us as a model. What I observe is that people are getting more beautiful especially the ones who are working on deprogramming and who are working around reclaiming their health and their minds of course. A change is happening in the frequency they carry; they become “more” of themselves and the programming layers becomes less and less.

Activation of layers of the monarch software at the end of my twenties

I had never looked at anyone, at my parents for example, through the lense of aging until I became aware of my own aging process and this shame and self hatred programming started kicking in. When I was 29 years old, it had been 3 years since certain self-destruction programs had been activated via an encounter during a trip. He himself was a pure product of mind control, a dark being with personality and behavioral problems whose life energy was stolen at every step. He was not the only activator: around me, a friend with whom I had traveled was herself programmed to activate and encourage the underactive personalities in me, especially through the use of nicknames. She was emotionally distressed herself and was unaware of the effects of her behavior. A former roommate who was at times the vessel for demonic forces (due to her own narcissistic fracture) also encouraged a whole lot of monarch programming. After 3 years of spinning, my face was becoming acidic in a way that was unmanageable and I felt helpless in front of the speed of the degenerative process. These relationships were encouraging aspects of me that were not authentic and that were linked to subpersonalities that were installed in me. I was looking for an external aesthetic and I was no longer fully in control of my clothing decisions or physical appearance. It was a frantic race of competition linked to and led by mind control. However, it didn’t feel right and I was trying hard to get my act together (I was dealing with a very traumatic grief at the time), facing this program of shame and powerlessness related to aging and perfect plastic beauty.

It was when I was at the lowest level of self-esteem in my life – some monarch programming had been reactivated and I had been consumed by trying to please others around me. The programming was activating a mechanical and impulsive reaction to take action into doing something about it, pursuing the next miracle products or going to beauty institutes. Subliminally, just as everyone, I had been exposed repetitively to celebrities and public figures who really aren’t about health but all about plastic criterias. I could see where this was all leading and it wasn’t a place I wanted to consciously pursue in my life. So I started to become able to observe and stop listening to the mecanical responses that were urging me to go in a certain direction. Certain states of programming are desperate and can be very dark but it gets easier with time and practice.

The beginning of cellular detoxification

I closed the door on these toxic relationships because these beings were not ready to see what we were playing at. I wanted to go further. I set intentions and discovered the mucusfree way of eating. Since then, I have been able to clear some of the acidity from the head area and regain elasticity in my smile and jaws. Five years later, I have come to a great deal and extent of deprogramming around the shame of aging and if I see wrinkles appearing on my face, I no longer pay attention or give credit to them. This is a huge victory and step. Wrinkles that I started to see appear on my face when I was 29 years old have not yet set in. A lot can be done naturally to rejuvenate. What I notice today is when my face is dehydrated and looks aged and I also notice when it is hydrated and rejuvenated, especially after dry fasting, one of the best lifting effects that there is. Indeed, the most beautiful way to regain power over the degeneration and aging process is through cellular detoxification and rehydration. And it comes with a great deal of working toward empowerment.

Natural healing and beauty methods

Gua sha, facial yoga or facial reflexology (preferably practiced by ourselves as finding good practitioners remains a journey with many obstacles) are powerful ways to revitalize the area of the face. Among other things, these methods work to decongest swelling and congestion in the head area. Doing a headstand or working with a feet-up also helps to irrigate the head with blood and gradually drain it. Draining the head area is not easy, the consistency will work in our favor. Ear candles help to remove ear wax and if we keep our trophies, we will soon realize the huge amount of waste that has been evacuated. Once my kidneys started to filter again, I had less to do in terms of removing that dark yellow-orange wax through my ears. A few minutes of yoga a day or fascia work (there are many tutorials available to familiarize ourselves with different exercises, especially for the neck and shoulder area, where much trauma is being stored).

Aesthetic acupuncture allows toning, firming and beautifying the face while working on different points of the body. Why not educate ourselves with books on the meridians and the different muscles of the face and practice at home with a needle kit? One can work at the location of the wrinkles themselves or those that are appearing or in certain muscles or areas of the face. Acupuncture is based on the energy circuits of the meridians that are connected to our organs and viscera. The meridians are the pathways that run through our body, forming an extensive network essential for the dynamics of life energy. These meridians are also associated with imbalances and emotions: anger for the liver, sorrow for the lungs, fears for the kidneys. The Qi, the energy that circulates within us, certainly works in the service of beauty. During the insertion, one may feel a sensation of radiation starting from the acupuncture point and radiating on the meridian. Sometimes you can feel the action of one of the relaxation points, a specific place as if a tap of energy has been opened. These points that can be felt more strongly are those that are linked to the most congested points of the body, where the congested energy does not circulate enough or is in excess or lacking.

An ancient medicine, cupping therapy is also called hijama or sometimes incisiotherapy. This discipline is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and is a good complement to acupuncture. It offers convincing results on respiratory problems, digestive concerns and headaches, as well as joint or visceral functional pathologies. Cupping therapy allows, through the removal or displacement of accumulated blood at points on the body, to relieve many often unexplained ailments. Superficial scratching on the back can help to remove stagnant blood, move lymphatic fluids and release accumulated toxins. This method can also be performed without incisions (which are painless). Combustion cups introduce a burning fuel that drains the cup of oxygen and sucks the skin deep into the cups, which can cause discomfort that subsides after the first few minutes. This method has shown encouraging results in the treatment of pain in the trapezius and paravertebral muscles. Small suction cups are available to drain the face and neck area. A cupping kit (with pressure) can allow us to work at home, especially after a hot bath.

Working with various forms of massage (tuina, deep tissue, acupressure, Asian lymphatic drainage) is also assisting our bodies to drain the waste out. Maderotherapy (madeira meaning wood in Portuguese) is a drainage and remodeling practice that uses wooden instruments to help eliminate lymphatic waste. This practice is quite popular in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia. Different wooden instruments are used to help drain and sculpt the body: wheels that work on compact tissues loaded with stagnant lymph, cube roller, bell, streak roller or the modeling board. Fibrous cellulite can be painful when we touch it; it is a stagnation of lymphatic residue that has been there for a long time and has never been evacuated. The aim is to soften these areas and encourage a gradual elimination process. Maderotherapy also allows for the drainage of water that stagnates in certain parts of the body due to a lymphatic circulation that no longer fulfills its elimination role. What can be expected with these methods is a reduction of the orange peel effect, the drainage of specific areas (including the reduction of the sensation of heavy legs), an improvement in muscle tone, a firming of the skin and a general feeling of well-being. Maderotherapy can also be performed on the face to help drain this area that can tend to swell. This method can also be performed at home, to some extent, starting from the feet and working up to the kidney area, working on the arms and the stomach area and finishing with a dry brushing of the skin.

Working with a facial reflexologist

The frequency of crystals is of great assistance in our quest to detoxify the body and mind and to restore blocked energy flows : improved sleep, increased resistance to stress, better immunity and increased energy. We can find great support in pressopuncture points as well as therapeutic tools such as the gua sha, an ancient Asian tool made of semi-precious stones, as well as crystallo-therapy, litho-reflexology (energetic care with semi-precious stones) and aromatherapy. The reflex zones of our organs are found in the face: the kidney opens at the ears, the lung at the nose, the spleen at the mouth, the heart at the tongue, the liver at the eyes. The face has a rich vascular, nervous and muscular network. By working on the face, an action and a communication are assured with our internal organs. A treatment also allows for lymphatic drainage of the upper body area and calms the body while gently re-energizing it. The face is naturally rejuvenated, firmed, brightened and relaxed. Every day we can strengthen ourselves with some practices such as energetically rubbing the back of the neck or rubbing the kidney area in circles, possibly with a vegetable oil enhanced with ginger, basil and lavender. You can also apply the pulp of a ripe peach, cherry or avocado on the face to deeply rehydrate. The infusion of a cooled chamomile or cornflower or an orange blossom hydrosol will help to tighten the pores by local application or spraying.

In Chinese medicine, the organ responsible for skin tone is the spleen, and blemish-free skin shows that the lung and large intestine are functioning properly. Puffiness under the eyes is often due to excessive work of the kidney and spots on the face to a difficulty of the liver to eliminate toxins. Rock crystal stimulates the functions of the skin, hair and nails, regulates the secretion of sweat, improves the sense of smell and encourages openness to contact. Aquamarine helps to recharge and nourish the lung. It is excellent for respiratory allergies and autoimmune diseases. It encourages reaching out to others and relieves sore throats, neck and vocal cord problems. Kunzite will help the large intestine to be balanced; it assists in the cleansing functions of the skin and intestine. It releases and improves mood while bringing joy and removing the fear of being hurt. It is an excellent ally in cases of depression or unresolved grief. Black tourmaline helps with constipation and cramps in the intestine. Amethyst accelerates the expulsion by the large intestine and cleans the skin. It dissolves what adheres and allows a cleaning of the interior. It clarifies the mind, relieves and liberates.

I worked with a crystal healer, she is talented in doing trauma work with crystals but unfortunately she is also vampirizing energy when she is doing a healing session. She admits it herself saying that she « is receiving the healing at the same time » as she is doing it, so it’s deliberate though not conscious (new age programming is used in order to create a cover in her own mind so she does not become aware of what is truly happening). On the good side, after one treatment, it became clearer to me that some of the collaborations I was thinking of putting into place were not working in my favor and were encouraging me towards negative reprogramming rather than a liberation. I realized that it would be wise not to go to this place or that place and to cancel my commitments and reorient myself elsewhere. With me, this practitioner was excited to learn new things as I leave the space open for new birthing and unfortunately she did not watch or monitor her intentions and began to use me ; the balance was not there anymore. She was more enthusiastic about promoting her work and taking a picture than about the quality of the service. She was not open to real feedback, only new age feedback. I gave her a positive feedback in the beginning and then during the last session I could really not give much positive feedback and it was clear she was expecting it. I was not convinced by the last session supposed to reinforce the aura. It became difficult to keep in touch with her as she was interrupting me often when I was speaking or she would not let me lead the space when I was interviewing her (I had at least 4 beings behaving like this in the past); she would not let me ask questions and do my part. I could not put myself through listening the recording once again and I did not. She is programmed not to be able to hear me because of some of the truth frequencies I hold and that she is resisting. It is sad because she is a talented and high level healer. She was reciting prayers and I believe some were cursed and some were beneficial but she does not entirely know what she is doing. It is leaving me with a sense of sadness for her fracture : our encounters unfortunately are on the demeaning side though it is not a conscious behavior on her part. I have stopped working with her looking for more neutral or positively charged healing spaces.

Draining the body to manage acidity

Using various forms of massage (tuina, deep tissue, acupressure, Asian lymphatic drainage) can also help our bodies. Maderotherapy (madeira meaning wood in Portuguese) is a drainage and remodeling practice that uses wooden instruments to help eliminate lymphatic waste from the body. This practice is very popular in some Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia. Different wooden instruments are used to help drain and sculpt the body: the wheels that work on compacting tissues loaded with stagnant lymph, the cube roller, the bell, the streak roller or the modeling board. Fibrous cellulite can be painful to the touch; it is a stagnation of lymphatic residue that has been there for a long time and has never been evacuated. The aim is to soften these areas and encourage a gradual elimination process. Maderotherapy also allows for the drainage of water that stagnates in certain parts of the body due to a lymphatic circulation that no longer fulfills its elimination role. What can be expected is a reduction of the orange peel effect, the drainage of problem areas (reduction of the sensation of heavy legs), an improvement in muscle tone, a firming of the skin and a general feeling of well-being. Maderotherapy can also be performed on the face to help drain this area of the head that can tend to swell. Maderotherapy can also be performed at home, to some extent, starting from the feet and working up to the kidney area, working on the arms and stomach area and finishing with a dry brushing of the skin.

The Bol d’Air Jacquier

When there is a lack of oxygen, we are in a state of hypoxia, a decrease in the quantity of oxygen distributed by the blood to the tissues. Interesting fact: it is not a deficit of oxygen in the air that causes hypoxia but an insufficient assimilation of oxygen by our tissues. By a process of electric catalysis, in contact with the air, the Bol d’Air transforms the volatile molecules resulting from an essential oil of resin of pine of the Landes (the Orésine). Thanks to a low pressure steam distillation, the resin gives turpentine essential oil, a natural product from the resin contained in pine trees, in this case, without Delta 3 carene (allergenic). These molecules, once inhaled, become biocatalysts. Pine resin essence is rich in unsaturated molecules: pinenes of the terpene family. The inhabitants of the Landes breathe them constantly. Their beneficial effects are antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and insecticidal.

This method substantially increases vitality and recuperation capacities, reinforces immune defenses, optimizes nervous and hormonal functions or bronchopulmonary disorders and improves lipid and cholesterol levels. After only a few days of use, I have observed less fatigue, a more restful sleep and more space in the capacity and volume of breathing. It is known that the air of fir and pine trees is good for our health. They emit terpene essences that are not saturated. The process rendered by the Bol d’Air Jacquier is similar to that which takes place in nature under the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the chlorophyll function. The steam rich in alpha and beta pinene helps to purify the bronchial tubes, to encourage a fluidifying and mucolytic expectorant action and to encourage the increase of the muscular mass. Bol d’air sessions, practiced 1 to 3 times a day for 3 to 15 minutes, recreate what happens in nature. Three minutes of Bol d’Air would be equivalent to 1 hour of breathing yoga. One session is equivalent to a long walk in the middle of summer in a pine forest. The Bol d’Air does not produce oxygen but stimulates cellular oxygenation. It differs from oxygen bar methods where the quantity of oxygen absorbed in the short term is played on and not on the quality of its assimilation in the long term. Good deals can be found on some second hand sites in Belgium and France.

Gradual reprogramming towards health and balance

What I’m looking for today is to feel good and healthy and to make sure I progress in age towards regeneration. I can only imagine what this will look like after 10 years of cellular detoxification. At first, I had no idea that this effort and discipline would take me on a path of constant renewal. The healing techniques mentioned in this article as well as the mucus-free diet and above all, fruits, those incredible friends, as well as juice fasting and dry fasting, are the most effective methods to summon beauty and light in our bodies, to reduce wrinkles, to slow down their occurrence or their evolution, to act on the oval of the face, on the bags around the eyes, on the drooping eyelids or on the dilated pores and to tone up the skin, this organ that breathes and absorbs everything with which it is in contact. I see it around me and within me; we are changing in tangible ways on a physical level and becoming more and more beautiful as we remember where we come from and who we are, beyond this matrix game that is only a second in the eternity of the present and the always.

We may decide that we don’t have time to waste feeling miserable, ugly or unworthy; however, at a cellular level the programming remains active. The problem with programming is the inability to see the inherent beauty. I am far from having deprogrammed deeply engrammed associations of ideas and inverted values. It’s also something that is more inherently targeting the female aspects within us and that will generally be a bigger shameful and pervasive issue for women than it will be for men. Programming around aging is different for males. Nevertheless, I am choosing to redefine my own aging process : for me, it is about improving, regenerating and recovering health. Detoxification is a good teacher, sometimes face and body do feel swollen, sometimes the skin is struggling. Sometimes it’s not glorious, other times it is bliss. And while layers of puffiness that were covering the real state of inflammed and obstructed bodies are peeled, beauty and health need to be redefined and so do our priorities. So many sacrifice health over beauty. Will we be learning to see our unalienable beauty, will we reestablish a real dialogue? Growing older in a healthy way is about losing interest to scrutinize our face and look for the flaws (and therefore working on deprogramming from negativity). Our faces tell stories about the journey we have been on and about who we are. They tell stories about the layers of consciousness that have been accessed, the battles we overcame, the programming embedded in our consciousness that we managed to dissolve. The ones who are doing the work seriously and with sincere commitment are slowly, collectively, building a timeline that has more and more of their own colors through the gathering of individual timelines.

When deprogramming from inverted values, shame dissipates. Are we not curious ? What will we look like when we will be elders? What will it feel like? What wisdom will transpire through our gazes? Will I be looking at my loved ones through the gaze of eternal beauty, and not through the prism of shame ? When I lay my eyes on women elders, I salute their bravery for paving the way of where I am heading. I look at young women and I smile too. I feel the link to the eternal cycle. I am not chained to one life and one human existence. I am preparing myself to be an elder who will be passing on knowledge: ageing in its sacred form is being a carrier and gardian of sacred knowledge and priceless wisdom. Growing older is an ever ending self discovery process. Outside of time and space, we are ageless and we are formless and we certainly exist beyond form and time.

In the early hours of the day, with the rising sun,

They were realising the lines on the skin of their faces.

Their children’s hearts had been lightening up the night.

They all know that beyond flesh, there is something eternal that never ends.

This sparkle shines through innocence, in the presence of the infinity of the present moment.