Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Opening our senses to the taste of nature and creating oils and vibratory elixirs imprinted with the intrinsic qualities of a selection of trees

Each tree has an energy field that radiates around it. When we approach a tree, its field and ours interpenetrate. Each tree specie has its own distinctive shape and its very personal way of producing its flowers, bearing its fruits, spreading its seeds in response to the conditions in which it grows. We can select each specie for their qualities to promote health and harmony.

When we come into contact with a tree, we are receiving information from it, information to which we are reacting to and which is modifiying our inner state and which may trigger a series of adaptations in our metabolism. If we create our own oils bearing the corresponding qualities of a tree, we are able to work to improve self-esteem, confidence or openness. Vibratory informed tree oils are a bridge to move from old values to new resources and to develop an openness towards the reality we live in. After spending a few moments with our backs against the trunk of a tree, we are realizing that maybe our pain has disappeared. There is no doubt that trees are affecting our balance and well-being. Some make us feel calm, others revitalize us.

During the process of creating the elixirs, it is best if nothing is being ripped off, if nothing is being picked. The process may take place without aggression or damage to the trees. The mother tinctures may be incorporated into a volume of organic quality vegetable oil which is solarized. When we apply an oil, the quality present in it is awakening the corresponding quality in us. How to get in touch with the sensations present in the body and in the breath? How to identify the nature of these sensations? How can we relate this to the situations we experienced in the past in order to understand the hidden meaning? How to integrate old memories and decipher them? How to overcome what limits us? By reinforming ourselves in alignment with the frequency of the trees, we are able to observe within us the appearance of new qualities and ways of behaving and patterns of thinking, developed at the contact of their benevolence.

  • Beech is never parasitized. Other species do not prevent it from manifesting what it is. The forests where it grows are never invaded by brambles, ivy or mistletoe. Its serene and strong radiance keeps any possible invader at bay. It grows with great vigour and is very resistant. It exudes strength, serenity, assurance and stability. The qualities of beech help to regain confidence and inner calm in order to make a decision, to form an opinion or to act in a centered way.
  • Boxwood, with its age-old memories, helps us dive into our deepest recollections. It invites us to free ourselves from the past and to overcome blockages.
  • Birch is the first species of tree which, in temperate climates, grows back spontaneously following earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. It maintains a friendly and peaceful atmosphere around it and encourages gentleness and harmony. We will apply it on the forehead to soften our thoughts or on the throat to express ourselves more calmly.
  • The essence of the fir tree, applied on the solar plexus, allows us to stop blocking our emotions and to regain fluidity while the essence of walnut tree applied on the forehead will invite us to better distinguish illusion from reality.
  • Pine trees, at dusk, retain light longer than hardwoods. They are inviting a change of perspective about encountered events. The oil applied on the forehead will brighten the ideas.
  • The hawthorn, never a parasite, is not allowing invasion. It always finds a space where it chooses to grow and develop without having to fight or defend itself. It invites to alignment. When one feels torn between different directions, hawthorn makes it possible to refocus.
  • The magic of the rosehip lies in the fact that, in spite of flowers which last only one day, the shrub remains flowered several weeks. Everything in its flowering is symbolizing a constantly renewed opening.
  • The broom symbolizes the qualities of renewal and rebirth which is expressed in the solar explosion of its flowers. Applied on the throat, it encourages us to manifest the new energies which are in us.

Intellectually, it is possible that we may feel called by a tree but that it is not the quality that would allow us to move forward. This was my case, thinking that motivation would be useful when it was more a serene energy that was corresponding to what I was experiencing. One can use muscle testing, a biofeedback application, a pendulum or the body as a compass: standing up and observing in which direction the body is called to swing. To do this, we may establish a personal code for receiving answers, for example forward for yes and backward for no. Another invitation in order to further our way of being in touch with trees and nature is to work on the sphere of perception of our senses. To develop visual acuity, for example, we are invited, in the middle of a forest or a wood, to visually search for the spaces between the branches and leaves of trees to allow our sight to carry us further.

How often are we able to make space to go outside for outdoor activities (hikes in the woods, by the sea, through meadows or along a river)? Isn’t it hard to learn to switch our minds off from technologies and the mind set of “doing”? There are many different rythms that a walk can take and they may serve as an exploration to better know, discover and find ourselves; to remind us of who we are at the deepest level.

There are different ways of walking in nature: zen walking, active walking (dynamic training for a better physical condition), mindfull walking (meditative and silent for encouraging self-awareness in harmony with nature), walking with the Idogo (a wooden stick with 2 spheres at the extremities that brings the benefits of martial arts thanks to the natural coordination of movements and the optimization of breathing) and immersive walking.

What happens when I am in the calm presence of the surrounding nature, the trees around me, the animals? What kind of sensory journey does this allow? Sometimes it is not easy to create the space to go out and meet nature. What is happening when I am outside and the weather is unpleasant? To support our inner curiosity, our senses relay information; we look, touch, smell and taste. We perceive on different, more invisible levels. How can we reconnect with nature and who we are? Is it easy to take time off to relax, to stimulate the circulation of the body to transform our daily life, to learn to breathe again and to be directed by the organic templates? Long hikes oxygenate us while we may admire the landscapes that surround us. What is the history of this forest?

Benefits of a forrest bath

In Japan, Shinrin-Yoku, literally “forest bathing”, is part of preventive medicine and is recognized for its benefits on human mental and physical health thanks to the awakening of the senses and the body being in contact with the forest environment. How can we reconnect with this original link with trees and the awareness that they are biological beings through which the energy of life circulates and manifests itself? At what point do we oxygenate ourselves? At what point do we give our body the opportunity to move, to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation? After 30 minutes in contact with the forest, the brain is better oxygenated. How many times have we passed by trees without seeing them and becoming aware of their presence? We live in times when it is necessary to rehabilitate ourselves to see, feel and be in contact with the organic templates that are first and foremost inside of us, to remember that we can communicate with trees and nature, keeping in mind a great part of nature too is generated by the simulation and the hologram themselves. Not many trees are truly spirited, neither are animals. Yet everyone is unique, interesting and carrying a specific frequency.