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Overcoming mind control, sexual slavery and child trafficking and the importance of spotting SRA victims who are part of controlled opposition

The reals have been for long undergoing targeting and often multi-generational mind control. Opening our eyes to the fact that non spirited beings affected by sociopathic traits are surrounding us is an important step in awakening to the reality we find ourselves in. Understanding the synthetic aspect of the reality we are inserted in is essential. Mind-controlled survivors we see on the alternative scene are usually far from what they claim to be and are often agents with the tasks of sharing a controlled and scripted narrative. How do we recognize them? Why is it important to detach from the narrative they carry? What are the consequences of being in contact with content from controlled opposition? What can we learn from these snippets of Truth?

Children and assets are a precious commodity within dark hidden networks that hide behind the veil. Many atrocities are taking place in the most beautiful homes, or the most expensive hotel rooms. Some beings do not feel an ounce of empathy for their fellow human beings and have no pity for the innocence that they brutalize. It’s not only children who are victims of murderous paedophile rings and experiencing the worst atrocities imaginable, including rape and torture, both physical and psychological. All beings here are traumatized way beyond what is remembered currently. They often come from unsafe family environments. The whole family is often under mind control. These children and then young adults are subjected to heavy psychological games. These tests and trainings understand very well the means with which one can divide a person’s identity into split personalities (which are then called alters). Associations of ideas are injected into the subject, creating a sort of labyrinth in the mind, for example to encourage suicide under certain circumstances (self-destruction programming). Their self-esteem is seriously damaged. The ability to feel and feelings of shame and guilt often complicate the healing process.

MK Ultra, Project Monarch and mind control

Learning about the way trauma and mind control work is crucial to understanding the world we live in. Our personal stories have also been directly confronted with radical psychopathy and we all have been directly or more indirectly exposed to mind control through the media, aggressive advertising and the educational, medical, and judicial systems. While we project our own illusions onto the world, we are unable to see sociopaths for what they are and we believe in the deceptions they present to us as the truth. While it is important to talk and address these sensitive issues, in order not to create more polarity or reinforce the victim/saviour/persecutor triangle, it is also important to have a look at them with an acute discernment. This work allows us to bring to light fragmented parts of our own psyche and to recover our delegated and forsaken consent.

Recognizing survivors of satanic abuse who are part of controlled opposition

It must be understood that anyone who decides to go public about the abuses they have experienced will face constant harassment. Victims often work for decades at deprogramming the labyrinth of their own minds (a real brainwashing) and rebuilding themselves after having been confronted with evil in its purest forms. However, most victims on the public sphere will pretend they are being harassed and invent a lot of cover stories as part of the very thin and poorly constructed narrative they are carrying. For real survivors, recovering parts of their buried memory fragments and the fragmented parts of their different personalities is a long-term task and journey. There are some major key players who are pretending to shed light on child sex trafficking networks. However, many of these victims in the spotlight are part of controlled opposition and only reveal what they are allowed to; it is a scripted agenda. Most of the real victims are savagely hunted down. Agents of controlled opposition give heart-breaking details, each one staying engraved in the psyche, earning the sympathy of those who follow their stories. By playing the empathy card, controlled opposition also relies on the fact that those who are witnesses of such testimonies will be caught in the net of their emotions, lacking the necessary discernment to see that a dark agenda is hiding behind the curtain. How can one remain unsensitive in front of such testimony? And yet, it is necessary to take a step back and, above all, spend time with the testimonies of these victims (most often real victims, but many non spirited and purely programmed, still under mind control and with multiple split personalities). Everything they say needs to be studied from this distanced perspective. The deformations lie in devious places.

If a victim of satanic ritual abuse appears on TED talk and on compromised alternative media (Collective Evolution, Gaia) (as Anneke Lucas did), we can be sure that she is pushing a script and is still under mind control. If she is constantly depicting and going back and forth on her traumatic life experiences, leaving an imprint in the psyche of the viewer, if she is creating a subtle romanticization towards perpetrators of despicable acts, if she is supporting the Metoo movement, encouraging guru-like spiritual fanaticism or supporting the LGBT movement now well infiltrated by social engineering, this victim is still under mind control. If concentrating on macabre details about what she has experienced leaves traumatic traces in the mind, it is comparable to a discourse based on strengthening trauma-based mind control (as some angry moralizing vegan movements do on the sidewalks of our cities, leaving no free will for walkers to ignore posters with images filled with cruel images that can trigger reactions of disgust, shame or guilt). If this victim collaborates with other compromised agents or has been launched on a dubious platform (a government agent’s forum like David Icke for example – sometimes you only have to look at some people’s faces to know that something else is in control), if she associates with other fake whistleblowers, if she appears on corrupted youtube channels, if little by little inconsistencies appear in her testimony, doubts no longer persist. Their testimonies are often inspired by the stories of real victims, who remain unable to reach a wider audience because they are not welcomed by the many artificial platforms of controlled opposition that exist online.

The same applies to scandals in the political arena or in the entertainment industry: these are very often scripted and skilfully orchestrated, directed in a certain direction. Giving our attention to spiritually unevolved beings who are in fact puppets is a waste of our precious time and energy. These pawns and those in control behind them do not want our well-being and are part of the problem. We are fooled by the fascination we feel for them. It is essential to become able to recognize when this fascination is being triggered within us. Through constant observation, things begin to reveal themselves in true light. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes months, before we can piece together all the facts and red flags. Sometimes it takes time before the alarm signals accumulate and become like an alarm bell that can no longer be ignored. It is a constantly evolving process and sometimes there are no shortcuts. Only direct experience can bring the feeling in the body that something is so very wrong. Through observation, we can deprogram certain things in ourselves that are in the way for us to see things as they trully are. The main thing to do is to remain sincere and clear about what we observe and to adjust our discernment as we go along. Many stories are not real and aim to occupy people by investing their time in lies and half-truths, creating endless rabbit holes that lead nowhere. There are many traps placed in the path at different levels that use different levels of programming and different woundings in individuals (martyr projection, victim/perpetrator programming, guilt, sexual trauma).

The importance of turning our back on controlled opposition

These secret, or sometimes unconscious, agents (they are used like puppets and are still under mind control despite what they claim) are designed to manipulate large numbers of people in the way they spend their time and energy and in the areas where they focus their attention. Most of the time, they have actually been abused, so that their memories can actually show through the body language of the alter that is being triggered. It is then more difficult to perceive that they are actually lying. They usually have many personalities living inside them that are brought to the surface to accomplish different agendas. It is important to remember where they were launched and to open our eyes to the corrupted nature of the concerned platform. They only deliver what we are allowed to, which is controlled information. Their material encompasses some truth, although it leaves aside very important aspects that remain undiscussed and which are crucial to understanding the world we live in today. What these agents do is they distort the truth and inject inverted programming into their narrative. In my opinion, there are spiritual consequences to integrating energy from corrupted material because the source is based on lies and distortion. This supports and participates in the generalized inversion. This is why it is crucial to recover one’s sovereign right and to untie oneself from these etheric chains.

If a collaboration has been established with these individuals, it should be reviewed under a new light and under a new understanding. For example, I wrote an article on the presented story of a controlled opposition agent and I had to rework that article and not leave it online on my website, feeding the lie and spreading a false story. Through observation and the collection of more than ten red flags, I discovered that Anneke Lucas was manipulated and under severe mind control and that she was not who she claimed she was. There is usually some good to be gained from this experience, not everything is to be thrown away, as it contains some bits of truth and some things can be learned from the conclusion that the person is part of controlled opposition. It’s a good exercice to spot other agents who are spreading lies. This experience then gives access to greater truths and a more sovereign reintegration of certain parts of the psyche. When one opens their eyes over another, one generally begins to see the presence of other agents in the public sphere and to recognize other agents of disinformation: these victims appeared, for example, with a handler who keeps them under control (the person to whom they are married for example as for Cathy O’Brien) or they appear providing testimony in front of a purely masonic fake tribunal.

Fake tribunals and fake corporations led by controlled opposition

An “international tribunal for natural justice” is a camouflaged psychological operation. It is important to train one’s gaze beyond what is presented to us and not be fooled by the emotionally charged testimony of supposedly reintegrated mind controlled victims. Our time, energy and attention are taken away in a vortex to be co-creating with this set-up circus created as a dead-end road. The audience is ruled over by instant gratification as they are riding an emotional roller coaster. These stories are intended to create hamster wheels that prevent people from focusing on what really matters and recognizing the whole truth. When we propagate half-truths, we base our thinking on mistakes and lies that have been inserted into the story to confuse us and derail us from full reintegration.

The ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) is a mascarade, reuniting Sacha Stone, as a guru designated to misguide and misinform, and Robert David Steele, both carrying a very strong maconic signature. Here is how the ITNJ is depicting itself, it’s interesting to notice how all these maconic companies will always try to hide under pretense of good: “the world’s first people-powered tribunal that operates independently of governments and corporations, and is therefore willing to issue rulings against those organizations based on Natural Law, where agents of governments and/or corporations have caused harm or loss to living men and women, and in this case, matters that relate to the weaponization of our biosphere and the existential ecocide and genocidal threat against humanity.” This tribunal was in the past making sure to record testimonies of MK Ultra survivors still under full control so the narrative can stay under control. Kevin Annett who is pretending to whistleblow on the scene around some macabre aspects of child trafficking is part of intelligence operations. “Dr” Katherine Horton who is sharing information on the scene of “targeted individuals” is also a handler and agent with malevolent intent. None of them is who they pretend to be.

Conclusions on emotional manipulation, denial and cognitive dissonance

Many repressed empaths drown in fascination with psychopathic profiles, unconsciously tuning in to their internal suffering while being intensely controlled at the level of the mind by an authoritarian intellectualism. What happens when we admire someone? At that moment, we put them on a pedestal and shift our energy away from our center through this projection. The person may look more attractive or beautiful. A real relationship takes place when both parties are on equal terms.

Controlled opposition contains many truths mixed with important lies, omissions and denials. Those who are part of it are very often real victims (but are they spirited?) who are still totally dissociated in their multiple personalities and who are far from being reintegrated as they are claiming to be. Somewhere behind the scenes, their programmers and handlers, both humans and interdimensional, are pulling the strings of this great show, which also relies heavily on the audience’s blind sympathy for these victims, a worship that unconsciously perceives them as martyrs. No one who is playing this version of emotional manipulation is to be trusted. It is important to observe the narrative that is being conveyed, to observe the followers and their reactions, to recognize projections of heroes and martyrs, and above all to remark the absence of a deeper self-development and shadow work. We are facing a hyper-dimensional feast.

It will also often be necessary to deal with a certain level of cognitive dissonance in order to understand the full extent of these psychological operations: there is sometimes a delay between observing events and accepting the truth of what is really, beyond the veil of appearances. The experience of the body can be surpassed by the mind, which finds its own set of explanations and excuses : it is a way to continue to ignore and avoid certain parts of the information (the warning signs and red flags) and to find justifications for them. Cognitive dissonance occurs because other things are at stake if one opens their eyes on the situation, such as the need to reposition oneself and take certain actions that are hard to take. Things are often intertwined, making reality complex to deal with. When someone presents us with information that breaks down a solidified belief that is at the base of a house of cards holding other beliefs, a mechanical emotional response takes place that protects the mind from having to face a sudden choc. Some people will respond by attacking the messenger, trying to silence them, trying to pressure them through a guilt-ridden or shameful approach. Confronting the truth can be quite uncomfortable, especially when a person’s career is based on a lie or deception. How long can one live outside of integrity by lying to themselves? How long can we comply and do what is expected of us if it goes against our true values?

And why is it so hard to get out of denial? The reality is that all we have known so far is lie. What we cherished was a lie and fed by our naivety and a lack of ability to see the world as it is. To awaken from this spell and hypnotism, we must face the pain we tried to escape from. Waking up means acknowledging that we have invested our energy in something totally false and worthless and that we were not busy doing what we thought we were doing (growing spiritually, making a difference in the world). Denial is a protective mechanism for survival in front of what is hard to believe.

If I understand these processes well, it’s because I keep on navigating them myself, very deeply. I’ve been diving deep into the minds of these victims for many years. For most of these victims that I heard, listened to and felt emotions for, my doubts began with a growing suspicion that I could not suppress or repress. Until one day I woke up, I knew the truth, I knew it was a lie and a deception; there were too many red flags that were catching my attention. From that moment on, I began to have a bodily repulsion to ingest any content from these survivors who were still under mind control. It took me a while to reajust my positions, rewrite the articles I had written and block these people out of my sight for good. At first, I felt a deep sense of compassion. I even let tears flow and held back my decision to close the door for good before I felt completely ready. One day, the time had come and it didn’t take any more effort. I cut the chord and the string for eternity. ❤️✨

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