Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The danger of working with entheogenic plants, high suggestibility and the use of pre-existing programming and implants to place seeds in the human mind and implement artificial timelines

It is said or maybe romanticize that at first, substances were ingested to create a spiritual pathway, a bridge, with the invisible. Was that ever so ? In our realm, good intentions without an acute discernment can be just as bad and harmful as bad intentions and the perfect pavement for hell. The path has led me to sobriety and fasting which allowed me to create space to have an in-depth feedback about my experimentations, lessons and conclusions about the work with plant-medicine, sacraments and even most of food substances and the impact they have on consciousness, not only in the immediate but also long-term. And this impact goes way beyond what is commonly accepted. A great deal of denial and attachment towards the romanticization of personal experiments tends to be taking place.

Many of these experiences are indeed reprogramming because they happen while reprogrammers, game keepers and handlers are in control of how the energy is going to go during the ceremony. Many guides are trying to control the experience of the participants. Good intentions are not enough. When you are in an open state with any plant medicine, entheogen or any mind altering substance, when other participants are coming and talk to you, they might be inserting reprogramming elements or elements meant to maintain your programming active. They themselves are not aware that they are indeed streaming something intended to have a specific effect on you though that is what is actually happening.

I believe that anyone working with entheogenic plants should be taking the insights they receive with a pinch of salt and let time reveal if they belong to the organic field or if they were implemented in any artificial ways due to the high suggestibility state that participants find themselves in. Is it really a surprise to consider that some plants have been injected and merged with artificial intelligence in many more ways that what is commonly accepted ? Attempts are constantly made to corrupt what is organic in the first place and inject it with inverted principles. Even something considered harmless such as CBD oil is leaving an imprint on the person’s field, depending on how it has been grown, the quality of the seeds and who has been harvesting it. Nowadays there is also a lot of chances that crops are being genetically modified and then put into the circuit: it’s hard to differentiate a clean product from one that has been OGM. Any substance can be imprinted.

As long as we have no control over the crops, harvesting methods and preparation of products, we should always approach it with a lot of caution and discernment. Has their high vibration been altered in any ways, far from their original codes? Much of herbal medicine today is focused on biochemistry and isolating compounds in a reductionist and mechanical way, therefore missing the core identity of a plant and its organic signature as a whole. Moreover, one has to be aware of their own body signature so they can differentiate whenever a foreign element has been added to it. Sure, all experimentations can be used as a way to navigate the maze of the human mind and the control grids trying to gain further control over it. Too often, people rely on an external substance, from sacraments to psychedelics or even the most commonly accepted drugs (sugars and fermented sugars, alcohols, nicotine, caffeine or any other stimulating or sedating substance having an effect on the nervous system). Obviously, all these substances have an impact on the human consciousness and the human mind. Are they necessary to have a good time or a peak experience? One can for sure be cursed during any cacao or blue lotus ceremony; entities can be conjured and channeled, no matter how innocent it might pretend to be on the surface level. It never truly is: no matter how good it looks on paper, it is rarely what it presents itself to be.

Working with Kambo medicine

Kambo is a frequency trap since the frog is being tortured, it’s a non consensual exchange and a violation that allows through consent the invasion of different fields. The act of burning the skin to prepare for the poison to be applied on the skin is a gateway that gives access directly into the flesh. It is about moving into contracts with these frequencies of violation. I gave back to the earth most of my kambo sticks apologizing for participating to such a business. When we work with kambo, it means we are absorbing the emotions and frequencies linked to the experience of the frog and it’s not an elevated product in terms of vibrancy. Kambo and most of the time ayuahuesca brews may be used to be opening a dark portal within our own bodies.

Plant-medicine therapeutic methods which seed human consciousness

Most of the participants of healing circles with a sacrament generally lack the context and knowledge to be able to integrate their induced experiences. Many get hooked to the peak experiences and bypass deeper psychological integrative work which would request from them to be facing their early traumas. The majority tends to believe what they have experienced. If the plant told them something, it must be true. Well, most of the times, it isn’t the case. Most of the times, it actually isn’t the plant who told them but something disguising as it and using pre-installed softwares within the mind of the participant.

As far as the setting goes, strangers are being reunited for an intense experience. It’s the same for people in a festival that reunites mainly strangers together for a peak experience. This will result in a lot of trauma-bonding relationships. Because of the suggestive space, one might confuse what the plant is revealing to them or a thought injection or suggestion coming from anti-life forces creating and then abusing our mind programming. We all have a lot of stored trauma and therefore a lot of inverted programming that is being used against us to engineer our lives and dim our power. Principles of destruction are being carried. Any substance, when used for escapism or addictively, denies spiritual growth and the ability to feel repressed emotions or to access deeper levels of understanding of traumas. It puts the focus on intellectual knowing more than on the intuitive capacity of the body to know. They may act as a cloud on our energetic layers and provide a temporary feeling of relief and wholeness when in fact it is just the numbing and clouding of the energetic body that gives a temporary relief. A huge part of the process of evolution is allowing feelings that we have repressed in this life and other lifetimes to come up, to be felt in the body and to give them our full presence.

Plant-medicines may be a tool when fighting addictions of all sorts and to start the pilgrimage towards the spirit. They may be worked with as a first step to reclaim our birthright and start feeling what we are meant to feel, instead of what we were taught to feel. If anyone is working with plant medicines, it should be envisioned as an active process that goes way beyond time and space. All the suggestions need to be reviewed as time progresses. Yet, too often, the plant-medecine community is tainted by greed, black magick, predators and spiritual egos. What shamanism was truly in the first place has long been distorted. Indigenous cultures tend to be romanticized. Many shamans are service to self oriented. Most of medicine plants have a shadow side, some have acknowledged trickster energies. Moreover, nowadays, the scene has been even more distorted with inexperienced people capitalizing without any sense of integrity. A higher level of collective delusion is being reached and it’s not to mention of course the spiritual shopping that is happening around these journeys through the invisible. Sometimes shamans do not know they are working in association with these entities, other times they know and they are conscious deceivers. Some shamans will extract information out of the participants, leaving them with the feeling of having been violated by psychic skills that are self-serving. Some make sure they are crashing the participants’ self-esteem so finding a way out towards healing become even more complicated. Curses are being placed into people’s field, leading to complications the next few years (police arrests, cursed orchestrated relationships, increase in paranormal activities).

Even when one thinks they connect to dimensions of love and light, how may they be sure that it is not a higher level of false light, using their own programming to deceive them? In addition, these communities have a strong hive-mind signature that creates a vulnerability to cult-type mentality in which self-doubt will be prevalent. The ego can feed off from an identification to a story line. Nevertheless, between what participants think they have experienced and the truth, there is a big gap. The deception runs very deep and people generally have no idea how intricate is the grip that the multiple artificial intelligences have on the human mind. To me, it began to be evident that these practices were interfering with my integration process, were leaving me vulnerable to occult attacks and were creating a lot of complications and traps of agreement in my life.

For anyone curious to join a plant-medicine healing circle, I would suggest interrogating their intuition and consulting their body intelligence as a pendulum: their own system of guidance will be the best indicator to know if it’s appropriate for their spirit journey to attend that sort of event. Being appropriate does not mean that it will be a walk in the park: some lessons are learned the hard way and sometimes, there is no other way to gain the needed insights than to have to go through the experience in the tangible. I would abstain from plant medicine circles when and if someone is struggling with a lot of predators in their personal lives. These types of patterns led me to attend healing circles where I would be confronted with a guide, a shaman or another participant who will be a vector for predatorian energies to target me (different forms of abuse, heavy narcissism, implants, attachments). I have participated in many healing spaces that were not safely guarded, with or without plant medicines (a drumming circle can also be quite poorly led) and I have been in the presence of guides with major blind spots, not living from the heart and leaving room for all kinds of interferences, with consequences during and after the ceremonies that required me to self-manage them for weeks and sometimes months and years to make sure that I had cleaned up the rest of the aftermath and the consents that had been given away. Vigilance is essential despite the trendy (and most of the times ego-based) call. For the last 3 years, I have almost totally stopped working with psychedelics or entheogenics as the risks of exposure to the implementation of artificial timelines was clearly interfering with my efforts to break free from my programming.

Personal examples and their deceptive effects on my consciousness

I participated to Santo Daime ceremonies with the sacrament of ayahuesca in the setting of christian Portuguese songs. Santo Daime is tainted with a lot of dogma, guilt, shame and sin programming, savior programming and external authority programming. What generally appeared to be holy was in fact false light as the guides and shamans were usually highly compromised. In some of these settings, we had to sit still for hours even when our backs could not take it any longer. I felt broken in two and also psychologically, spiritually, physically and mentally exhausted. I have seen women priding themselves and their egotic structures and creating separation with other women (divide and conquer agenda). I had to deal with lustful projections of so-called brothers and had nowhere to confide about what was happening in my life as I was trying to recover from severe narcissistic abuse : I had not reached a point of sufficient discernment to be able to extract from abusive situations. Looking back now a few years later, it appears way more clearly how all of this was used to artificially engineered my relationships. A while after leaving a healing circle community of Santo Daime, I bumped into one of the guides. Within 10 minutes and my newly grown awareness, I would be clear on a lot of his programming and what was passed through during these celebrations. I realised I had walked a long way and felt grateful to be able to see clearer now. Early 2018, when I was in Brazil, I attended 2 ayahuesca circles where there was a lot of spiritual immaturity and irresponsibility taking place. Most of the people present were satisfied and sedated with their experiences. I stood alone in front of the majority and it made me doubt myself so much that I still agreed to be part of the second ceremony. Yet I came with a warrior mindset. Another time, it happened that I refused to drink because I felt so unsafe in the setting. I was not brave enough to state overtly the reason of my choice but at least I did not join in an altered state of consciousness what was going on there though I stayed the night in the room.

Methods turned into therapeutic plant-medicine journeys will come with their degree of deception. My observation is that a part of organic occurrence happens at the side of inorganic artificial implementation. Time only will reveal the degree of mind control included in the bigger picture. A few years ago, when I attended a 3-day transformative workshop with a well-known organisation in Holland, the absence of men allowed women to develop and strengthen communion in a different type of container. Guides were not altering their consciousness. We were taken in a series of body and self work practices, by pairs, mirroring each other. There were moments of vulnerability, tenderness, communication and emotions. For me, these were exercises that assisted me to break out of my shell and getting used to being seen or heard and overall, I keep a good memory of the shared experiences. Nevertheless, many things were not aligned, including counter-transfer processes (projections) from guides to participants or weaknesses due to blind spots in the guiding team and amongst participants. On paper of course, the stated intentions are to work towards the elevation of the collective and individual consciousness. But is that really what is happening? Even organisations or teams trying to provide a safe container usually fail at doing so, and even so when they have an understanding about mind control.

During one of these journeys, I believed I was contacted by what pretended to be a deceased soul, someone my family knew and who had committed suicide. I must now reflect on what this presence truly was ? Another sacrament journey helped me to realise that my codependent programming was used to create a situation in which another young woman was being scapegoated. I contacted her to take responsibility for the role I had been playing in that setting and we began a friendship. It got complicated at some points to clear our relationship from trauma bonding and sacrifice programming and we succeeded. We worked on verbalizing more our boundaries ; we still can trigger the other quite much and are working on deepening trust and refining communication, taking in account the weaknesses of the other. The cement of some programming dissolved and the friendship continued, which is a good sign and a good gift from the journey with plant medicine. She visited me once at my place and we had a long walk around the river before heading to the train station. The chosen timing was perfect to create a strange synchronicity for me to bump into a childhood friend who was my first boyfriend in primary school before the age of 11, my first romantic handler. Unfortunately it is someone who is being used to trigger me and discourage me from reintegrating and using my compassion for the hard story he has been through. There was also some ups and downs in the way we are able to communicate because of some controlling and authoritarian parts of him that can be hard for me to cope with. Once I kept on working on dissolving layers of sacrifice programming I was able to set up some boundaries in how often I can meet him and that I preferred not to be calling on the phone (which is a tool I don’t really like). While there is no need to reject anything of what we have experienced, there is a need to question everything we think we have been or are experiencing and to become able to stay observant and to see deeper into the layers of what is really going on in our lives as time goes by.

My friend who has been participating then organizing Santo Daime ceremonies in her own house showed heavy matrix programming being active and a high degree of enmeshment with dark forces and energies (probably disguising as false light). Despite all the visions she is experimenting, she is not living in creation. Despite what she believed is happening during the ceremonies, her space is not sacred; her own body, her house and the land she is living on are being used as (dark) portals. Her emotions are numbed down and she has trouble to overcome her trauma and grief. Unfortunately most of these ceremonies tie in to the new cage movement and systems of beliefs (only a caricature of the greatness of pure light). The bliss she is getting out of these false work ceremonies give her illusions and she is not resisting with her spirit the dark handling that is being sent her way. Though she thinks she is doing great work with her attendance to ceremonies, she is heavily taplined and accessed and gives advices that are not elevating to the ones around us because she is corded to all these dark frequencies and beings that are manipulating her. She is therefore currently being used against others around her (she recommended me cursed food, sent a young woman my way who I had trouble placing boundaries with and who wrote with a lot of butterfly symbols and gave me zucchinis that were from the seeds of a controlled opposition french company and I did feel extremely depressed the day after eating them). It is so sad (only if we don’t consider the infinity of creation) since she has true abilities and is extremely gifted; she is only holding on to her spirit by a very fragile thread that might break this lifetime. I rarely made a friend in the Santo Daime field because every one is so deceived at so deep levels, receiving these blissful states and addicted to it, thinking they are doing the real work because the work with plant medicine is hard and demanding but still can lead us far away from the real work. In repetitions, betrayals were set by women thinking they were acting from a place of light while they were judgmental and shadow projecting, distorting the truth. Three were used negatively to create psychic torture or physical harm (an energetic arrow in my chest compressing my heart). On the other hand, men were used to handle and control and vampirize my energy. I still keep 2 friends and a close friend I met in these circles. A lot of unnecessary drama is created, creating loosh for invisible beings and entities. This is proof that the beverage of plant medicines itself can assist in creating dark portal inside the body and is based on an agreement of entrapment.

New age programming, the law of manifestation and anti-life settings

There are a lot of misconceptions around the power of manifestation and the law of abundance. A lot of people are practicing black magick or unaligned magick without knowing that there is a price to pay. The new age has been engineered to distort spiritual concepts and values and invert them and normalize egotic principles, covering them under layers of disguises. Nevertheless, it is true we are endless creators with our every minute attention. Our awareness is a currency that the powers that try to enslave us are trying to constantly steal away from us and use for their own creations in big or smalls events or gatherings and at every step of our every day journey, through things we engage with, which often ends up giving away our consent.

I attended plant-medicine circles where they deliberately chose to work in squaring the circle. This is a way black magic occult ritualists set the directions in an energetic space. This setting was one of the worse I encountered with greed and service to self being at the center of very corrupted beings. Once, I got up and left the room and they tried to force me back into the room, telling me « you have to do this ». I laughed and my will was strong. People were coming there to spend time with the other participants who had real light. One of the facilitators was cursing each participant while she was saging everyone. I believe someone like Amma would also place a curse each time she is hugging participants who come to meet her in adoration, thus giving their consent for anti-life principles to be placed in their field. In addition, I have seen so-called guides looking at their phones (not in airplane mode) during a ceremony. They were pretending to be there to help but when I caught their attention on something that was really off, I could clearly see it was just a façade of pretension. Ceremonies are used to imprint and implant the consciousness of the attendants reunited in one room with their processes. One of these shamans was singing a butterfly song and it’s only years later that I would understand the link to MK ultra “butterfly people will you come to me now…”. She was wearing leopard clothes and was clearly meant to keep me in the programs.

Benefits, channeling mudras and extra homework

Many of these experiences have been initiations for me. I lived holy experiences that still to this day haven’t dismantled and have resisted the scrutiny of years. I spoke up in front of a group, which I was terrified to do. I received the supportive energy of a group. I felt hostility sometimes and psychic attacks too. I learned to navigate all of this. I had unforgettable moments shared in Truth with others (I remember one participant claiming a big “no” that remained engraved in me, as if it was spoken for the ones who had not found the strength yet to verbalize a boundary), I met people who became long-time friends. I learned to be more attentive to peripheric vision, I learned to manage better my clairperceptions. Many tricks and traps were installed and implemented too. Nevertheless, the fact that some experiences helped me to change the way I relate to my circumstances and to distance myself from my inner critic had more to do with the fact that something was already in motion within me. The internal surrendering was probably more significant than the action of taking an external substance. Moreover, I had to learn for myself about the process of integration. I also learned that growth comes with decisions to take and actions to put into place and a modification of the entourage around us. Only bonds seated in truth and real love will survive, the rest will dissolve as the programming it was rooted on will be breaking down.

Early 2018, I stopped working with plant medicines, realising I had a hard time to find a guarded space anywhere. As I hadn’t found someone practicing with a high degree of quality service to others, I decided to take a different road. That is when I started to detox and fast with extraordinary results for my health, but not only my health – it is as if everything came together as I was not using food to bypass any longer. It also considerably started to speed up and deepen my deep deprogrammation journey. 2 years later, I journeyed several times on my own, only to realise that very rare of the insights I had were not using my pre-existing programming, guiding me away from activating my full potential, reinforcing trauma-bonding relationships or relationships based on my sacrifice programming – any relationship that would be used to handle time and energy and keep me from working towards real impactful actions. It is hard to distinguish between internal guidance and external suggestions when they do target our inverted programming. It’s because there is something in us that still answer these triggers that these mind games are able to operate. When the entry point is dismantled, there is no longer a hook or a grip.

When choosing to journey, it’s primordial to stay fully present and conscious at all times, starting from when the plant medicine starts to scan you. I was not one who hallucinated with entheogenic substances, but some entheogenic experiences did activate clairvoyant abilities that I am not able to access sober. If that clairvoyance helped me to perceive some things and connect the dots in personal relationships (seeing people overtaken by a dark shadow, showing in their face), it always came with a price to pay. I could also tune to hand mudras. It felt in many ways as if these signs were matrix code breakers and I could have set a method to be working on people’s field. Later on, I understood I gave consent away for something to enter my field and that energy stayed with me several weeks were mudras would still come, as in a trance, wanting to express themselves spontaneously from my hands. It was a time when my consciousness was implanted in a healing center in a tropical zone that was imprinting human consciousness (with their consent as they were eating the food which was served there, drinking the beverages or taking trauma release workshops or yoga classes) among other things, and where many sordid things were in fact happening in the non visible. When an energy does not feel threatening, we tend to invite it in. We are in a vulnerable state when we are placed in an artificially-induced state of wider consciousness through the use of external substances. I chose not to explore this path and to keep on working on cancelling contracts and given consent. These types of suggestions can also encourage karmic bonds that are not of a benevolent and uplifting nature. I am grateful for all the insights and understandings I got from walking this path of experimentation, the traps of agreement I got myself into and the development of my psychic abilities and my reading of this worlds. Nevertheless, the price to pay has become too much.

Final words

Anti-life interferences can induce loop thoughts, thought injections to self-harm, psychic attacks, set-ups of betrayal and treason. All of this can give extra-homework and complicate things even further. What appeared to be a blessing and a benediction in awareness at the time later revealed itself for its true colors: a trap of agreement to slow me down and for me to give part of my consent away, simulating a fake awakening journey, the counterfeit of the real one. I sure have learned a lot from these experiences, I learned a lot about deception and how it targets the psychic realm. I realised it’s not even safe to work with my own self and my own mind due to all the distorsions implanted inside of my subconscious mind, based on early enmeshment with both of my primal caregivers and the generalized mind control and torture imposed on our human lives. Nevertheless, regardless of these experiences, I am involved in a deprogramming journey where everything becomes revealed to me sooner or later as it does not resist the inquisition of my genuine questioning. I take these experiences as a lesson to confront my own wounding which attracted the experience of certain settings and set-ups.

The entry points are always based on pre-existing wounding: lack of recognition, low self-esteem, sacrifice patterns, blind compassion. I am conscious it’s best not take any decision in a hurry from a reactive place, even if it feels like my heart has been activated. The programming becomes clearer with time. I am cautious to differentiate between a visceral urge to take actions and a grounded need to be taking measure in order to manifest a better future. There is no real positive impact if energy is focused in the wrong unconscious self-serving direction (as it is the case when someone is sacrificing for another, putting other people’s needs as more important as their own). I believe in the importance to free ourselves, as a race, from any external resource and substance and this includes commonly accepted mind altering and mood altering substances such as artificial sugars, stimulants stealing energy from our adrenal glands, fats and numbing and obstructive food (cereals, rice, potatoes and so on, feel invited to consult my articles in the health and regeneration section). It is about lighting one candle at the time in the subconscious and unconscious fields of the human mind, until the day the whole paveway is lit by candles and that all areas of darkness have been illuminated. Real catalyst are always internal. It is very important to work on defining our own energetic borders and to work on becoming conscious when a foreign energy is interfering with our field. There are no shortcuts to personal growth and it is all within. As I am moving forward, I look less and less outside of myself and rely less and less on any external authority to guide my steps into this realm.