Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Seeing beyond the engineering of a world crisis, the insertion of engineered events, the reliance on savior programming and patterns of compliance, obedience, social shaming and policing

In 2020, two options are strongly colliding with each other : either we choose the organic path or the inverted one. Many of us have felt a strong and sharp call to take decisions and actions that did put many contracts with the inverted principles to an end. This is a collapsing and a colliding at the same time. When the traumatic imprint and the choc campaign happen on a collective level, the impact is maximum. Our original realm is abundant ; there is always enough for us if we work in accordance with the organic forces. Inverted forces are anti-human, anti-life, limitating, oppressive, consuming, destructive and assimilative. This is a digital revolution and not a sanitary one. It’s about being trained to see all other humans as a potential threat for our health. To implement the models anti-life forces have in mind for the future of the human race, they need our compliance. This is the explanation why so much of their energy, time and money is spent on propaganda and controlled opposition.

Everything is done for us to think we are alone and isolated in our quest for reclaiming our truth. Nevertheless, the power of one individual on the awakening path who walks close to their integrity is far much greater than they want us to think. Our cocreative power can neutralize an army of bots and mind controlled shills. Nothing is more important than to be a break in the chain and to add the unique variety of a mind in recovery from oppression and control. 2020 is another ritual war on us in the counterfeit system we are living in. This is a ground for a lot of testing to be happening. This is a worldwide cult based on self-service and egotic principles, sometimes disguising as false light. Society is being molded in a certain direction by social engineers. Yet, this is through ourselves and our personal actions and decisions that we are working our way for the organic principles to be back into their original place. It has always been of prime importance to observe, measure and be in mastery of our own energetic frequency and to protect from the collective fear that is acting like a huge black magic spell.

This is a realm repressing spirited beings who go through the mk ultra programs. These programs are meant to design the way we think, behave, envision and manifest. It’s wanted from us to believe we live in a world of separation so we feel lonely, insecure, powerless and afraid. We can sense a state of emergency about their desire to see the arrival of the next agenda in place and the scripted shifts in the trajectory of our societies. Value is extracted from us every single day. The consents that we give away is a currency.

The engineering of our world

We are not free if our minds are under control and so easily manipulated and influenced, through media, social media, television, movies, sounds, radio and so on. While we are confronted to subliminal messages, we are trained to become less and less sensitive. A closer look needs to be paid when an information is being presented, there is always more to it than what appears on the surface level. How is this information being served? What’s the agenda behind ? All of the operations coming from a small and very rich organised group of people target the nervous system primarily. First, they created a big news and a climate of isolation and hostility for several weeks. They engineered false flag events and people were paid for being part of planned riots. Most of the decisions were based on authoritarian and unjustified measures and restrictions, counting on everyone’s compliance and obedience. These were mainly unlawful orders based on the knowing that external authority programming is very present among the majority. It’s only in a second time that they try to pass new laws that will officially restrain our personal rights.

Are we ready to accept a radical reduction in the quality of our lives ? It happened in the past, and it’s happening again. This is a test to see how compliant we are. How bad are we ready to let it be before we start strongly rejecting their artificial implementation ? People are being conditioned to think their rights is something that is selfish and that they should sacrifice them for the sake of others, that they should prioritize other people’s fears over their own lives. This is a highly toxic inverted principle right in action. Once more, people are being played against each other while their minds are being deceived. Indeed, they end up being the very ones who are closing the gates of their own prisons, just like a boiling frog would reach the end. Every week, a new round of rules is being sent our way. Many are missing the contradictions that are accumulating. The system is never going to save anyone. We should not be relying on people telling us about the truth. Truth is eternal and exists whether we believe it or not.

The Hegelian dialect : from the creation of a problem to the implementation of a solution

The Hegelian dialect is based on 3 phases : the creation of a problem, a predictable reaction and the implementation of a solution. It is used to mold the way society thinks and to lead it in a certain predesigned direction. Anti-life agents have a long-term agenda in mind and are implementing different steps in order to get this agenda voted by the masses by engineering a series of artificially led events. They use this to implement ideas that would generally be resisted if a situation of crisis was not experienced. When people are facing crisis situations, they tend to react emotionally and let themselves be driven by their first (and sometimes entitled) impulses. Resistance is being decreased while compliance and obedience are being reinforced.

First, they create a big problem (a so-called terrorist attack or a so-called natural disaster or an event that divides people through race, gender, generations and so on). They foment engineered riots and actually pay people to be part of these orchestrated events. They cover it all day long on the news, repetitively and for many weeks, putting the audience and by collateral damages, all the population into a state of constant traumatic exposition through brainwashing, gaslighting and mind control. The majority starts to beg for a solution outside of themselves and for an external force (often their governments) to fix the problem. The government is then coming as a savior proposing the solution, the agenda they wanted to implement in the first place and had thought about thoroughly.

The construction of fake events is designed to have a specific effect on human consciousness, which is mainly predicted in advance. Models are being predicted from data that has been collected consistently for decades and decades and possibly too from time travels. The rate of predictability for human behavior is above 98% and they are aiming to get as close as they can to 100%. It means they can predict with a high degree of accuracy where one person will be in one month from now, doing what and with whom. This is how predictable we are despite the fact we tend to think of ourselves as much smarter than this. With these models, they can test and see what outcomes are the most probable, which choices will be made on a mass scale. Most of world crises are indeed huge scams. The world is a stage and much of it is being constructed for us. Not much happens randomly.

Controlled opposition and psychological operations

Controlled opposition refers to psychological operations (psy-ops) that are meant to control the mind of the masses and manipulate them psychologically and emotionally. It works as a double layer bluff. Such operations led by secret intelligence agencies and planned way ahead, are designed to keep the masses enslaved, distracted and looking away from the root of problems, molding public opinion. Indeed, these are highly sophisticated disinformation projects relying on easily predictable responses. These operations, made to siphon time, energy and money while focusing attention on inverted values and deception, are often hiding under humanitarian disguises. Psy-ops are a perfect way to divide communities, distract people with circular unsolvable arguments and discredit fringe researchers. Reverse psychology is being used to trick the audience. They are counting on the fact that we won’t be noticing the slight changes in the script as they are modifying it just in front of our eyes. Our tastes are not truly our own but mainly the result of suggested ideas and concepts that have been proposed to us.

Stepping back allows us to take a moment and see how well all of this is being played ; standing back from the orchestrated circus, observing before moving into action and working on preparing for any eventuality. It will take time to grow in autonomy at all levels : physical, psychological, emotional, but first and foremost spiritual autonomy, sovereignty. The invitation is to challenge anything that we hear from an external source and also challenge our own experience as a great part of it has been programmed by external sources and can no longer be trusted either. Very few things are not constructed and it starts with our language.

The 2020 lockdown, a traumatic roller coaster

The lockdown is another mass trauma orchestrated event that has been affecting the course of written and staged history, leaving a big imprint on the consciousness of everyone. When 9/11 happened, I was a teenager and I was swallowing all the scripts that were served to me on television. The aftermath was partly to install paranoia between races. I cried so many tears of empathy for the ‘firemen’ and all the ones that were said to have died in the scripted version I was presented with. I remember my intense emotional life and realize how my energy was being harvested to strengthen the magic spell that was cast onto the collective. These times, in 2020, I was on another side of the fence. I have been thinking about the ones who were not, at the time of the orchestrated collapsing of the towers, buying into the narrative and how stressful these times must have been for them. I can now sense the completely different timelines we were on.

Quarantine should not be about restricting the lives of healthy people. This scamdemic got many out of employment, created stressful situations within family dynamics, ruined the service and tourism industries, voluntarily destroyed food supply chains, voluntarily collapsed the world economy. The pressure imposed on food producers will affect the quality and quantity of our future food. The logic of thinking is to protect people who would be dying of the virus, which means people who have let themselves become very weak and have poor health and are at risk. All the ones who have been fighting hard and making efforts and will survive this pretended virus are asked to suffer the consequences. People were asked to stay at home with their televisions and computers and what artificial intelligence would feed them all day long. It is becoming normalised for everything to happen virtually : yoga classes, dance events.

In these times of crisis, as they are blasting their scripted messages on all platforms, it becomes clearer that the surrounding majority is complicit, either consciously like all the big compromised platforms, or unconsciously with the local people who are under such mind control that their obedience is a danger of the same caliber. Their minds have been assimilated and they are therefore just as compromised. When the human mind becomes saturated with repetitive information, it starts to be bleeding in their corners of reality.

Something imposed as a temporary measure then becomes sneakily permanent. Let’s keep in mind they want to drag us towards their virtual reality concept based living. Artificial intelligence has trouble scanning and identifying people in packed crowds, thus we understand what social distancing is all about. For a long time, they have been working on a modeled use of a pandemic, first with smaller scale attempts such as the ones we have seen with H1N1 or Ebola. Yet, the creation of a world scale egregore is much more potent to implement their vision through spell crafting. Yet, what is our direct first-hand experience ? Do we know anyone who had the virus? Or AIDS ? What are we left with when they decide it’s time for the crisis to evaporate, as it has served its purpose and that is the implementation of measures that restrict the rights of individuals ?

The importance of consent

There are hidden layers to these operations that are not revealed overtly : recuperation of consent, insertion of artificial timelines, mocking of the abused ones. Someone else is deciding for us what is essential and what is not in life, showing contempt for creativity, art and what nourishes the spirit. Social shaming is playing a huge role : snitching and denunciation are back in the game while people under mind control (feeling entitled in their wrongful doing) are doing the job of officers by policing others. They gain the consent of the masses as soon as anyone engages with the fake narrative in any forms of ways and this includes subtler ways such as answering online questions about the situation.

It was brought to my attention that I should not sign any petition while not fully understanding what I am giving my consent to. Many organisations that are launching petitions are in fact profit and business oriented and are collecting data, using the contact information being provided to them to earn revenue. Who are the founders of the petition, what is their agenda ? If one spends a little time to make some research, they will often find links with big dollar companies (Siri Software, Iphone group, Apple). They are collecting consent under the cover of social action campaigns in themes such as human right, global poverty and environment protection. It’s not about protesting which is still asking for someone outside of ourselves to change the rules. It’s about telling them that the rules have changed and that in fact, we are the rules.

The nervous system as primary target

The fear has been driven by the medias with consistency and repetition. Repetition is an element that keeps on retraumatizing the subconscious over and over again. The majority made decisions in a hurry in the hypothesis of shortages and times of turmoil and uncertainties. Most showed compliance to the social limitations from their own will or by peer pressure or fear of having to face social shaming and policing. Our core survival coping mechanisms have been targeted and the nervous system has been under a great deal of pressure. Social distancing is another way of creating trauma as human contact is one of the prime needs and rights. Distanciation is weakening human health : babies who are not receiving human caring touch are known to be letting themselves slowly drift away. Masks are meant to keep on reinforcing the traumatic experience and to anchor it deeper and deeper into the psyche.

When people are put into states of terror and fear, they are much more willing to give up their personal rights so that they can feel a relief and false sense of safety. Fear makes people act in irrational ways and they are more easily controlled : it’s easier to mind control people when they are in emotional states of trauma. Various beliefs can be forced and implanted after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by a deliberately induced fear. Indeed, fear chemically changes the brain and judgment is then temporarily impaired. This is taken advantage of for creating an artificial herd instinct away from nature principles. We see it playing commonly in war times or during epidemics which are most commonly engineered.

Many people are backdrop and are programmed for denial and unconsciousness, programmed to ignore the signs and alarm bells. Many reveal themselves in stressfull times for they don’t have the capacity to go beyond their hormonal and nervous programmed responses. These people are programmed not to be able to do the real work and that is building a sense of safety from the inside. Backdrops are not able to be willing to be facing unconscious and repressed fears. They have programmed emotions and look similar to us spirited beings but a simplified version. In general, panic is induced so a savior can later come into the game. The majority believe in governments because they are programmed for their minds to be governed. They want for a savior to come and knock at their doors and their inability to do the work in their design means that it does generate way more chaos for the ones who are doing the work and who are real. Though it can be uncomfortable, it’s always a victory when people reveal their true colors and when the masks are falling, it helps to declutter one’s life. Once more, it’s important to be aware most characters here are backdrops whose actions and thoughts are limited. We have a say in choosing for people in denial to be out of our direct reality as much as possible. This implies taking difficult decisions of interrupting contact with a certain percentage of our entourage as we do not consent to the toxic dynamic that is taking place as they are choosing to keep on lying to themselves, most of the time because of victim programming being very active (it is designed to be this way).

The pressure on vaccination

The transhumanist agenda is about changing people and attacking all of their systems. They are using the crisis to propel a digital currency and implement a universal basic income, only for those compliant to be vaccinated under the conditions of the ruling elite. By the mean of a vaccine, they look for the population to be in an even weaker state, on a mind and body level, so their consciousness is even more blurred and more numb. The impact on brain functions and our ability to think is what they are looking for ; how to create the perfect mind controlled slaves. Vaccines contain ingredients that are by design put there to create sickness. It targets the lymphatic system and can result in an instant block. Once the lymphatic system is not functioning anymore, the whole body functions are profoundly disrupted. Vaccines are targeting our clair abilities.

Are doctors willing to acknowledge the risk of vaccines and accept full personal liability that they are causing by administration ? No, they aren’t. Medical agents have been submitted to a lot of brainwashing, rituals based on inverted harmful principles and desensitization during their studies. Though they sign the Hippocratic oath not to do any harm, they are usually not conscious of how much they are working for the control systems. They are often convinced that they are doing good. But good intentions can lead to hell as naivety, ignorance and pre-existed wounds are being taken advantage of. Are they puberty blocker in their vaccines? Vaccines contain aborted fetal cells or other forms of DNA. They interfere with all body functions and alter the brain and the DNA, crossing the bloodbrain barrier with the help of aluminum adjuvants. Is there a possibility of an adverse reaction from multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other ? Some compounds will associate with other already present : processes of reassembly may happen causing permanent damages. Their operations are multi-layers (chemtrails, heavy metal intoxication, fluoride) and well thought to all fit together.

Humans are passing on their health weaknesses and also their strengths. That is why it’s so important to be working on regenerating human health for all the future generations if we want to see degeneration stop. I gather a lot of my research in the health and regeneration section of my articles. People who are dying of a form of flu have extremely compromised systems. That is a great reminder for the need to start slowly detoxing as a mean of protection and prevention if we want to fortify and be less affected by what’s going on and by what’s coming next. Compromised systems also make us more vulnerable to electromagnetic welfare and remote control targeting. Fear already causes cells to react a certain way.

It is our right to ask for informed consent based on adequate information. It’s our right to decline, while mastering our nervous system, the anti-life solutions they come up with. As soon as you accept these anti-human solutions, you have given consent away and you are the one responsible for what is happening to you and your children or pets. The implementation of a mandatory vaccination is also linked to their vision to control the selling and buying of goods in the future and control more easily people who are resisting the oppressive measures. What they have in mind is total control over the lives of individuals : artificial intelligence would then be able to take any financial resource away in one click. The machine does not have feelings or empathy : it analyzes data. The dehumanization process is more concerning than all the rest.

Personal experiences

Personally, I have been leading my life just as it was prior the lockdown, except for the fact I was not going to any yoga classes (later to discover the yoga center was a mind controlling center) and that going to the food store became a heavy tainted experience. It’s been a while I have stopped to eat out because places that propose meals which are adequate to human physiology are very rare and because I understood the importance of preparing my food myself. When confronted to their circus in grocery stores, my first spiritual immune response was an internal loud laughter for the first couples of times I went out. Then, due to the repetition and the depletion of my adrenal glands due to the constant spell casting, it happened that I lost my internal humor. It definitely came back at some points, as I was rejecting their suggested reality, keeping connected to my own. It felt good to be back again to laughter, an empowered state of rejection, in front of all these staged spell craftings. My spiritual immune system was back to full gear. When I am connected to my own core creative vision, I know I have the power to annihilate an army of automated thinking bots or anyone looping into obvious forms of predictable programming. I know I too am running on some predictable programming and I am doing my best to excavate day after day layers and layers of people pleasing and submissive patterns and to reintegrate active sub personalities. When they are reintegrated they can not be used anymore. I am actively working every day on overcoming these entry points and trace them back to my childhood and simultaneous lifetimes where the same patterns are being experienced.

Moreover, I felt a need to take a few steps back with artificial intelligence and technology. I already had a timer which was shutting down the wifi for the night to start again around 10 am. I would keep social media for the afternoon (10 hours of my day maximum). I prepared the transition to a flip-phone. I closed my whatsapp and telegram accounts and I moved more actively onto protonmail (though it is owned by CERN). I did a spring radical cleanse on my social media understanding the extent of how artificial intelligence had been managing my way of networking with its algorithms and how it was keeping me in a hive-mind self censoring environment. I kept the contacts who carry real light and who are genuine with me as they are doing their best to be genuine with themselves. I had to withdraw from a lot of relationships and end some work or renting contracts because of projection of fears, attempts to pressure me, psychics attacks sent straight to my heart area, unconscious demands for me to censor myself, unconscious demands for me to consent and agree to the spoon-fed narrative from the media and all sorts of controlling energies. I was simultaneously working on excavating sacrifice programming from different angles of my life. I do not consent for others to ask me to validate or enter their delusions. I cancelled a rolfing appointment because of the requirement to wear a mask. I found another rolfer who accepted for me not to wear a mask, even if it’s a 4-hour drive back and forth from my home. I will do everything I can not to give consent to this mascarade.

There are lines that I am not going to cross. I carry plastic gloves in my purse not because I fear a virus but because I don’t want any hygienic spray to come in touch with my hands. It’s a need to protect myself from the fear from others. I will not ever be vaccinated again, vaccination has been doing considering damages to my health that I am recovering from month after month, and my pets won’t ever be vaccinated ever again. I will choose to become everything I need to become in order to support myself in walking this path. I will rely on and create with organic principles and nature will be my shelter and my grace. I have started not only to grow vegetables this spring but also to collect seeds, hold them in my hands and start planting an edible garden forest. Let it be known that I do not consent to pharma propaganda or the repeated censoring or the silencing of natural methods. I am calling back all my energies from all space and time to stay strong as I am following my integrity.

Actions to be implemented

The solution is not to buy in any of this madness and not to be compliant with their vision. How to stay true to oneself ? What will we be doing with our choices ? The fewer people are compliant to participate to what they have in mind, the less they can engineer the collective reality they have in mind. The time to assert human dignity is now. This implies saying no more and owning our personal power. Measures need to be taken as soon as we feel we are becoming compromised and as soon as we are feeling as we are drifting away from our truth. We are the ones dictating where this is all going. In a direct range of action, everyone may focus on their health, on what is good for them and their families. Another invitation is to learn experiment with fasted states which will help to regulate the triggers about food shortage while one learns to be living with less density in food supply to sustain themselves.

We certainly need to be kind, caring and loving. But never blindly. Sympathy implies dropping to the level of the person in front of us. It does not serve us. We have to stay on our level and connected to our core energy. And never should we be run by our impulsive emotions, even when outside energies feel intimidating. Fear and self-doubt can be overcome for they are not who we are. The gap between the ones unplugging and the ones choosing unconsciously and consciously to stick to their chords is becoming more and more apparent, as when any crisis situation is happening and being a catalyst for revealing things in plain sight. The time for complacency is over. Accountability can not be escaped. We have to remember we are not truth seekers, but truth knowers.

In the new age, they sold the awakening process as something that it is not. Because awakening is not for the faint of heart. It’s a path where one will be asked to let all their beliefs and programming dissolve into nothingness. The work of one’s lifetime might crumble all at once. There will be golden moments, experiences where it feels like all the battles were worthy. Yet the process will bring to the surface the deepest of the deepest fears, griefs and terrors. The path will lead to places where unloving energies are all around, from all parallel and simultaneous life experiences. As one is returning to nature organic principles, the true warrior holding activating codes will face all sorts of emotions, will be brought to their knees, feeling small and insignificant, humbled and bruised, weeping and raging. Until he accesses a releasing and alchemical laughter, in the pure knowing that there is no limit to his creative power. The real authority is inside of us.

Final note on empowerment and integrity

Nature can not be stopped or fully controlled. It will try again, over and over again. When we stay connected to the organic realms, there is no stopping us either. The organic laws rule over anything else, no matter how powerful it tries to pretend it is. It can be a good counterfeit, it will never rule over the organic intelligence. The only way it can win is by attempt to integrate or stealing from it, making it think it’s weak, by deceiving or trying to assimilate it. Even in this ungrateful and dense reality, the magic of nature is so surprising, magnificent and mesmerizing and so vibrant. It manages to shine so bright though it has to fight an extreme density. The work we are doing is of the same nature: the result of our decisions might be postponed through the impression of linear time yet it will reveal itself in the smallest details, the right alliances, unchording and unplugging. Integrity is our guiding light and our torch.

By being who we are, we may be creating ripple effects all around us, activating codes of remembrance within others. We might inspire others by withdrawing vocally and in action our consent and not supporting any longer inverted principles. Others might feel inspired and empowered to do the same. We are the ones with the power. Without our consent, there is no new world order future vision, it all collapses. These measures have been implemented to harvest us; in a bit it will be something else. The future ahead is beautiful if we succeed in rising our frequency to create healthy alliances seeded in the love for something greater and choose to put the highest good of all beings before our own egotic schizophrenia. We are the ones we had been waiting for. We are the plan. We are the future, the ones of us who can see, deprogram and create from a place of sanity. We are the cure and we are the answer. It comes from inside of us. There is nowhere else to look. The fall happens from within. Let the door be closed for all saviour and external authority programming.

And a little humor for the road