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Different methods of working with regenerative oxygen-ozone therapy

Today, many people are affected by chronic or even degenerative pathologies, consequences of an exponential environmental toxicity that targets us by all means. Ozone is said to be a powerful bactericide, fungicide, virucide, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain agent and a health ally that participates in the re-oxygenation of human cells. After spending years of reading patterns around Nicolas Tesla, I have come to the conclusion there is a fraud surrounding his name and the photos we are witness of come with a strong maconic allegiance signature. It is probable he is used as a character in order to direct focus and create distraction. Did he ever exist as we are told? Is he a character created to play a role in controlled opposition today? Caution is to be applied around ozone therapy and I have not been able to experiment the desired results from working with ozone therapy, maybe because the doctor I was working with was under too severe mind control. Fasting and cellular detoxification have been proved from personal experience to be working much better. These techniques also have much more of the organic imprints than the medical cold applications of ozone. I have stopped working with ozone with a practicioner because I could not find any that I would trust.

Composed of 3 oxygen atoms, ozone is a gas produced naturally by certain types of chemical reactions, such as an electric shock, in the presence of moisture or at sunrise and sunset. During a thunderstorm, lightning is a major producer of ozone, as evidenced by the characteristic odour left behind by lightning. Ozone can be applied as a sterilant and antiseptic in drinking water purification: it destroys potentially toxic chemicals and kills microbes, germs, viruses, yeasts, parasites and bacteria: they survive with great difficulty in the presence of high oxygen concentrations released in tissues and cells. Ozone helps healing and regenerating mucous membranes and wounds. It appears to have a positive influence on cardiovascular, neurological, digestive and genitourinary disorders, osteoarthritis and skin problems. Ozone therapy is said to stimulate the enzymatic cell defence system and to strengthen antioxidant potential. It has been saving cases from being amputated.

Nicolas Tesla’s work

The disinfecting properties of ozone were known in the 1840s to sterilize operating rooms and to treat water. During his lightning experiments, it is said that Nicolas Tesla noticed that a strong odour of gas was invading the laboratory: he identified this gas as the ozone gas. The inventor observed that ozone was eliminating bacteria and moulds that were covering the walls and was significantly improving the physical and mental health of the employees as well as his own. As early as the 1920s, he was advising to disinfect hospital rooms with ozone. He also produced an ozonated olive oil for doctors to use. During wartime, even the smallest wound could quickly become infected: the application of ozone on wounds was preventing bacterial infections. This is suggesting that ozone therapy and pulsed electromagnetic fields were widespread in the United States for a period of 30 years. The censored technologies re-emerged in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the end of the Cold War and the embargo that had been imposed in the late 1930s. Pharmaceutical medication was pushed to replace ultraviolet light therapy, which the industry demonized, and ozone was presented as a toxic pollution agent.

Ozone is therefore not a new medicine, but rather a rediscovery, well known in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Eastern European countries and for sure a therapy that does not serve pharmaceutical interests: some Turks in Belgium fly once a week to receive an ozone treatment in their home country. The Germans have very good material. Ozone is administered by different methods: intramuscular, intra-articular, intravenous (the blood is enriched with oxygen) or intra-arterial injections, rectal or vaginal insufflation or ozonated oil. One of the major contraindications is to have received a transplant as ozone increases immunity.

O3 Center in Liège (BE)

Anne Franckart, after her studies, started working in a small hospital. She met the man who was going to become her husband, a pioneer in Belgium and the first to perform arthroscopy (which allows to explore the inside of a joint using a small tube called endoscope). The camera had just arrived when she took up the job and it was a fascinating time. Her husband and her operated together for years. She specialized in orthopaedics (a surgical specialty that deals with conditions of the bones and joints as well as soft tissues such as muscles and tendons). Later, she heard about ozone and I was convinced. Today, the small structure she used to work in (she didn’t want to work in big hospitals where patients are just numbers) is likely to disappear. Once the ozone is in contact with the blood, the inactive O present in the tank is transformed into active oxygen and will act at the level of the mitochondria and reboost the internal mechanism. In cases of cervicalgia or lumbago, the results are very good within a few days. Contrary to anti-inflammatory drugs that block everything, ozone heals slowly. The same results are obtained as in vascular surgery for varicose veins, without the injection of foreign products. For acne, it is injected into each pimple using a mesotherapy needle. Some known backdrops I know having worked with ozone said they were experiencing visible results, including renewed energy and improved quality of sleep. Anne Franckart was under too much of a mind control for me to continue my visits.

I wonder what happened in the room where she drew my blood and mixed it with ozone before putting it back into my veins. I didn’t feel any better afterwards. Dr. Franckart was under too much mind control on various aspects of her life and believes in vaccines at the time of the coronavirus. I never saw the bottle. How can I be sure? I also stopped my health insurance after seeing them do the one-eye symbol linked to Freemasonry as they promoted their business. Everything is set up to make us feel like we have no choice, but I feel like something has been freed up since I did this. Weeks after resigning I had the idea to look for a health company that would not have these associations. In Belgium there is a big push that says health insurance is compulsory (just like the blackmail around voting). These are important consents to give an orientation to.

Different methods of administration

How does it go?

  • Blood transfusion: in the doctor’s office, ozone is produced using a medical generator. By means of an electrical discharge and oxygen, the ozone molecule is formed by separating and then re-combining the molecular bonds. During a blood transfusion, between 50 and 100 ml of blood is taken and re-injected into the person’s bloodstream (20 to 40 minutes).
  • Hocatt sauna: a system that allows the body to be bathed in an ozone vapour coupled with heat, infrared (= radiation = dangerous).
  • Colon hydrotherapy followed by rectal ozone insufflation: rectal insufflation is a preventive and curative treatment: the inner walls of the rectum are richly vascularized. It is done via a catheter that insufflates between 160 and 300 ml of ozone.