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Upgrade your health and uplevel fast in the game: paced transition to a lighter alkaline way of sustenance and living & anchoring and remembering the cellular detoxification principles

A fire creation supervised mentorship adventure


Most food densifies us and slows us down. The more we consume light and hydrating food, the faster we can go with our own processes. Food addiction runs deep. Fire creation beings tend to experience depression when they are not able to create, when their state of apathy is immobilizing them. I have envisioned a slow pace coaching transmutation journey as I have been noticing high frequency fire creation beings would and could be benefiting the personal attentive support that I am able to provide as a fire creation being who has walked the process of transitioning myself, for the past 5 years, to a lighter way of eating and who has solid experience with liquid and dry fasting. Symptoms that I don’t understand stopped when I engaged on that road. With this new journey, my intent is to hold a high frequency healing space for the small group of participants that will choose to be working with me and me with them. This high frequency space will allow you as a participant to unfold yr paths and visions at a speeded pace : this is what happens when we are addressing the food program with a return to one of our point of original living, through the food and drinks we consume. It frees up space, time and energy. That is what the principles of the mucusfree and mucuslean living have been teaching me and how they keep on inspiring me every day as I keep on applying them to my life.

In this private small container, I will be working with you not only addressing the 3D food aspects but also the emotional, spiritual and subtle psychological aspects that we are dealing with every single day that we are spending in this complicated high technology game. In this process, I will be assisted by high frequency teachers of healing modalities and high frequency guest speakers or teachers. My intent is for you, by the end of this process, to have deepened your connection with all the substances you relate with and to be well-equipped to know how to numb whenever needed, how to accelerate the pace whenever you feel ready or how to choose a steady pace for integration. We will be working on our relationship with food, with ourselves and with the experience we create in our realities.

This adventure will last as long as it’s appropriate for participants with a monthly payment of 127 euros per month. It could last 4 months to a year maximum, up to January 2024 after the next holiday season that can trigger programming. Everyone is at a different level in their transition with food so your pace will be very unique to you and you are the one choosing the pace you want to go at. The 3D aspect of foods and beverages are a great entry point to approach the deeper other dimensional aspects of our lives here.

127 euros/month

What this adventure will encompass

  • a gentle transition to mucuslean and a percentage of mucusfree alkaline food and the steps to transition back and forth for example during the colder season
  • 4 detox challenges during the solstices and equinoxes : choose your own level and give the best of yourself knowing others are challenging themselves too
  • after a few weeks and months of transition, you can start experimenting with a monthly or a weekly 24-hour dry fast for those of you who feel ready to (if you choose to weekly dry fast, you will be saving back the financial investment you devote to be part of this group adventure)
  • access to a fb group for daily inspirations
  • breaking down of the myths that are causing harm to our physical bodies through encouraging acidity
  • an additional monthly check-in Q and A call (50 minutes) : short and sweet, this is an activating reset where I answer your questions or tune in with my abilities for emotional, spiritual and psychological support ; this is a reset and reminder call
  • Additional content in modules about mucusfree living, cellular detoxification, health and discernment in the health, detox and healing field ; teachings about a way of eating that does not create obstruction and residue, based on our human avatar biological physiology 
  • open shares about food addictions, triggers, mental health, handlers and so on


  • Yoga classes with Olya (includes a part of deep relaxation in the beginning and the end) ; dynamic movement supports the lymph and we all feel the benefits of rebuilding a stronger body ; when we stop consuming acidic food, muscles last longer before they vanish
  • Yin classes, qi gong or restorative classes with Lisa Ray ; Yoga Nidra deep relaxation classes with Olya ; the importance of calming the nervous system down
  • Sound baths with Shelly Jensen
  • a mucusfree and mucuslean recipe ebook
  • group challenges to increase accountability
  • a short iridology reading if you send me a picture of your eyes with an okay quality for me to be able to give you the basics
  • work with the Energy ReMastered App and at least 10 new panels ; use of the app to determine what we need to be working on as a group ; monthly check-in
  • a few short personal health scans (15 to 20 minutes)
  • 30-minute group clearings with the app

Throughout this process, you will be increasingly at ease with :

  • non stimulating and alkaline foods
  • identifying what are the less harmful and energy draining options around you with foods and drinks wherever you go
  • what food to choose to ground and numb if you feel like you need to, without creating harm and damages for your avatar
  • the gradual practice of intermittent dry fasting from 12 to 16 hours and more to increase productivity and an increase in inner knowing and inner stillness
  • By month 3 you will know most of what you have to know about the mucusfree and mucuslean principles

Do you feel a call for this big quantum shift ? Is it time for you to speed up your upgrading and upleveling in the game and transform your life on all levels by reclaiming mastery over these 3D aspects? What would you do if you had more energy, space and time in your life ? What visions are dormant waiting to be awakened ? My bigger motivation has always been to move stagnant energy in my life.

What to expect with the mucusfree highly hydrating way of living?


What to expect with the mucuslean grounding way of stabilizing?

Starting date: Saturday 21st January 2023,13pm30 North Carolina timezone

Module One

10am30 California
11am30 Idaho
12pm30 Nebraska
13pm30 North Carolina
18pm30 Ireland
19pm30 Holland
Sunday 22nd 7am30 in Dunedin

Module Two, Saturday 25th February 2023

12pm California
13pm Idaho
14pm Nebraska
15pm North Carolina
20pm Ireland
21pm Holland
Sunday 26th 9am in Dunedin

Note : There is power in this caldron of transformation and interferences, triggers and distraction attempts as well as derailment programs offered by the simulation increased during the month of December up until this early January as I was starting to anchor the energies for this year collective challenge. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this transition will actually assist your process and your baby. Moreover, breastmilk is most of the times on the acidic side, rendering it a poison for the new borns, a good reminder about the inversion principles we often encounter here. Except for a few redundant points that are necessary for participants, this will be a newly created content from Reclaim your Celestial Heritage.