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About nano-technologies and infiltration and poisoning in the field of food supplements

Colloidal silver is composed of fine particles of silver of a few nanometres (colloids) suspended in purified water. I believe there is a psychological operation in the field of nutrition that makes us believe that this is one of the most effective natural remedies there is. According to my research in the detox community, its use should be reserved only in case of emergency because it is necessary to detoxify it once it’s been ingested. I believe and agree that it is preferable to work with plant tinctures rather than colloidal silver for preventing and regeneration. One cannot do what one wants with isolated chemical components.

Here is what the official story tells us that is to be taken with tweezers for anyone who understands controlled opposition and injections in the field of false beliefs around healing. We are told that since ancient times our ancestors understood that ingesting tiny particles of silver helps to strengthen immunity. That the use of silver became rare after the 1940s and the arrival of synthetic antibiotics on the health market. And that today, the pharmaceutical industry has banned its internal use in Europe (but of course it is still found everywhere in free purchase). We are told about its power to eliminate more than 650 species of microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, moulds and fungi. And that it is an antiobiotic, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, broad-spectrum natural antiviral that does not create resistance in the body as synthetic antibiotics do. While it is certainly effective in an emergency, I believe from first-hand experience that it should not be used lightly. I tried it by inhalation and my body’s response was not positive. It can possibly be used occasionally for animals in case of serious infections and for plants fighting with parasitic agents but that would be it. I believe it has something to do with aggravating heavy metals and nano-chemical pollution.

Silver is a cheap material that is used to be a conductor of electrical means. « silver producers of alternative health products don’t want you to know about bio-soliton breakdown due to conductivity. It’s a fact that metals can attract or deflect the electromagnetic field. It does this by drawing the charge along the edges of the metal or nano particle. If we are putting nano silver into our bodies for extended period of time and not detoxing it out, are we not turning ourselves into walking conductors of EMF’s? » asks Brian T Collins, researcher, sound healer and musician.

We assume that our food is safe, that our supplements are safe. For the majority they aren’t. I believe it’s preferrable to use botanicals instead of isolated compounds in order not to create antagonistic chemistry. We are dealing with increasing levels of nano-technology. Sulfur is assisting for fungus to proliferate, it’s abrasive and a lymphatic suppressant. All fish oils are mercury and arsenic contaminated. Anyway oil is not good for us in any of its form and a lymphatic suppressant as well. It’s invisible but it is slowly poisoning us and preventing our natural abilities to heal. On the contrary salt is less of a bad guy than we think and it’s been demonized. Salt is on the life side of the spectrum and helps to release more efficiently nutrients into the cells, but it also stresses out the adrenals due to its stimulating effect, like all spices. Hydrogen peroxide and grapefruit seed oil seem to be much preferable for cleaning fruits and vegetables from pesticides – I am about to try them out. Before that I was using baking soda, vinegar and colloidal silver. And just for the reminder, I am taking advantage of this post to reaffirm that I do not consent to have synthetic biology put inside of me. I did not consent to vaccines which damaged my health greatly and I do not consent on nano particles being spread into the sky.

Researching nano-technology is one of the most useful things to be doing right now. Creating simple cleaning spray, dish liquid washing, laundry soap with simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, essential oils and natural soaps with only 2 ingredients (olive oil, berries for example) is a powerful way to transform our life by rejecting some of the nano-particles that are sent our way in order to remotely control us and affect our consciousness, moods and thought-forms. And yes to the natural ways the body finds to heal itself when it does not have to deal with all of these complications.