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2 Qi Gong and yin deep restoration classes with Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray is a high frequency space holder and intuitive healer based in Australia. She encourages us to come back to a deeper sense of presence and essence that comes forward when we let go of everything that is not true. It feels like for Qi Gong, just as for fasting, experiencing a class assists us in understanding the depth of it, what it is truly about to integrate all the benefits of practicing such ancient technique.

We met in 2019 in Bali. I recognized Lisa’s light before meeting her in person. Despite chaotic energies around us during our experience in Bali, we managed to create space for one-on-one interactions and since then, a long-lasting allyship started to blossom. Lisa is holding space during photography intuitive experiences. Here is her website.

Bonus to these 2 classes is a 15-minute recording encouraging us to practice the 6 healing sounds

Find the course here

Here is my testimony the day after the restoration live class in April 2023, held during the supervision health mentorship.

“Thank you to Lisa for the beautiful space that she held for us. I felt the transmission of joy, which is so very rare, pure here in this realm. This morning kidney filtration and lymphatic waste in urine was more important than the other days, showing how much gentle exercices meant to contact the Chi are part of a restorative self care practice. I also woke up one hour earlier feeling clear and fresh. I felt the golden joy and it is still in my field. The space felt safe and held with grace and a beautiful spirit signature. I had access to feel about which energies to tune to, insights about future projects. The joy is still with me in the background today (the day after the class), it’s discreet yet it’s there. This state of being is very helpful today as I am facing some hard realizations coming with the Eclipse season. It’s a very good antidote to lower feeling states. I really understand better restorative practice of chi thanks to Lisa’s guidance and how she held the space. I appreciate Lisa’s high frequency healing abilities. I remember I attended some chi gong classes in Brazil, from a good hearted man. It was difficult for me to slow down. Yesterday, 5 years later, it was more easeful to slow down though I noticed some mind patterns that also struggle with stillness. I’d like to practice the recording on my own as well, I will start tonight to integrate this practice to my evening routine.”

Olya’s testimony:

The class really felt like a restoration, a wonderful gentle energy of wholeness filled my being. We did some Qigong movements, too, and I could feel by the end of the class the energy (chi) was flowing in a healthy way. I appreciate Lisa’s calmness in her voice. I also got a lot of bright insights during the class, which is a creative power activated. I appreciated Lisa’s extra guiding care for the participants before and during the class.”

27 euros