Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

With time and life experience, I learned to manage my clairsentient and clairknowing skills which perceive and detect others’ internal trauma, programming and unconscious structures while acting as a revealer, space holder and container during these transformative processes. I am available for assistance to those who are willing to do the work during these excavation processes of hidden layers of reality, helping identifying core wounds and working on internalised inversed belief systems. I believe that we all find our way back to our own guidance systems. Everything we need to know is inside of us.

Work with Ariane

A session lasts about 90 minutes (110$/95€). Some of the fields I specialise in:

  • Reclaiming health (guidance with the mucus-free healing system; preparing, entering and exiting a liquid fast; emotional support during the transition towards an alkaline diet);
  • Overcoming narcissistic, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical abuse; navigating anomalous and complex relationships;
  • Rising in discernment and recognizing energy signature;
  • Mastering empathy, learning how to set healthy boundaries;
  • Overcoming chronic post traumatic disorder and childhood traumas; recovering from gaslighting;
  • Collapsing timelines;
  • Recognizing and overcoming guilt, shame and sacrifice programming;
  • Deprogramming from phone addiction, transition to flip-phone and cable internet;
  • Reclaim autonomy electricity, water and food wise;
  • And much more.

Contact me at my protonmail address mentioning your time zone and your preferences and availabilities. Donations are sent through paypal


I greatly appreciate Ariane’s extraordinary sensitivity, which she was able to bring to the delicate and subtle paths of reconnecting to the self, which is fundamental to approaching the depths of others with awareness. She is deeply human in the noblest sense of the word. Her work at the cellular level is important, because it is through this connection to the body that the telluric energies rub shoulders with accuracy and finesse with the more ethereal energies of self-awareness, with the heart as a relay. The profound transformation of our eating habits leads us towards a renewed self-awareness and deep healing. Her work and approach of thinking are extra-ordinary. With a great deal of clarity and precision she deconstructs the archaic structures of the human psyche, allowing a different angle or perspective, in resilience in relationship to patterns that are confining and emprisoning.” – C.

“I appreciate the work of Ariane which is awakened and inspirational. I’m accustomed to being ahead of most regarding the Wizardry of Oz, but she leagues above and that is superlative for I don’t find many I can learn from and that isn’t braggadocio on my part, just sad on the part of others. One can literally spend days on her website.” – R.

« I have to say Ariane, the frequency of Ariane’s voice is absolutely beyond. I can hardly find the words to explain it. Very sweet, solid, high high frequency. I am very grateful to be blessed by Ariane’s voice. Moreover, her words help others to feel empowered enough so they may access remembrance and inner remembering. » – K.

“I was feeling called to honour what I discovered through Ariane’s work. Her way of sharing information is crystalline, pure, powerful, beautiful and clear. Knowledge and experience are side by side. This work is activating for others around, to people like me who trully need it. It is indeed a work of inner alchemy that shines through. It helps to accelerate the internal processes of others. Both the way things are approached and the tone to tackle subjects, give me a lot of oxygen and inner space. And this, even though they are often difficult subjects (I am referring – in particular – to the work of disclosure that is being carried out).” – M.

On the transition to the mucus-free healing system:

“I can feel my lymphatic system slowly reactivating, my legs are less swollen. I couldn’t digest anything before I started. Today I feel lighter physically, more in harmony and also more stable emotionally. I feel that this is more of a lifestyle than a diet and as far as I am concerned, there is no turning back.” – F.

“I learned a lot and I’m still maintaining the intermittent fasting schedule and I am managing to tend towards less and less density in my food intake, which is a step forward for me.” – R.

“It scared me at first, I didn’t know if I was going to make it, but I felt a call. I was lacking the education on how to feel what is good and what is not for my body. When I was a child, I had a lot of physical pains and I was hearing that it would pass. I would get sick with too much sugar, my stomach would swell or hurt, I would feel irrepressibly tired after certain meals. I could see from my face that I was swollen, puffy, especially in the morning. There were many changes during these 5 weeks of transition and the group energy was encouraging to challenge myself in many ways. In a safe container I was able to experience for myself and do my own trials and errors from which I learned a lot.” – C.

The mucus-free program was quite a challenge, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Ariane put a lot of fun energy into it and I really received it. A window of 16 hours of fasting has now become easy. This way of eating was a nice discovery in tastes, flavours and the pleasure of visual colours. My first days weren’t that difficult and above all I was never hungry but it happened that I wanted to chew crunchy things. I came back down to a weight I hadn’t reached for years. Today I have integrated the teachings in my own way.” – C.