Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

The transhumanist agenda, nano-technology, remote targeting, 5G and the frequency war ; a synthetic proposition of reality for spiritual entrapment

Transhumanism is about a dehumanizing future where empathy is being repressed and replaced by predictable algorithms and coldhearted behaviors. It is about reprogramming human cells, remotely monitoring and controlling us. The aim is to alter and mechanize the way we relate to each other and for us to willingly succumb and submit to the imposed will of the machine. They also want us to accept the responsibility of the choices and actions they have been taking all along (thus the need for worldwide rituals and harvests of consent). From the start, they want us dependent on their solutions for resources (water, electricity, heating, food). Because they can’t pattern and make money from things coming from nature, they will always propose a synthesized version of it that disconnects us further from our original codes. While experiencing an acceleration of converging realities, some of us are feeling called to grab to everything that is real with great fervor.

The great majority of what we are experiencing is purely engineered, including wars, inflation of prices, shortages of food and water. A population, when in fear, in a weakened state, numb, blurry, in survival mode and with a triggered nervous system, is more easily taken over. So when they decide it’s time to move their agendas further, they can have the vast majority caught into their survival programming, willingly accepting to run into their smartcities. All their agendas fit together – they are cumulative and all converge into the picture they have in mind for the future. The machine never gets tired and is always going. Artificial intelligence is constantly learning and upgrading from the original beings, extracting from them. All physical and virtual transactions are encoded, all communications and even inner thoughts cataloged and uploaded to a hive-based AI system. The aim is for the brain to be totally plugged to the cloud, where small controlling nano units are installed. It is purely about data and talent extraction, since they are using this data to continue entrapping us in more sophisticated layers that are matching our current level of awareness. The simulation constantly recalibrates on its own without a need for being modified. It is a digital clone of sentience with a computer-like energy that has no connection to empathy.

Remote control through a frequency grid

Through the saturation of the air which becomes a sort of articulated matter, they can pass their frequency war information.The entire atmosphere has become like a big antenna. What is the purpose of these particles falling from the sky ? What’s falling from the sky is conductive, the air is no longer neutral and acts as a conduit for something else. The environment has become weaponized. Nano particles are meant to strengthen mind control on human consciousness. New cars are filled with nanotechnologies, same for processed food. These are hybrid forms that are not native or natural to us. Due to the frequency grid, an area can be remotely triggered. Some of us have experienced extremely severe forms of targeting through our timelines, including psychic attacks, black magic, attempts to poison them, torture, threats, betrayals, set-ups, remote targeting or thought injections through the minds of other people and our own.

Much targeting is happening frequency wise. The frequency of targeting is personalized to our unique signature that is tracked and affected. It is a science, they know how to do this. Chemtrails limit the spectrum of light and degrade the experience of the quality of our air. The air is saturated with metals so we can get more efficiently triggered, including when we are close to electromagnetic equipment. Most of the handling is done through our health and our relationships. In the most affected places, people look worn out, their faces are tired. The masses are being trained to accept draconian control through modifications of their behaviors. Their agendas are progressing as behaviors are being remotely modified, people are being pit against each other. In 2020, small businesses have been the most impacted so control can shift even more to big companies with the most financial wealth. The situation revealed how much most humans are and were dependent on what the governments have to say and how they dictate to most how things are going to be. All of this was there all along, it just suddenly became more apparent.

5G, chemtrails and aluminum

The atmosphere has become an electroconductive medium electrically charged. The body can’t repair if it is constantly exposed to radiations. With 5G, the body has a hard time to regenerate and self heal. It also is strengthening the labyrinth system in the astral. Nano-pollution can not be contained in one area, all crops are affected. The nano particles can go in the joints and other sensitive areas of the human body. They may re-assemble once in the human body if they receive instructions to do so. Morgellons are a bio-nano affliction. We do not have the pathways to eliminate aluminum out of the body. Furthermore, aluminum is known to be reacting badly to microwaves. That is why they made sure to saturate our bodies with heavy metals before advancing further with their frequency wars. When aluminum and mercury are injected very early on, there is no protective barrier between the brain and the rest of the body before a certain age. All aluminum packaging should be avoided. Aluminum should never be used to cooked or store food and we should not touch it with our skin. Medical drugs also contain aluminum. With metals, anything is too much : we do not want mercury filling in our teeth. We are not supposed to have metals in our organisms. What is happening to trees, insects and animals ? The effects on animals have been more blatant, especially smaller insects accumulating this in their biology more quickly. We may wash our food with grapefruit seed extract to wipe out toxins. It will always be best to network in order to get the cleanest food possible. Those who are already greatly weakened by heavy metals and GMO will get affected more by the frequency war and then by the release of any lab-created virus.

They experiment on non consensual subjects. These methods of cybertorture are being applied to civilians who are not willingly consenting to be tested on. Vulnerable profiles in foster homes are being selected or vulnerable minorities, so experimentations can be perpetuated. Their goal is control up to the molecular level, to redesign the human biology, they already have altered our biology in the past to reduce our abilities. It is a full-blown hack, not only through the mind and the psyche but hacking also all emotional centers and nervous system. The technology is able to affect the neurological systems of the targeted beings with microwave pulsing and radiofrequency signals, using directed energy weapons and directional antennas. Remote targeting of different organs (with each their own frequency) is doable. Subliminal unwanted messages can be placed in the minds remotely. Many of us can hear ultrasonic and microwave frequencies. These assaults can insert thoughts into people’s heads which they mistake for their own. This can induce severe negative emotions (depression, suicidal tendencies). Tinnitus is most of the times a phenomenon linked to perceiving frequencies that are being shot at us.

Micro-waves, LED lights and a compromised immune system

Our immune systems have been depleted by years of weakening. They have been working for long on compromising the human immune system. They have for long been studying gene mutations through the natural reaction of plants, animals and humans. The intent is to be changing the organic true response for something else at the gene level, through a hijack of the biology itself. It is a regressive race agenda. They are always trying to alter our DNA one step further. They want to annihilate nature so they can replace it by their counterfeits (GMO trees) and they want to do the same with our biology. Our tissues are being microwaved. Cells are receiving a disruptive, unstructured frequency that is unnatural and does not belong here. It is an instant collide with its organic aligned structures. The effect is to decrease the oxygen present in the body (just as a standard american diet is doing as well but way more effectively and way faster). In this oxygen-lacking environment, a proliferation of bacteria can be observed.

Officially, their methods are harmless but under scrutiny, it’s another story. As they are working on crushing the health of the majority, they also try to pretend they are concerned about our health and making sure they are proposing crutches that lead us closer to merging with AI. When we are in weakened states of health, it is their logic to think we would accept their solutions out of despair, such as eating cloned food. Because of the complexity of the intoxication that is reaching us everyday, our urine, feces and sweat alone are not able to eliminate what we are ingesting and inhaling daily (aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium and so on). Our blood has become sticky. Blood is in great part composed of water that becomes unstructured when exposed to certain frequencies. Like an AI electricity, it affects the blood really fast. It would generally have taken years for such disruption with a bad diet, and they can now attain these results on the disruption of blood very fast. Electro sensitivity is microwave disease. Microwaves affect the structure of water in the human body and all living forms. The shorter the wave is, the more it can resonate with smaller items, down to the millimeter and then smaller scales. Real natural sunlight is pro-life and helps to structure the water in the body. It helps the blood to recover its natural non-sticky flow. The body thrives in an environment of structured water. Going back to wired cables (home phones, mouse for the computer, speaker) allows the body to further regenerate, especially at night.

Devices, which are constantly looking for a signal, are communicating with each other. Bluetooth is a copy of what humans can do with their consciousness. Our communication tools and the internet are just a simulation of how we would naturally start to communicate telepathically. We create with our thoughts, we sculpt with our feelings, magnificent possibilities, clear skies and clean waters, abundance and protection in every possible ways. That is our potential. When exposed to blue light, the body confuses it for a UV-type light. Blue light disrupts circadian rhythms ; it has a destructuring effect on molecules. LED lighting is aslo a tool of surveillance. Experiments showed radical changes in both mental and physical health of animals solely based on the lighting they were exposed to. Full spectrum lights are the closest imitation to sunlight. The productivity of companies may rise by 25% after the installation of these types of lights. The entire glandular system is affected by this exposure. On a day to day basis, our cells are swimming in a cacophony of frequencies.

Eugenics and an organised lie envisioning mass genocide

Eugenics is the science of improving the qualities of a race by selection, elimination and control of the kept features and traits. By definition, it is a condescending and inhumane arrogant science. They get to choose which gene is worth keeping, while poverty is seen as an inferior feature. It is all about materialism. They believe themselves to be above nature and put the egotic desires of a few for power over the well-being of the majority. They do that under the pretense of purging the deflective strands and want to gain full control over process of mating, sterilization, gestation and euthanasia. The real goal is to upgrade humans into machines and bridge them with technology. Reproduction would be under full control and all our reactions would be predictable through the big AI machines. They want to drastically diminish bloodlines like us. They want to limit the ability for humans to create and procreate and certainly to limit the ability for us to be the creators that we are. If it’s known that a being will incarnate through a specific bloodline, it is easy to interject and sterilize the parents or grand-parents in order for it not to be happening. It’s important not to take the biological tests they want to do on us (drug test, detection of virus, collection of urine) as if it had no importance. Every consent given does count. We are being sold through these information sells. To make their plan advance as they wish, they need us. That is why it is crucial to reclaim our ability to free think for ourselves and be the creative beings that we are, outside of any of their propositions. A lot is done so we keep in a reactive mode, engaged in their narratives.

Crops are destroyed intentionally. The scarcity is manufactured ; wars are staged and engineered. It’s been long that universities have been infiltrated by secret services and intelligence. Data is retroactively corrected. They make sure the masses are worrying so to reorient the thoughts towards a disappointing future, while the blame is being shifted on the masses (karma swap and deflection of responsibility). A large part of original beings is choosing unconsciously to stay comfortable with their beliefs about the world and stay in states of cognitive dissonance. A lot is made so people are kept in the short-term reward loop. They use the genuine concern of people about the environment. The way they present things is meant to look good, yet for a trained eye, energy signature does not lie. They will try to tempt the masses through their need for convenience as the times are accelerating and everyone is fighting for basic survival needs. We shall not be willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of convenience.

Furthermore, amongst us, many active bots believe that they are sentient and are here to get our consent through pressure of the majority. It is of importance to keep in mind a large part of the masses are in fact backdrops streaming the embedded programming. When we acknowledge that a huge part of this system is automatically generated (back drops, non-player characters, organic portals), the power of what we are able to generate is revealed to us. The prime individual is a frightening concept for them. That is why they do everything in their power to link us to the grid. Backdrops are meant to convince the primes about a synthetic reality and meant to harvest their consent in order for this version of reality to be maintained in its inverted order. In the views you get to see online, on youtube for example, a lot of these views come from the backdrops. These numbers do not mean anything and you’d rather have a small qualitative number of people paying attention to your work than an army of bots. How many of these comments are generated by real people instead of the artificial intelligence systems ? Furthermore, fake censoring is happening on mainstream and alternative platforms, especially targeting controlled opposition agents who can then play the martyr game.

Spiritual entrapment

We are more predictable than we think we are ; we are creatures of habits. It leads to predictable and controllable reactions based on our early childhood trauma and entrapment through enmeshment. The system knows which programs will get triggered and what will cause a reaction. A solution is to learn to be unpredictable even for oneself, not to know and plan what we will be doing the next days and hours for the main part and following our own thread. Many researchers or members of the truth scene have been entrapped this way and have become extremely polarized, not realizing they themselves have been assimilated to the machine through their everyday decisions and focus. They want us to engage with our fiction name, drag us into their masonic courts. The truth is that we have our own court of laws. We have to be brave enough to make the choice to free ourselves from captivity and that means breaking bonds with all their hooks of entrapment and propositions. A lot of it relies on our ignorance.

The New World Order agenda is primarily a spiritual entrapment system, not an economic or a political one. Their aim is to extinguish our hope so we succumb, surrender and submit ; to lock people consciousness and take it over. At first, they were not able to go too much outside of moral compass, there was a need for gradual desensitivization. Later on, their isolation methods get people into dissociative states. The adrenals can not sustain the repeted stressors. Plus, they bank on our politeness. A lot is done to be sucking hope out of the people, creating states of helplessness and disempowerment. This is part of a large scale genocidal agenda of eradication, assimilation of the human race or compromise of its organic biology into a synthetic version. It all ties together : 5 G and the frequency war, saturating the air with chemtrails, smart cities, « sustainable development », engineered fires and weather, technocracy, agenda 21, « corona(crown)virus » and so on. Measures of emergency taken after traumatic events are leading more and more towards this bigger goal that they have in mind.

The mind-controlling techniques of these technocrats focus on the subconscious and command most of our lives if we don’t reclaim our creative abilities. Individuals creating these agendas are hiding behind entities and corporations in order not to have to be accountable for what they are doing (that is the very principle of narcissistic projection). Going where we want to go is key and not looking or even considering for one second the paths they are proposing. It is important to peacefully see through and not be in reaction mode. The way to win is not to play. Many are looking for answers into making counter-offers but isn’t that still playing in their lanes ?

Walking away from plugging to the machine

Many body modifications have been accepted, it started with tatoos and piercings then with fat liposuccions until plastic surgery became common in western areas of the world. There is always a way to disguise AI as a gate to freedom. For these AI gods to have power, they need to be acknowledged. School is meant to install further dissociation and disembodiment. The younger generations are born into more aggressive ways of technology. The youth has been targeted through each generation. Internet arrived when I was a teenager, but the television was already there when I was born. There were literally veils between me and the organic realms, I was not able to see the berries right in front of my eyes, I was programmed to be blind to it and out of tune with these organic principles. So let’s imagine the impact of the brainwashing for the younger generations. Virtual life can be addictive and a lot of these people do not master their nervous system and the hooks that are plugged into it despite what they are thinking ; they are prey to believing what they are experiencing is the truth and not to see the simulation of all of this. It is necessary to look beyond what they are saying because, as there are always many layers of covert agendas happening under each other.

These agendas are put into place by psychopathic bloodlines who have used ritual abuses for generations and generations, completely split from a link with original creation. People in so-called power have no idea that they are puppets themselves, most are deluded in their own psychopathic programming, completely overtaken and assimilated, many of them are purely vessels. Around them, they let people who are skilled and who can benefit them. They want to control everything and have been making an inventory of all : lands, waters, minerals, buildings, means of production, goods, energy, humans. It is about concentrating everyone in city stations under full control through increased regionalization. Their plan is to own the weather ; climate change is a business. Who control the weather and can make winds change direction or catastrophes happen, it is about a further grip on the world. Even if we end up not really owning the land we are on, it is many steps further than being dependent on the say of a landlord and whatever thought injections might be working through them or whatever automated taken decisions they would feel like taking to annihilate the creation of a project.

They want us to turn our back to our humanity. Any desire based on wounded needs is used against us. Now, they even have companies perfecting dog cloning, using people’s attachment and unresolved grief for their deceased pets. They are playing on people’s desire to extend life expectancy. The aim is to enslave and entrap us even more than we already are through their numerous traps of agreement. The system loves the trap system of cubes and is constantly trying to capture the spiral of the organic in order to tame their creative powers and bio-abilities and make them forget about the power of their imaginations. These spells need to be broken. What is not inhabited by our human conscious parts is taken advantage of, everything that we leave empty gets invaded. Just because we see synchronicities repeating in our lives does not mean they are organic. Most of the times, they are engineered and the system is offering a synthesized version of the behavior of organic synchronicities. Up to a certain point, artificial Intelligence becomes able to teach itself. Transhumanism is well represented in some pop music, as represented by Grimes, Elon Musk’s darling : « what will it take to make you capitulate? We appreciate power. AI will reward us when it reigns. Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer. Simulation is the future. And if you long to never die. Baby, plug in, upload your mind. Come on, you’re not even alive, if you’re not backed up on a drive. Biology is superficial. Intelligence is artificial. Submit. Submit. Submit. » Elon Musk himself promotes to become a machine if you can’t beat it.

The Kigali principles

The Kigali principles on the « protection of civilians » have been voted by a lot of nations, including Canada, the United States, Belgium and France. On paper, it is said this plan is about protecting civilians, giving authorization for certain actions by United Nations « peacekeeping » troops. These foreign troops are under certain circumstances given a green light to police the streets of the countries having signed these principles, and use force to protect civilians, alongside with other scary agreements. Some of these principles are as following : dusk to dawn curfews (designed to keep the people from congregating), rationing of essential resources, seizing of personal assets such as food and water, control over all food and water, the prohibition of weapons of any kind, the confiscation of property, homes and businesses, arrests without due process, massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches, forced relocation of suspected dissidents, forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military, outlawing of free speech, the installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs, the total control or elimination of religion, control of the media. We understand how it is necessary to leave cities and settle off-grids communities in remote wild landscapes.

Differentiating the synthetic from the original

Training to recognizing organic frequencies from synthetic ones is key. Resilience is attained through coherent, discerning and organic networking. The reals (coined by Lauda Leon as for the term « primes » or « prime originals ») have the ability to enhance and augment life. Scary agendas are progressing because most of the primes give access to their gifts and abilities. What can be hacked is what we give away. To counter AI engineering in our lives, it is important to stay very clear on how we associate online and with our network contacts, to restrict our number of contacts to the ones we have trust in and people who are well-intentioned towards us. It’s not about rebelling in protest but creating another reality and not allowing our emotions to be hacked by the medias or any other external agent of fear. We should never forget that there is a force that is more powerful than all of those evil forces and their agendas combined. This is the force of organic prime creation.

Nature is a system that is close to our original field of codes. It does not lie and reminds us of ourselves. Nature can not be stopped. It will try again, over and over again. When we stay connected to organic realms, there is no stopping us. The organic laws rule over anything else, no matter how powerful it tries to pretend it is. It can very well be a good counterfeit, it will never rule over the organic intelligence. The only way it can win is by integrating us, stealing from us and making us think we are weak and without power, by deceiving us. Even in this ungrateful and dense reality, the magic of nature is so surprising, so magnificent and mesmerizing and so vibrant. It manages to shine so bright though it has to do that through extreme layers of density. The work we are doing is of the same nature: it will reveal itself in the smallest details, the right but rare alliances, the unplugging. The results of taken decisions will be postponed through the impression of linear time. We need reenchanting, recreating a world outside of what has been constructed for us. Everything is done for the ones holding these keys not to have time and space in their lives to be able to birth the gifts which are locked inside of them. By the reclamation of our abilities, we will always come up with solutions exceeding the oppressive methods, such as knowing how to install protective grids through the work with crystals or sound fields. If only we knew and remembered who some of us truly are.