Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Reclaiming authority over our own health,

detoxification at a cellular level and

alkaline mucus-free ways of eating and living:

a 6-week course focused on plugging in with the organic codes 

Small groups organised on demand

Food has long been weaponized. The principles of cellular detoxification are assisting us to reclaim ownership over our own physical envelope and to reclaim awareness over areas in our lives where the mind is being controlled and manipulated. It is a process which is assisting to be prudent and discerning with our energy fields.

Cellular detoxification and mucus-free living

With the mucus-free healing system, the invitation is to stop burying symptoms in order to understand the causes and become experts of our own healing, not having to delegate it to anyone else. The approach is a long-term treatment of continuous regeneration that allows the body to put back into circulation and remove old metabolic waste. It is to be observed that diseases result from local obstructions, they are in fact cellular constipation, consisting of obstructive masses either fermenting in the intestines or blocked in the organs, the blood and the lympatic liquids. It is the result of a way of eating that has never been fully digested and the resulting waste, never completely eliminated. Mucus is a viscous generated according to particular contexts. Its primarily role is defense against toxins entering the body. Each food that produces mucus when it breaks down also produces acids. Acidosis is the real epidemic. True healing requires the release and cleanse of these layers of density accumulated since conception. What trace the food we consume leave behind ? What is its properties of dissolution, elimination and regeneration? Each of us can start where they are at thanks to the transition way of eating, which includes intermediate foods that are moderately mucus forming. This will be a very practical but also multi-level journey.

Multi-layered and multidimensional work

The practical solutions and the emotional and spiritual work shared through these classes are intended to assist the highest interests of the participants and to provide activating codes of Benevolence and Remembrance about what is organic and of the true templates. The container is held in the highest interest of participants, for them to walk many steps closer to their uncorrupted original energy signature. Adopting a lighter way of eating is a very potent way to make incredible progress in deep deprogramming. It allows identifying and simplifying programmed needs and desires, to let go of what is no longer serving and to have the space to scan active toxic chording in our lives. It also assists in keeping on learning to identify when access is being triggered inside the body as an invasion. This transition to the appropriate way of eating for the human race and specie is a very potent cauldron of inner alchemy and transformation and a very effective tool to tune deeper into the way our minds are being controlled.

Joining the adventure

To ask questions or show interest, contact me here.

Participants are joining in integrity to receive privileged information.

This is the version 2.0 of the mucus-free teachings and it will hold up-to-date upgrades for all aligning with my own evolutive process. <3

This course about health and nutrition (the appropriate way of eating adapted to the physiology of the human specie) is about transforming our lives by paying attention to every little single detail which we consume or which come in contact with our skins. Practical information about nutrition and detoxification will be shared, it is a step after step process to transition to an alkaline way of eating, living and being. Why is it important to limit the amount of residue left behind by food in the body? What is the function of mucus ? How its function got derailed? What about the forgotten lymphatic system? The teachings are life altering and never to be forgotten ; it is about rising our frequencies with consistency. Challenges will be launched, challenges that link the physical and practical to the spiritual, emotional and psychological. After weeks of transition and preparation, a week of liquid fasting (different propositions will be made with different potencies). There will be space for questions and answers and testimonies while going through the experimentative process.

On the other hand, changing the density of the food we interact with is affecting all planes of our lives, especially the way we deal with our emotions. To be held in a group container is assisting us to brave our deepest fears. I am here with a focused intent to support the inner transformation of each participant, as long as they are committed to do the same for themselves, not only to transform what is in their plates but also the space they live in and the consciousness to scan each substance they are in touch with. Indeed, all of this leads to sharpening our discernment and inner compass and to becoming able to set stronger boundaries with the level of violation and intrusion that we meet on an everyday basis. The container is held as an energetic caldron of inner and outer transformation, in order for the participants to be able to burn, process and step over the psychic, psychological, emotional and spiritual fences of entrapment that are in the way. In order for this process to appear, this also must be the will and the intent of each participant making the commitment to join the course.

Program of the course


– the appropriate way of eating for humans according to the physiology of the specie
– the accumulation of obstruction in the human body ; the damages caused by certain types of food
– what kind of residue are left behind ?
– Understanding the 4 stages of acidosis
– What is mucus ?
– Why are our bodies sick and dysfunctional ?
– Carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, frugivore ; the differences and what is the appropriate way to feed dogs and cats ?
– the impact of eating meat or other animal products ; oils and fats and coffee
– the vital force contained in different ingredients
– the numbing down of the body and its allergic reactions
– Why do we have parasites ? Addressing the root cause
– The benefits of fasting
– Acidic food to avoid
– the appropriate food combinations
– which vegetables to choose and to favour (toxicity of certain plants and digestibility)?
– raw vs cooked food
– Salts and sugars
– Introduction to iridology
– Tips and recommendations about supportive approaches and detox tools

How to ?

– the process of transitioning towards an alkaline mucus-lean and mucus free way of eating and living
– How to reverse health issues by addressing the cause ?
– Hydration levels in the body
– Getting off stimulants
– Observing the law of cause and effect
– Guidance to implement liquid fasting throughout the year (hybrid fasting, different formulas of liquid fasting and dry fasting) ; challenge of one week of liquid fasting and how to break the fast
– Self-sufficient reflections and permaculture principles
– self-care practices to implement as a daily life routine
– how this lifestyle allows us to generate less material waste
– Creating our own cleaning products and natural make-up

Declutter and emotional work

– becoming more aware about the quality of the products we are in touch with ; identifying the entry points where we are being poisoned ; rethinking the way we get our food to our house and leaving behind high toxicity products
– pin pointing self-loathing programming and the core programming at the root of food addictions and compulsive behaviours
– identifying emotional needs linked to food programming
– reviewing kitchen tools and the living spaces
– decluttering virtual and mind spaces
– the importance of pleasure and nurturing through this journey

    The healing system of the mucus free diet

    Human physiology, a frugivore diet, the compression of acid crystals and the targeting of human health