Aria Persei

Filtering ❣ On the way to Remembrance

Reclaiming authority over our own health,

detoxification at a cellular level and

alkaline mucus-free ways of eating and living:

a 6-week course focused on plugging in with nature

and walking towards autonomy and self-sufficiency

starting January 2021

Food has long become weaponized. The principles of cellular detoxification can assist us in undo code hackings and facilitate the integration of the spirit and spirit potential in the linear physical body and to learn to be prudent and discerning with our energy.

Cellular detoxification and mucus-free living

With the mucus-free healing system, the invitation is to stop burying symptoms in order to understand the causes and become experts of our own healing, not having to delegate it to anyone else. The approach is a long-term treatment of continuous regeneration that allows the body to put back into circulation and remove old metabolic waste. It is to be observed that diseases result from local obstructions of human tissue, they are in fact cellular constipation, consisting of an unknown mass, rotten and fermented in the human body, old from decades and especially located in the intestines and the colon. The diet of our civilized world is never fully digested and the resulting waste is never completely eliminated. Mucus is a viscous and sticky fluid that does not dissolve inside of other fluids or tissues. It is generated according to particular contexts and has a defense role against toxins entering the body. It traps external pathogens and agglutinates particularly in our sinuses, lungs, throat and around our glands. Each food that produces mucus when it breaks down also produces acids. Acidosis is the real epidemic. True healing requires the release and cleanse of these layers of density accumulated since conception. What trace the food we consume leave behind ? What is its properties of dissolution, elimination and healing? Everyone can start where they are thanks to the transition diet, which includes intermediate foods that are moderately mucus forming.

What to expect ?

These classes are a rare opportunity to work and evolve in a container held with integrity. Solution-oriented teachings are so very rare. This invitation is about resetting the energies closer to the original energy signature, step by step. This is a commitment to partner with beings feeling called to come and transmute, to identify what is limiting them in their reality and make progress in achieving their goals in terms of life purpose and accomplishment. Cellular detoxification is very effective for revealing subconscious patterns and can be used alongside for deeper deprogramming. Shadow work will often result in uncomfortable repressed thoughts, feelings and emotions bubbling up to the surface from deep down the subconscious. Certain zones of discomfort will have to be crossed.

These methods also allow to work on layers of toxic relating and to stay strong, empowered and more sovereign while navigating the different layers of the system, which continuously is keeping on sending new variables of handling energies. They also assist in understanding better the mechanism of projection.

The container is held with a set of high standard of morals and ethics. The declaration of intention is about surrounding ourselves with good-hearted people who carry a strong ideology. The intent is to nurture the codes of higher consciousness and goodness in the hearts of men and women. The commitment is to assist others into unveiling and resisting censorship and self-censoring mind-controlling methods.

Joining the course

To sign up, ask questions or show interest, contact me here.

Participants are committing to a code of personal conduct and integrity and are agreeing to the terms and conditions of confidentiality for all communications held through the support group. Shared content is for the sole use of the intended recipients within the group and contain confidential and privileged information.

The healing system of the mucus free diet

Human physiology, a frugivore diet, the compression of acid crystals and the targeting of human health